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ONE REASON AMONG MANY WHY WE HAVE TO LEAVE THE EU: Britain has been forced to accept every EU law since referendum – even the ones we voted against

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Via The Sun (28/12/17): Theresa May has been urged to make a 'clean break' from Brussels – after it emerged the UK has had to accept every EU law it has opposed since the referendum.

Campaigners from Change Britain claim that out of 102 votes taken by the EU’s Council of Ministers on proposed laws since mid-2016, Britain has abstained or voted against 17. But all 17 have been passed through by member states without the UK’s support – in areas from funding programmes to a new ports directive that threatens “tens of thousands” of jobs.

Change Britain said the new figures showed why it was wrong of pro-EU MPs to argue Theresa May should keep Britain in the EU’s single market so she can influence EU policymaking. During the Referendum campaign, Vote Leave argued that since 1996, the UK had failed to block a single proposal placed in front of the Council of Ministers from becoming EU law. The UK had opposed 72 measures which went onto the statute book.

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