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Tory MP resigns her PPS role to fight for Brexit

(24/5/18) Andrea Jenkyns MP is one of the few Tory MPs with principles. "During my time on the [BREXIT] committee, it has become clear that some of my colleagues are committed to upsetting the democratic decision of the British people." Read her own words as to why she resigned from her role as a Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Read the full story on her constituency website.

Theresa May's Brexit plans are 'undeliverable' warns former head of UK civil service

(15/5/18) Theresa May's government is "heading at full steam towards an undeliverable goal" in its attempt to implement her Brexit customs plans by 2020, the former head of the UK civil service has told Business Insider. "We haven't sorted out a deliverable version of the "end state" of Brexit because there isn't a deliverable version," said Lord Kerslake. Read the full story on Business Insider.

Wrong and perverse! George Monbiot (no less) warns EU farming policy is DISASTER - and he's a Remainer

(8/5/18) Farming subsidies from the European Union disproportionately benefit large farming companies and the UK should totally change its system after Brexit, the environmentalist Goerge Monbiot has claimed, saying he was “chuffed” that the UK is set to depart from the European system - despite originally voting Remain. Read the full article in The Sun.

We’ve paid shameless EU £16 billion in tariffs for non-EU goods — and we should scrap the Customs Partnership idea

(7/5/18) Four fifths of the tariffs on non-EU goods bought by UK shoppers go directly to Brussels according to the economist Liam Halligan. It makes no sense for a diverse, competitive economy such as Britain to hide behind a tariff wall harming our consumers. Which is why we need to leave the EU’s backward-looking customs union. Read the full article in the The Sun.

Betraying Brexit voters is playing with fire

(23/4/18) A customs union would mean that Britain couldn’t trade on its own terms to its competitive advantage. This is exactly what the EU is desperate to avoid because it knows it would lose out.

Britain would also be crippled by EU trading rules without having any say over them. It would therefore be worse off than before Brexit. That, of course, is precisely the point. Forcing Britain into this farce is designed to make it slink back into the EU fold. Read the full article in the The Times.

If Theresa May caves in on the customs union, the consequences will be stark, by Michael Fabricant MP

(24/4/18) Remain in the Customs Union? I don’t think so! Back in 2012 when I was Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party, I had a major falling out with David Cameron over Ukip when he was PM.

For some years, I had coordinated the Parliamentary Party’s campaigning effort and I had witnessed the inexorable growth of Ukip and how it was beginning to shave off Conservative votes in crucial constituencies. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph (behind paywall).

Galloway: Lords push to undo Brexit as voted for by the British people is an act of high treason

(22/4/18) We are a Constitutional Monarchy without a constitution, a Parliamentary Democracy with a rigged electoral system in which Parliament can be bypassed on the issue of a war on the whim of a here today gone tomorrow Prime Minister (without even a parliamentary majority to her name).

And now we have an entirely unelected chamber – with Liberal Democrat peers stuffed to the rafters – deciding to railroad us out of a real Brexit and into the Brino siding. Read the full post on Westmonster.

HSBC survey says UK business will 'OUTPACE EU' for fastest growth in years

(10/4/18) Brexit Britain can “expect” a UK growth of “10 per cent” which would be the fastest since 2011 as UK businesses explore exciting new markets. Brexit's possible impact on businesses was reported by Amanda Murphy, head of commercial banking for HSBC UK, while she claimed her bank predicts “a really strong near-term outlook for UK exporters and importers”. Read the full story in the Daily Express.

Fishing for Leave announce mass protests over Brexit transition deal

(4/4/18) Fishing for Leave are staging protests across the country to hit back against the government’s apparent sell-out of fishing communities in the Brexit transition deal. The group says the terms of the deal would mean that the EU could essentially eradicate the UK fishing fleet and plunder British waters. It represents a total betrayal of the fishing communities who have already been badly hit by EU membership in the past.

On Sunday, around 200 vessels will form flotillas in places such as Whitstable, Hastings, Portsmouth, Milford Haven, Newcastle and Plymouth. Read the full story on Westmonster.

GALLOWAY: Blair’s still calling the shots, we’re heading towards Brexit in name only

(02/04/18) Excellent post by George Galloway on how Blair has deftly manipulated and galvanised the Remoaner movement across political parties, Whitehall and Westminster, finance capital, what remains of industrial capital, the deep state, the Captains of Fleet St and Broadcasting House. Read the full post on Westmonster.

Gerard Batten says the UK will not surrender to the European Union

(14/3/18) Gerard Batten MEP said in a speech in the European Parliament that the UK will not surrender to the European Union despite the Prime Minister’s position in the Brexit negotiations suggesting she will settle for a “conditional surrender”. Ending his short speech he said, “We will not accept subservience to the EU, we want full independence and the return to our former status as an independent democratic nation-state.” Watch the short speech on his YouTube channel.

Tusk visits Dublin to reject British calls for Brexit trade talks before an 'explicit' deal on the Irish border question

8/3/18) Excellent post explaining the situation over the Irish border and Brexit. Donald Tusk today warned Britain all 27 EU nations are united in their determination to secure a deal for Ireland before trade talks. The EU's fall back position is keeping Northern Ireland inside EU rules - something considered impossible by London and Belfast despite a political agreement in December with Theresa May. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Who do you trust on the Irish border? The UK’s top customs official, or the unapologetically pro-EU Hilary Benn?

(6/3/18) Via BrexitCentral on Twitter, a very revealing exchange on 29th November 2017 in a Parliamentary committee between Hilary Benn and Jon Thompson, Chief Executive and Permanent Secretary of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Watch the short video.

The EU Withdrawal Agreement - an attempt to annex Northern Ireland? By Briefings for Brexit

(4/3/18) The EU Withdrawal Agreement hardens the EU’s line on using the Irish land border as a battering ram to elicit further concessions from the UK. This tactic is unlikely to work. The border is a manageable issue, and the sensible UK proposals have been validated by a detailed EU report on the use of technology to solve the problem. This article is from a new organisation set up academia to champion Brexit and offset the inherent ideological bias in academia against leaving the EU. Read the full article on Briefings for Brexit.

Labour ‘weaponises’ Brexit to win votes from EU migrants for local elections

(27/02/18) Labour is planning to “weaponise” its new softer Brexit stance to woo three million citizens from other EU nations who are eligible to vote in the forthcoming local elections. MPs have been writing to Europeans living in Britain appealing for their support at the ballot box in London and elsewhere in May. Read the full article in The Times.

It’s time to stop doom-mongering over the Irish border – the solutions are already out there

(07/02/18) An excellent and long article by Hugh Bennett, Deputy Editor at BrexitCentral, as to how the Irish border could work whatever Brexit deal is eventually reached. Read the full article on Brexit Central.

UK manufacturing output at its highest for 10 years #despiteBrexit

(10/1/18) UK manufacturing output is expanding at its fastest rate since early 2008 after recording a seventh consecutive month of growth in November. Renewable energy projects, boats, aeroplanes and cars for export helped make output 3.9% higher in the three months to November than in 2016. Official figures also show industrial output rose by 0.4% in November. Read the full article on the BBC website.

Hammond and Davis warn excluding City from Brexit deal could cause a GLOBAL CRASH on visit to Germany - but Merkel threatens to BLOCK UK plan for aligning regulation

10/1/18) Failing to include the City of London in a Brexit trade deal could raise the risk of a global financial crash, Philip Hammond and David Davis warned today. The two ministers delivered the stark message as they launched a charm offensive in Germany with negotiations at a critical stage. They said the 2008 credit crunch had demonstrated how easily 'contagion' could spread between economies if financial regulation was not coordinated between major nations. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

EU President Juncker: Brexit will happen, no second Referendum

(9/1/18) The president of the European Commission has said he thinks Brexit will go ahead and there will not be a second referendum, whilst warning remaining member states they will have to pay more into the bloc’s budget. Read the full article on Breitbart London.

Brussels admits bad Brexit deal would hurt: Leaked EU report lays bare fears over economic damage from attempt to punish Britain

(9/1/18) Brussels has admitted that a bad Brexit deal will cost jobs and harm trade in Europe, a leaked document has revealed. The EU report lays bare the many towns and cities across the bloc which rely on Britain for its trade and manufacturing. Daily Mail.

Priti Patel calls for investigation that the Remain campaign overspent funds during Brexit campaign

(1/1/18) FORMER Cabinet Minister Priti Patel has demanded Britain's election watchdog open a probe into overspending by Remain in 2016’s bitter Brexit referendum. The devout Brexiteer said it could not be right that Britain Stronger in Europe were able to “blatantly flout the rules to feed the British people their propaganda” in a hard-hitting letter to the Electoral Commission. Read the full article in The Sun.

Trade deal by March or WALK AWAY: Owen Paterson warns May to ignore 'Remoaner double talk'

(31/12/17) Senior Brexiteer Owen Paterson has warned Theresa May that heads of terms for a new free trade deal with the EU need to be agreed by March or Britain should quit talks and prepare for no deal. The former cabinet minister has told the Prime Minister that enough concessions have been made to the EU and the Prime Minister must not be taken in by “Remoaner double talk.” Read the full article in the Daily Express.

Business chiefs warn Theresa May their patience over Brexit is 'wearing thin' amid dismay at 'division and disorganisation' across Westminster

(31/12/17) Theresa May has been warned that business chiefs' patience over Brexit is 'wearing thin' and Westminster must get to grips with the challenge. British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) director general Adam Marshall said firms want clarity and results from the Government and suggested industry was dismayed by 'division and disorganisation' across Westminster. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

UK to TURBOCHARGE global trade links as HUNDREDS of key negotiators are hired

(30/12/17) Britain's drive to turbocharge its global trade links after Brexit has passed a crucial milestone with more than 100 experienced trade negotiators hired at a key ministry to strike new deals around the world. International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said the recruitment meant the UK was ready to take full advantage of the opportunities of breaking free from the European Union. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

We got it wrong on Brexit gloom, economists admit: Buoyant British economy is set to power past France by 2020

(26/12/17) Britain's economy is now predicted to overtake France's in 2020 as experts admitted they had been too gloomy over Brexit. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) had claimed the economy would slow down because of a drop in consumer spending and investment. But last night the think-tank admitted it had got this wrong, saying: 'In practice this has not happened.' Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

New poll shows 9 point lead for those in favour of Brexit

(27/12/17) YouGov’s Eurotrack results for December shows that whilst 48% of Brits asked prefer that the UK leaves the EU, only 39% now say they would prefer for the UK to remain, a 9 point lead for those now full square behind Brexit. An additional 13% of those asked are undecided. That is a big swing since the same firm asked the same question in October. Back then support for leaving had just a 2 point lead. Read the full article on Westmonster.

The UK remains top for tech startups after Brexit, whether it's talent, capital or "deep tech" expertise

(30/11/17) The UK remains the top country in Europe for innovative technology startups, attracting more talent and investment than any other country and claiming the crown as the region's capital for "deep tech". The findings come in a major new report from venture capital firm Atomico which signals a feared Brexit effect on the industry has not materialised. Read the full article in City a.m..

Eire - freed from Britain, trapped in the EU

(24/11/17) Excellent short article on Eire’s current obstruction of Brexit talks. The author asks, 'What was the point of fighting to extricate the country from London rule, only to hand it over to Brussels in a matter of decades? Remind me: what was that expression? ‘Ourselves Alone’.' Read the full article on Spiked Online.

We cannot incorporate the EU Charter into UK law or else it will be chaos says Suella Fernandes MP

(21/11/17 This week Parliament will be asked to vote on whether to incorporate the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights into UK law. If Labour, acting with others, manage to force this through there will be legal chaos. Not only will it hand new and long lasting powers to UK courts to strike down UK laws over the head of Parliament on woolly interpretations of EU ‘rights’, but it will oblige them to continue to follow the EU’s Court. Read the full article in The Sun.

'If you walk away they’ll come to us!' James Dyson's brilliant argument FOR no deal Brexit

(12/11/17) Sir James Dyson has said that “the time has come” for the United Kingdom to walk away from the European Union without a Brexit deal. The sixth round of Brexit talks concluded on Friday with David Davis and Michel Barnier announcing that negotiations were still in the first phase of talks. Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show, the founder of the Dyson company, claimed the EU was asking for too much in negotiations. Read the full story in the Daily Express.

REVEALED: The 10 regions to hit fishing jackpot as Brexit to see industry boom 50 per cent

(12/11/17) Brexit will revive the UK fishing industry, creating 30,000 extra jobs and regenerating seaside towns in a boost to the nation’s economy worth almost £3 billion, according to fishermen’s leaders. Long-neglected ports such as Lowestoft, Grimsby and Whitby could be given a new lease of life, along with Cornish coastal towns and seaside resorts such as Scarborough. At the moment 60 per cent of Britain’s fishing stock, worth £650million a year, is caught by foreign vessels from the EU. Read the full story in the Daily Express.

New York Times: No One Knows What Britain Is Anymore

(4/11/17) 'I’ve lived and worked for nine years in Britain, first during the Thatcher years and then again for the last four politically chaotic ones. While much poorer in the 1980s, Britain mattered internationally. Now, with Brexit, it seems to be embracing an introverted irrelevance.' Read the full article in the pro-Democrat, liberal New York Times.

Christopher Chope MP: After meeting Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt, I’ve concluded that no deal will be better than their deal

(10/11/17) 'Having heard what they had to say, I’m afraid I’ve come to the conclusion that the only Brexit deal being offered to us from Brussels would be far worse for the UK than leaving without a deal in March 2019'. Read the full article in Brexit Central.

'GET US OUT!' Anger as its revealed EU is costing Britain £267million A WEEK

(01/11/17) Britain handed a colossal £13.9 billion to the EU last year, official figures revealed today. Data from the Office for National Statistics showed that the eye-watering sum, equivalent to £267 million a week, was paid to Brussels by UK taxpayers to cover the country's membership of the bloc. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

We don't want YOU back! Eurocrats crush Remainer's faint hopes of keeping Britain in bloc

(26/10/17) Brussels officials today delivered a big blow to Remainer hopes of overturning Brexit by insisting they will not play along with any attempts to keep Britain in the EU by the backdoor. Eurocrats said they are fed up of “dancing around” the UK and have no interest in working with europhile MPs on a never-ending transition that would maintain the status quo. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

Brexit: Tory MPs warn Theresa May over claims she has privately agreed to bigger divorce bill

(23/10/17) Theresa May has come under pressure from Tory bankbenchers over claims she privately agreed to pay the EU a bigger divorce bill to speed up the Brexit talks. The Prime Minister was told not to hand over “a penny more” than Britain owes, with one backbencher suggesting it would be impossible to “look public sector workers in the eye”. The warnings, during a Commons statement, laid bare the difficulty Ms May faces in meeting the EU’s demand to up her offer in order to break the deadlock in the negotiations. Read the full article in News Store.

BBC Brexit bias EXPOSED: Leave vote 'would be even BIGGER' but third more Remainers on air

BBC Kuenssberg
(22/10/17) The BBC and its top journalists are guilty of bias against Brexit and more British people would have voted to leave the European Union if coverage was fair, according to a damning report. The BBC invited a third more pro-EU speakers than anti-EU speakers to appear during the election campaign. The report, carried out by media analysts News-watch, slammed high-profile figures like the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg and Kamal Ahmed, economics editor, for making Brexit sound negative to the British public. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

Remoaner-in-Chief Vince Cable says Leaving the EU without a trade deal could cost Britain £430 BILLION over five years

(22/10/17) Vince Cable has warned that leaving the EU without a deal could cost the country an astonishing £430 billion over five years. The Liberal Democrat leader said the figures, based on the cumulative impact on the country’s economic output, were a ‘real indictment’ of Brexit Secretary David Davis ‘talking up’ the possibility of a no-deal Brexit as part of a negotiating strategy. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Project Fear rears its head again

(17/10/17) Two organisations have come out with reports heavily criticising Brexit. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has projected that the British economy will grow by just 1 per cent next year in part because of uncertainty around Brexit. It also claimed that 'reversing Brexit with a second referendum would have a 'positive' impact on economy'. Read the full article in The Telegraph.

The second study, a report by the Resolution Foundation and the University of Sussex, looks at the impact on British families of the UK imposing the same tariffs on EU goods as it does on those from other World Trade Organisation countries, a likely no-deal outcome. It claims that a no deal would cost millions of families £500 a year. Read the full article in The Independent.

RBS chief reveals EU is dragging out Brexit talks to exploit British 'financial exodus'

(8/10/17) Howard Davies, who leads the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, said that the EU was deliberately dragging out Brexit talks to entice anxious bankers. The banking chief warned that a Brexit transition deal needs to be in place by early next year - or else, the country faces an unprecedented loss of businesses. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

Most voters want Theresa May to stay on as Prime Minister and believe she is ‘best person to deliver Brexit’, poll shows

(8/10/17) Embattled Theresa May was yesterday given a clear message in a poll of voters — to stay put and deliver Brexit. Most people think the Prime Minister should keep calm, carry on and show her MPs who is the boss. Read the full article in the Sun on Sunday.

David Attenborough: Brexiteers “probably don't understand” facts

(25/9/17) In an interview with Greenpeace, the 91-year-old broadcaster and naturalist compared Brexit to "spitting in each other's faces" and called the referendum "an abrogation of parliamentary democracy" because of a lack of facts. Time for this old fossil from the Jurassic age to get back in his box? Read the full article on Unearthed.

‘Brussels told May to say UK would pay Brexit divorce bill’

(27/9/17) Theresa May ‘took dictation’ from Brussels when she signed Britain up to pay a Brexit divorce bill to the EU, diplomats claim. The European Commission reportedly told May to use the exact phrase “honour commitments we have made during the period of our membership” and say that no EU country “will need to pay more or receive less”. Read the full post on Westmonster.

Theresa May should NOT fall for EU divorce bill demands because it owes us £9.3billion — and must PAY US on Brexit

(7/9/17) SENIOR Tories and top lawyers have piled pressure on Theresa May not to succumb to the EU’s multi-billion divorce bill demands - by revealing the ONLY legal basis for payments is a £9.3 billion refund to UK taxpayers. A joint report by the Conservative European Research Group (ERG) and Lawyers for Britain has produced detailed legal analysis showing Britain owes nothing. Read the full article in The Sun.

PM's desperate bid to keep £46billion EU divorce bill secret as she fears fury at Tory conference

(3/9/17) Theresa May is hoping to keep details of the UK’s EU divorce bill a secret until after the Conservative Party conference – to avoid a damaging revolt by Brexit supporters. The Mail on Sunday understands that the Prime Minister has been advised that Britain is likely to have to fork out up to €50 billion – £46 billion at current exchange rates – as the only way to break the deadlock of the Brexit talks. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Senior Tories dismiss Juncker as a 'pound shop Bismarck' who is trying to blackmail Britain after he digs in over two-stage Brexit talks

(30/8/17) The EU Commission President faced charges of blackmail after he backed his chief negotiator Michel Barnier's resistance to talks on the future trading relationship between Britain and the EU before finalising the divorce deal. Britain is desperate to start parallel talks on both the exit from the EU and the rules that will be put in place after. The impasse is set to leave the third round of negotiations deadlocked this weeks. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

'We will NOT move ONE MILLIMETRE!' EU chief's SHOCK outburst as Brexit tensions boil over

(30/8/17) David Davis’ calls for the European Union to be more flexible during Brexit talks appear to have fallen on deaf ears after one EU bigwig said the bloc will not alter its position by “one millimetre”. Antonio Tajani, the president of the European Parliament, said: "The EU will not step back one millimetre from its position in defence of the rights of European citizens. Read the full article in the Daily Express

Britain will boom once free from the EU’s ‘destructive policies’, top economist claims

(24/8/17) Britain will boom once free from the EU’s “destructive policies”, a top economist claims. Roger Bootle said in a report backed by 15 other experts that the EU is a “comparative economic failure” hamstrung by “cack-handed” decisions. Read the full post in The Sun.

European Investment Bank HALTS billion pound UK investment projects - despite us STILL paying

(22/8/17) Bitter Eurocrats have halted the funding of vital billion pound investment projects in the UK despite Britain continuing to pay into the scheme, an investigation revealed. The European Investment Bank (EIB) will reportedly put most UK applications for long–term loans on hold until a Brexit deal has been agreed. The decision could impact big capital projects that fund schools, university buildings and hospitals due to the attractive interest rates. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

The voices of Brexit-backing entrepreneurs must be heard over the din of rent-seeking Remainers

(13/8/17) Jon Moynihan is a venture capitalist who chaired the Vote Leave Finance Committee. He was also the first chair of Vote Leave’s Campaign Committee.

In less than a month, a series of debates and motions in Parliament will set the ground for what this country will look like once we leave the EU. Almost certainly, a majority of the people who are reading this article played their part in the great referendum win. You now have to sigh deeply, gird your loins, and go back on the attack, to make sure not just that we leave the EU (that, at least, is for sure now that we have signed Article 50), but that we leave it in a way that reaps all the potential rewards of that vote for our country, and our country’s people. Read the full article on Brexit Central.

Philip Hammond and Liam Fox’s Brexit transition plan is a pipe dream

(14/8/17) Article by John Springford, Director of Research at the Centre for European Reform in London. The deal sketched out by the international trade secretary and the chancellor is one the EU could never agree to. Why did they go public with it? The international trade secretary, Liam Fox, appears to have bowed to the inevitable and realised that some kind of transition is the only way to make Brexit work. But the price of Fox’s assent appears to be a type of deal that would in fact be impossible to agree with the European Union. Read the full article in The Guardian.

I am more confident than ever about Brexit - Matt Ridley

(14/8/17) The EU is an experiment in building a top-down, centralising, supranational government, with a bureaucratic surplus and a democratic deficit. Compared with most of the rest of the world it is a failure, as its economic growth rate, unemployment rate and innovation record demonstrate. Read the full article in The Times.

Brexit is a chance to rebalance our economy

(9/8/17) There are no panaceas in economics, but contrary to what you will hear from Project Fear, Brexit has the potential to alleviate some of the most enduring problems of the UK economy in recent times. The UK after Brexit may not only succeed in putting its economy onto a more sustainable and equitable footing, but could also become a major centre of economic growth in Europe. Read the full article on CapX.

Britain needs a Chancellor who believes in Brexit, not 'FlipFlopPhil'

(5/8/17) Few people who have climbed the slippery pole of politics are more adept at facing two ways at once than the man who unfortunately occupies the second-highest office in the land. Business guru John Longworth calls Chancellor Philip Hammond “Flip-Flop Phil” for changing his mind on key issues concerning the EU and the economy and demands he be sacked because of the damaging effect his anti-Brexit attitude is having. Read the full article in the Daily Express

No deal may be the very BEST deal for Britain, says John Longworth

(4/8/17) The simple fact is that we now face a choice between engaging in convoluted and probably fruitless negotiations around an FTA, taken to the wire, for which we will probably have to pay billions, with the horror of transitional arrangements and restrictions placed upon our freedoms by the Eurocrats and Frau Merkel, such that we can only have a poorer version of what we have now. Read the full article in the Daily Express

Eurosceptic MPs accuse BBC of 'whitewash' after broadcaster rejects claim of Brexit bias

(3/8/17) The BBC has insisted its Brexit coverage is not biased as Eurosceptic MPs accused the broadcaster of a “whitewash”. MPs from across the political spectrum have called for new guidelines to be introduced to ensure the BBC remains fair in the way it reports on matters relating to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

But those calls have reportedly been rejected with James Harding, BBC Director of News, writing in a letter to MPs that he believed the broadcaster is “impartial” over Brexit. Read the full story in the Daily Telegraph

Brexit fisheries BETRAYAL: Gove vows EU fishermen can STILL use UK waters AFTER divorce

(3/8/17)The Environment Secretary, 49, who only recently returned to the cabinet after the general election, said during a visit to Denmark yesterday: “Danish fishermen will still be able to catch large amounts of fish in British waters, even if the British leave the EU.”

He added: “Britain has no fish cutters [those employed to clean, trim and bone fish] and production facilities enough to catch all the fish in British waters. [sic]” Read this shameful policy in the Daily Express

Six in ten Brexit-voters say significant damage to the economy is a price worth paying to quit the EU

(1/8/17) BREXITEERS are so dedicated to the cause of leaving the EU that four in ten would be prepared to give up their jobs to ensure it happens, new research reveals. Polling from YouGov showed that 39 per cent Leavers said that even if our EU exit caused them or a relative to be out of a job, it would still be a price worth paying. Read the full article in The Sun

European Brexit battle heats up: London set to continue outpacing biggest rivals despite efforts to claw away City jobs

(31/7/17) London will continue to outpace its biggest financial rivals in Europe despite increased EU efforts to claw at the City’s supremacy. The UK capital’s GDP is forecast to grow at a rate of 2.3 per cent annually between 2017 and 2021, ahead of Paris’ 1.6 per cent and Frankfurt’s 1.5 per cent, according to an Oxford Economics report out today. Read the full article on City A.M.

Philip Hammond is playing a calculating game of Brexit sabotage

(31/7/17) Theresa May had hardly stepped off the plane in Italy before Philip Hammond launched into Project Fear Mark II, declaring Britain had to put the brakes on its negotiations with Brussels because “literally nobody wants a post-Brexit migration cliff-edge”.

This must have brought a warm glow to the heart of his predecessor George Osborne, for whom scare-mongering and false assumptions were a political stock in trade. Read the full article in the Daily Express

Remainiac Philip Hammond is leading the country into a disaster by calling for three year Brexit transition deal

(31/7/17) WATCH out, Theresa! While you are enjoying a dangerously long holiday in the Swiss Alps, treacherous Philip Hammond is leading your Cabinet by the nose into a Brexit trap. The Remainiac Chancellor’s beguiling call for a three-year glide path OUT of the European Union is in fact a devious plot to keep us IN, for ever. Read the full article in The Sun

'We COULD walk' EU warned Britain could leave with NO DEAL over ECJ citizens' rights row

(27/7/17) A SENIOR minister has revealed that there is “a very good chance” Britain could walk away from Brexit talks over Brussels’ stubborn refusal to back down over the rule of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The leading member of the Government has told the Daily Express that the European Commission’s uncompromising demand that Britain continues to submit to the ECJ over citizen rights, trade, nuclear cooperation and other areas after Brexit “is a very, very big problem indeed”. Read the full article in the Daily Express

Remoaners hate fact that economy is performing well

(27/7/17) EVER since the EU referendum last summer the Remoaners have been sounding the mournful drumbeat of economic gloom. But their dire predictions have turned out to be baseless. Far from sinking into crisis the British economy continues to perform well. Read the full article in the Daily Express

Nigel Farage accuses the Government of 'betraying' Brexit by 'selling out' those most concerned by immigration

(26/7/17) Nigel Farage today accused the Government of overseeing the 'great Brexit betrayal' and 'selling out' the strongest supporters of quitting the EU.

The ex Ukip leader slammed the failure to pursue an immediate cut in immigration amid debate over a transition deal that could see the borders left open for years. Mr Farage said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had a 'tougher line' on EU migrants. Read the full article in the Daily Mail

Reality bites: the Brexit negotiations seen from the other side of the Channel

(24/7/17) This post by Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Executive and Chief Economist of The European Policy Centre (EPC) shows the inflexibility of the EU27 in negotiations. It seems they'd prefer the UK to leave the EU than concede on the "role of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the exit payment, the rights of EU citizens and even (temporarily) continued freedom of movement of EU citizens." That's fine by us! Read the post in the EPC website

The EPC is an independent, not-for-profit think tank dedicated to fostering European integration through analysis and debate.

EU has upper hand? Deprived of UK cash bloc will be on brink of COLLAPSE

(22/7/17) THERE is a received wisdom among diehard Remainers that the EU has the upper hand in the negotiations regarding Britain’s exit from the EU. Just how big a nonsense this is has become clear with the publication of the minutes from a meeting in Brussels last week between Barnier and the House of Lords’ EU select committee. Read the full post in the Daily Express

It’s not Brexit that’s scaring migrants away

(21/7/17) It’s a terrible irony that so many who have settled in this country now needlessly feel afraid, not because of hordes of racists and xenophobes roaming the country, but because of fantastical media reports that pretend these hordes actually exist. Read the full post in Spiked

'Leaving EU in name ONLY' Farage warns Brexit will see Brussels rule courts AND borders

(23/7/17) Nigel Farage has revealed that he is growing extremely concerned that Brexit will happen in name only. The former Ukip leader told the BBC's The World Tonight that Britain started to slide down a slippery slope by diluting what people voted for in the EU referendum.

In a scathing assessment, the leading voice of the Brexit cause said the Government was trying to distort the referendum by keeping open borders and European courts. He warned that big business which backed Remain as well as joining the euro was dominating the argument around Brexit. Read the full story in the Daily Express

Brexit: Trade Secretary slams ‘biased’ BBC for ‘wilfully’ ignoring positive news

(23/7/17) Dr Liam Fox, the Secretary of State for International Trade, has written to BBC Director-General Tony Hall seeking a meeting about the corporation’s “biased” coverage of Brexit. “I cannot recall a single time in recent times when I have seen good economic news that the BBC did not describe as ‘despite Brexit’,” he blasted in his letter Lord Hall, which was seen by The Telegraph. Read the full post on Breitbart London

Eurozone faces doom no matter how hard France and Germany try to save it, warns top investment bank

(15/7/17) The eurozone is likely to break up no matter how hard France and Germany try to save it, one of the world’s biggest investment banks is warning. A senior employee at Bank of America Merrill Lynch says the single currency bloc has been gradually falling apart ever since it was formed almost 20 years ago. Read the full story in the Daily Mail

Vince Cable Remain crusade OUTRAGE over claims civil servants are briefing AGAINST Brexit

(13/7/17) Sir Vince Cable has revealed that civil servants in Whitehall are briefing against Brexit and are briefing politicians that Britain will not leave the EU. The revelation by the Twickenham MP who is running to become leader of the Lib Dems has provoked fury among Brexit campaigners who have demanded that “unpatriotic, EU sympathisers” are removed from the civil service. Read the full story in the Daily Express

Politico - Brexit can still be stopped

(11/7/17 The UK’s act of self-harm can still be reversed, but only if the British public plays its part. Doubting the inevitability of Brexit is suddenly in vogue. Read the full post in Politico

German industry warns UK not to expect help in Brexit negotiations

(9/7/17) German industry has warned Britain not to rely on its help in securing a good Brexit deal, in a stark intervention that strikes a blow at the government’s EU departure plans. Senior ministers have repeatedly claimed since the election that Germany’s powerful exporters will exert pressure for a deal handing Britain substantial access to the EU’s markets. Read the full story in The Observer

Mike Hookem MEP - "Withdrawal from London Fisheries Convention must be coupled with clarifications on Government’s intentions for the UK’s 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone"

(2/7/17) UKIP Fisheries Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has said he fears another “wholesale betrayal” of Britain’s fishing communities after it was announced the government will finally withdraw from the London Fisheries Convention; but failed to give assurances on restricting access for EU vessels in the UK’s 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) post-Brexit. Read the full post on the UKIP main website

More of Osborne's Project Fear nonsense: 'Cancer patients in Brexit scare'

(10/7/17) George Osborne is enjoying himself and the front page of today’s Standard basically implies Brexit will give you cancer. This will apparently be a consequence of the UK leaving Euratom – the European Atomic Energy Community. Allegedly it will mean nuclear scientists and material will not be able to cross borders. See the full post by Euro Guido

All the rights EU citizens in the UK are set to lose after Brexit

(27/6/17) Theresa May on Monday released what she described as a "generous offer" to EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit. The plans, which will form part of the negotiations with the EU, were sold as offering Europeans living here rights which are "almost equivalent to British citizens". However, the plans as they stand do involve the loss of a number of existing rights for EU citizens. Here's all the degradation of rights that will affect European citizens living in the UK after Brexit. Read the full story on Business Insider

BBC struggle to find Rotherham Europhiles for show as steelworks praises ‘Brexit boost’

(2/7/17) A BBC show exploring what is next with Brexit struggled to find regretful Leave voters in Rotherham – with all of those interviewed standing by their decision to leave.BBC economics editor Kamal Ahmed arrived in Rotherham, where his mother was born, to see if locals had turned against Brexit and changed their minds “after a year of turmoil”. But all of the leave voters in Rotherham interviewed by the programme stood firmly by their decision to leave the European superstate. Read the full article in the Daily Express

'Commission is FURIOUS with us' Tory Brexiteer reveals EU rage on farming & customs union

(30/6/17) Owen Paterson said the EU body was seething at the idea of a £10billion shortfall after the UK exits the bloc after making the case for the “massive” opportunities now awaiting Britain. Speaking on BBC Two’s Daily Politics, the Tory MP said rising standards around the world meant there were more markets for the UK to export to. Read the full article in the Daily Express

'Ridiculous hubris' Brussels wants to retain INDEFINITE right to fine Britain AFTER Brexit

(30/6/17) Eurocrats dropped a Brexit bombshell on Theresa May as they published a list of extensive demands which would see the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the EU Commission retain their stranglehold on the UK long after our departure. The dynamite revelations were buried deep in a series of positioning papers published by Michel Barnier’s team this evening and are likely to be ferociously opposed by British negotiators. Read the full article in the Daily Express

New study finds the UK is 'more eurosceptic than ever' as it heads towards Brexit

The UK is more eurosceptic than ever following the EU referendum, with 75% of people saying they want to leave the EU or limit its powers. Education is the best way of identifying how people voted in the referendum, as only 22% of graduates voted Leave. Concern over immigration was the dominant reason for voting Leave - 73% who are worried about it voted Leave. The idea that people voted Leave because of disenfranchisement with politics "are largely wide of the mark." Read the full post on Business Insider

Britain would vote to leave EU again one year after EU Referendum

(26/6/17) One year after the UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union (EU) the British public would vote by the same margin to leave the bloc, a poll has revealed. The survey, conducted to coincide with the first anniversary of the Brexit vote, predicts that 52 per cent of voters would choose to leave the EU, with 48 per cent voting to remain. Read the full article on Breitbart London

Bloomberg: Despite Brexit, London's place as a leading global financial centre looks safe

(27/6/17) Ever since Britain voted to leave the European Union, analysts have debated the City's fate. In 2016, the British financial services sector employed over one million people (3.1 percent of all U.K. jobs) and contributed around 7.2 percent of the U.K.’s total gross value added, just over half of it from London. Any threat to the sector - and to London's place as arguably the leading global financial center - would be a major blow.

Fortunately for the U.K., Brexit itself won't erode the significant advantages London currently enjoys. Perhaps more importantly, neither will it help European rivals build up similar advantages. Read the full article on Bloomberg

Brexit boom: Business confidence reaches 18-month high as negotiations begin

(26/6/17) The Lloyds Bank Business in Britain reports confidence index rose to 24 per cent and has doubled since the days after the Brexit vote. The overall confidence index tracks expected profits, sales and orders over the next six months. Read the full article in the Daily Express

Tory Brexit confusion: Chancellor says UK should stay in Customs Union

(20/6/17) The Chancellor of the exchequer has demanded Britain remains subjected to the existing customs arrangements of the EU, unable to make new trade deals, until a new “long term” system is agreed. Philip Hammond – a stanch Remainer who has advocated a “soft-Brexit” inside the Single Market – also appeared to contradict the prime minister’s position on immigration. Read the full article on Breitbart London

Der Spiegel's view on the UK and Brexit after 'Calamity May's general election flop: 'A Wave of Anger Crashes over Britain'

(15/6/17) Europe used to have a fearful respect of the Tories. But those days have long since passed. Now, the weakened party may have accidentally killed off Brexit - a pet project that most party leaders didn't want in the first place. Read the full - and very ignorant - article in Der Spiegel

‘No way’ UK can get passporting rights after Brexit, says former Luxembourg finance minister

(17/6/17) U.K. financial services firms will definitely not be able to carry on business as normal within the European Union (EU) after it leaves the bloc, according to Luc Frieden, who has held several portfolios within the Luxembourg cabinet over the past few decades. Read the full article on Yahoo!

Prince Andrew says there may be 'fresh grass' for British business after Brexit

(16/6/17) Prince Andrew, who stepped down as the UK's roving business ambassador six years ago, said he had "no idea" how the country's exit from the European Union would play out and warned of "upheaval." However, he also claimed there were opportunities outside the bloc and the "world is your oyster." Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph

Britain would be '£156 billion a year better off WITHOUT a deal with EU' - John Longworth

(15/6/17) New analysis has revealed that Britain would be better off by £156 billion a year by simply walking away from the EU without a deal. Former British Chambers of Commerce director John Longworth has issued “a Brexit fight back” after Remainers have tried to capitalise on the hung parliament election result to claim that Theresa May’s vision of a clean Break with the EU is “dead”.

The annual boost - worth around a third in growth for the British economy - would continue for at least 12 years as Britain’s economy is transformed by throwing off the shackles imposed by Brussels. Read the full article in the Daily Express

The Government’s plans for a ‘Vote Leave’ Brexit are far from derailed - Matthew Elliott

(12/6/17) It’s no secret that I would have preferred a different general election outcome – my joint editorial with Jonathan made clear that my preference was for a majority Conservative administration.

But the voices now suggesting that the Government’s plans for Brexit have been derailed are, in my view, very wide of the mark. For starters, this general election result does not change or override the result of the EU referendum which took place less than 12 months ago. Read the full post on Brexit Central

There is no “soft Brexit”: it does not exist as a serious or credible option

(11/6/17) The reality is that there is no “soft Brexit”. It does not exist as a serious or credible option. Half-way house arrangements in which we are subject to EU rules but have no say in setting them are the worst of all worlds, which would continue to subject us to all the disadvantages of EU membership but not give us the freedom and opportunities of leaving the EU in shaping our laws, controlling our borders and taking advantage of global trading opportunities. The only softness is in the heads of the people who advocate such half-baked and ill-thought out notions. Read the full article on Brexit Central

Whichever party wins must invest in the future of British manufacturing after Brexit

(4/6/17) The long-term success of the United Kingdom depends not only on our deal with the EU but also on how future governments support the growth and development of the economy. Whichever party forms the government after the 8th June, they will have to adopt a strategy that responds to the challenges of being outside the single market and customs union, including the potential impact of rules of origin, customs delays, tariffs and regulatory diversion. Read the full article on Brexit Central

Theresa May: Brussels must pay its own Brexit bill of billions of pounds

(20/5/17) Brussels must pay its own Brexit bill of billions of pounds for Britain's share of the European Investment Bank and other joint projects, Theresa May has indicated. The Prime Minister says in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph that “money paid in the past” by the UK must be taken into account in the final divorce bill. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph

Hand over £1bn more, EU chiefs tell Britain: Brussels outlines huge increase in spending despite UK's decision to leave

(31/5/17) Brussels expects the UK to pay an extra £1billion to the EU next year, documents have revealed. In a controversial move, EU officials have outlined a huge increase in spending, which they expect the UK to help fund despite voting to leave. Calls for British taxpayers to pay even more into the bloc’s annual budget will infuriate Eurosceptics amid the ongoing row over the huge Brexit bill being demanded by Brussels. Read the full article in the Daily Mail

Brexit Britain has no need to fear WTO terms

(27/5/17) Andrew Stoler is a Visiting Fellow at Policy Exchange, and a former WTO Director General. Geoff Raby is Head of Trade Policy at Policy Exchange, and a former Australian Ambassador to the WTO.

Were the UK and EU unable to agree to a high-quality bilateral free trade agreement (FTA), it would be bizarre – and could only be attributable to bloody-mindedness by the EU. No two economies that have entered into an FTA negotiation have been more deeply integrated than are the UK and EU today. Already, trade between them is free, their respective services are largely open, and the UK has adopted the EU’s acquis for regulations for the past 44 years. Read the full article on Conservative Home

Gloomy report by CEBR on the impact of limiting migration

(24/5/17) Reducing U.K. immigration to the tens of thousands after Brexit, as the Conservatives have promised to do, could shrink the economy by between 1.5 and 3 percent, with a bigger hit in the future, according to a report published today by the Centre for Economics and Business Research. See the full article on the CEBR website

UKIP Cambs comment: Haven't we heard all this gloom before? Why can't people be positive about Brexit and embrace the opportunities it presents? Like training up our own people instead of hoovering up talent from around the world and inviting them here to put untold pressure on our creaking infrastructure?

Work with the EU, not against it, Michel Barnier tells May

(17/5/17) The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has appealed to Theresa May to work with the union during the negotiations and not against it, following the prime minister’s claim that Brussels had sought to attack both her leadership and British interests.

Addressing the European parliament in Strasbourg, Barnier cautioned against an aggressive approach to the talks due to start after the UK’s general election on 8 June, the result of which he said he hoped would bring stability. Read the full article in the Guardian

Grow up or we'll walk away - says Nigel Farage MEP to the EU Parliament

(17/5/17) Speaking today in the European Parliament plenary debate in Strasbourg on the European Council’s adopted guidelines for the Brexit negotiations UKIP MEP Nigel Farage labelled Mr Juncker’s behaviour as unacceptable and called for a change of tactics from the EU or the United Kingdom may be forced to walk away from the talks before the end of the year. See the video and read the full transcript on the UKIP website

Spain sets sights on post-Brexit citizens deal

(17/5/17) Spain will push for a post-Brexit deal on citizens as close as possible to the status quo, according to the country’s foreign minister, who expressed frustration that London was over-complicating the issue.

The government in Madrid, emboldened by an economic recovery and a measure of political stability, is marking its return to the larger European diplomatic stage by staking out a firm position on citizens — and adding a potentially complicating factor to the already fractious Brexit negotiations. Read the full article on Politico

New poll suggests more than two thirds of people 'now support Brexit'

(15/5/17) More than two thirds of people now support Brexit following the emergence of "Re-Leavers", according to the latest poll. A total of 68 per cent of respondents would like to see Britain withdraw from the EU, the latest YouGov figures show. Some 45 per cent said they were Eurosceptics, while 22 per cent said they wanted the Government to ignore June's election result. Read the full article in the Telegraph

Death of '1.5m oldsters' could swing second Brexit vote, says Ian McEwan

(12/5/17) At a Brexit conference in London, the author said ‘angry old men’ are shaping UK’s future and by 2019 the mood could be different. The two-day Convention on Brexit and the Political Crash, organised by the journalist Henry Porter, struck a defiant opening note on Friday as politicians and artists debated whether any Brexit deal agreed by the government should be put before voters. Read the full article in the Guardian

What citizens in the other 27 EU countries think should be the EU's priorities to negotiations over Brexit

(12/5/17) In total 78 per cent of people polled in nine key EU states said that protecting the interests of the 27 remaining members must come ahead of giving the UK a fair trading agreement.

But the strength of feeling against Britain varies significantly from country to country, and the results indicate Theresa May could find an unexpected ally in the form of France. Read the full article in the Daily Express

Gibraltar says it plans for hard Brexit, with end of access to EU market

(9/5/17) Gibraltar is preparing for a post-Brexit setup in which its firms will have no longer access to the European Union market but will maintain a preferential relationship with Britain, a top Gibraltar financial official said on Tuesday.

"We are currently planning for a hard Brexit," James Tipping, director at Gibraltar's government body for financial promotion, told EU lawmakers in a hearing in Brussels. Read the full story on Reuters

David Cameron slams ‘Extreme Brexit’ Tories as he wades into 2017 General Election campaign

(11/5/17) David Cameron has urged Theresa May to stand firm against Tory ministers who want “extreme Brexit”. The former Prime Minister broke his silence in the 2017 general election as he hit the campaign trail for the first time in Crewe. Meanwhile Paul Nuttall said: “The mask slips, Cameron’s comments are exactly what we thought all along. Mrs May is a Remainer at heart and this election is all about ensuring that she has a majority of lobby fodder to force through a soft meaningless Brexit against the wishes of the British people. Read the full article in the Huffington Post.

Why an EEA agreement is no alternative to Brexit

(10/5/17) This article, entitled 'Why Norwegians now want a referendum on quitting the European Economic Area' gives sure reasons as to why EEA agreements are no 'soft' alternative to leaving the EU. Any EEA agreement means “pay, obey and no say”. Read the full article on Brexit Central.

£70bn fund chooses London as European HQ

(10/5/17) PSP, a £70 billion Canadian pension fund, has backed Britain’s post-Brexit fortunes and opened its new European headquarters in Victoria. Read the full story on Euro Guido.

LSE fires back at EU plot to seize euro-clearing

(2/5/17) The London Stock Exchange has fired back at Brussels' proposal to restrict London's ability to host euro-clearing, warning that any restriction on the clearing of Euro swaps would "damage European issuers, savers, investors, pension funds and intermediaries". Read the full article in the Telegraph.

Macron puts the City in his cross hairs as the new president bids to lure bankers from London to Paris

(8/5/17) The City of London was in the cross hairs of France's president-elect Emmanuel Macron today as he plotted to fulfil his ambition to lure bankers across the Channel. Officials in Paris believe as many as 10,000 bankers, fund managers and other executives could move from London. Brexit has left question marks over the legal and regulatory framework that will operate in London and particularly over the future of trading in euros. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Desperate Germany wants UK to pay for single market access because Berlin faces £4BN bill

(7/5/17) German government officials have proposed giving Britain access to the European Union's single market in return for a fee, Focus magazine said on Saturday citing a Finance Ministry report. The ministry officials calculated Berlin would have to pay an additional 4.5 billion euros (£3.8billion) a year into EU coffers as a result of Britain's departure from the bloc. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

Britain calls in war broker as battle with Brussels over Brexit gets nasty

(7/5/17) Britain has called in an international war negotiator to counter growing hostility between Brussels and London over Brexit. Government officials have met with a leading US negotiator for help after he played a key role in ending the seemingly intractable 52 year-long war in Colombia, South America. William Ury specialises in hostile and emotional conflicts and advises parties on how to turn the other side's anger against them. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

The CBI was wrong about the euro in the 1990s yet is still siding with the EU today

(4/5/17) When Phil Sheppard and Peter Lyon stood up at that CBI conference nearly two years ago to protest that the CBI was the voice of the EU, they were merely stating the obvious: that the CBI had been parroting the EU’s position for such a long time that the two had become indistinguishable.

Now the CBI are back playing their old scratched record of siding with the EU. In their general election business manifesto, published yesterday, they want the Government to “rule out a fall-back into World Trade Organisation rules”, thereby effectively contradicting the PM’s stance that “no deal is better than a bad deal” that she has repeated twice this week. Read the full article on Brexit Central.

Pay the EU £90bn? Here's an argument that they owe US £58bn

(4/5/17) In view of the UK's record as a generous contributor to the EU, our negotiators should argue that we are now entitled to part of the value of those assets that we helped to create. The UK government could also point out the vast amounts of our cash that have been squandered on misspent programmes and failed projects.

So here is the basis for a substantial claim which, in Leo McKinstry's view, our Government would be justified in presenting to Mr Barnier. Read his article in the Daily Mail.

May expected to challenge right of EU citizens to bring family to Britain

(3/5/17) A major clash over the unrestricted right of EU citizens living in Britain to continue to bring spouses and other immediate family to live with them in the UK after Brexit is expected after the publication of the official negotiation guidelines.

The EU’s guidelines state that any reciprocal deal on the rights of EU citizens in the UK must also cover “their family members who accompany them or join them at any point in time before or after the withdrawal date”. Read the full article in the Guardian.

Brussels admits it faces an 'explosive' crisis if UK refuses Brexit bill

(4/5/17) Brussels admitted yesterday that it faces an ‘explosive’ political crisis if the UK refuses to pay a multi-billion pound Brexit bill. Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, warned the fragile bloc could crumble if Britain resists demands for the settlement which, say analysts, has ballooned to around 100billion euros (£85billion). Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Revealed: How Jean-Claude Juncker's 'monster' is plotting to punish Britain for Brexit

(3/5/17) His fearsome reputation is summed up by his many nicknames: Darth Vader, Rasputin and The Monster. As Jean-Claude Juncker’s chief of staff, Martin Selmayr is regarded as the power behind the throne in the Brexit negotiations to come, and the bad news for Theresa May is that he is an EU zealot determined to “punish” Britain for leaving the bloc.

Mr Selmayr, the man widely accused of leaking a damaging account of Mrs May to a German newspaper, is also close to senior figures in Angela Merkel’s party, raising questions about Germany’s role in briefing against Mrs May. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

Jean-Claude Juncker says Theresa May is 'deluded' in scathing call with Angela Merkel after Brexit talks

(1/5/17) Jean-Claude Juncker phoned up Angela Merkel to tell her that Theresa May is "deluded" and "on another galaxy" after Brexit talks went awry at a disastrous dinner last Wednesday. The European Commission launched a scathing attack on Theresa May in German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

David Cameron says Britain must pay Brexit divorce bill as Theresa May meets EU negotatiors in Downing Street

(27/4/17) David Cameron has said Britain should settle its £50 billion “divorce bill” with the European Union before trade talks can start, as Theresa May held her first face-to-face meeting with the EU’s chief negotiator. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

May urged to ‘avoid negotiating with Brussels AT ALL COSTS’ by ex-Greek finance minister

(29/4/17) Speaking to the Telegraph, the former finance minister of Greece said: “My advice to Theresa May is to avoid negotiation at all costs. If she doesn’t do that she will fall into the trap of [Greek PM] Alexis Tsipras, and it will end in capitulation.” Read the full article in the Daily Express.

BREXIT BEGINS: Europe REMOVES Britain from maps of Union

(26/4/17) THE extent to which the triggering of Article 50 has impacted the EU became clear today as the bloc omitted Britain from a series of maps laying out its flagship social policy.The UK was conspicuously greyed out as a non-EU country in material the EU Commission has produced to advertise the launch of its keystone Pillar of Social Rights. See the full article in the Daily Express.

Britain told to keep EU laws or jeopardise Brexit deal

(21/4/17) Brussels is demanding lifelong rights for EU citizens and their families in a move that would overturn Theresa May’s pledge to end the power of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Britain. Leaked European Commission negotiating guidelines reveal that the EU is demanding that Mrs May indefinitely submit to rulings by the ECJ on the pensions, employment and welfare rights of the three million EU citizens living in the UK. Read the full article in The Times.

Remain campaigners urge voters to unseat Brexit-backing MPs

(24/4/17) Voters are being urged to unseat prominent Brexit-supporting MPs such as Iain Duncan Smith, Theresa Villiers and Kate Hoey by the successor organisation to Britain’s pro-EU remain campaign. Open Britain has drawn up an “attack list” of 20 seats, held mostly by Conservative MPs, where constituents voted to stay in the EU but their representatives are Brexit supporters. Read the full article in the Guardian.

Europe will pay if it punishes Britain in Brexit talks, warns Iceland Foreign Minister

20/4/17) Europe should give Britain a trade deal that closely replicates current EU-UK trading relations and not seek to punish the UK after Brexit by erecting trade barriers, the Icelandic foreign minister has told the Telegraph. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

'Brexit can be REVERSED' EU Parliament President says

20/4/17 A senior Brussels bureaucrat today risked angering Brexit voters by saying the decision to leave the EU can be reversed. European Parliament president Antonio Tajani said the EU would happily welcome the UK back if the country decided to U-turn on the referendum. His comments risk angering Theresa May who has said there is 'no turning back' from last year's historic vote.Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Tory manifesto will guarantee end of free movement, UK to leave single market and no more meddling by Euro judges as May issues her cast-iron Brexit pledges

(19/4/17) Theresa May will place a triple lock on Brexit in the Tory manifesto to stop obstruction by diehard Remainers. Tory sources say she is set to include specific pledges to overcome opposition within her party and in the Lords. The manifesto is expected to commit the Conservatives to ending EU free movement and pulling out of both the single market and European Court of Justice. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Britain preparing to scrap EU green energy targets as part of a bonfire of red tape after Brexit

(16/4/17) Britain is preparing to scrap EU green energy targets which will add more than £100 to the average energy bill as part of a bonfire of red tape after Brexit.

The UK is currently committed to getting 15 per cent of all energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar by 2020. Ministers have long been critical of the targets because they exclude nuclear power, carbon capture or gains from energy efficiency. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

EU referendum may have been targeted by foreign cyber hackers intent on influencing result

(12/4/17) The EU referendum may have been targeted by foreign cyber hackers trying to influence the outcome of the historic vote, MPs have warned.

An official website which enabled people to register to vote in the referendum collapsed just hours before the official deadline, forcing it to be extended. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

Support for Brexit hits a five-month high, with 55 per cent of UK population now backing exit from European Union

(16/4/17) Support for Brexit has hit a five month high, with 55 per cent of the population now backing Britain’s exit from the European Union, a new poll has found. A new survey from Orb International shows a four per cent boost for Theresa May in days after she triggered the start of Brexit talks at the end of last month. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

Post-Brexit trade deal with India 'worth extra £2 billion to British economy'

(9/4/17) Britain will be able to increase its exports to India by more than £2 billion per year after Brexit by cutting EU red tape, a new analysis has found.

The UK currently faces significant tariffs on its trade with India because of the European Union's failure to agree a free trade deal. The deal has been held up for a decade by European Union regulations on intellectual property and data protection, with which India is refusing to comply. Read the article in the Telegraph.

EY's Item Club quadruples GDP forecast

(10/4/17) Independent economic forecaster the Item Club – sponsored by City professional services giant EY – today reports a headline prediction of 1.8% GDP growth for 2017. This is well up on even the 1.3% prediction it made last October. Read the post and report on Euro Guido.

Douglas Carswell ‘very keen’ on free movement of labour after Brexit

(11/4/17) Douglas Carswell has admitted he is “very keen” for Britain to continue allowing unlimited numbers of EU workers into the country - on one condition.

The MP, who last month left Ukip to become an independent in the House of Commons, said free movement of labour should continue, but only for migrants paid more than £24,000 a year by the companies hiring them. Read the article in the Huffington Post.

Unskilled workers should be banned from entering UK for FIVE YEARS say top Brexit think-tank

(9/4/17) Leave Means Leave is setting out a plan for reducing net-migration to 50,000 a year once the UK has left the European Union. In the first blueprint published since the referendum of what Britain’s new immigration system should look like, the Brexit pressure group will call for a full five-year freeze on unskilled migration.

The report, authored by former Ukip migration spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP, sets out in detail how a new bespoke British Working Visa System would reduce overall numbers but continue to welcome the brightest and the best from around the world. Read the full post on Leave Means Leave.

Immigration post-Brexit – a fair, flexible and forward-thinking immigration policy - the report by Leave Means Leave

(10/4/17) First detailed blueprint since referendum of what Britain’s new immigration system should look like. Report authored by former UKIP migration spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP – in his first major intervention since resigning from party in October

Calls for a new “fair, flexible and forward-thinking immigration policy” – and the Government to announce immediate immigration cut off for EU citizens in April 2017. Former ministers Owen Paterson MP and Sir Gerald Howarth MP back the new British Working Visa System – calling for a return to mid-1990s levels of immigration. Read the full article and view the report on the Leave Means Leave website.

The economist predicting new post-Brexit golden age for City

(28/4/17) This is a story that you may not have come across because it’s been shunned by most of the world’s media. It’s a story about a new report recently published by top economist, Professor David Blake, in which he argues the City of London can become stronger after a “clean” Brexit and an even greater World Financial Centre. Read the full post on Reaction.

Web trolls target Michael Caine after he hails Brexit, saying 'I'd rather be a poor master than a rich servant'

(6/4/17) Sir Michael Caine hailed Brexit as a vote for freedom from rule by ‘faceless civil servants’ yesterday. But while some praised the 84-year-old film star for his ‘sane’ views that ‘hit the nail on the head’, he faced a torrent of abuse from Remain-supporting internet trolls who branded him an ‘old and senile bigot’. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Labour, Lib Dem, and Greens Plot to Oust Pro-Brexit MPs in ‘Remain’ Seats

(7/4/17) Labour, Lib Dem, and Greens have colluded to draw up a hit list of Leave supporting MPs in Remain supporting constituencies to “go after” and attempt to depose at the next election. Read the article on Breitbart London.

Why economic forecasts get the impact of Brexit wrong

(5/4/17) Professor Philip Booth writes: The economics profession has not exactly covered itself in glory in recent years. Few people forecasted the crash. Forecasts of economic recovery after the crash were dreadful. Neither the Office for Budget Responsibility nor the Bank of England have had a particular good recent record and, also, the widespread forecasts of doom and gloom in the event of a Brexit vote have proven to be wide of the mark. Read the full post on the IEA website.

Leavers worked very hard for years to secure Brexit – but we were also helped by a string of good luck - by Patrick O'Flynn MEP

(06/04/17) Excellent article by UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn who recognises that luck played a massive part in us winning the EU referendum. Read the full post on Brexit Central.

Vintage Nigel Farage as he accuses EU of ‘behaving like the mafia’

Farage in EU Parliament
5/4/17) Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage likened the EU’s stance on a Brexit divorce bill to organized crime during a European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg on Wednesday. “You’re behaving like the mafia, like we’re a hostage. We’re not — we’re free to go,” Farage said to loud jeers from fellow MEPs. Read the article and see the video on Politico.

Barnier lays out key principles for Brexit talks

(5/4/17) EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier told the European parliament Wednesday that agreeing on citizens’ rights, phased negotiations and European unity will be key to successful talks with Britain going forward.

Speaking to MEPs at a plenary debate in Strasbourg, Barnier also issued a blunt warning to London against pursuing simultaneous discussions of divorce terms and the future relationship between the EU and U.K. Read the full article on Politico.

Comedians tell how anti-Brexit jokes are damaging their careers as audiences outside of London walk out in offence

(4/4/17) Comedians have told how anti-Brexit jokesare killing their careers as audiences outside of London walk out in offence.

A number of comedians have described scripting their take on Britain leaving the European Union for left-wing audiences in London, only to face unamused audiences when they take their acts out to the rest of the country. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

Is the government’s Great Repeal Bill a missed opportunity to slash red tape?

(31/3/17) Len Shackleton, professor of economics at the University of Buckingham, says Yes. Adam Marshall, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, says No. Read the argument in City A.M..

BBC Today programme's Nick Robinson says the BBC no longer has a duty to be “broadly balanced” over its Brexit coverage

(4/3/17) Mr Robinson had said that while the BBC had to be impartial, it was “not the same as ‘balancing’ one ‘side’ reading out ‘lines to take’ with other ‘side’ doing same. “Referendum is over,” the BBC’s former political editor said. Meanwhile, Mr Farage, a leading figure in the Leave campaign, responded: “Simply can’t believe Nick Robinson thinks that the taxpayer-funded BBC does not need to provide balance on Brexit.” Read the full article in i News.

And here is Peter Bone MP's response to Nick Robinson on Leave Means Leave.

Cultural clash between Europeans and the British could sink Brexit negotiations

(30/3/17) One of the key issues in Brexit negotiations has not been recognised - European politicians find their UK counterparts very difficult to work with. To them, the British appear arrogant, insensitive and contrary. The reason for this is the yawing gulf that separates Britain and Europe over the rules of political engagement. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

Britain will get money back from the EU instead of paying to leave under plans being considered by ministers

(2/4/17) European leaders have warned the UK that it will face a divorce bill of up to £50billion for outstanding commitments and pension liabilities. However The Telegraph understands that officials are currently drawing up a register of the UK's assets in the European Union as part of negotiations.

In addition, a Government source said: "This is being presented in a binary way as a divorce bill, in which we owe them. It's not like that. It's more like leaving a gym or a club. You don't continue to pay for other people to use the facilities after you leave". Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

What does triggering article 50 mean for young people?

(29/3/17) As the UK takes the first official step towards Brexit, young writers give their views on what this means to them. See their views in The Guardian.

Theresa May must be ready to walk away from the EU

(31/3/17) Comment from the Telegraph: The UK must be prepared to walk away from the Brexit negotiations without a deal. This week, Theresa May made a perfectly reasonable, even conciliatory, opening gambit to the EU. The EU has replied with insults and threats to the future of Gibraltar. If its goal is to tie us up in ridiculous distractions for two years, and even dictate the kind of economy that we will have after leaving, then Mrs May must make it clear that Britain would rather walk than talk. Read the full article.

Outrage as Spain draws Gibraltar into Brexit negotiations

(31/3/17) The EU has put the future of Gibraltar at stake in the coming Brexit negotiations, in effect backing Spain in its centuries-old dispute with the UK over the British overseas territory. A clause in the nine-page draft document outlining the EU negotiation position suggests that unless Britain is willing to let its citizens on “the rock” be subject to an inferior economic future than those in the UK, the EU has in effect handed the Spanish government a veto on Britain’s entire future relationship with the bloc. Read the full article in the Guardian.

Article 50 was designed never to be used. Now we're heading into dangerous and unknown territory - by Gina Miller

(28/3/17) Quote: "People like myself – calling for a transparent, scrutinised Brexit negotiation process to ensure it is not executed at the cost of Parliamentary sovereignty".

If Parliamentary sovereignty is so important to Gina Miller, why was she happy for the UK Parliament to consistently hand over more and more of it to the EU? What a hypocrite! See her article in the Independent.

Brexit is a golden chance to throw some EU regulations on a bonfire

(28/3/17) The House of Commons estimates that ministers will have to import 19,000 EU rules and regulations into the statute book. There is an irritating conceit among some Remainers that Europe has civilised the UK, that without our membership we would still be sending children down pits. On the contrary, Britain has been the originator of a great deal of progressive legislation. Read the full opinion article in the Daily Telegraph.

The brilliance of Brexit

(29/3/17) Campaigners, politicians and writers on why Brexit is a great thing. See Spiked Online.

Paul Nutall: UKIP will be the "Guard dogs of Brexit"

Paul Nutall
(29/3/17) Paul Nuttall commenting today, on the serving of the letter invoking Article 50 said, “While negotiations continue we will continue to be the 'guard dogs of Brexit', holding the Government's feet to the fire at home and our MEPs will be working to ensure our friends on the continent do not pull any fast ones. We will provide the political threat to ensure no backsliding takes place and ensure that Brexit does indeed mean Exit." Read his full statement on the UKIP website.

Britain's Article 50 letter: The full text

(29/3/17) Read the full text of Theresa May's letter invoking Article 50 on Sky News.

Britain's EU divorce letter is revealed: Historic moment as PM FINALLY triggers Article 50

Sir Tim Barrow hands letter to Donald Tusk
(29/3/17) Theresa May has vowed to forge a 'bright future' for Britain after our historic EU divorce letter was finally delivered - including a stark warning to Brussels that punishing the UK on trade would mean losing cooperation on security and terrorism. In a day of high political drama, the Prime Minister was cheered to the rafters by Tory MPs in the Commons as she confirmed her envoy Sir Tim Barrow had handed the formal notification to European Council president Donald Tusk in the Belgian capital. See the pics and full article in the Daily Mail.

A great day for freedom: Theresa May signs letter invoking Article 50

PM signs article 50 letter
27/3/17) Mrs May last night signed the letter to European Council president Donald Tusk informing him that the UK is triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the formal method of leaving the 28-member bloc. The letter was due to be conveyed to Brussels by diplomats last night to be handed to Mr Tusk by our ambassador to the EU Sir Tim Barrow at lunchtime today. It starts a two-year process that will see the UK leave on March 29, 2019. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

UK businesses are confident about their post-Brexit future and few are making strategic changes, survey reveals

(27/3/17) A survey of more than 70 large, publicly-listed companies in the UK has revealed that businesses remain broadly confident, and firms are not making major changes to their strategies and operations as the UK creeps towards an uncertain, post-Brexit world. Read the article in the Independent.

Paul Nuttall MEP: Six key tests to prove Brexit means Exit

Six key tests on Brexit
(27/3/17) In a speech on Monday, Mr Nuttall said that the UK's exit - set in motion by last year's Leave referendum vote - must be "done and dusted" by the end of 2019. Mr Nuttall set out six key objectives that he says any acceptable final agreement must be judged against. Read the full statement on the UKIP website and the BBC online report.

Theresa May to announce UK will reclaim its waters for British fishermen

(24/3/17) Theresa May is expected to announce within weeks that the UK will reclaim its waters for British fishermen by pulling out of a deal that pre-dates the EU. The Prime Minister will take Britain out of the 1964 London convention which allows European fishing vessels to access waters six to twelve nautical miles from British shores. Read the article in the Daily Telegraph.

Pret criticised for offering teenagers sandwiches in exchange for work to solve looming Brexit staffing crisis

(25/3/17) Pret a Manger has been criticised for offering teenagers sandwiches in exchange for work, instead of money, to solve a potential Brexit-induced staff shortage. Pret is said to be on the cusp of a staffing crisis, as just one in 50 of job applicants to the sandwich chain is British. If foreign workers avoid the country because of Brexit, or choose to return home, Pret could find itself short of staff. Read the article in the Daily Telegraph.

Jean-Claude Juncker: Britain must stump up to leave the European Union

(24/3/17) The European Commission president also said it was a "failure and a tragedy" that Brexit is taking place - and said the EU will not be "naive" in its negotiations with the UK once Article 50 is triggered next week. In an interview with the BBC, Mr Juncker said: "It will be a bill reflecting former commitments by the British government and the British parliament. There will be no sanctions, no punishment, nothing of that kind." Read the article on Politics Home.

Brexit trade chief Liam Fox confirms plans to take back control of policy from Brussels

(24/3/17) BREXIT trade chief Dr Liam Fox yesterday confirmed plans to take back control of trade policy from Brussels – as revealed by The Sun. Challenged by Labour on our exclusive, the Trade Secretary signalled a new law was coming in the Queen’s Speech that would transfer the power to collect tariffs back to Britain. The move will also make Britain ready to strike new trade deals from the day we leave the EU. Read the article in The Sun.

Cost of living in London has tumbled since Brexit

(22/3/17) London has tumbled down the rankings of the world's most expensive cities as the fall in Sterling since the Brexit vote made it more internationally competitive. The capital fell from the 6th most expensive place to live last year to the 24th in 2017, its lowest point in 20 years. Manchester fell 25 places - more than any other city in the world. However, there could be a sting in the tail as import costs rise.. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Gibraltar sovereignty 'must not be a bargaining tool in Brexit talks'

(22/3/17) The future sovereignty of Gibraltar must not become a "bargaining tool" in the upcoming Brexit negotiations, the Government has been warned. The UK must be alert to any move by Spain to advance claims over the territory as part of divorce talks with Brussels, peers have insisted.

There were also calls during a House of Lords debate for the border between Gibraltar and Spain to be "as free flowing as possible" following the UK's departure from the EU, given the economic importance of the frontier. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

Exporters enjoying Brexit ‘sweet spot’ from weak pound, says Bank of England deputy Governor

(23/3/17) Britain’s exporters are benefiting from an economic “sweet spot” because the pound is weak and there has not been any disruption from Brexit - but companies have also been warned that it might not last for long. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

UK retail sales shrug off Brexit fears with February rise

(23/3/17) Looks like the doom-monger, Remoaner 'experts' got it wrong AGAIN! Britain’s retailers received a respite from a two-month losing streak when spending in high street stores and online bounced back in February. The Office for National Statistics said retail sales volumes were up by 1.4% on January and 3.7% higher than in February 2016. Read the full story in The Guardian.

Minister told to remind Germany of cancelled WW2 debt amid EU demand for £50bn Brexit fee

(21/3/17) The Government was today urged to remind Germany how huge sums of its debts were cancelled after the Second World War as Theresa May prepares to enter Brexit negotiations. Prominent Tory MP and veteran eurosceptic Sir Bill Cash suggested ministers “bear in mind” a post-war deal that saw Germany’s debt halved amid likely demands Britain pay a multi-billion pound EU exit fee. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

Brexit more important than keeping the UK together, public say in poll for the Telegraph

(17/3/17) Brexit is more important to voters than keeping the United Kingdom together, an opinion poll for The Telegraph has indicated. Sixty per cent of respondents agreed that Britain’s EU departure mattered more than stopping the UK’s break-up, while just 27 per cent disagreed. Furthermore a majority of people said they would still vote for Brexit even if they knew it could trigger Scotland’s independence. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

BBC Director General Tony Hall defends his 'extraordinary' reporters against MPs' claim of anti-Brexit bias

(21/03/17) BBC Director General Tony Hall has defended his 'extraordinary' editors and reporters against MPs' claims the Corporation is biased against Brexit. The BBC chief was responding to a letter from more than 70 MPs, mostly Conservatives, accusing the Corporation of gloomy Brexit coverage. Tory MP Julian Knight, who co-ordinated the letter, warned that the BBC was in danger of losing touch with its viewers and giving too much airtime to 'diehard Remainers'. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

50 groups behind Article 50 - BrexitCentral

(18/3/17) Jonathan Isaby & Matthew Elliott recognise fifty groups and organisations that contributed over the years to the collective Brexit effort. Some are well-known campaigning organisations, political parties or think-tanks with a national reputation; others are smaller pressure groups you may not have even heard of, but which nevertheless played a role in influencing public opinion and the terms of the debate or in marshalling support for Brexit. Some have existed for years are are still going strong; others have had a role to play during a particular period in our 40-odd year relationship with the EU; while some were founded specifically to campaign in the run-up to last year’s referendum or indeed in its direct aftermath. See the full summary list at BrexitCentral.

Outrage as Juncker boasts that no-one else will want to leave the EU after they see how badly the UK is punished for Brexit

(20/03/17) No-one else will want to leave the EU after they see how harshly Britain is punished, Jean-Claude Junker has insisted. The European Commission chief boasted that the 'example' of the UK would ensure the survival of the Brussels club. He also threatened that Theresa May will have to accept demands from the EU for a divorce bill. But his bullish stance was derided by Eurosceptics who accused him of living in a 'fool's paradise'. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Tony Blair did more than anyone to cause Brexit. He should keep quiet about it - Sunday Telegraph leader column

There is a good argument to be made that Tony Blair did more than any other British politician to bring about our exit from the European Union, and also to alienate the electorate from political leaders.

His vital act was to open Britain’s borders to eastern European workers in 2004, even as other states were retaining entry restrictions. Read the full leading article in the Sunday Telegraph.

'Defect or RESIGN!': Tim Farron urges centrist MPs to abandon Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn to help him fight against a hard Brexit

(19/03/17) Tim Farron has challenged centrist Tory MPs to defect to the Lib Dems or resign their seats to help him fight a hard Brexit. The Liberal Democrat leader said Mrs May had dragged the Tories to the right while Labour had collapsed on the left. Mr Farron claimed the last four Prime Ministers - David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Sir John Major - now had more in common with his party than their own. Read the full story in the Mail on Sunday.

MPs cheer as the Article 50 bill gets Royal Assent and becomes law

(16/3/17) What we've all been waiting for - the Speaker of the House of Commons announcing that Article 50 has been given Royal Assent by the Queen. We are now free to triggering Article 50 and begin the process of leaving the anti-democratic, corrupt, anti-British, inefficient and dictatorial EU. See the short video (courtesy of The Sun).

Theresa May accused of 'losing momentum' and 'making errors' by delaying formal start of Brexit talks

(14/3/17) Theresa May has been accused of “losing momentum” and “making errors” by delaying the formal start of Brexit talks in the wake of Nicola Sturgeon’s shock demand for a Scottish independence referendum. This delay has led to concerns that Mrs May now cannot begin formal talks until May, missing the chance of talks with EU leaders on April 6. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

It's all unravelling now! Nicola Sturgeon 'abandons plans to stay in the EU if she wins referendum' as polls show most Scots are Eurosceptics

(14/3/17) Nicola Sturgeon has abandoned plans to immediately rejoin the EU if she wins a second referendum as a new poll showed most Scots are Eurosceptics, it has been claimed.

However, the 46-year-old reportedly fears that the Scottish National Party's policy of an independent Scotland joining the EU might put off the 400,000 people who voted for independence and Brexit. Read the full story in the Daily Mail.

Theresa May FINALLY wins the power to trigger Article 50 - At last!

(13/3/17) Theresa May has finally won the power to trigger Article 50 after peers backed down and passed the Brexit Bill after two crucial votes in the Commons earlier. MPs followed orders to delete an amendment on guaranteeing the rights of EU nationals, backing the Government 335 to 287, majority 48.

The Commons also defeated the second amendment on the timetabling of votes at the end of the negotiation by a majority of 45. Peers then debated the deletions but did not offer any further resistance. It means the historic legislation will be law by tomorrow. Read the full story in the Daily Mail.

Defiant Boris Johnson insists quitting EU with no deal would be 'perfectly OK

(12/3/17) Boris Johnson has condemned “apocalyptic” warnings over Britain quitting the EU without new trade arrangements and insisted a ‘no deal’ scenario would be “perfectly OK”. The Foreign Secretary argued Britain could flaunt its “robust economy” and come out on top by forging new trade agreements with nations it has been barred from “engaging properly” with for 44 years. Read the full story including comments from others on Politics Home.

In the week that we hope Article 50 will be triggered, a reminder of what we were promised by David Cameron

David Cameron Chatham House
We were told that there would be no second referendum and that the result would be implemented. So let's trigger Article 50 and get on with it 'When the British people speak, their voice will be respected, not ignored'.

A Parliament veto on Brexit would guarantee a stinker of a deal

(7/3/17) An interesting article by Liam Halligan that explains why falling back on WTO rules would not be a disaster, that the Lords rebels are trying to pass an amendment that allows Parliament to reject the deal via their 'meaningful vote' amendment to the Article 50 bill, and that PM May should compromise by accepting the amendment that gives EU citizens the right to stay in advance of any negotiations. The latter sentiment is in our view wrong and naive but the article is worth a read in The Spectator.

??How will Brexit affect British universities and ??will EU students still be able to study in the UK?

(9/3/17) Since the referendum result to leave the European Union was announced last June, university executives, academic staff and politicians have speculated at length about the future of higher education in the UK. Throughout 2017, a number of Brexit strategies will be proposed by EU member states, the UK government and individual universities. So what will these plans look like, and what could these changes mean for this year's student intake? Read the full article in the Telegraph.

European Arrest Warrant membership 'a priority' for Brexit talks, Amber Rudd confirms

(6/3/17) Amber Rudd has all-but ruled out the possibility of Britain leaving the European Arrest Warrant, describing the mechanism as “absolutely essential” for bringing criminals to justice. Read the full article on Politics Home.

Nigel Farage: Ukip can cause 'bigger earthquake' in 2020 than Brexit referendum

(6/3/17) The party's former leader set three red lines for the new relationship between the UK and Brussels – on immigration, financial contributions to EU budgets, and fisheries policy – and warned that voters would punish the Conservatives at the next general election if they are not met.

In an article for Parliament Magazine, Mr Farage, who still chairs the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group in the European Parliament, cast doubt on Mrs May’s credentials for leading the negotiation. Read the full article on Politics Home.

'Hard' Brexit would be good news for Vauxhall

(6/3/17) A “hard” Brexit would be good news for Vauxhall’s supply chain, the carmaker’s new owner has said as he sealed the long awaited £2bn purchase from ­General Motors.

Carlos Tavares, chairman of PSA whose existing brands include Citroen and Peugeot, said that were the UK to leave the European Union without any form of deal, it would lead to opportunities to increase the manufacturer’s supply chain in the UK. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

Peers warn No 10 against 'sidelining scrutiny' when scrapping EU laws

(7/7/16) Downing Street must not be allowed to use sweeping powers to scrap parts of EU law after Brexit without properly consulting parliament, peers will warn on Tuesday.

In a new report, the House of Lords constitution committee raises concerns about the implementation of Theresa May’s great repeal bill, saying new limits are needed to stop ministers getting rid of bits of EU law through secondary legislation without adequate scrutiny by MPs and peers. Read the full article in The Guardian.

Revealed: how US billionaire helped to back Brexit

(26/02/17) The US billionaire who helped bankroll Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency played a key role in the campaign for Britain to leave the EU, the Observer has learned.

It has emerged that Robert Mercer, a hedge-fund billionaire, who helped to finance the Trump campaign and who was revealed this weekend as one of the owners of the rightwing Breitbart News Network, is a long-time friend of Nigel Farage. He directed his data analytics firm to provide expert advice to the Leave campaign on how to target swing voters via Facebook – a donation of services that was not declared to the electoral commission. Read the full article in The Observer.

UK could quit EU without paying a penny, say Lords

(04/03/17) The UK could walk away from the European Union in 2019 without paying a penny, the House of Lords has said, in a report bound to raise tensions with Brussels in the run-up to Brexit talks.

The British government would have no legal obligation to either pay a €60bn (£52bn) Brexit bill mooted by the European commission or honour payments into the EU budget promised by the former prime minister David Cameron, according to analysis by the House of Lords EU financial affairs sub-committee. Read the full article in The Guardian.

Brexit offers us the chance to reunite with our true friends - the Commonwealth

(04/02/17) An excellent post by Peter Oborne. Over the past four decades, our governments have shamefully ignored the benefits of the Commonwealth. Successive Prime Ministers from Edward Heath onwards have been blind to its economic, cultural and social value. It is no coincidence that those decades of disgraceful neglect have coincided with Britain’s membership of the EU.

Part of the reason for this lies with the ridiculous sense of self-loathing felt by British liberals on account of our former Empire. Crippled by a post-imperial cringe, they have idiotically preferred the sclerotic, statist conformity of a German-dominated Europe to the exciting potential of the Commonwealth that shares many of our beliefs. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Theresa May faces Commons rebellion on Brexit deal as 20 Tory MPs expected to vote in support of Lords amendment

(02/03/17) Theresa May is facing a major Commons rebellion over a vote in the Lords to give Parliament a right to stop her walking away from the European Union in 2019 without a deal. But Downing Street has made clear that it expects MPs to overturn any changes backed by the Lords in a series of votes when the amended Bill returns to the Commons on March 13 and March 14. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

New Institute of Directors boss says Brexit offers 'massive opportunities' to boost trade with the rest of the world

(28/02/17) Quitting the European Union offers Britain ‘massive opportunities’ to boost trade with the rest of the world, according to the new boss of the Institute of Directors.

Stephen Martin, who took over as director general of the influential 114-year-old business lobby group earlier this month, has revealed he voted for Brexit in the referendum last June. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

How dare the House of Lords defy the people? - Freddy Vachha, London Region Chairman

(02/03/17) The following article was an email sent by Freddy to members. Why would the Lords try to reduce our bargaining power, and thereby put at risk the well-being of a million of our own citizens living in other EU states? We've already issued and reissued assurances in the clearest terms that three million EU citizens over here will be dealt with fairly. There's no moral imperative for interference from the unelected chamber. Read Freddy's full article.

Sir John Major’s negative and defeatist Brexit speech re-opened wounds he claimed he wanted to be healed - Jacob Rees-Mogg

(28/02/17) Sir John Major’s speech to Chatham House on Monday night, regardless of its motivation, did not advance the debate about the United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union.

He started by calling the vote to Leave “an historic mistake”, noting that the nation, once asked, had every right to make this decision. This contains an implicit criticism both of the result and of the Referendum in the first place: suggesting that the nation only had the right to make the decision once asked is either a statement of the obvious or a coded way of saying that the voters ought never to have been let loose on the decision about a fundamental part of their constitution. Read the full article on Brexit Central.

Sir John Major slams Theresa May’s ‘Cheap Rhetoric’ in bruising Brexit warning

(28/02/17) In a Chatham House speech, Sir John Major has delivered a withering assessment of Brexit, warning the UK will become reliant on an unpredictable Donald Trump, risks making the poorest “worse off” and could unleash Europe-wide populism marked by “bigotry, prejudice and intolerance”.

In a speech, the former Conservative Prime Minister, making a rare intervention in British politics, calls the vote a “historic mistake”, warns Theresa May of “cheap rhetoric”, and criticises Brexit-ers for “shouting down” those who want to remain in the European Union. Sir John says Remainers should not “keep quiet and toe the line”. Read the full bitter article in the Huffingdon Post.

Why should a post-Brexit, UK-EU free trade agreement be so complicated?

(25/02/17) It is interesting to note that the EU/ Canada deal does not involve any of the following six components: the Single Market; the Customs Union; free movement of people; payments for access to the single market; jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice; or, the application of EU regulations, other than to actual trade between the two countries (“the Six Components”). So why can't we have a similar deal? Read the full article on Brexit Central.

If Brexit negotiations go badly, the U.K. has a fallback—becoming the next Switzerland

(27/02/17) If Britain’s exit from the EU goes horribly wrong, the U.K. government has hinted at a contingency plan: radically reduce corporate tax rates, turning Britain into an irresistible tax haven for international companies. In an interview in January with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, Britain’s finance minister, Philip Hammond, suggested that if the EU were to impose damaging trade barriers, the U.K. would have to slash its corporate tax rate to protect the economy. “The British people are not going to lie down and say, ‘Too bad, we’ve been wounded,’” he said. Read the full article in Newsweek.

Ministers are urged to SACK Heseltine as government adviser after he vows to lead Tory Remainer revolt against Brexit Bill in House of Lords

(26/02/17) Ministers are being urged to sack Michael Heseltine as a government advisor after he put himself at the head of a rebel Tory campaign against the Brexit Bill in the House of Lords.

The peer has vowed to defy orders by Conservative whips to not vote for a change to the legislation which would give Parliament a veto over the outcome of Mrs May's Brussels negotiations, including if she walks away without a deal. Read the full story in the Mail on Sunday.

At last! 'Theresa May poised to announce end of free movement for new EU migrants next month'

(26/02/17) Theresa May is next month poised to announce the end of free movement for new EU migrants on the same day that she formally triggers Brexit negotiations. The Prime Minister is expected to say that EU citizens who travel to Britain after she triggers Article 50 will no longer have the automatic right to stay in the UK permanently.

They will instead be subject to migration curbs after Britain leaves the European Union, which could include a new visa regime and restricted access to benefits. Read the full story in Daily Telegraph.

How a tiny Canadian IT company helped swing the Brexit vote for Leave

(24/02/17) While the Remain camp boasted of their success in reaching out to millions of people on Facebook, home to the millennial voters who would be expected to back Britain staying in the EU, it has emerged that the Leave campaign spent nearly half of its cash on a secretive consultancy firm that helped win the social media battle.

AggregateIQ (AIQ), a technology company operating out of a tiny office above an opticians in a provincial Canadian city, was given £3.5 million by Leave campaigners in the run up to last year’s EU vote – equivalent to more than ten per cent of the £32 million spent by both sides during the campaign. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

Boeing to open first European factory at Catcliffe - #despiteBrexit

(24/02/17)US firm Boeing has announced plans to open its first European commercial factory in South Yorkshire, creating at least 30 jobs. If approved, the £20m plant will be built next to an existing research centre founded in 2001 by Boeing and the University of Sheffield.

The company said the factory, at Catcliffe in Rotherham, could also lead to new jobs in the supply industry. Read the full story on the BBC website.

WE DON'T NEED EU Britain will be self-sufficient and won’t need extra EU migration through visa schemes after Brexit, Lord Green claims

(23/02/17)BREXIT BRITAIN can be “self-sufficient” in low-skilled jobs and has no need to fear an exodus of EU workers – it was claimed today. Migration Watch founder Lord Green insisted there was “ultimately” no need for temporary seasonal VISA schemes for migrants. Read the full article in The Sun.

Europe wants Britain to pay billions into EU schemes up until 2023

(21/02/17)The European Commission wants Britain to be paying into EU projects for four years after it has signed a Brexit deal, with final payments continuing up until the end of 2023, the Daily Telegraph has learned. The plan is part of a European Union demand that Britain settles a €60bn “Brexit bill” before being granted a deal that will govern future trade relations. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

The inevitability of Article 50 - by Andrew Duff (Liberal MEP 1999-2014)

(23/02/17) Very interesting blog on why Article 50 is inevitably going to be invoked and why Remoaners have little chance of getting its revocation. The second reading debate in the House of Lords (20-21 February) on the Bill to allow Theresa May to pull the trigger on Article 50 turned on whether parliament should insist that the government give it a ‘meaningful’ vote on the outcome of the Article 50 negotiations. Nobody quite nailed what ‘meaningful’ in this context means: parliamentary etiquette does not really admit of any vote being meaningless. Read the full Blog.

If Lords try to delay Brexit there will be the stench of a stitch up, says PAUL NUTTALL

(21/02/17) History does not repeat itself but it often rhymes, as the saying goes. This week’s rhyme is all about democracy. More than a century ago Britain was mired in a major constitutional crisis around the legitimacy and powers of the House of Lords.

Back in 1909 a Liberal government commanding majority support in the House of Commons with its Labour allies saw the so-called “People’s Budget” of David Lloyd George – that planned to increase taxes on the rich to pay for social welfare – blocked by the unelected Lords.

The crisis resulted in the Parliament Act which clipped the wings of the Lords, allowing the Commons to push through legislation once it had been delayed for a year. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

Expedia and Amazon back Britain

(19/02/17) As politicians and businesses wrestle with potential changes to U.K. border controls, two huge Tech firms are expanding in the country.

Expedia Inc. will expand its U.K. office by 138,000 square feet, or to roughly twice the size of its existing space, and has signed a new lease that runs until 2030, according to a company statement. The company currently has about 1,400 staff at its London hub. Amazon is also hiring for its U.K.-based voice-recognition technology, cloud computing centers and Prime Air division, it said in a statement. Read the full article on Bloomberg.

Read this and weep - what uncontrolled borders really mean

'Homeless' gang drives to Cambridge in a Romanian car, feeds a meter with coins... and then heads off scrounging for the day in the city centre.

(19/02/17) Clutching a child’s crutch in one hand and desperately proffering the other, he looks a hopeless case well deserving of charity. But what the kind-hearted locals handing him their loose change probably don’t know is that hours before this man was spotted the centre of Cambridge, he had driven into the city, fed a parking meter with eight hours’ worth of coins and walked a mile to the site of his begging. Two other beggars also travelled with him in the Volkswagon Passat estate on Saturday morning. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Blair – Pro-Europeans must “rise up in defence of our beliefs”

(17/02/17) This article is from Open Britain, the Remoaner organisation that evolved from the 'Stronger In' campaign and shows the full text of Tony Blair's astonishing speech.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair today told pro-Europeans to “rise up in defence of our beliefs” in a speech, organised by Open Britain, to pro-European activists in central London. He criticised the Government’s push for “Brexit at any cost” and called on progressives to unite behind an open, tolerant future for Britain. Read the full speech (if you can).

Britain’s odd new power couple - Davis and Hammond

(13/02/17) An unlikely political alliance has formed at the heart of the U.K. government. Chancellor Philip Hammond and Brexit Secretary David Davis — the former the last great hope of Remainers, the latter a veteran Brexiteer — have joined forces to create a power center increasingly driving the U.K. government’s agenda behind the scenes, according to senior government officials and Euroskeptic MPs. One official described it as a “dream team.” Read the full article on Politico

Foreign aid: UKIP calls for 80% cut in annual spending

(16/02/17) UKIP is calling for an 80% cut in the foreign aid budget and for money to be spent instead on domestic services. It said much of the UK's spend, £12.5bn in 2015, was ineffective in alleviating poverty and left recipients worse off by perpetuating bad government.

It wants spending to be stripped back to humanitarian and emergency aid only and a law guaranteeing 0.7% of national income be spent to be repealed. The government said the aid budget helped boost "security and prosperity". The UK's humanitarian spending has more than doubled since 2011. Read the article on the BBC website

UK fishermen may not win 'waters back' after Brexit, EU memo reveals

Fishing grounds of UK waters
(15/02/17) The hopes of British fishermen that the UK can win its “waters back” after Brexit are expected to be dashed by the European parliament, despite the campaign promises of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, a leaked EU document reveals.

MEPs have drafted seven provisions to be included in Britain’s “exit agreement”, including the stipulation that there will be “no increase to the UK’s share of fishing opportunities for jointly fished stocks [maintaining the existing quota distribution in UK and EU waters]”. Read the detailed article in the Guardian

Calm down, Brexit is going to be okay

(15/02/17) Outside the EU, Britain's democratic instinct can flourish and we can become a fairer, more prosperous community. This is 1945 all over again. Our democracy needs work: power is too centralised and Westminster’s authority has been undermined by decades of EU membership but we can see it adapting to reflect the will of the people. Britain’s value and genius starts with this democratic instinct which has nurtured tolerance, individual liberty and respect for good institutions that have been allowed to evolve over centuries. Read the full article by Alex Hickman, co-Director of Change Britain on Reaction Life

British workers down by 120,000, migrant workers increases 430,000

(15/02/17) In a deeply troubling revelation of the state of the UK’s job market, the number of British workers is dropping whilst the number of migrant workers increases.

Figures show that over the last year the number of Brits in employment has gone down by 120,000 whilst the number of EU workers has increased by 190,000 and non-EU migrant workers up 240,000. See the article and chart on Westmonster

Mea culpa! Brexit's hit to growth will be milder than expected, EU says

The European Commission is the latest forecaster to say the impact of Brexit will be milder this year than previously anticipated.

The EU’s executive arm revised up its estimate for U.K. economic expansion to 1.5 percent in 2017 from a 1 percent prediction in November. It left its forecast for 2018 unchanged at 1.2 percent. Read the article on Bloomberg

Thank goodness we're leaving: Our EU bill is set to soar by a third to more than £10bn in the final two years before Brexit

(14/02/17) Britain's contribution to the EU budget is to soar by almost a third – just before the country formally cuts ties with Brussels. Official figures slipped out by the Treasury reveal that the UK's net contribution to the bloc will jump in the final two years before Brexit.

Britain's net payment of £7.9 billion to the EU budget this financial year will rise to £8.1 billion in 2017/18, before reaching £10.2 billion in 2018/19. Read the full article in the Daily Mail

Voting for Brexit wasn't ignorant, uneducated, stupid or racist, says Lord King

Lord King
(13/02/17) Lord (Mervyn) King recently told an audience at the London School of Economics how he resented constant suggestions that anyone who voted Brexit 'must be either ignorant, uneducated, stupid or racist'. A well-placed source suggests that Merv, 68, has been especially agitated by the Financial Times's sourpuss tone since the referendum. Via the Daily Mail's City Diary

Trading opportunities outside the customs union could create 400,000 new UK jobs

(13/02/17) Leaving the EU’s customs union and striking trade agreements with just eight economic partners could result in the creation of up to 400,000 new UK jobs, according to the European Commission’s own figures.

Over 100,000 of these would be in manufacturing (including car, ships and aircraft production) and over 170,000 of these would be in services. This would create jobs across the country including 36,000 in the North West, nearly 30,000 in Scotland and over 87,000 in London. Read the full article on the Change Britain website

Cambridge continues Brexit denial: 'Fears Brexit could break up the UK as Cambridge reaffirms commitment to the EU' - via Cambridge News

Fears have been expressed that Brexit could break up the UK as new data shows Cambridge is more committed than ever to remaining in the EU. As part of a nation-wide Trinity Mirror survey, the Cambridge News has polled residents in and around Cambridge on how they would now vote if asked whether they wanted to leave the EU. Read more in Cambridge News

REVEALED: Britain CAN quit EU without a Brexit withdrawal agreement and save £150 BILLION

(11/02/17) BRITISH Brexit negotiators can walk away from the EU and refuse to pay any more taxpayers' money simply dismissing excessive pay-off demands from senior Eurocrats.

A top legal expert has told that under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, Britain has the legal right to leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement should they not agree to exit terms. Read the full article in the Daily Express

Apple boss Tim Cook optimistic about UK's Future outside EU

(09/02/17) Apple CEO Tim Cook says the technology giant is committed to Britain's future outside the European Union.

Cook said after meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday that he's optimistic about the country's prospects, noting that Apple is moving ahead with a new UK headquarters in London. Watch the short interview or read on Bloomberg

'After Brexit: The Battle For Europe' - review of BBC2 programme

(10/02/17) This is a review of a programme by the BBC Europe Editor Katya Adler who travelled around the continent interviewing its political leaders. At the end of an hour of trotting from Italy to Hungary and across to France, she reached this conclusion:

‘It could be our national debate about Brexit turns out to be an irrelevance,’ she crowed. ‘Sooner or later the EU as we know it may no longer be there for us to leave.’ But despite this, it is an interesting programme with some informed observations. Daily Telegraph. Watch the programme on BBC iPlayer

Support for Theresa May’s Brexit strategy increasing: poll

06/02/17) The number of British citizens who agree with Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit strategy has risen sharply in the past month, according to an opinion poll published Monday.

In the poll, in which just over 2,000 people were questioned online, 53 percent said they agreed with the government’s plans for Brexit, Reuters reported. The figure was 38 percent last month. Read the full story on Politico.

House of Lords given abolition warning over Brexit bill

(09/02/17) The House of Lords has been warned its existence will be put at risk if it attempts to block the Brexit bill, after MPs voted to pass it unamended. The bill - to give the government the authority to trigger Article 50 - was approved by 494 votes to 122 in the Commons, and now moves to the Lords. A government source said the Lords will face an "overwhelming" public call to be abolished if it opposes the bill. Brexit Secretary David Davis called on peers to "do their patriotic duty". Read the article on the BBC.

Government crushes Brexit rebels as it defeats EVERY amendment to Article 50 bill

(08/02/17) Theresa May has crushed the Remain resistance to Brexit in the Commons, successfully defeating every amendment to her historic Article 50 bill. Brexit moved a step closer tonight as new laws enshrining the Prime Minister's powers to launch the two year Brexit process were passed to the Lords.

Mrs May saw off a potential rebellion on the rights of EU nationals after Brexit, defeating a dangerous amendment 332 to 290 with a promise any changes to their citizenship in future will be subject to a separate vote. After a marathon series of nine separate Commons votes, the legislation was granted a third reading by a landslide, agreed by MPs 494 to 122, majority 372. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Theresa May defeats rebel demands for Parliament to get final say on Brexit

(07/02/17) Theresa May headed off a rebellion over the Brexit Bill tonight as MPs rejected demands for Parliament to approve her final EU divorce deal. Despite seven Remain-supporting Tory MPs rebelling against the Government, the Prime Minister won a clear majority of 33 in favour of her plans to keep the final Commons showdown a 'take it or leave it' vote.

She saw off what could have been a much larger rebellion by clarifying that her final Brexit package would be put to the Commons before it is ratified by the European Parliament. The list of Remoaner Tories who voted against the Government includes South Cambridgeshire MP Heidi Allen! Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

PwC's 'serious economic shock' turns into Brexit boom

(7/02/17) Before the referendum, the EU-funded PricewaterhouseCoopers wrote the infamous CBI report claiming Brexit would cause a “serious economic shock”, costing £100 billion and 1 million jobs. Today they have performed a screeching u-turn, now claiming Brexit will lead Britain into an economic boom.

The report reveals that Britain will grow faster than any other major advanced economy over the next three decades as the EU’s share of global output diminishes. UK economic growth is predicted to outpace the US, Canada, France and Germany between 2016 and 2050, with average annual growth of 1.9pc. Read the full article on Daily Telegraph.

If the single market is so great for Wales, why is it so poor?

(23/01/17) The leaders of Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru have laid out the case for keeping the principality in the single market – and warned that the economy will be virtually destroyed if they come out. But according to Eurostat statistics, it is shockingly poor. It is on 77 percent of the EU average GDP per capita, adjusted for purchasing power parity. West Wales and the Valleys is on just 69 percent. Read the full article in The Spectator.

Theresa May will not compromise with Tory rebels over Article 50 bill

(06/02/17) Theresa Maywill refuse to offer a compromise to Conservative MPs who plan to "wreck" the Article 50 bill this week by voting for a series of amendments, the Telegraph understands

Following the publication of a white paper and efforts by the Tory whips to find common ground with Conservative rebels the Prime Minister will hold her ground this week despite a rumoured rebellion within her party. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

High Court blocks fresh bid from campaigners for a 'soft Brexit' to keep the UK in the European single market

(03/02/17) High Court judges today took just an hour to throw out 'premature' legal action to force a 'soft Brexit' and thwart Theresa May. The new group of campaigners - including some granted anonymity on safety grounds - want Parliament to vote on keeping Britain in the European single market. They include Peter Wilding, chairman of the pro-Europe pressure group British Influence, who is credited with coining the word Brexit and Conservative lobbyist Adrian Yalland, who voted Leave and runs the Single Market Justice Group. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

EU will demand exit bill, former UK ambassador Sir Ivan Rogers warns

(01/02/17) European leaders believe Brexit “exploded a bomb” underneath the EU’s budget and they will “care passionately” about securing an exit bill of up to €60 billion from the U.K., the former British ambassador to the EU warned Wednesday.

Sir Ivan Rogers, who resigned last month, criticizing “muddled thinking” in government, said the U.K.’s departure would create “immense” financial difficulties for the EU. He said reports that EU leaders were considering demanding up to €60 billion from Britain were “genuine” and would become a major sticking point in negotiations after the triggering of Article 50. Read the full article on Politico.

We'll meddle in Brexit deal, says the European Court of Justice: President reveals he expects to intervene as he sets body on collision course with Downing Street

(02/02/17) The EU’s top court is on a collision course with Downing Street after its president said he expects to intervene in Brexit and could even make changes to a deal. Koen Lenaerts, president of the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ), said he was certain that the notoriously meddlesome body would become involved in the process.

Although the court cannot choose to step in, the Belgian believes there is a strong chance that one side of the negotiations - likely to be the EU - could lodge a legal challenge opposing a part of any Brexit deal that might be struck up. Read the full story in the Daily Mail.

The EU’s customs union is a protectionist racket

(13/01/17) This article is by Ryan Bourne who occupies the R. Evan Scharf Chair in the Public Understanding of Economics at the Cato Institute in Washington DC. In it he makes clear his view that the case for remaining in the customs union is overwhelmed by the advantages and opportunities from leaving.

The author explains how the customs union works, how protectionist it is, and what being a member means for us. Did you know that the Common External Tarriff (CET), coupled with non-tariff barriers imposed by the EU, has resulted in UK agricultural and manufactured goods prices being around 20 per cent above world prices?

He argues that leaving the customs union would act like a big dynamic tax cut through the economy – lowering goods prices directly, but also leading to more efficient industry as all face competition at world prices. Read the full article on CapX.

Terrified Germany DEMANDS EU wraps up trade deals QUICKLY following Theresa May's US visit

(28/01/17) Terrified over the burgeoning relationship between Theresa May and Donald Trump, Europe’s leading economic power urged Brussels to launch a deal-making spree. German officials warned EU finance ministers at a meeting in Brussels yesterday that urgent action is needed over perceived threats posed by Brexit and Trump’s presidency.

Finance minister Thomas Steffen sent a document to other EU states urging them to tie up 12 free trade deals with countries including China and Australia as quickly as possible. Read the article in the Daily Express.

The Remoaners-in-chief: MPs who DEFIED the will of their constituents by voting against triggering Article 50

(01/02/17) A handful of hardline Remoaner MPs ignored the will of their own constituents tonight by voting against triggering Article 50. Some seven Labour, one Liberal Democrat and an SNP MP defied the outcome of the EU referendum in their own areas by opposing legislation that will start the process of cutting ties with Brussels. In an extraordinary speech confirming he would oppose the Bill, backbencher Chris Bryant insisted he was a 'democrat' but would be siding with the 'minority'. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

David Cameron 'tried to get Mail editor sacked' over Brexit stance

(01/02/17) The proprietor of the Daily Mail told its editor that David Cameron pressed for him to be sacked during the EU referendum, BBC Newsnight has learned. Lord Rothermere told Paul Dacre the prime minister urged him to rein in his pro-Brexit editor, then suggested he sack him, a source told the BBC. Read the full article on BBC News.

John 'The Vulcan' Redwood on fire in his speech in the Article 50 debate in Parliament

John Redwood in the House of Commons
(31/01/17) Watch John Redwood in the chamber give one of his most impressive speeches ever. Not reading from script, he begins softly but raises the tempo until at the end (1min 18s) he is on fire as he says that if the UK had voted to remain in the EU, he would have had to resign because he'd "see no point in this puppet Parliament". He continues that as a result of the vote by the British people "this Parliament is going to be made great by the people, and made great despite itself". This was his 'Henry Vth' moment so enjoy. Not bad for a Vulcan. Watch the clip on Russia Today's YouTube channel.

City lobby group comes out fighting for global Brexit in dramatic u-turn

(31/01/17) The City's top lobby group, TheCityUK, has performed a dramatic u-turn on Brexit, scrapping its previous campaign to remain in the EU and instead hailing the vote to leave as “unprecedented opportunity” for the UK to develop a powerful new set of trade and investment policies.

The group, which represents banks, finance firms and the professional services industry, now believes that Britain’s departure from the EU represents “a once-in-a-generation opportunity” for a strategic re-think of commercial relationships with the rest of the globe. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

UK lawyer plots legal bid to make Brexit reversible

(31/01/17) As British lawmakers gather to debate whether to trigger the formal exit from the European Union, London lawyer Jolyon Maugham is building a case which he hopes will ensure that British voters can still reverse it. The 45-year-old tax specialist, an opponent of leaving the EU, said it was right for Prime Minister Theresa May to start the exit process, but voters should also have a right to change their minds if parliament rejects the terms she negotiates.

He filed a case in Ireland last week that he hopes will go to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg, to establish that Britain can reverse the exit process without requiring permission from the other 27 EU members. Read the full story in the Daily Mail.

Dominic Cummings: how the Brexit referendum was won

This very long article by the Campaign Director of the Vote Leave campaign explains the background to the campaign and suggests reasons as to why 'Leave' won the referendum. He admits that he needs to shorten this piece but it does give a very good insight into his thinking and strategy. There is no doubt that Cummings was pivotal to the success of the campaign but his criticism of and Nigel Farage and the Grassroots Out campaign, whilst valid at times, reveals the deep distrust between the 'Leave' camps. This article offers an insight into the mind of one architect of the campaign - but it's a disturbing place to visit. Read the full article in The Spectator.

Labour MPs put forward Commons motion to throw out article 50 bill

(28/01/17) A group of backbench Labour MPs have put forward a Commons motion to throw out the government’s bill to trigger article 50, arguing they cannot support Theresa May’s plan to take Britain out of the EU’s single market.

Tabled by the former shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander, and supported by 18 fellow Labour backbenchers, the proposal would, if passed, see the bill that would set in motion departure from the EU stopped entirely early next week. Read the full article in The Observer.

Four Key Truths About Brexit - official UKIP leaflet

Four Key Truths about Brexit
This 8-page leaflet has been produced by UKIP to help counter some of the 'Remoaner' lies that persist. 'Project Fear' is still being re-cycled by the unaccountable elite and we know they will stop at nothing to try to slow or even reverse Brexit, as the Supreme Court case demonstrates.

This leaflet contains four key truths about Brexit. Please read and bear these in mind when you come up against a 'Remoaner' in private or public. Please also share this pdf with friends and colleagues inside and outside UKIP. View and download The Truths About Brexit.

New book out: The Great Brexit Swindle: Why the Mega-Rich and Free Market Fanatics Conspired to Force Britain from the European Union

The Great Brexit Swindle book cover
In the interests of showing the 'other side's' viewpoint, we thought to highlight this book: 'If you voted to Leave the European Union, the chances are you've been swindled...' In his urgent new book, T. J. Coles uncovers the forces seeking to uncouple Britain from the European Union. Allied to an expanding core of free market fanatics in the Conservative party is a powerful group of globalists and financial traders. Their political ideology is neoliberalism - a worldwide agenda that seeks to deregulate markets and maximize profits for global elites at the expense of working people. The effect is a growing gap internationally between rich and poor. Digging deep into the funding campaign, The Great Brexit Swindle documents the potent, self-serving interests etc etc zzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzz Read the full summary if you dare on Amazon.

916,000 Polish nationals live in the UK, more than the total number of British nationals living in the EU

(27/01/17) About 900,000 British citizens are living in other European Union countries – fewer than the previous widely quoted estimate of 1.2 million, according to research by the Office of National Statistics.

The new lower estimate is likely to have implications for the forthcoming negotiations between Britain and the EU over the future residency rights of the 3.15 million EU nationals living in the UK and British citizens in the rest of the bloc. Read the full article in The Guardian.

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill 2016-17

(27/01/17) The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill is a public bill presented to Parliament by the Government. The Bill was introduced to the House of Commons and given its First Reading on Thursday 26 January 2017. This stage is formal and takes place without any debate.
What happens next?

MPs will next consider the Bill at Second Reading. The Bill is expected to have its Second Reading debate on Tuesday 31 January 2017 with conclusion of Second Reading on Wednesday 1 February 2017. The Bill is then due to be considered in Committee on Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 February 2017, concluding in Committee on Wednesday 8 February 2017 when the remaining stages are also due to take place. See the Parliament website.

Economists review past economic forecasts - 12m video

Grab of Andrew Neil, Danny Blanchflower and Liam Halligan on the Daily Politics show
(26/01/17) Daily Politics presenter Andrew Neil looks at past predictions with economists Danny Blanchflower and Liam Halligan and the financial analyst Louise Cooper.

Today's growth figures for the UK economy were more positive than forecasters had predicted, showing Britain had the fastest-growing economy in the G7 group, and indicators were more positive than the gloomy short-term forecasts made during the referendum campaign. Watch the video on the BBC.

Article 50: which MPs are planning to vote against it (aside from Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner)?

(24/01/17) EuroGuido's spreadsheet includes a column showing how each MP’s constituency voted in the referendum, quite a few are bravely planning to defy their own voters – those Welsh Labour MPs can expect a major UKIP challenge in 2020. Ken Clarke is the only Tory who has signalled an intention to vote against Article 50. See the spreadsheet on

Article 50 ruling: Courts should never have got involved in Brexit, says dissenting judge

(24/01/17) Judges should never have been allowed to rule on how Brexit should be triggered because it is a matter for politicians and not the courts, one of the Supreme Court Justices said. Lord Carnwath, one of three Justices who sided with Theresa May, said the courts had taken “too narrow a view” of the issues at stake and should have left it to Parliament to settle its own affairs.

Together with fellow dissenters Lord Reed and Lord Hughes, he said the Prime Minister was within her rights to use the power of royal prerogative to trigger Article 50, but the three men were overruled by the eight other Justices, who all concluded that the law required a Parliamentary vote on the matter. Read the full story in the Daily Telegraph.

Even Remainers think May's deal respects the referendum result, and five other charts explaining what Brits want from Brexit

(23/01/17) Polling from YouGov reveals the split in public opinion over Brexit - while many are many prepared to ditch the single market, Remainers and Brexiters are failing to see eye to eye.

Meanwhile, many still fail to understand what the Labour Party stands for in the debate as Theresa May's plan slowly gathers acceptance from all sides - even from reluctant Remainers. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

Britons think Theresa May's vision of Brexit would be good for the country and believe no deal is better than a bad one - YouGov

Graphic showing polling results on Brexit
(18/01/17) Asked about May's statement that "no deal is better than a bad deal" 48% of the public agree, compared to 17% who would rather have a bad deal than no deal at all. 55% of people said that May should be prepared to walk away. It is a different question whether the public would actually be so sanguine about May coming back from negotiations empty handed. Our previous polls have suggested that less than a third of people think it would be good for Britain to leave the EU without any new trade deal. Read the full article with research results on YouGov.

Godfather of ‘Brexit’ takes aim at the British Establishment - New York Times' profile of Arron Banks

(21/01/17) Arron Banks is the person considered, with Nigel Farage, the former leader of the U.K. Independence Party, as most responsible for Britain’s voting to leave the European Union. In a nearly four-hour interview recently, he happily admitted that he was adamantly opposed to the European Union and that he hated the Conservative Party and especially its previous prime minister, David Cameron. For him, Mr. Cameron’s resignation was almost more satisfying than the victory of the so-called Brexiters in the June referendum. Read the full article in The New York Times.

Britain is not bluffing and will not be bullied over Brexit plans, UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall tells EU

Picture of Paul Nuttall speaking in the European Parliament
(18/01/19) UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP told the European Parliament today that Britain is not a country that will be bullied easily by EU negotiators, following Prime Minister Theresa May's announcement of her Brexit objectives. He also criticised the lack of response from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour and its demise as the party of working people.

Speaking in Strasbourg, Mr Nuttall said: “No-one in Britain bar UKIP, my party, is holding the government to account on these issues, maybe because the British Labour Party is a shambles that has let down working class people for far too long.” Read the full article on the UKIP website Daily Mail.

Welcome to the Westmonster

Westmonster image
(19/01/17) This week sees launch Westmonster, a new website that will burst the Westminster bubble by giving the public the big breaking news and essential insights about Brexit as we begin pulling out of the crumbling European Union. It isn’t just for obsessive followers of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, or even British politics. It will provide digestible coverage of all of the day’s major stories in an engaging, insightful and ever so slightly provocative way. This is a news source for passionate politicos and casual observers alike. Visit the Westmonster site.

Brexit will deal a 'shock' to the EU's budget, forcing taxpayers across the continent to foot the bill for the hole left by Britain's £8.5bn a year bill

(18/01/17) The EU must brace itself for a 'shock' when it comes to filling the hole in its budget left by Britain's €10billion (£8.5bn) a year contributions, a Brussels think-tank has warned. The remaining 27 member states will have to decide whether to increase their share of budget contributions, cut spending or a combination of the two, the report said. But the research by the Jacques Delors Institute, a pro-federal Europe think-tank, warned there is 'no easy way to fill the "Brexit gap" of around €10billion per year'. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

The 12-point Brexit plan explained: Theresa May warns EU she will walk away from a 'bad deal' for Britain

(17/01/17) Theresa May has threatened EU leaders that she will walk away from negotiations with Brussels if they attempt to give Britain a “bad deal” as she revealed her 12-point plan for divorce talks.

The Prime Minister made clear that “no deal for Britain is better than a bad deal for Britain” and warned leaders in Brussels that any attempt to damage the UK during the negotiations would be an “act of calamitous self-harm” for the EU. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

Brexit voters are the 'lager louts of Europe' says Cambridge professor

(18/01/17) People who voted to leave the EU have been branded ‘the lager louts of Europe’ by a Cambridge professor. In an article for pro-EU newspaper The New European , Professor Nicholas Boyle describes Brexit as an act of “geopolitical vandalism”, and calls the idea the referendum result expresses the will of the British people a “great lie”. Read the full article in the Cambridge News.

Nigel Farage on 'Sophy Ridge on Sunday' on Sky - full interview (8 mins)

Farage on Sophy Ridge on Sunday

(15/01/17) Excellent interview by our former leader who talks about Trump, the US and a trade deal, the EU and a trade deal, and himself. Watch it on YouTube.

The chancellor, Philip Hammond, says Britain could transform its economic model if deal with EU is unsatisfactory

(15/01/17) In an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, Hammond said that if Britain were closed off from European markets after leaving the EU, it would consider abandoning a European-style social model with European-style taxation and regulation systems, and “become something different”.

The chancellor made his remarks in response to the suggestion that “the impression on the European continent is that your government sees the future business model of the UK as being the tax haven of Europe”. Read the full interview in Die Welt am Sonntag.

EU negotiator wants 'special' deal over access to City post-Brexit

(13/01/17) The EU’s chief negotiator in the Brexit talks has shown the first signs of backing away from his hardline, no-compromise approach after admitting he wants a deal with Britain that will guarantee the other 27 member states continued easy access to the City.

Michel Barnier wants a “special” relationship with the City of London after Britain has left the bloc, according to unpublished minutes seen by the Guardian that hint at unease about the costs of Brexit on continental Europe - twice as many euros are traded in London than in the 19 countries of the single currency combined. Read the full article in The Guardian.

QUEEN DID ATTACK EU ‘Grumpy’ Queen DID have a go at me over the EU, former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg finally claims

(13/01/17) The ex-Deputy PM has told friends Her Majesty attacked the 28 country union during a lunch with him. She accused the rise of Brussels for downgrading the role of the Commonwealth, which she leads.

Mr Clegg previously denied any dust up with the 90-year-old monarch when The Sun first broke the bombshell story that revealed her strong Euroscepticism. Read the full story in The Sun.

Brexit will be good for universities, Oxford’s new Head of Brexit strategy says

(12/01/17) British universities will establish global networks and recruit the world's "best and brightest" students outside of the European Union, Oxford University's head of Brexit strategy claimed yesterday.

Speaking publicly for the first time since his appointment in December, Professor Alastair Buchan told the Education Select Committee that membership of the EU had "sidelined" Canadian and American researchers who used to come to work at British universities, as freedom of movement made it easier to recruit Europeans. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

Businesses could be hit with annual £1,000 charge for every skilled EU migrant they bring in after Brexit

(11/01/17) Businesses could be hit with a £1,000 annual charge for every skilled EU worker they employ after Britain leaves the European Union, a minister has said. Robert Goodwill, the immigration minister, suggested that the Government is considering extending the charge which will apply to non-EU citizens from April to EU migrants.

The move is designed to encourage companies to "train our own people" and reduce the levels of migration instead of relying on foreign labour. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

UK in ‘Front Seat’ for US Trade Deal, top Republicans confirm

(10/01/17) Following Brexit, the UK will be in the “front seat” for a new trade deal with the U.S. under the Trump administration, senior Republicans have confirmed.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker made the declaration after meeting British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who said he was confident the UK would be “first in line” for such a trade deal, the BBC reports. Read the full story on Breitbart London.

UKIP's leader Paul Nuttall interviewed on Daily Politics show

Paul Nuttall on Daily Politics

(09/01/17) Paul Nuttall spoke to Daily Politics presenter Jo Coburn - along with Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi and Labour MP Lucy Powell - about poll ratings, policies and political defections. Watch the 9 min interview.

'We’re leaving' Marr slaps down Sturgeon for thinking UK can remain in single market

(08/01/17) Scotland’s First Minister was dealt the blow after repeatedly threatening to hold a second independence referendum if her demands for single market access are not met. During the interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, the host told Ms Sturgeon, in no uncertain terms, that Britain’s vote to Leave included exiting the EU’s free trade agreement.

In a 50-page documented titled “Scotland’s Place in Europe”, which it released in December, the Scottish Government proposed a “differentiated” Brexit arrangement from the rest of the UK. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

Brexit economic experts are like medieval doctors with leeches - pseudoscience to trick the layman

(09/01/17) Mark Carney and City economists prophesied a 'technical recession' but Britain has grown faster since the vote. How could they get it so wrong?, asks Daniel Hannan. Read the full article in the International Business Times.

Assuring EU citizens of right to stay 'would lose UK negotiating capital'

(09/01/17) The UK would lose “negotiating capital” in Europe if it unilaterally granted EU citizens the right to remain after Brexit, the government has said.

In a letter to a group of EU citizens from the office of the home secretary, Amber Rudd, the government said it “recognises that EU nationals make an invaluable contribution to our economy and society”. Read the full article in the Guardian.

Bank of England admits 'Michael Fish' moment with dire Brexit predictions

The Bank of England has admitted its dire warnings of a downturn in the wake of the Brexit vote were a “Michael Fish” moment and said that the economics profession was now in “crisis”.

Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s chief economist, said there was a “disconnect” between political warnings about Brexit and the “remarkably placid” state of the markets, adding that the worst predictions may turn out to be “just scare stories”. Read the full story in the Telegraph.

Manufacturing accelerates on export boom as factories ramped up output in December at levels not seen since 2014

(03/01/17) British factories ramped up output in December as strong export and domestic demand stimulated growth in the manufacturing sector, according to an influential private sector survey. Sterling’s weakness since the referendum has made UK-produced goods more attractive internationally, helping the industry rebound from a spell of uncertainty following the Brexit vote.

The purchasing managers’ index (PMI) put together by IHS Markit hit 56.1, its highest level since mid-2014. Any index score of above 50 indicates the sector is expanding. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

Afghan who beheaded Dutch woman is allowed into Britain... where he assaulted a Gatwick staff member and two police officers with a HAMMER

(05/01/17) Note: the Single Market comes with freedom of movement to all EU citizens....

A convicted murderer from Holland was able to walk through Britain’s porous borders without any checks and went on to attack two police officers with a claw-hammer. Afghan-born Jamshid Piruz was allowed to enter the UK unchallenged despite being sentenced to 12 years in jail for slaughtering his female tenant in cold-blood after watching a Taliban beheading video. Fury erupted after it emerged that the jobless 34-year-old was the latest in a string of foreign criminals to commit horrific offences in Britain after exploiting EU free movement rules. Read the full story in the Daily Mail.

Brexit: banks consider whether to start moving business out of UK

(03/01/17) Brexit could have an impact on the City in the coming months as banks decide whether to implement contingency plans to ensure they retain access to the remaining 27 EU member states by moving business out of the UK. A surprisingly well-balanced article from the Guardian.

Population of Britain is set to overtake France within 13 years due to high immigration

(04/01/17) Britain's population is set to overtake that of France within 13 years because of the impact of high immigration, EU estimates have said. Numbers of people living here will top French levels in 2030 and will keep rising to make Britain the most populous country in Europe by 2050, they predicted.

The key reason why the British population is going up so quickly compared to that of neighbouring countries is immigration, according to the projections from Eurostat. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

The Establishment is on trial, and the verdict is guilty

(09/12/16) The British Constitution is an oxymoron. Its being unwritten is an advantage if it is executed by men of goodwill who respect its spirit. In the hands of scoundrels it is an instrument of tyranny. That public for too long accorded an undeserved deference to politicians, judges and commentators who brought this country to its knees under the pressure of mass immigration, fiscal incompetence, judicial indulgence of criminality (though not of Christian bakers) and globalist anti-patriotism. Read this excellent indictment of the judiciary and the Establishment in the light of their resistance to Brexit Reaction Life .

UK will create 400,000 jobs if it quits the customs union as part of Brexit talks, analysis finds

(03/01/17) Britain will become a “beacon of global free trade” and create nearly 400,000 new jobs if it quits the customs union as part of the Brexit negotiations, it has been suggested.

An analysis by Change Britain, a group with the backing of Michael Gove, said that leaving the European Union’s customs union and striking trade agreements with just eight foreign countries will create hundreds of thousands of jobs in manufacturing and service industries. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

Sir Andrew Green: Single market membership means more mass immigration

(29/12/16) Excellent article by Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch on what continued membership of the Single Market will mean for immigration and the resulting impact on the UK. The best bit is at the end when he says: "even now, it seems that elite opinion has still not woken up to the enormity of what all this means for our country as a whole. The well-off inhabitants of Islington, whose properties have shot up in value, who have easy access to cheap nannies and who can afford private health insurance, might well look on complacently. But those large numbers who voted for Brexit did so for good reasons." Read the full article on Conservative Home.

Remoaner Paddy Ashdown ludicrously claims Brexit is 'similar' to the rise of Hitler

(02/01/16) The peer and former Liberal Dem leader branded Brexiteers as “dispossessed and voiceless” as he compared the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany in the 1930s to the referendum result. He made the outrageous claims during an interview on the BBC’s Pienaar’s Politics show.

Speaking alongside Vote Leave and key Brexit campaigner Iain Duncan Smith, Lord Ashdown said: “I’m deep into the 1930s and boy does this age remind me of the 1930s. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

23rd June 2016 - our greatest triumph for Party and Nation

David Dimbleby announces Brexit result
Look back on 2016 and watch David Dimbleby announce to the nation on the morning of 24th June that we voted to leave the EU. He brings glad tidings and great joy! Watch the 1 min video.

Big business groups vow to make Brexit a success

(01/01/17) Britain's five biggest business groups have joined forces for the first time and promised to make a success of Brexit as the UK starts the process of leaving the European Union.

In a letter to The Sunday Telegraph, the five organisations, which speak for companies employing more than half of workers in the private sector, around 13 million people working in manufacturing, services, construction and agriculture, pledged to work with firms from “all corners of Britain”. Read the letter and article in the Telegraph.

Why Nigel Farage is the Daily Express 'Man of the Year'

(29/12/16) The scale of Nigel Farage’s achievement means that he is the only possible contender for the title of Daily Express “Man of the Year”, writes Leo McKinstry. He ends:

'The lurid propaganda about Farage could hardly be more wrong. He is a traditional patriot and democrat who believes in our self-governance. The real extremists are those who want to destroy our nationhood. But they lost in 2016, thanks to him. Our liberated country will be eternally in his debt.' Read the full article in the Daily Express.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox welcomes £16billion investment in Brexit Britain as sign businesses are confident about future

(30/12/16) Trade Secretary Liam Fox has hailed £16billion of foreign investment in British industry as a huge “vote of confidence” in Brexit Britain. The splurge by international firms comes a day after the value of Britain’s top companies hit a record level on the London stock market. Read the full story in the Sun.

Lidl invests in post-Brexit Britain with a £70m headquarters and 5000 jobs

(16/12/16) Lidl is to create 5,000 jobs in London and invest £70 million in a new UK headquarters in the latest victory for the post-Brexit economy. The German budget supermarket said the jobs are part of plans to open nearly 250 new stores in London as it pushes ahead with a three-year £1.5 billion UK investment plan.

Meanwhile Lloyd's of London expects to hire just a few dozen staff on the Continent after Brexit – despite warning that the vote could force 34,000 jobs overseas. Insiders said the Remain-backing 328-year-old insurance market – a key part of London’s financial scene – would set up a European subsidiary with around 50 employees. They believe this will allow it to maintain access even if the UK reaches no trading deal with the EU and our relationship with Brussels sours. Read the full story in the Daily Mail.

Laura Kuenssberg says source told her the Queen backed Brexit

(26/12/16) The BBC’s political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, has reignited the row over whether the Queen was in favour of Brexit, saying a source told her before the referendum that the monarch made comments supportive of leaving the EU. Nine months after the Sun sparked controversy by publishing a headline, “Queen backs Brexit”, in March, Kuenssberg recalled what a contact had told her. Read the full story in the Guardian.

'Clean Brexit' could save UK £450m a week, claims pro-leave group

(27/12/16) A pressure group backed by a string of former Vote Leave campaigners from Michael Gove to Gisela Stuart has claimed that exiting the EU with a “clean Brexit” could save the country £450m a week. During the referendum campaign, Vote Leave controversially argued that leaving the EU would leave an extra £350m a week to spend on the NHS. But research from Change Britain goes a step further by arguing that a complete break with the EU could be even more beneficial. Read the full article in the Guardian.

French town to get 'Brexit street' to pay 'tribute to the sovereign British people' says Front National mayor

(27/12/16) A French town is to christen one of its streets "rue du Brexit" in a move its far-Right Front National mayor says is to "pay tribute to the sovereign British people" who chose to leave the European Union. Read the full story in the Telegraph.

UK moves up 'best for business' list #despiteBrexit fears

The UK has moved up the list of the best countries in the world to do business - despite wider fears over how Brexit could hit trade and slow economic growth. It climbed from tenth to fifth in the annual chart published by US publication Forbes. Read the full article on Sky News.

All I want for Christmas is... an ultra-hard Brexit (and nine other pro-growth policy wishes)

Graeme Leach is chief executive and chief economist of macronomics, a macroeconomic, geopolitical and future megatrends research consultancy.

Here is my Christmas wish list for Santa. Ten policy measures which, if implemented, would make future growth prospects truly joyous, with Christmas every day of the week.

But these are also economic policy measures Santa won’t be too familiar with, as he boards his sleigh somewhere north of the Nordic economies. I don’t pretend these are politically possible today, I merely suggest them as a way to substantially improve prosperity in the long term. Read the full article in City A.M.

Opinion: 3 reasons the pound will roar back once the U.K. finally Brexits

(14/12/16) In the immediate aftermath of the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union, sterling GBPUSD, -0.0485% crashed to close to record lows. For a few months, it looked as if every hedge fund in the world was shorting the pound for fun — and making a killing by doing so.

But quietly, the pound has staged a modest recovery over the past few weeks. It has recovered almost half its losses against the euro GBPEUR, -0.2519% and clawed back a chunk of the ground against the dollar. Heading into 2017, that is likely to continue. Why? Because the British economy has held up surprisingly well. Because the euro is heading for a fresh crisis. And because even the dollar may not maintain its strength. Read the full article on Marketwatch

Britain’s services trade can flourish outside the EU Single Market

(15/12/16) Negotiating sensible agreements on services trade with the EU, WTO and third countries may not be as difficult as many are suggesting. There are a number of options negotiators can pursue which would go beyond the existing arrangements and further liberalise services trade to Britain’s economic advantage. Read the full article in City A.M.

Brexit blockers: Secret Labour plot to reverse Brexit is revealed and ex-Tory cabinet minister launches the first official campaign to reject the EU referendum result outright

(18/12/16) Renewed efforts to block Brexit were revealed today after a senior Labour MEP was accused of secretly trying to reverse the result and an ex-Tory Cabinet minister returned to frontline politics to join the fight to keep Britain in the EU. Richard Corbett, Labour's deputy leader in Brussels, was found changing key lines in European Parliament documents. The MEP tried to water down the significance of June's referendum result by seeking to amend a European Parliament motion.

Meanwhile Stephen Dorrell, the former health secretary who was appointed the chairman of the European Movement campaign group, announced he will create the first official campaign that calls for the June referendum result to be rejected. Read the full article in the Mail on Sunday.

Prime Minister snubbed by EU at sausage party of smugness

(16/12/16) You can write the script for how this one plays out. At the EU meeting the UK’s Prime Minister was filmed being excluded with no-one talking to her as the leaders did their usual awkward mingling before embarking on several hours of self-regarding and not very effective EU wittering. Satirical shows will run the video. She will be dubbed Theresa Nomaytes (geddit?) and it you are a member of the liberal metropolitan elite ?party in London then this vindicates your view that Britain has voted to cut itself off from civilisation.

It’s a funny video, although not in the way May’s opponents might think.? Read the full article on Reaction.

Carswell lauds Gina Miller’s Pro-EU efforts, says Britain doesn’t need ‘Nigel Farage’s Brexit’

(14/12/16) Former Conservative Member of Parliament Douglas Carswell, who just three weeks ago hinted at a possible return to the Tory party, used his position as a UKIP MP last night to advocate so-called soft Brexit.

Speaking at an event hosted by the left-wing Guardian newspaper on Tuesday night, Mr. Carswell told the audience Brexit “does not mean Nigel Farage’s vision of Brexit” and said he wanted a “new national consensus”. Read the full article on Breitbart.

Holdout Remainers’ “delay and pray” strategy is wishing the UK economic harm

(14/12/16) The strategy is perfectly clear. In fact, it has even been written down and elucidated on broadcast media for us. Jolyon Maugham QC (who is seeking to bring a case in the Irish courts questioning the revocability of triggering Article 50) and other hold-out Remainers are now looking to prevent Brexit by making Britain’s negotiating position as weak as possible. They are actively willing economic hardship to overturn the referendum result. Read the full article in City A.M..

Immigration WAS the key issue for Brexiteers in the historic EU referendum battle, according to huge analysis of social media comments

(12/12/16) Immigration was the key issue for Brexiteers in the historic EU referendum battle, according to a huge analysis of social media. A groundbreaking study of nearly three million tweets by a team at the University of Sheffield shows control of borders came up far more than sovereignty or the NHS. It was mentioned 66,000 times by Leave supporters between June and November - with the overwhelming majority of the references coming before the vote on June 23. By contrast Remain backers talked about the issue just 40,000 times.

The analysis emerged as a poll increased pressure on Theresa May by suggesting Leave voters will not tolerate losing out financially. Research by YouGov for the Open Britain campaign group found 51 per cent are not willing to be left a penny worse off as a result of cutting ties with Brussels. Read the full story in the Daily Mail.

Right-wing historian, Niall Ferguson, delivers 'mea culpa' and says he was mistaken opposing Brexit

(12/12/16) One of Britain’s most influential historians and leading ‘Remain’ celebrity, Niall Ferguson, has performed a major U-turn in his stated position on Britain’s membership of the European Union, telling his fans his opposition to the Brexit vote was a “mistake”. Reflecting on his decision to support then Prime Minister David Cameron and his then Chancellor George Osborne, Mr. Ferguson told the Milken Institute Global conference he was “wrong” to back the Remain campaign, adding: “I’ve had an awakening”. Read the full article on Breibart.

Hard Brexit will breed new bigotry, warns former Tory minister

(10/12/16) Former Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, in her new role as chair of the moderate Conservative Mainstream group, will say the party is in danger of surrendering the centre ground of politics if the hardline anti-EU right prevails. She has recently locked horns with May by opposing plans to expand the number of grammar schools. She was also the central figure in 'Trousergate' when she accused the Prime Minister of being out of touch for wearing £995 leather trousers, saying that the only time she spent more money on clothing than that was on her wedding dress. She has since been 'uninvited' from a meeting this week between the PM and 'Remoaner' Tory MPs.

Morgan is emerging as one of the most vocal adherents of a “soft Brexit”, which would retain as much access to the single market as possible, even if this means negotiating some continuation of freedom of movement rules. Read the full story on her speech in advance of the Tory conference in Birmingham tomorrow in The Observer.

The town where even immigrants are fed up with migration: Failing schools, filthy streets and benefit fraud

(10/12/16) Page Hall is an area in Sheffield where several cultures had rubbed along happily enough for decades. It has now become, quite literally, a rubbish-strewn dump ever since a sudden influx of thousands of arrivals from mainland Europe.

Most are Roma migrants from Slovakia, attracted by the prospect of a better life thanks to Britain’s generous welfare benefits, free health treatment, housing and schools. The residents will also talk about the local schools trying to cope with a 15-fold increase in non-English-speaking children and about the groups of foreigners who hang around on street corners for hours shouting and spitting. Read more in the Daily Mail.

There is cultural refusal in the UK to believe EU leaders mean what they say about exit terms

(05/12/16) Excellent article from the FT which states the bare reality that the EU means what it says when stating that Britain will get no special deal when leaving the EU. The writer says that we should be realistic when Donald Tusk says the “only real alternative to a hard Brexit is no Brexit”, and that when Angela Merkel says that the four freedoms are non-negotiable, she means it. The message is clear - we must stop thinking that we can negotiate the favourable deals oft mentioned in the media. The EU's message is 'it's our way, or the highway'. Read the full article in the FT.

Don’t sneer at northerners for voting for Brexit – there are sound reasons

(09/12/16) Helen Pidd is the Guardian's north of England editor, based in Manchester. In this rare, balanced article she explains why the north voted for Brexit. She examines why even the majority of Nissan workers voted to leave, even though their ultimate boss said that Nissan would close. The answer is they didn't believe him.

Pidd says that instead of sneering, 'people need to understand why most of the north, apart from some inner cities and a few wealthy rural exceptions, voted to leave. Could it be that they are fed up with receiving crumbs when London and the south-east get whole loaves? Spending on schools, arts, transport infrastructure and so much more is vastly weighted in London’s favour.' Read the full article in The Guardian.

Owner of a shop in Muswell Hill called 'Really British' called racist by bunch of 'bigoted, brain-dead Guardianistas'

(09/12/16) Chris Ostwald claims to be the target of an online campaign aimed at forcing him to change the shop’s name. He’s accused of being ‘pro-Brexit’, as if that’s on a par with paedophilia, and has been hit with a boycott. The store only opened at the end of November, but Chris has already lost one member of staff who resigned after her first day because she was fed up with the abuse. And she’s Spanish. Read the full story in the Daily Mail.

They’re lovin’ it! McDonald’s is moving European base TO the UK from Europe

(08/12/16) Fast food giant McDonald's is moving its European base to the UK in a dramatic vote of confidence in Brexit. The firm is to establish a new holding company in this country where it will pay tax on most of its income outside of the US. The shift comes after the EU launched a probe into the company's tax arrangements at its current base in Luxembourg. Their loss and our gain. Brexit and fries, please! Read the story in the Daily Mail.

The EU and UKIP agree on the Single Market - UKIP's Gerard Batten MEP

(06/12/16) Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, has confirmed what UKIP has been saying all along: to remain in the Single Market we would have to keep open borders and unlimited mass immigration from the EU. Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP Brexit spokesman responded, “This confirms what the then Prime Minister, David Cameron said in June, “the British public would be voting, if we Leave, to leave the EU and leave the Single Market”. Read the full post on

Brexit will lead to cheaper food if right policies adopted, says OBR

(03/12/16) British households are on course to enjoy cheaper food after Brexit if the UK returns to the system of farming subsidies adopted before joining the European Union, a top official from the Office for Budget Responsibility has claimed. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

Teenager charged with manslaughter - Police no longer classing Harlow Polish man death as 'hate crime'

(01/12/16) A 15-year-old boy has been charged with manslaughter over the death of a Polish man who was attacked in Essex. Arkadiusz Jozwik, 39, was assaulted on 27 August in The Stow, Harlow, and later died in hospital. It was widely-reported at the time in the left-wing, pro-Remain media such as the BBC that this was a 'hate crime' resulting from the Brexit vote. The Police have just announced that they are no longer classing this as a hate crime. Sadly in this article, the BBC have decided not to report this development, presumably because it goes against their narrative that the Brexit vote has encouraged more incidences of hate crime, of which no hard evidence has emerged. Read the full article on BBC 'onlie'.

The judges and the people: Next week, 11 unaccountable individuals will consider a case that could thwart the will of the majority on Brexit

(02/12/16) Excellent article giving the pro-Europe backgrounds of most of the Supreme Court judges who will decide on the Government's appeal over Article 50 next week. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

UKIP looks for Labour voters - The Economist

(03/12/16) An uncharacteristically non-hostile article on UKIP by The Economist, a verified pro-Remain publication, in the wake of Paul Nuttall's appointment as leader. This piece looks at the opportunity and challenges facing the party ahead. Read the full article in the Economist.

The EU must compromise to win a good Brexit deal for Britain and the rest of the union, warns Polish PM

(28/11/16) The EU must compromise to win a Brexit deal that works for both the UK and the rest of Europe, the Polish Prime Minister warns today ahead of a historic meeting with Theresa May.Ms Szydlo said the result of negotiations will depend on "imagination and leadership" and called on the Prime Minister to set out her Brexit plan soon. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

The pound bounces back as Brexit fears for the economy dissipate - Alex Brummer

(30/11/16) Many of the adverse forecasts for the British economy in 2017 are based around the assumption that the sharp depreciation of the pound will lead to a burst of inflation. In turn it will crush real incomes, spending and output. The odd thing is that, in November, the skittishness of sterling on foreign exchanges has given way to stronger trading. What we have seen in the past month is a gradual strengthening of the pound as concerns about leaving the EU and its impact on the economy have dissipated. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

You've learned NOTHING from Project Fear: Michael Gove hits out at economists' dire warnings of a £60bn Brexit hit and says their whole industry risks being discredited over hyped fears

(27/11/16) Michael Gove reignited the bitter row over warnings of a £60billion Brexit hit today - accusing economists of failing to learn lessons from the Project Fear debacle. The former Cabinet minister said he believed the Office for Budget Responsibility's gloomy predictions would go the same way as those before the historic referendum vote. And he warned that the whole industry of economic forecasting risked being completely discredited. Read the full article in the Mail on Sunday.

68% of people think that Britain should go ahead with Brexit - YouGov

(17/11/16) 68% of people think that Britain should go ahead with Brexit, unchanged from when YouGov asked the same question in October. People who voted to Remain in June are evenly divided between those who opposed Brexit, but think the government has a duty to implement the decision and leave, and those who would like to see the government ignore or overturn the referendum result. Interestingly, fewer than one in five think the Government is handling Brexit well. Read the full YouGov Brexit briefing.

Tony Blair hunts for Westminster office to set up his new Brexit lobbying group

(20/11/16) Tony Blair is hunting for a Westminster office for his new Brexit lobbying group as he plots his return to politics. The former prime minister believes the Tories are 'screwing up Brexit' and views Jeremy Corbyn is 'a nutter,' an ally said. He thinks there's a 'massive hole in British politics' that he can fill. Mr Blair is setting up a new institute that will seek to influence and advise the Brexit process. The Cambridge & SE Cambs UKIP branch would like to suggest a new name for his lobby group - HUBRIS. Read the article in the Mail on Sunday.

Heavyweight Brexiteers among 60 Tory MPs to demand clean break from the EU

(19/11/16) Sixty Tory MPs including seven ex-Cabinet ministers have demanded Theresa May pulls Britain out of the single market and customs union amid fears her Brexit stance could be watered down.Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, John Whittingdale and Theresa Villiers are among the leading Eurosceptics to put their names to the negotiation demand. Read the article in the Telegraph. See also Bob the cartoonist's take on the Supreme Court judges and House of Lords

Brits are stupid! Europhile peer behind Article 50 sparks fury after he says we need MORE migrants because we're not intelligent enough

(18/11/16) The peer who co-wrote the legal mechanism by which Britain will leave the EU sparked fury last night after arguing that the country needed immigration because ‘we native Brits are so bloody stupid’. Lord Kerr said the UK needed an influx of intelligent foreigners to keep us on the right path. And he claimed the Leave side only won the referendum by ‘cleverly outsourcing xenophobia and racism’ to Nigel Farage – allowing the Ukip leader to make the sort of offensive claims that would boost the campaign. Read more in the Daily Mail.

How the House of Commons will fight Brexit

(17/11/16) If you thought Brexit was chaotic now, just wait until divorce proceedings actually start. Within the next two years, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May must get parliament’s approval to kickstart Britain’s withdrawal, convert all EU law into U.K. law, introduce an immigration bill restricting freedom of movement from the Continent and negotiate a divorce deal with Brussels that doesn’t wreck the economy or spark a fresh bid for Scottish independence. Read the story on Politico.

UK could owe EU up to €65 billion after Brexit

(16/11/16) The U.K. could have to pay between €55 billion and €65 billion to the EU before it leaves the bloc to cover existing budgetary obligations, according to a senior EU diplomat. A large portion of Britain’s bill will go toward the pensions of EU civil servants — not just Brits, but all EU nationals working for the European institutions. The U.K. had agreed to contribute about 15 percent of the EU budget that covers pensions for Eurocrats. On top of that, the U.K. will be billed for infrastructure projects. Read the story on Politico.

The number of Eastern European migrants employed in Britain rose by almost 50,000 between July and September

(16/11/16) The number of Eastern Europeans working in the UK has surged since the EU referendum vote amid concerns that migrants will be barred from entering after Brexit. The Office for National Statistics revealed that the number of Eastern European migrants employed in Britain rose by almost 50,000 between July and September. The figures reveal that the overall number of non-UK nationals working in Britain has risen by 241,000 to 3.4 million since the EU referendum in June. he number of Eastern Europeans working in the UK has surged since the EU referendum vote amid concerns that migrants will be barred from entering after Brexit. Read the story in the Telegraph.

MPs Call on Theresa May to Make Use of Farage’s Links to Donald Trump

(14/11/16) Tory MPs and members of Theresa May’s cabinet have called on the Prime Minister to make use of Nigel Farage’s close links to Donald Trump to build transatlantic links and a trade deal after Brexit. Read the story on Breitbart.

Theresa May could try to overturn Brexit court ruling by claiming Article 50 won't affect UK citizens' rights

(12/11/16) A senior Government source revealed lawyers are exploring whether the argument could give Ms May the edge to reverse the shock High Court decision that is forcing her to let MPs vote on triggering the Brexit process. The line of argument relies on the notion of Britain’s "dualist" legal system – the idea that international law is not applicable in the UK until it is translated into national legislation. Read the Independent article.

Why Trump's victory is a timely reminder to those in Britain who defy the will of the people - Richard Littlejohn

(10/11/16) There was one word — beginning with ‘Br’ and ending in ‘it’ — which kept tumbling from the lips of both jubilant Trump supporters and devastated Clintonistas as it became clear that The Donald had defied the pundits and the pollsters to become the 45th President of the United States. Brexit.

Trump tapped into the same sense of alienation and anger which inspired so many people in Britain to vote Leave — the feeling that the smug political class and their celebrity sycophants have been lording it over the rest of us for far too long. Read the Daily Mail article.

Brexit DID mean that we voted to leave the Single Market - Farage

Grab of The Agenda panel 7 Nov
(7/11/16) Nigel Farage appeared on ITV's The Agenda on 7th November, hosted by Robert Peston, and was challenged by some of the panelists over his assertion that when Britain voted for Brexit, we voted to leave the Single Market. This short video of a series of useful clips of key politicians - from both sides - stating during the referendum campaign that voting 'Leave' DID mean the UK would leave the single market puts paid to these ridiculous panelists and the host. As an aside, the panelists included Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, comedian David Baddiel, Sunday Times Political Editor Tim Shipman, and Republican Overseas' Jan Halper-Hayes. Watch the clip.

Trade options after Brexit

(Nov 2016) After the referendum vote to leave the European Union, important policy decisions remain about the model for the UK’s future relationship with the EU – whether to remain in the single market, opt for EEA, a free trade agreement or independent WTO membership.

This article by the Economic & Social Research Council is a summary of a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, entitled The EU single market: the value of membership versus access to the UK. Branch members will no doubt view it as very 'pro-Remain' but it is interesting also because it describes the options available to the UK. Read the article.

Farage to lead 100,000-strong march on Supreme Court on day of historic Brexit court hearing

(07/11/16) Nigel Farage is planning to lead a 100,000-strong march to the Supreme Court to coincide with the start of the Government’s attempt to stop peers and MPs delaying Brexit.

The march, organised by the anti-European Union campaign Leave.EU, will end with a rally in Parliament Square within sight of the court building where judges will be hearing the appeal. Read the article in the Telegraph.

UKIP and Constitutional Reform - by John Poynton FCA

The decision by the High Court that Brexit does require an Act of Parliament before Article 50 can be triggered highlights the out-of-date nature of our unwritten constitution. It derives from the Glorious Revolution of 1688 when sovereignty transferred from Crown to Parliament. That was certainly an advance for democracy at the time, but since then the franchise has become universal and by implication the people as a whole have become sovereign, not Parliament. Yet our constitution has never been updated to reflect this. It brings the people into conflict with parliament, which is not safe or healthy.


Why Britain should leave the EU – by Mike Lynch

(04/11/16) This long post by an anonymous lawyer, is yet another powerful, reasoned argument as to why Britain must leave the EU. It exposes the shaky foundations on which the EU is built and questions the pillars which sit on these foundations. He posits three reasons why the motives for which the EU was set up are actually wrong, and questions four arguments justifying its existence - peace, economic, human rights, and 'togetherness'. Read the full post...

The unelected 'activist' judges who mounted a 'power grab': High Court trio who blocked Brexit are led by one who founded group dedicated to furthering European integration

(03/11/16) The bombshell court ruling which has bogged down Britain's exit from the EU in a legal quagmire has sparked a row over how UK judges are appointed.

The Lord Chief Justice, Baron Thomas of Cwmgiedd, alongside Sir Terence Etherton and Lord Justice Sales, ruled that the Prime Minister does not have power to trigger Article 50 to start the two-year Brexit process. The unelected trio were today accused of 'striking down the will of the people to set in train leaving the EU'. Read the article in the Daily Mail.

Article 50 court decision risks provoking huge public anger - Nigel Farage

(03/11/16) From the UKIP national website:

Following the High Court decision calling for a Parliamentary vote on the triggering of Article 50, Nigel Farage said,

"I worry that a betrayal may be near at hand. Last night at the Spectator Parliamentary Awards I had a distinct feeling that our political class, who were out in force, do not accept the 23rd of June Referendum result.

"I now fear that every attempt will be made to block or delay the triggering of Article 50. If this is so, they have no idea of the level of public anger they will provoke."

Brexit could overwhelm UK politicians: Think tank warns that negotiations will test the UK to the limit

(02/11/16) Brexit is such an enormous legal, constitutional and bureaucratic challenge that could prove too much for British politicians and civil servants to untangle, according to a report from independent think tank U.K. In A Changing Europe, published Wednesday. Read the article on Politico.

(05/11/16) Comment by John Poynton:
This is interesting news - the idea that all the laws emanating from the EU are not in fact already on the statute book! The latter is what we have always been told.

In any case the article misses the point. Brexit simply gives us the freedom to make our own choices; to 'take back control'. Our review of all these laws will indeed take a long time, whether they have to be included ,excluded or just modified, but it all happens after Brexit. There is no rush or need for delay. Another Remainer red-herring?

Brexit-backing boss of Wetherspoons threatens to stop selling European beers if 'bullying' EU leaders impose tariffs on Britain

(02/11/16) Tim Martin, the Brexit-backing chairman of JD Wetherspoon, made the threat to European leaders as he warned that sales at the pub chain have slowed. He used a first-quarter trading statement to rip into German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker for their reaction to Britain's decision to leave the EU. He accused them of putting European businesses at risk by telling them not to negotiate with UK companies and to adopt an 'intransigent' attitude. Read the article in the Daily Mail.

The spectre of Scoxit - Bagehot

(22/10/16) It remains in Scotland’s interests to stay in the United Kingdom. Yet it is also true that the two largest parts of Britain’s union are growing apart. Brexit is both a symptom and a catalyst of that process, lending nationalism momentum and allowing unionists no room for complacency. They underestimate Ms Sturgeon at their peril. Read the article in the Economist.

Brexit could pull the pin out of the EU grenade. That's why the Eurocrats are terrified.

(25/10/16) The EU is in crisis, and its leaders know that Britain's departure could be the bloc's breaking point. Mr Tusk and his fellow Eurocrats know that many citizens are unhappy with the way things are going, and so could be inspired by Britain if it can show that a better future awaits outside of the EU. A successful Brexit could in effect be the start of a stampede of member states towards the exit door that could see the EU crumble. Read the article in the Telegraph.

Brexit will not cause UK trade 'disruption' - WTO boss

(26/10/16) The head of the World Trade Organisation has vowed to ensure Britain will not face a trade "vacuum or a disruption", however tough its exit from the European Union.Roberto Azevedo said that he did not believe the Brexit vote was "anti-trade" and dismissed fears that Britain could suffer a sudden seizure of trade during or after its negotiations with the EU. Read the article on Sky News.

REMOANER ALERT! 'Brexit is not the will of the British people – it never has been'

(24/10/16) The Rev Adrian Low analyses the post-referendum polls and demographic trends and argues that the UK electorate, as a whole, has been consistently against Brexit and the Remain majority will increase year-on-year. Oh dear! Read the post on the LSE blog.

Calm down. We don’t need a negotiating stance on Brexit

(22/10/16) It’s time for everyone to calm down. There’s a long way to go, and there can really only be one objective for Britain – securing the best possible ongoing economic and diplomatic relationship. The rest is just noise. Read the post by Jeremy Warner in the Telegraph.

UK economy expands after Brexit vote

(27/10/16) The U.K.’s gross domestic product grew by 0.5 percent in the three months following the Brexit vote. The figure came in better than expected in the first official assessment of economic growth released since the U.K. voted to leave the EU in June. Many analysts had anticipated a slide into a recession from the shock result.Read the Politico article.

Britain is the most business-friendly major economy, World Bank rules as its annual index casts fresh doubt on doom-laden Brexit warnings

(25/10/16) Britain is the most business-friendly major economy on the planet, the World Bank has said – casting fresh doubt on predictions of economic collapse after Brexit. The UK came top of the G7 group of industrialised countries in an annual index on ease of doing business, one place ahead of the US and significantly higher than any nation in the Eurozone.

In the overall league table, Britain ranked seventh. Supporters of Brexit said the study scotched claims that Britain would cease to be attractive to investors after leaving the EU. Read the Daily Mail article.

Four reasons why banks won't leave the City of London after Brexit

(25/10/16) Oliver Wyman’s report for TheCityUK on life beyond Brexit estimated that even under the hardest of departures - with no deal with the EU and the UK operating on WTO terms - some 35,000 jobs would be at risk. But such a high number is unlikely for the following four reasons. Read the Telegraph article

EU'll lose out! 'Hard' Brexit would cost other member states £8BILLION a year more than the UK

(25/10/16) A 'hard' Brexit would leave EU states facing nearly £8billion a year more in tariffs than the UK, according to a report. Firms from the bloc would add almost £13 billion a year in costs to their exports if Britain leaves the customs union without an alternative free trade deal. By contrast UK companies would be hit with a much lower £5.2 billion bill for sales to the other 27 states. Read the Daily Mail article

It's nonsense! Banks dismiss gloom-laden claim they'll quit the UK after Brexit

(24/10/16) Banks and Tory MPs last night dismissed as ‘nonsense’ dire warnings that financiers will move their business abroad due to Brexit. Anthony Browne, head of the British Bankers’ Association, sparked fury yesterday by saying smaller banks could react to the uncertainty by moving operations overseas within weeks.

He predicted that larger financial institutions would follow in the first few months of next year, saying: ‘Their hands are quivering over the relocate button.' But the gloom-laden claims were undermined by the fact that a number of High Street banks said leaving the EU would make little difference to their business. Read the
Daily Mail article

Ministers fear UK-EU trade deal could take decade as Walloons torpedo Canada agreement

(23/10/16) Ministers fear it could take a decade to secure a post-Brexit free trade deal with the European Union after a little-known region in Belgian blocked a flagship agreement with Canada. Crisis talks between EU leaders and Canada collapsed on Saturday following the decision of Wallonia, with a population of 3.5 million, to torpedo the deal.

It meant a the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement [CETA] which had been signed off by all 28 EU countries has now been plunged into uncertainty. Read the full article in the Telegraph and the article from The Guardian, EU-Canada trade deal in crisis as Canadian minister walks out

The City of London should thank the voters of Wigan for Brexit

(19/10/16) Deutsche Bank’s problems are symptoms of the EU malaise caused by over-regulation and political conceit, writes Brian Monteith.

A new paper by banking expert Bob Lyddon “The Deutsche Bank liability”, published by Global Britain, explains why the storm clouds are gathering and the liabilities that the UK could face. Any rescue will be a multi billion affair, and while the UK remains tied to EU institutions like the European Investment Bank and the European Central Bank, we will be liable for a hefty share of any financial lifebelt that is thrown Deutsche’s way. Read the full article on Reaction

'Mr. Market' won’t be able to stop and reverse Brexit

Could Mr. Market, and his old gang of friends, the Bond Vigilantes, be about to give the British electorate a lesson in economic realities? In the view of some of the more excitable City commentators, and indeed some of the most senior officials in Brussels, the harsh consequences of leaving the European Union are about to hit home. There is a problem, however, and it is far from minor one. It is not really true. Read Matthew Lynn on

Nick Boles MP: Why even Remain voters like me find MiliClegg's attempt to block Brexit so utterly nauseating

The purpose of the guerrilla war being waged by these Remainers is to cling on to as many of the membership arrangements as possible — in the not-so-secret hope a future government of the liberal Left will be able to take us back in. Read his article in the Daily Mail

The people spoke on Brexit - but MPs stuck their fingers in their ears and ignored them.

MPs have been forming an orderly queue to explain to the British people what they had actually voted for. They had not, they were told, voted to leave the European single market. Or end free movement.

Or anything else that could be termed ‘Hard Brexit’. Instead, they had voted for something as yet undetermined. But that didn’t matter. The politicians would do the determining for them. Except there’s a snag. The people did vote for ‘Hard Brexit’... Read the full article in the Mail on Sunday

Let Nicola Sturgeon have her referendum – and find out that a Hard Brexit is better than a Hard Independence

Sturgeon talks of avoiding Hard Brexit, but what she wishes upon Scotland is 'Hard Indy'. Her open door policies must, by definition, deliver a hard border, for remember, England is run by xenophobes. It must deliver a hard austerity, for Scotland’s public finances will become the economic equivalent of a scorched earth policy. And it will deliver a hard Scotland, which will be marked by bitterness and hatred, splitting families and communities – far more than we had a taste of in the last referendum. Read the full article in City A.M.

The falling pound is NOTHING to do with your vote for freedom - Peter Hitchens

The pound sterling would have fallen hard and fast if we had voted to stay in the EU. I am amazed it did not do so long before. More than three years ago, before the referendum was called, I advised you to keep an eye on the value of sterling as a true measure of our huge economic difficulties. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Brexit and the BBC's duty of impartiality - Daily Mail

The corporation has become the mouthpiece for embittered Remainers who refuse to accept the will of the people and hope to overturn the referendum result by stealth and scaremongering. Read the article in the Daily Mail.

There is no such thing as a 'soft' Brexit - by John Poynton

As a desperate rear guard action Remainiacs have come up with the idea of a 'soft' Brexit in which the UK would remain a member of the Single Market. They claim that Britain would not have trading access to the EU members' markets unless we remain a member of the Single Market (which is different and would involve accepting all its rules including uncontrolled borders), and love to say that Brexiteers have no clear picture of what Brexit would actually look like!

Euro septic - by Professor Paul Collier CBE

Picture of front cover of The Euro book
This is a review of the damning book, The Euro by the left-wing US economist Joseph Stiglitz, by Paul Collier who is professor of economics and public policy in the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford and so carries some weight.

Collier examines the two options that Stiglitz offers the EU leadership: Plan A is to fix the euro, Plan B is to dismantle it. Both, he says, are not viable and instead he offers his own solution since his view is that 'the euro will eventually unravel in the face of social pressures, in much the same way as Schengen has unravelled: through acrimonious disorder.'

Collier admits to being a 'Remainer' but says that this is because being out of the euro and Schengen while keeping a veto was a good deal for Britain. But he questions the wisdom of the underlying political project. Read the article in the Times Literary Supplement.

Brexit and Article 50 negotiations: What it would take to strike a deal

Matthew Watson is Professor of Political Economy in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick, and he is also a UK Economic and Social Research Council Professorial Fellow. He is one of the contributing authors to The Globalization of World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations, Seventh Edition. Here he tries to reconcile the various demands that the UK and the EU will negotiate over once Article 50 is triggered. His conclusion however is that you can't, saying that "It is therefore highly unlikely that everyone will receive the outcome that they think reflects what they voted for on 23rd June." Let's hope he's wrong... Read the article in the Oxford University Press blog.

How dare these Eurocrats call Britain racist while the Far Right's marching in their own backyard - Daniel Hannan

In France and Belgium, Jewish schools and synagogues require armed guards. Racist violence across much of Europe is now becoming almost routine. But the European Commission on Racism and Intolerance says it is alarmed at the ‘intolerant political discourse in the UK'. Here Daniel Hannan MEP responds eloquently and convincingly. Read the article in the Daily Mail.

George Osborne is humiliated again as his family wallpaper firm says it will BENEFIT from Brexit

The accounts from luxury wallpaper firm Osborne & Little says the weak pound will bring a 'material benefit' to the firm. They also say that the vote to leave the EU will have 'little impact' on the company in short term. All this delivers further embarrassment for Osborne, the architect of Project Fear. Read the article in the Daily Mail.

Britain's Departure Likely to Cost EU Billions - Der Spiegel

Brexit is going to be expensive for Europe, especially for Germany. So say the journalists at Der Spiegel in this fascinating article on current EU member thinking on Brexit. It seems that the members don't want to confront the fact that Britain is going to leave and have not yet thought about the resultant shortfall in budget - up to €10 billion it is thought.

This article is not only interesting for the 'what ifs' that are considered but also for the revelations that haven't filtered through to us via the UK media. Did you know that Britain has thus far borne the greatest burden at the European Investment Bank? Our share of total capital is 16 percent, but we only benefit from 8.8 percent of the loans. No other country has a larger imbalance. If we were to withdraw our share capital in the development bank, it would result in a shortfall worth billions. The EIB would be forced to make fewer loans - loans that are vital for infrastructure projects across the Continent.

There is lots to be negotiated! Read the article.

The man who brought you Brexit

Picture of Daniel Hannan MEP
Britain’s vote to leave the EU was the grand finale of a 25-year campaign by a lonely sect of true believers. In this very long but incredibly well-researched and informative article in the Guardian, journalist Sam Knight says that Daniel Hannan MEP wrote the script.

So this article gives a profile of Hannan, essentially covering his genesis as a politician and his raison d'etre in politics. But there are many contributions from the many people that Hannan worked with over the years to stop Britain's inexorable integration into Europe. It is these views of Hannan, and the history of the evolution of the anti-EU movement within the Tory party, that makes it such a compelling article.

His undoubted intellect is praised and evident - but the article also shows that Hannan, along with his Tory colleagues, suffered a disconnect with people on the doorstep vis a vis immigration. As Nigel Farage observes of Hannan (and his fellow Tory Eurosceptics), “They seemed to approach the referendum as if it was an Oxford Union debate. I don’t think they have met any real people in their entire lives.”

Despite this, we all owe a debt of gratitude to Hannan. This article serves as a fitting tribute to his life's work. Read the article.

Without Britain in the EU, Germany will become its ATM

Liam Fox told the Spectator that Germany risks becoming the world’s biggest cash machine after Brexit because it may end up paying for a failing European Union that is in danger of imploding:

“If I were a German politician I would be worried that, without Britain, Germany has the potential to become the greatest ATM in global history.” Read the article on Euro Guido.

UK government must disclose legal arguments on article 50 procedure

The government has been forced by a senior judge to reveal secret legal arguments for refusing to let parliament decide when and how the UK should withdraw from the European Union. Read the article in the Guardian.

‘What on Earth is Boris playing at?’ Farage questions Johnson vow to help Turkey join EU

Appearing at a press conference alongside the Turkey’s EU minister Ömer Çelik, Mr Johnson vowed Britain would help the country “in any way possible” to join the EU. Commenting on Mr Johnson’s declaration of support for Turkey’s EU membership, former Ukip leader Mr Farage said: “One of the reasons UK voted to leave EU was prospect of Turkey joining." Read the article in the Daily Express.

Brexit has broken our political Ice Age. Bring on the revolution before the big freeze takes hold again

An article by Daniel Hannan MEP theorising what the Brexit trade deal will look like and how Britain will lead the world in promoting and bringing about free trade.

He says: "Doing so will do more to enrich developing states than decades of government-to-government aid; it will also help the poorest people in Britain, who spend the highest proportion of their income on food and clothes. Free trade is not just an efficient allocator of resources; it is also a poverty alleviation mechanism, a conflict resolution mechanism, a social justice mechanism."

Read the full article in the Telegraph.

Germany's banks are a timebomb. And if they crash, it'll be 2008 all over again

Excellent article by the Daily Mail’s City editor, Alex Brummer, on the problems that Deutsche bank is in and the ramifications for Chancellor Merkel if she intervenes - or doesn’t. At the end he sums it up succinctly:

‘...Germany’s banking predicament is surely proof that the one-size-fits-all Eurozone doesn’t work...the EU is facing a financial catastrophe of enormous proportions just at a time when the world is already facing huge uncertainty from the economic slowdown in China. Here, in Britain, we should surely be thankful that, after the Brexit vote, we are preparing to jump clear of the clattering train as it heads for a ravine.’ Read the article.

Britain WILL avoid recession following Brexit vote says World Trade Organisation

Britain will avoid recession following the historic decision to leave the European Union, according to the World Trade Organisation. The global watchdog, which regulates international trade, became the latest group to declare that the UK economy has shrugged off the Brexit vote. It came as a string of technology bosses lined up to say they are committed to Britain and will continue to invest in the country. Read the article in the Daily Mail.

Had Cameron not 'lied' Brexit result may have been different, says Wetherspoon's boss

If former Prime Minister David Cameron had not lied to the British public by presenting the "lousy deal" he had secured from the European Union as a good one, instead simply laid bare the uncompromising nature of Brussels and recommended staying in regardless, things could have turned out differently, according to Tim Martin, the outspoken chairman of pub and restaurant chain JD Wetherspoon. Read the article in the International Business Times.

The Treasury now admits that Brexit vote 'will not dent economy this year' as UK growth forecasts back to pre-referendum levels

The UK's decision to leave the EU will not dent growth at all this year, according to economic forecasts compiled by the Treasury, in a complete reversal of the gloomy short term forecasts made after the EU referendum.

Panic has faded rapidly among the dozens of independent economists consulted by the Treasury as strong data in the three months since the vote reassured the analysts that any shock from the vote was far less severe than first feared. Read more about the Treasury eating humble pie in the Telegraph.

A day to stand back from the fray, and marvel at the stupendous fact of Brexit

Graphic of EU flag but with Union Jack exit door
Paul Goodman, ex-MP and now the executive editor of the influential website ConservativeHome, reflects on what we achieved on 23rd June and what the state of all the main parties is 3 months on. Read the article

Brexit warning: US bank bosses from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and BlackRock threaten Theresa May with relocation

The bosses of several of America’s biggest banks and corporations have warned Theresa May they will pre-emptively shift operations into Europe unless she can provide early clarity on the future shape of EU-UK relations, The Telegraph has learned.

According to an account of the meeting, Mrs May declined to provide information about how the British government would approach the Brexit negotiations, other than pursuing a deal that was “in the national interest”. Read the article

Don’t pine for Europe: Britain’s traditional trees will be boosted by Brexit, says Kew's top expert

The fashion for importing old trees for 'instant gardens' from the Continent makes it easier for plant-eating pests to get into the UK. This Kew Gardens expert claims tighter bio-security laws could be enforced in a Brexit deal. Another reason why Brexit is good! Read the article in the Daily Mail

EU appointment of Mr Verhofstadt - the 'high priest' for Brexit negotiations - is 'a declaration of war'

Three minute speech by Nigel Farage in the European Parliament on 14th September upon the appointment of Guy Verhofstadt as the EU's chief negotiator for Brexit.

EU referendum: The result in maps and charts

How Britain voted in the EU Referendum via maps and charts as reported online by the BBC. Read the article

'Disgraceful' Bank of England chief Mark Carney must quit for fuelling Brexit fears, claims ex-Chancellor Lord Nigel Lawson

Lord Lawson has called on Mark Carney to stand down as Governor of the Bank of England last night after his ‘disgraceful’ conduct over Brexit. The Conservative peer and former chancellor accused the Canadian of joining ‘the chorus of scaremongering’ during the EU referendum campaign. Read the article in the Daily Mail

Wall Street banks want Theresa May to delay Brexit for as long as possible

Wall Street chiefs and US business leaders are reportedly asking Britain's prime minister Theresa May for a "long runway" to prepare for Brexit. The Financial Times reports that at a meeting in New York earlier this week banks asked for a "long lead time" of up to two years to prepare for Brexit and a period of transition for them to adjust to the new world. Read the article on Business Insider

May limbers up for a hard Brexit (Financial Times)

This article by Martin Wolf, Chief Economics commentator at the Financial Times, bemoans the vote for Brexit. Whilst the thinks that Britain will be 'meaner and poorer', he also argues that there is no halfway house between EU membership and a 'hard' exit. Read the full article

British banks WILL be able to cope with Brexit despite bankers losing EU passports says credit agency Moody's

Banks will not really suffer if a Brexit deal ends freedom of movement across the EU, an influential credit rating agency has said. Experts from Moody's have said the impact on the City of London of the loss of 'passporting rights' is likely to be 'modest'. Its report contrasts with doom-laden predictions from Remainers who predicted the banking sector would be devastated by Brexit. Read the full article

Royal Yacht Britannia to rule the waves after Brexit

The Royal Yacht Britannia should be recommissioned and used to secure trade deals after the Brexit vote, dozens of MPs, former ministers and a senior former aide to the Queen say. Read the article

EU shrinks in importance to UK exporters as rest of world buys in

Trade with the EU is already shrinking rapidly as a share of Britain’s global commerce and could fall to below one-third of the UK’s overseas market in the coming decades, according to an economic analysis. Read the article

Why London will be an economic powerhouse after Brexit

London has retained its crown as the leading global city of opportunity and will remain a top destination for years to come despite the UK’s decision to leave the EU, according to PwC. This article in The Telegraph also includes a short video showing 5 possible alternative models to EU membership. Read the article

What Brexit will mean for UK financial services

An excellent article by the Centre for Policy Studies which suggests that the impact of Brexit 'will mean that London continues to be Europe’s leading financial services centre.' It goes on to say that 'London is ranked the most competitive in the world for financial services, while closest EU rivals rank at 15th and 19th'.

The article also covers the sensitive issue of passporting, suggests that Brexit will offer the UK new opportunities for UK financial firms, and will enable them to avoid punitive EU regulation. Read the article

Brexit gives us a chance to finish the Thatcher revolution

This is an excellent article in the Financial Times by Lord Lawson, Chancellor of the Exchequer under Margaret Thatcher. In it he argues that the focus on negotiating a trade deal with the EU that gives us free access to the single market is wrong and will not be successful.

Instead he argues that the 'government needs to focus on how we propose to conduct ourselves as a self-governing nation outside the bloc.' It is the benefit of 'intelligent deregulation' that 'offers the prospect of the greatest economic gain'.
Read the article (note that you may require a login or complete a short survey to read it)

BREXIT Article 50 and the 17th March 2017 'deadline'

A contribution by Stuart Agnew MEP who states that this is a regular question to head office:

Is it true we have to trigger Article 50 by 17 March 2017 because after that EU law changes so that a specified percentage of member countries have to agree to a member country's application to leave?

In short the answer is "no, it is not true", it is a common misconception and misreading of Article 50. Once notice is given under Article 50 the UK will leave the EU two years later with, OR WITHOUT, an agreement with the remaining Member States. Nigel is on record as pointing out that the absence of a deal would be better than the deal we have at the moment because our annual contributions to the EU budget are larger than any tariffs the EU could put on our goods under WTO rules.
Where Article 50 refers to Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) it is in respect of the possible agreement on the framework for future trade and detailed mutually agreed provisions on how the exit is to work in practice, if there is no agreement the UK leaves after the two year period anyway (unless everyone including the UK agrees to extend the period of negotiations).

Why 'Brexit lite' is a terrible idea which will shackle us to a ticking time bomb

Compelling article in the Daily Telegraph by Martin Brolin, the author of A State of Independence: Why the EU is the Problem not the Solution. Read the article

'Single currency experiment has been a disaster' admits Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz

Picture of The Euro book by Jospeph Stiglitz
In his highly readable The Euro: How a Common Currency Threatens the Future of Europe, Stiglitz judges this 17-year-old monetary experiment “an economic and political disaster”. The highly-respected journalist, Liam Halligan, reviews this book in his Sunday Telegraph column. He ends, 'This is a book, then, that will unnerve millions of British centre-Left progressives – those who backed British EU membership unquestioningly and now complain bitterly about Brexit. Many such voters, after all, view Stiglitz as their favourite economist.' Read the review in the Telegraph
Read Dominic Sandbrook's article in the Daily Mail

The real casualty of Brexit: the reputations of economists who predicted doom

Picture of Matthew Lynn, journalist
Matthew Lynn writes: With a very few exceptions, economists forecast that the U.K. would go straight into recession as a result of Brexit. As it turns out, however, Britain is doing just fine, and so is the rest of Europe. That is surely a calamity for which the profession deserves a beating — and at the very least should start asking itself some serious questions. Read the full article on MarketWatch

Brexit boom: The five charts which show Britain has escaped an economic apocalypse

Stack of £1 coins
Image by Petr Kratochvil.

This is an article in the Telegraph (19th August 2016) by Tim Wallace, Banking reporter.

Unemployment is down, prices are steady, shoppers are confident and the government ran a budget surplus in July. It is early days and a slowdown is still expected, but the data is reassuring so far. Read the full article

Opinion: Buy Britain, but sell Europe after stunning Brexit rebuke

Collage of Union Jack and EU flag with 'Brexit' superimposed.
Image by Starline -

Below is a link to an article by Matthew Lynn, who writes for WSJ Marketwatch, The Spectator and Money Week as well as The Telegraph.

This article puts a positive view of the future for the UK outside of the EU and states that the impact of the Brexit vote has been 'wildly overstated'. It argues that the UK will neither gain nor lose much from going it alone, but that the EU will suffer not only as a result of the UK's exit but also because it has shown itself incapable of structural and fiscal reform. Read the full article

Insanity reigns on the Continent

The Motley Crew
The following is a recent post by Freddy Vachha, Regional Chairman of UKIP London:

Dear friends,

Many who know me through my emails recognise I'm a man of relatively (more on relativity later) few words. While there are many words below, only a few of them are mine.

For any who need a key to the cast of the Great and the Good featured in the Motley Crew image above, here it is:

TOP ROW: Angela Merkel, German Chancellor; Herman Van Rompuy, former President of the European Council; Donald Tusk, his successor; Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the Libdem group in the EU "Parliament" (sic); Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission; José Manuel Barroso, his predecessor. MIDDLE ROW: Not Bobo the Clown but François Hollande, President of France; Christine Lagarde, M.D. of the IMF; Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank; Martin Schulz, President of the EU "Parliament"; Nick Clegg, former leader of the Libdems, on loan from the EU; Catherine, The Baroness Ashton of Upholland, former V.P. of the EU Commission and High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. BOTTOM ROW: The Lord Mandelson for whom no summary could render the justice he so richly deserves; Tony Blair, former Labour P.M.; Gordon Brown, his successor; Ed Miliband, former leader of the (Labour) Opposition; George Osborne, former Conservative Chancellor; David Cameron, former Conservative P.M.

Here's a selection of what their policies have wrought...
Picture of Angela Merkel
While we're still trapped in the EU, most of the millions invited by Merkel into Europe (tens of millions more no doubt plan to embark) could eventually get documents so as to legally come to the UK to live, work and claim benefits.


Definition of insanity by Einstein
While there's no evidence that Einstein ever used those words, having read much of what he wrote (I'm a physicist too, albeit a relatively mediocre one) I'm confident that is how the great discoverer of relativity actually thought.

An embarrassing (for me, that is) aside: Mutti Merkel, who, ignoring science, is the arch-nemesis of nuclear power stations, is a physicist too. Allegedly.

Though the EU is the obvious source of the many enormous problems faced by Europe, the solution of the German Chancellor & Co. is - yet more EU! This perfectly meets the definition of insanity commonly attributed to Einstein. And here's a bona fide quotation which I think has application to how the erstwhile Communist and her cohort have run Europe (run into the ground, that is):

"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it." - John Lennon.

I confess cannot grasp the motivation of this EU-enabling mob. It can't just be incompetence, can it? But then again, when the French held a referendum on the EU constitution, Juncker boasted:
"If it's a 'Yes', we will say 'on we go', and if it's a 'No', we will say 'we continue'."

Panel clock 37 days since Brexit

Do get everyone you know, Theresa too, to join UKIP

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Top politicians, businesses and academics plot their vision for Cambridge post-Brexit

A flagship partnership between politicians, business and academia has set its stall out to ensure Cambridge continues to prosper in the wake of the EU referendum. Read the article in the Cambridge News

Nigel Farage post-Brexit vote: You're not laughing now, are you?

28 June 2016

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