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General Election 2017

Welcome to our branch website. With the General Election now on everyone's mind, we shall be posting updates about UKIP's policies and activities. Please check our News page page regularly.

About the Branch

We represent the two parliamentary constituencies of Cambridge and South East Cambs. And as well as our branch meetings, we reach out to our members and any other 'Kippers' by keeping our website fresh with national and EU news.

Thus we maintain a Brexit Watch page page where we post new articles daily, and other pages such as EU Watch - where the excesses, hypocrisy and idiocy of that anti-democratic organisation in Brussels are exposed.

But UKIP is not just about Brexit - we campaign on a range of issues and there is still much to fight for. So why not Become a member, stand as a candidate or come to a Branch meeting?

Ensuring that Brexit means Brexit

Picture of hands giving thumbs up (Union flag) and down (EU flag)
Thanks to more than 17 million voters, we have achieved our greatest aim - a victory in the referendum which means that the UK will exit from the EU. But we must be vigilant and work to ensure that the Government delivers on its promise to implement the express wishes of the people. As our leader, Paul Nuttall said, we must act as the "Guard dogs of Brexit". Any deal we get must not only be the best one economically for the UK but it must ensure we really do leave the EU. For us, as a minimum that means leaving the Single Market, the Customs Union, and the European Court of Justice, as well as other key issues - such as cutting net immigration to the tens of thousands and regaining rightful ownership of our fishing grounds.

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