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Having undergone trials and tribulations since the historic vote by the people to leave the EU in June 2016, UKIP is now back on the front foot under our Interim Leader, Gerard Batten MEP. Gerard was a founder member of UKIP in 1993 and first elected as Member of the European Parliament for London in 2004. He has hit the ground running and set about renewing the party based on his 12 point Way Forward for UKIP plan.

Meanwhile, the two main political parties are hopelessly divided on Brexit and it's clear that our invertebrate Prime Minister is going to betray the 17.4m people who voted to leave the EU by caving into many of the demands from Remainers in her own party and the bullies of the EU leadership.

There has never been a better time to join UKIP. Help us ensure Brexit does mean a proper exit from the EU enabling us to become a truly independent country once again. For a limited time up to 31st March, you can join UKIP for only £20. Join us now!

About our Branch

Welcome to our Branch website. We represent the two parliamentary constituencies of Cambridge and South East Cambs. And as well as our branch meetings, we reach out to our members and any other 'Kippers' by keeping our website fresh with national and EU news.

Thus we maintain a Brexit Watch page where we post new articles daily, and other pages such as EU Watch - where the excesses, hypocrisy and idiocy of that anti-democratic organisation in Brussels are exposed - and a News page where UKIP's latest news can be found.

But UKIP is not just about Brexit - we campaign on a range of issues and there is still much to fight for. So why not Become a member, stand as a candidate or come to a Branch meeting?

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