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The truth about EU immigration into the UK is revealed - officially 3.6 million EU citizens in UK yet OVER 5 MILLION have already applied to stay

(13/2/21) 5.06 million EU27 nationals have already applied to stay permanently in the UK. This number will rise before the deadline in June. Yet the EU still only admit to 3.66 million. Meanwhile Remainers continue to talk of '1.5 million Brits living in the EU'. But the EU’s own official figures show only 849,451 Britons in EU countries. Read the full post in the Facts4EU.

No, Amsterdam hasn’t overtaken the City

(11/2/21) The headline of today’s main story in the Financial Times proclaimed, 'Amsterdam ousts London as Europe’s top share trading hub'. The article correctly reported that more shares were traded last month on 'Euronext, Amsterdam and the Dutch arms of CBOE Europe and Turquoise in January' than 'in London'. While the data in this story is naturally correct, it needs to be put within context in order to draw the right conclusions. Read the full post in the The Spectator.

EU 'bureaucracy' sees fish rejected at border because of forms filled out in wrong colour

(29/1/21) More than 100,000 animals are stuck on British farms unable to be exported, while some lorry-loads of produce have been destroyed. Read the full post in the Daily Telegraph.

Our fishermen were USED! Fish quotas are lower under Brexit than under hated EU rules

(18/1/21) You only know who your true friends are when you are in trouble. That is something on which many fishermen must be reflecting as they see boats tied up in harbour, unable to sell their produce in vital export markets. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

French customs officials' post-Brexit dirty tricks on British fish are revealed

(22/1/21) France's customs and border officials — doubtless encouraged by Brussels bigwigs intent on punishing Britain for leaving the EU — are applying the importation rules with vindictive rigour. This is not merely a 'teething problem', as the Prime Minister blithely insisted this week. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Gibraltarisation: how the EU is planning the next stage of its anti-Brexit campaign

(21/1/21) Despite our best intentions, it is becoming clear that deal or no deal the basic problem faced by the UK is that the EU has no friendly intentions towards us. It is impossible to be a friend, partner or ally of a system that essentially wants to teach you who is boss. Read the full post on Briefings for Britain.

Ignore the EU’s laughable claims about the status of its UK staff

(22/1/21) Our Foreign Office has touched a very raw nerve. The UK is reportedly refusing to grant full diplomatic standing to the emissaries of Brussels, on the basis that officials from its External Action Service and Commission are not representatives of a sovereign state. Read the full post on CapX.

Brussels ultimatum to ease post-Brexit customs delays

(21/1/21) The EU is prepared to ease post-Brexit border friction if Britain drops its plan to create a “Singapore on the Thames”, according to senior diplomatic sources. Problems and delays at borders are increasingly affecting exports, with fish and meat sellers hit particularly hard. Read the full post in the The Times.

Brexit red tape strangling small firms

(23/1/21) Tens of thousands of small British firms are being crippled by new Brexit red tape that is wiping out their European sales, business leaders have warned. Read the full post in the The Times.

EU fleet in UK waters is still 3 times size of UK fleet in EU waters

(17/1/21) On Friday (15 Jan 2021) important new figures on fisheries were published by the Government about permitted catches, and about the numbers and tonnage of UK boats allowed to fish in EU waters versus EU boats licensed to fish in UK waters. Read the full post on

Our fishermen were USED! Fish quotas are lower under Brexit than under hated EU rules says LibDem MP Alistair Carmichael

(18/1/21) The deal Boris Johnson eventually signed with the EU on Christmas Eve left our fishermen able to catch fewer fish of key species like cod and haddock than they could inside the EU. Government ministers boast of a 25% uplift in quota but the headlines are deceptive. For anyone familiar with fisheries management it is a schoolboy error, but Boris Johnson, in his rush to get a deal done before Christmas, fell headlong into the trap. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

You misled us over Brexit deal, angry fishermen tell Johnson

(15/1/21) British fishermen have accused Boris Johnson of dishonesty and betrayal over his Brexit fishing deal. An angry letter from the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations accuses him of submitting to a “neo-colonial relationship with the EU on fish for long into the future”. Read the full post in the The Times.

Europe's petty revenge: Lorries sweep into non-EU Switzerland without a hitch - while Dutch jobsworths confiscate our truckers' sandwiches

(13/1/21) Instead of seeing blockages here at the Channel, these are happening in depots all over the country — and all over Europe, too. There is now so much bureaucracy in the system that goods are just not leaving warehouses in the first place. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Seven hated supertrawlers have just been licensed to pillage UK waters -Greenpeace

(8/1/21) The PM said we will be able to "ban [these] huge Hoover trawlers" which are destroying our oceans now that we have left the European Union. But words are cheap, and the Prime Minister’s words on Sunday are undermined by the decision to grant licenses to at least SEVEN supertrawlers so they can continue fishing in the UK’s protected areas this year. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

81,000 UK-owned .eu domains suspended as Brexit transition ends

(5/1/21) Tens of thousands of website owners who are based in the UK might have started the year with an unpleasant surprise: Eurid, the registry manager of .eu domain names, has suspended .eu domain names registered by UK citizens as a result of the regulatory changes caused by Brexit. Read the full post on ZDNet.

DUP: PM must activate emergency Brexit get-out clause to protect Union

(14/1/21) A senior DUP MP has declared that the Irish Sea border has created a situation so dire that the prime minister must now activate a clause in the Brexit deal, allowing him to take what are essentially emergency steps to “safeguard” the Union. Read the full post on News Letter.

Parliament’s role in scrutinising the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement is a farce

(29/12/20) Parliament’s role around the end of the Brexit transition and conclusion of the EU future relationship treaty is a constitutional failure to properly scrutinise the executive and the law. As the UK moves to do things differently after 1 January, MPs must do more to ensure they can better discharge their responsibilities regarding the making of UK treaties. Read the full post on The Hansard Society website.

Britain will flourish now we're finally free of EU tyranny - Martin Howe QC

A balanced article on the Brexit deal, acknowledging that this deal is a start but not the end of us gaining full sovereignty from the tyranny of the EU. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

Yes, Britain CAN spring back! Broadcasting titan ANDREW NEIL gives his uplifting vision of a post-Brexit boom

(02/01/21) The challenge now is for our political leaders, working with business and workers, to equip us to take advantage of the huge opportunities that await to be grasped in a post-Covid, post-Brexit world. But the symbolism of China becoming the world’s largest economy will be a huge blow to Western pride and prestige. For the first time in modern history the link between political freedom and economic prosperity will be broken.
Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Boris' Brexit deal is quietly riddled with backchannel ties to EU – NEIL HAMILTON, UKIP leader

(31/12/20) If we’ve learned anything in the last five years, it is that this battle is not finally won. We must stay vigilant and carry on the fight for a completely independent, democratic Britain in the years to come. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

UK economy is set to storm ahead of France after Brexit transition and 'will be 23% bigger than theirs by 2035'

(26/12/20) Britain's status as the world’s fifth-largest economy will remain intact next year in spite of the shock caused by the pandemic and leaving the European Union. At the same time, the UK will remain close to the top of global growth league tables right up to 2035 and will open up a huge gap over France as the country’s tech sector soars. These are the latest long-range forecasts from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR). Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

EU threatens to pull out of Brexit talks if UK refuses to compromise

(25/11/20) The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has warned David Frost that without a major negotiating shift by Downing Street within the next 48 hours he will pull out of the Brexit negotiations in London this weekend, pushing the talks into a fresh crisis. Read the full post on The Guardian.

Farage: If Boris wants to save his broken premiership, he should tell the EU: we're going for a no-deal Brexit

(22/12/20) As an ardent and dedicated Brexit campaigner, the last few weeks have been very dispiriting – and that is aside from increasing fears about the Covid situation. Despite some tough talk from Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator, David Frost, concession after concession has been made by our side, from the acceptance of the EU’s human rights regime to public procurements still being open to EU tenders. Read the full post in the Daily Telegraph.

Our time in the EU was a calamity for Britain and a disaster for Europe

(9/12/20) Charles de Gaulle was right: Britain should never have joined the EU. Thanks to his turbulent years at Four Carlton Gardens, he understood us better than our own establishment ever did. We stood apart, a free-trading, Atlanticist and global island with a very different conception of Europe’s future. We were never going to fit into the Jean Monnet model of EU state-building or even his own more nation-centric version. Read the full post in the Daily Telegraph.

Daniel Hannan: How the EU must wish it had accepted May’s Chequers offer

(9/12/20) Why do Brussels negotiators talk of “granting” tariff-free access as if trade were an act of kindness? The EU thinks of itself as a modern empire and its attitude to Britain is that of a metropolitan power toward a renegade province....The truth is that they [EU] see Britain as a rule-taking dependent, like Macedonia or Ukraine, rather than as a wholly independent nation. The funny thing is that, when Theresa May offered them such a relationship at the 2018 Salzburg summit, they threw it back in her face. Perhaps, as reports suggested at the time, they were simply put off by her manner. Perhaps they were not prepared, on principle, to agree to anything proposed by the renegade province. Either way, they must now wish they had grabbed that deal. Read the full post on Conservative Home.

Covid and Brexit could see UK manufacturers bringing it all back home

(23/11/20) UK factories could be making up to £4.8bn more goods for British retailers in the next 12 months as the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit prompt businesses to bring home production. Read the full post on The Guardian.

Britain nets fishing win as Brussels agree post-Brexit rules to ‘double’ catch

(2/11/20) Britain netted a fishing win as Brussels agreed post-Brexit rules that massively increased our catch. Michel Barnier conceded it would be based on new scientific criteria that could see UK quotas double. Read the full post on The Sun.

European industry calls for Brexit deal

(14/10/20) On the eve of the European Council on 15 and 16 October, the Presidents of Medef, Confindustria, and the BDI – the major business organisations of France, Italy, and Germany – have called on the EU and the UK to reach a deal. Read the full post on Daily Mail.

Why ‘no deal’ is a good deal for the UK fishing industry

(4/6/20) The UK fishing industry is hugely disadvantaged by the current allocation of catches in the UK’s territorial waters. Economic analysis suggests a reallocation of catches based on the ‘zonal attachment’ principle could raise the value of UK fish landings by 50-60%. Moreover, such gains would massively outweigh any losses resulting from a rise in EU trade barriers to UK fish and fish products exports. Read the full post on Briefings for Britain.

Fishing for a deal

"On a lot of things, I can understand the UK position. But on fishing, it's different. We think the UK is suggesting far too huge a shift in access to these waters. They would be eliminating part of the EU fisheries fleet. Most of the valuable fish are in the UK waters. So we don't see this as a negotiation. This is seen as an attack." Read the full post on Sky News.
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