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This blog is our comment section on the branch website and enables authors to share their views on the political situation whether on UKIP, Brexit or politics in general. The blogs are the views of the authors only and are not necessarily representative of the views of branch members.

Day for Freedom was a necessary event but a surreal experience

An account by one of our branch members of the Day for Freedom march and rally in London on Sunday 6th May 2018. Read more

Pothole Britain shows we are a Broken Nation

The shocking state of our roads is a metaphor for the state of our politics, our priorities and values. It's time to put our country first and invest in Britain's infrastructure by cutting foreign aid and using the Brexit dividend. Read more

17th February 2018 - The day when UKIP got its future back

(22/02/18) I was there. At the EGM. An historic occasion when we, UKIP, voted to be rid of our turbulent priest, Henry Bolton OBE. Don't forget the OBE. But it wasn't that easy. Until the vote, the sentiment in the ICC in Birmingham was that it was close. As it was, over 37% of the members attending voted to retain Bolton - an astonishing share of the 1,500 or so members... Read more

If you lie down with a dog, you get up with fleas

(15/02/18) So here we are. Yet another UKIP leadership decision for us members to have to make. We’re beginning to mimic a low-table Premiership club, like Sunderland, which has had about 8 managers since 2013. Since ‘Dear Leader’ Nigel Farage stepped down in 2016, we’ve gone through two leaders and are about to decide the fate of a third. Read the full post...

CBI leader does the devil’s work by acting as the champion for the EU

(24/11/17) A response to the article by Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry - ‘A bad Brexit will cost Britain dear in lost business’ (Times 24th November 2017). Read our response...

Who should you vote for in the UKIP Leadership contest?

(24/8/17) A personal view from a branch member who attended the UKIP leadership hustings event in London Colney on 21st August. Read the full post... cont

It’s the sovereignty, stupid

(29/7/17) Virtually all of the debate and media coverage relating to Brexit is dominated by its potential impact on the UK’s economy. The vast majority of this coverage has been, and is, negative and reflects the disproportionate share of voice in the media that the pro-Remain lobby has... cont

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