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We must not wilt under this assault by Brexit-betrayers

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A sustained assault on Brexit is underway to try to either reverse the result via a so-called second 'People's vote', or dilute Brexit in such a way that we effectively remain in the EU whilst officially having left it. This 'BRINO' - Brexit in name only - is probably more likely than a second referendum which would quite possibly cause a constitutional crisis and civil unrest.

The public figures leading BRINO and/or a second vote are well-known. There are the Conservative 'wets' such as Anna Subrey, Dominic Grieve, Nicky Morgan and Kenneth Clarke. In Labour and the LibDems we have the likes of Lord Andrew Adonis, Chuka Umunna, Keir Starmer, and Nick Clegg. And then there are non-politicians such as Gina Miller who have a certain traction in the 'Remain' sphere. There are public organisations too such as Open Britain and Best for Britain.

But the real threat to a proper Brexit - leaving the SM, the CU and the ECJ - emanates from figures who only occasionally emerge from the halflight. Most of the time, they are working assiduously behind the scenes using their influence for their cause. These are people such as Peter Mandelson (ex-EU Commissioner), Tony Blair, Roland Rudd (founder of Finsbury PR), David Miliband (ex-EU Commissioner) and George Soros.

These people are very organised and very influential. Our weak Prime Minister is wilting under this sustained pressure, amplified by the largely pro-Remain mainstream media. We Brexiters must organise ourselves and fight back. We won a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change the future of Britain. We must not throw it away by our inaction.

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