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This blog is our comment section on the branch website and enables authors to share their views on the political situation whether on UKIP, Brexit or politics in general. The blogs are the views of the authors only and are not necessarily representative of the views of branch members.

A look back on the pandemic and how reform of the NHS cannot come sooner

Three lockdowns in, what have we learned from the COVID pandemic? This blog by our branch chairman looks back over the past two years and asks what was done wrong, what could have been done better, and how the pandemic has shown that the NHS is in desperate need of root and branch reform. Read blog

The current rush-hour traffic chaos in Cambridge has a very simple solution

Traffic is gridlocked in Cambridge this March and April because of scheduled and unscheduled road works. Diversions and road closures on key routes mean that all routes into and out of the centre are jammed at rush hour. The temporary fix is simple, says our member Jon Sawbridge

Sorry Granny, but you're not worth £6m

We have been starved of cost-benefit analyses of the pandemic. All focus has been on saving lives. This blog by our branch chair reveals the true cost of the pandemic to the UK's present and future generation. Read his post here.

At the anti-lockdown protest rally in Trafalgar Square on 26th September

The UKIP Cambs branch chair went up to London to attend the 'We do not consent' rally in Trafalgar Square. Read what he has to say about it here.

Reflections on Immigration - a series

A series of short posts by our branch member Ian Cooper on immigration.

Part 1 - The rightness of stopping uncontrolled immigration. Read here.
Part 2 - Diversity or Disunity - the binary choice. Read here.
Part 3 - The Unfairness and Inequality caused by Mass Immigration. Read here.
Part 4 - Cultural Difference – Multiculturalism. Read here.
Part 5 - The Lack of Democratic Consent. Read here.
Part 6 - The Future – a white minority. Read here.
Part 7 - Liberal Bias and ‘Ordinary People’. Read here.
Part 8 - A Conversation with the Ethnic Minorities. Read here.
Part 9 - Conclusion. Read here.

Reflections on the EU and Brexit

(3/9/20) Here UKIP Cambs & SE Cambs branch member, Ian Cooper, reflects on Brexit and the EU. He examines two core flaws in the EU 'project'. Firstly, the understandable aversion to another continental war gave birth to an vision that mandated a federal Europe, with its inevitable and unpopular suppression of nation state identity and culture. Second, and linked to the first, was the intransigent mindset that discouraged and rejected any pertinent criticism of the reality of an 'ever-closer union' of European states. Read Ian's blog here.

End the lockdown NOW

(15/4/20) More people will die from the coming recession than will from COVID-19. The lockdown – an insane act of economic and social self-harm – must be ended immediately. Read the latest blog, End the lockdown NOW, by UKIP Cambs & SE Cambs Branch Chair, Richard Fullerton.

Reflections on the General Election

(23/12/19) A detailed analysis and perspective of the performances of the main parties, and how and why the Tories won the General Election of 2019 so convincingly. Read the latest blog by UKIP Cambs & SE Cambs Branch Chair, Richard Fullerton

If Boris' deal is so good for the UK, why does the EU like it?

(11/11/19) At the EU Council of Ministers on 17th October, the 27 leaders looked elated when the second Brexit deal was agreed. So did Boris Johnson. This blog examines why by peeling away the skin of this 'plum deal' to reveal some unsavoury realities. Read the latest blog by our Branch Chair

The EU is Germany and Germany is the EU

This post pulls no punches. Germany has tried twice to dominate Europe with its military might. It failed. So it tried another weapon - its economic might. In this it has been successful. Except that the 'contemptible little army' had something to say about it.
Read our latest blog

The Great Betrayal

(25/10/19) Let us be clear - Boris Johnson's Withdrawal Deal is a pig. It is a bad deal for Britain and he is trying to force it through Parliament with the minimum of scrutiny. He wants to 'Get Brexit done' because he has committed to us leaving on 31st October. Read the blog by our branch chair

UKIP Cambs chair speaks at Cherry Hinton Baptist Church Brexit hustings

On Saturday 28th September, two branch members - Richard Fullerton and Philip Hodson - attended at short notice an informal political hustings event held by Cherry Hinton Baptist Church in Cambridge. Richard had been invited to address the audience on the topic 'Your future in Cambridge, Brexit or Remain' alongside other party representatives from the Labour, LibDem, Tory, Brexit, and Green parties. Read Philip's post about it

Let’s face it, UKIP is now two factions

Richard Fullerton, Chair of UKIP Cambs & SE Cambs, attended UKIP's 2019 National Conference in Wales on 20-21 September. Going on a fact-finding mission, he discovered that the party is now two factions. This blog aims to chart UKIP's recent past, where we are now, and what could happen in the future to the party that was instrumental in obtaining and winning the EU Referendum. Read the blog here

Complacency and indifference by Leavers is losing us the battle for Brexit

(5/9/19) Why were so few Leavers on the street outside Parliament yesterday? Why are there so few of them on all other days too? Why do Remainers seem to care more? If we don't mobilise, our apathy could lose us Brexit. Read the blog by our branch chair

Eastern Region UKIP Leadership hustings event - 23rd July

We are proud to say that our branch organised the hustings event for the Eastern Region which took place in Fulbourn, Cambridge on Tuesday 23rd July. Over 60 people attended and the standard of debate was high. Read our write-up of the Eastern Region hustings

Is the Climate Change lobby part of Project Fear 2?

(13/6/19) This blog, by Julian Flood, gives a view of the climate change debate, spurred by his attending a meeting where the chairman of the UK government’s Committee on Climate Change, Lord Deben, made the case for the UK to agree to CO2 targets. But he's not buying it... Read the full post on Independence Daily.

Beware the lure of the Brexit Party

Are you thinking hard? I am sure that the thought of joining the Brexit Party has crossed the minds of many UKIP members. After all, it won the European Parliament elections hands-down and is high up in the national polls and would almost certainly win seats in any General Election. But here's why you shouldn't join TBP... Read more

UKIP Cambridge & SE Camb branch supports Stuart Agnew MEP in his European Parliament re-election campaign

An interesting and hopefully humorous post on how our branch has recently helped Stuart Agnew in his efforts to get re-elected as MEP for the Eastern Region in the European Parliament elections. Read more

UKIP makes its voice heard on the BBC's Any Questions?

We were rather excited to be offered five tickets for the BBC’s Any Questions? at Jesus College, Cambridge on Friday 10th May. It was a fun affair and the Cambridge audience were definitely made aware that UKIP is alive and kicking in this Remoaner, left-wing city. Read more

Cambridge 'Tea Party' meets for a tea party

On Sunday 28th April, six members of UKIP Cambs & SE Cambs met for tea to discuss the party’s situation and the current political situation. We had a very interesting and fruitful discussion. Read more

UKIP SE Cambs & West Suffolk out in force in advance of local elections

On Saturday 20th April our branch linked up with UKIP West Suffolk and held a stall in Market Street, Newmarket, to engage with voters ahead of the local elections. Read more

A Policy for Overseas Aid - post by Julian Flood, chair of UKIP West Suffolk

The Department for International Development taxes poor people in the UK and then scores compassion points by giving it away to foreign countries. Damn our potholes, damn our closed libraries, damn the poor in this country, someone in Whitehall can go to bed each night in a warm glow of smugness having given away someone else’s money. Read the full post on Independence Daily

The Breaking of Britain by Hannes Wessels

(5/4/19) Hannes Wessels was born in 1956 in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) but grew up in Umtali on the Mozambican border. He saw action in the Rhodesian bush war before acquiring a law degree. He has published Strange Tales from Africa in the USA, a collection of anecdotes from his hunting days. He is an author of various books including those on the history of the Rhodesian SAS. He is married to Mandy and has two daughters, Hope and Jana, and lives in Darling in the Western Cape of South Africa.

This post is a searing indictment on Britain's political class and system as it navigates Brexit. As seen by a former colonial of a country that also experienced betrayal by British politicians, this perspective is all the more pertinent. He tries to explain why Brexit is such a shambles and no quote better does so than this: "Since the end of WW II Britons have been exposed to a relentless barrage of guilt-inducing propaganda aimed at convincing them that they should be ashamed of themselves because they once ran a great empire based on pride in their systems, their military-might and their economic success." Read the full post on Africa Unauthorised

UKIP triumphs at Cambridge student Big Question Day on Politics

Our branch member, Ian Cooper, represented UKIP at a political education event at the Cambridge Academy for Science & Technology on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. The event was designed for the academy's students to look at some of the important issues in life so they get a chance to think about the world around them. Other parties were also in attendance. To find out how we did, Read more

Haverhill speaks to the nation... and the Prime Minister

(8/3/19) Julian Flood, acting Chair of UKIP West Suffolk and former County councillor, muses about Haverhill, Suffolk, and what happened when UKIP held a street poll in the market with the choice of 'No deal' or 'Remain'. Read more

Fight back, you bastards!

(10/2/19) Here Julian Flood, chair of UKIP West Suffolk and former District and County Councillor, argues that the betrayal of the 17.4m who voted for Brexit is not untypical. We are being betrayed all the time by our politicians, immigration control by Cameron in 2010 being one. He takes journalists to task too, for not holding our elected leaders to account. He asks, 'if we can’t trust the promises on which we choose to vote, what control do we have?'. He then suggests how we can exercise control. Read more

Two suggestions on how to make a ‘No deal’ Brexit work

Here our branch member Ian Cooper makes two suggestions on how a 'No deal' Brexit could work - slash taxes and cut a deal with Russia. Read more

A UKIP foot-soldier’s account of the Brexit Betrayal March

(12/12/18) An account from a member of our branch who travelled up to London on Sunday 9th December 2018 to take part in the Brexit Betrayal March organised by Tommy Robinson and UKIP. Read more

Why this is an awful Brexit Withdrawal deal

This is a deal of the Prime Minister’s own making. She said that “no deal is better than a bad deal”. This is not just a bad deal, it is an awful deal. Read more

May’s Brexit deal: the legal verdict

The post below is a precis of an article by Martin Howe QC from The Spectator.
The most important point about the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement is that, once it is ratified, the United Kingdom will have no legal route out of it unless the EU agrees to let us out and replace it with another agreement. Read more

Emperor Augustus said after the Varian Disaster, “Give me back my legions”. I say, “Theresa May, give us back our Brexit”.

It is often said that we learn from history. I would argue against this, based on how Brexit is turning out. When I think of the state of Brexit and the great Brexit Betrayal that is unfolding in front of our eyes, I recall the Romans’ Varian Disaster of 9AD when a large Roman army of three legions and auxiliaries was annihilated by an alliance of German tribes in the Teutoberg Forest in Lower Saxony. Read more

May set to inflict final humiliation on our country

(11/11/18) Is our Prime Minister about to agree a draft deal with the EU that is, in geo-political terms, as humiliating as that which the Germans were forced to sign in the clearing in the forest in Compiegne on 11th November 1918? Read more

Do migrants contribute more to the economy than they take out?

(14/10/18) This is one of the big uncertainties in all the arguments over Brexit. The Remoaners claim that not only would our economy stall without migrants but that they make a net contribution to our economy. But do they? We were set a challenge so we looked at both sides' arguments. Read more

Reflections on a morning of leafleting in Ely Market

(14/10/18) With Brexit negotiations a total shambles and a great betrayal by Theresa May in the offing, now is the time when UKIP needs to get out and communicate its message to the public. This is an account of our morning leafleting in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Read more

Day for Freedom was a necessary event but a surreal experience

An account by one of our branch members of the Day for Freedom march and rally in London on Sunday 6th May 2018. Read more

Pothole Britain shows we are a Broken Nation

The shocking state of our roads is a metaphor for the state of our politics, our priorities and values. It's time to put our country first and invest in Britain's infrastructure by cutting foreign aid and using the Brexit dividend. Read more

17th February 2018 - The day when UKIP got its future back

(22/02/18) I was there. At the EGM. An historic occasion when we, UKIP, voted to be rid of our turbulent priest, Henry Bolton OBE. Don't forget the OBE. But it wasn't that easy. Until the vote, the sentiment in the ICC in Birmingham was that it was close. As it was, over 37% of the members attending voted to retain Bolton - an astonishing share of the 1,500 or so members... Read more

If you lie down with a dog, you get up with fleas

(15/02/18) So here we are. Yet another UKIP leadership decision for us members to have to make. We’re beginning to mimic a low-table Premiership club, like Sunderland, which has had about 8 managers since 2013. Since ‘Dear Leader’ Nigel Farage stepped down in 2016, we’ve gone through two leaders and are about to decide the fate of a third. Read the full post...

CBI leader does the devil’s work by acting as the champion for the EU

(24/11/17) A response to the article by Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry - ‘A bad Brexit will cost Britain dear in lost business’ (Times 24th November 2017). Read our response...

Who should you vote for in the UKIP Leadership contest?

(24/8/17) A personal view from a branch member who attended the UKIP leadership hustings event in London Colney on 21st August. Read the full post... cont

It’s the sovereignty, stupid

(29/7/17) Virtually all of the debate and media coverage relating to Brexit is dominated by its potential impact on the UK’s economy. The vast majority of this coverage has been, and is, negative and reflects the disproportionate share of voice in the media that the pro-Remain lobby has... cont
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