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10 Reasons to Vote UKIP

10 reasons you should have voted UKIP on Thursday

If you are still considering carefully who to vote for, here are 10 reasons why we think you should vote UKIP. Without adding a penny to our bourgeoning national debt, without cutting vital services and without raising taxes, we can, over the course of the next Parliament:

  • Invest an extra £12 billion into the NHS, put £5.2 billion more into social care, build a dedicated military hospital and abolish hospital car parking charges
  • End income tax on the minimum wage, cut income tax for middle earners, scrap inheritance tax, abolish the ‘bedroom tax’ and increase the transferable personal tax allowance for married couples and civil partners
  • Fund 6000 additional posts spread between the police service, the prison service and the Border Agency
  • Cut business rates for small businesses
  • Waive tuition fees for students taking a degree in the STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths or Medicine
  • Increase defence spending to 2% of GDP to honour our NATO obligations
  • Invest £1.5 billion into mental health and dementia services
  • Pay carers an extra £572 a year
  • Build 55 affordable rented homes every year and 8 halfway house hostels for homeless veterans
  • Remove stamp duty on the first £250,000 for new homes built on brown field sites

How can we afford all this?

Quite simply by leaving the EU, making reasonable cuts to foreign aid, replacing the unfair Barnet formula (the formula that gives Scotland such a disproportionate amount of funding), scrapping HS2, ending ‘health tourism’ and cutting the cost of government. And to prove we can do it, we asked an independent body, The Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), to check our maths. They found our calculations to be ‘sound and reasonable’, so voters can be reassured that our manifesto commitments are properly costed. These are just a selection of our policies and commitments – you can find more here in our manifesto.
Ours is a great country, but it could be better still.

If you believe in Britain as a proud, independent, and sovereign nation, please vote UKIP – the only party that stands up for Britain!

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