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Britain is not bluffing and will not be bullied over Brexit plans, UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall tells EU

Picture of Paul Nuttall speaking in the European Parliament
(18/01/19) UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP told the European Parliament today that Britain is not a country that will be bullied easily by EU negotiators, following Prime Minister Theresa May's announcement of her Brexit objectives. He also criticised the lack of response from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour and its demise as the party of working people.

Speaking in Strasbourg, Mr Nuttall said: “No-one in Britain bar UKIP, my party, is holding the government to account on these issues, maybe because the British Labour Party is a shambles that has let down working class people for far too long.” Read the full article on the UKIP website Daily Mail.

Welcome to the Westmonster

Westmonster image
(19/01/17) This week sees launch Westmonster, a new website that will burst the Westminster bubble by giving the public the big breaking news and essential insights about Brexit as we begin pulling out of the crumbling European Union. It isn’t just for obsessive followers of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, or even British politics. It will provide digestible coverage of all of the day’s major stories in an engaging, insightful and ever so slightly provocative way. This is a news source for passionate politicos and casual observers alike. Visit the Westmonster site.

Brexit will deal a 'shock' to the EU's budget, forcing taxpayers across the continent to foot the bill for the hole left by Britain's £8.5bn a year bill

(18/01/17) The EU must brace itself for a 'shock' when it comes to filling the hole in its budget left by Britain's €10billion (£8.5bn) a year contributions, a Brussels think-tank has warned. The remaining 27 member states will have to decide whether to increase their share of budget contributions, cut spending or a combination of the two, the report said. But the research by the Jacques Delors Institute, a pro-federal Europe think-tank, warned there is 'no easy way to fill the "Brexit gap" of around €10billion per year'. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

The 12-point Brexit plan explained: Theresa May warns EU she will walk away from a 'bad deal' for Britain

(17/01/17) Theresa May has threatened EU leaders that she will walk away from negotiations with Brussels if they attempt to give Britain a “bad deal” as she revealed her 12-point plan for divorce talks.

The Prime Minister made clear that “no deal for Britain is better than a bad deal for Britain” and warned leaders in Brussels that any attempt to damage the UK during the negotiations would be an “act of calamitous self-harm” for the EU. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

Brexit voters are the 'lager louts of Europe' says Cambridge professor

(18/01/17) People who voted to leave the EU have been branded ‘the lager louts of Europe’ by a Cambridge professor. In an article for pro-EU newspaper The New European , Professor Nicholas Boyle describes Brexit as an act of “geopolitical vandalism”, and calls the idea the referendum result expresses the will of the British people a “great lie”. Read the full article in the Cambridge News.

Nigel Farage on 'Sophy Ridge on Sunday' on Sky - full interview (8 mins)

Farage on Sophy Ridge on Sunday

(15/01/17) Excellent interview by our former leader who talks about Trump, the US and a trade deal, the EU and a trade deal, and himself. Watch it on YouTube.

The chancellor, Philip Hammond, says Britain could transform its economic model if deal with EU is unsatisfactory

(15/01/17) In an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, Hammond said that if Britain were closed off from European markets after leaving the EU, it would consider abandoning a European-style social model with European-style taxation and regulation systems, and “become something different”.

The chancellor made his remarks in response to the suggestion that “the impression on the European continent is that your government sees the future business model of the UK as being the tax haven of Europe”. Read the full interview in Die Welt am Sonntag.

EU negotiator wants 'special' deal over access to City post-Brexit

(13/01/17) The EU’s chief negotiator in the Brexit talks has shown the first signs of backing away from his hardline, no-compromise approach after admitting he wants a deal with Britain that will guarantee the other 27 member states continued easy access to the City.

Michel Barnier wants a “special” relationship with the City of London after Britain has left the bloc, according to unpublished minutes seen by the Guardian that hint at unease about the costs of Brexit on continental Europe - twice as many euros are traded in London than in the 19 countries of the single currency combined. Read the full article in The Guardian.

QUEEN DID ATTACK EU ‘Grumpy’ Queen DID have a go at me over the EU, former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg finally claims

(13/01/17) The ex-Deputy PM has told friends Her Majesty attacked the 28 country union during a lunch with him. She accused the rise of Brussels for downgrading the role of the Commonwealth, which she leads.

Mr Clegg previously denied any dust up with the 90-year-old monarch when The Sun first broke the bombshell story that revealed her strong Euroscepticism. Read the full story in The Sun.

Brexit will be good for universities, Oxford’s new Head of Brexit strategy says

(12/01/17) British universities will establish global networks and recruit the world's "best and brightest" students outside of the European Union, Oxford University's head of Brexit strategy claimed yesterday.

Speaking publicly for the first time since his appointment in December, Professor Alastair Buchan told the Education Select Committee that membership of the EU had "sidelined" Canadian and American researchers who used to come to work at British universities, as freedom of movement made it easier to recruit Europeans. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

Businesses could be hit with annual £1,000 charge for every skilled EU migrant they bring in after Brexit

(11/01/17) Businesses could be hit with a £1,000 annual charge for every skilled EU worker they employ after Britain leaves the European Union, a minister has said. Robert Goodwill, the immigration minister, suggested that the Government is considering extending the charge which will apply to non-EU citizens from April to EU migrants.

The move is designed to encourage companies to "train our own people" and reduce the levels of migration instead of relying on foreign labour. Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph.

UK in ‘Front Seat’ for US Trade Deal, top Republicans confirm

(10/01/17) Following Brexit, the UK will be in the “front seat” for a new trade deal with the U.S. under the Trump administration, senior Republicans have confirmed.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker made the declaration after meeting British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who said he was confident the UK would be “first in line” for such a trade deal, the BBC reports. Read the full story on Breitbart London.

UKIP's leader Paul Nuttall interviewed on Daily Politics show

Paul Nuttall on Daily Politics

(09/01/17) Paul Nuttall spoke to Daily Politics presenter Jo Coburn - along with Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi and Labour MP Lucy Powell - about poll ratings, policies and political defections. Watch the 9 min interview.

'We’re leaving' Marr slaps down Sturgeon for thinking UK can remain in single market

(08/01/17) Scotland’s First Minister was dealt the blow after repeatedly threatening to hold a second independence referendum if her demands for single market access are not met. During the interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, the host told Ms Sturgeon, in no uncertain terms, that Britain’s vote to Leave included exiting the EU’s free trade agreement.

In a 50-page documented titled “Scotland’s Place in Europe”, which it released in December, the Scottish Government proposed a “differentiated” Brexit arrangement from the rest of the UK. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

Brexit economic experts are like medieval doctors with leeches - pseudoscience to trick the layman

(09/01/17) Mark Carney and City economists prophesied a 'technical recession' but Britain has grown faster since the vote. How could they get it so wrong?, asks Daniel Hannan. Read the full article in the International Business Times.

Assuring EU citizens of right to stay 'would lose UK negotiating capital'

(09/01/17) The UK would lose “negotiating capital” in Europe if it unilaterally granted EU citizens the right to remain after Brexit, the government has said.

In a letter to a group of EU citizens from the office of the home secretary, Amber Rudd, the government said it “recognises that EU nationals make an invaluable contribution to our economy and society”. Read the full article in the Guardian.

Bank of England admits 'Michael Fish' moment with dire Brexit predictions

The Bank of England has admitted its dire warnings of a downturn in the wake of the Brexit vote were a “Michael Fish” moment and said that the economics profession was now in “crisis”.

Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s chief economist, said there was a “disconnect” between political warnings about Brexit and the “remarkably placid” state of the markets, adding that the worst predictions may turn out to be “just scare stories”. Read the full story in the Telegraph.

Manufacturing accelerates on export boom as factories ramped up output in December at levels not seen since 2014

(03/01/17) British factories ramped up output in December as strong export and domestic demand stimulated growth in the manufacturing sector, according to an influential private sector survey. Sterling’s weakness since the referendum has made UK-produced goods more attractive internationally, helping the industry rebound from a spell of uncertainty following the Brexit vote.

The purchasing managers’ index (PMI) put together by IHS Markit hit 56.1, its highest level since mid-2014. Any index score of above 50 indicates the sector is expanding. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

Afghan who beheaded Dutch woman is allowed into Britain... where he assaulted a Gatwick staff member and two police officers with a HAMMER

(05/01/17) Note: the Single Market comes with freedom of movement to all EU citizens....

A convicted murderer from Holland was able to walk through Britain’s porous borders without any checks and went on to attack two police officers with a claw-hammer. Afghan-born Jamshid Piruz was allowed to enter the UK unchallenged despite being sentenced to 12 years in jail for slaughtering his female tenant in cold-blood after watching a Taliban beheading video. Fury erupted after it emerged that the jobless 34-year-old was the latest in a string of foreign criminals to commit horrific offences in Britain after exploiting EU free movement rules. Read the full story in the Daily Mail.

Brexit: banks consider whether to start moving business out of UK

(03/01/17) Brexit could have an impact on the City in the coming months as banks decide whether to implement contingency plans to ensure they retain access to the remaining 27 EU member states by moving business out of the UK. A surprisingly well-balanced article from the Guardian.

Population of Britain is set to overtake France within 13 years due to high immigration

(04/01/17) Britain's population is set to overtake that of France within 13 years because of the impact of high immigration, EU estimates have said. Numbers of people living here will top French levels in 2030 and will keep rising to make Britain the most populous country in Europe by 2050, they predicted.

The key reason why the British population is going up so quickly compared to that of neighbouring countries is immigration, according to the projections from Eurostat. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

The Establishment is on trial, and the verdict is guilty

(09/12/16) The British Constitution is an oxymoron. Its being unwritten is an advantage if it is executed by men of goodwill who respect its spirit. In the hands of scoundrels it is an instrument of tyranny. That public for too long accorded an undeserved deference to politicians, judges and commentators who brought this country to its knees under the pressure of mass immigration, fiscal incompetence, judicial indulgence of criminality (though not of Christian bakers) and globalist anti-patriotism. Read this excellent indictment of the judiciary and the Establishment in the light of their resistance to Brexit Reaction Life .

UK will create 400,000 jobs if it quits the customs union as part of Brexit talks, analysis finds

(03/01/17) Britain will become a “beacon of global free trade” and create nearly 400,000 new jobs if it quits the customs union as part of the Brexit negotiations, it has been suggested.

An analysis by Change Britain, a group with the backing of Michael Gove, said that leaving the European Union’s customs union and striking trade agreements with just eight foreign countries will create hundreds of thousands of jobs in manufacturing and service industries. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

Sir Andrew Green: Single market membership means more mass immigration

(29/12/16) Excellent article by Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch on what continued membership of the Single Market will mean for immigration and the resulting impact on the UK. The best bit is at the end when he says: "even now, it seems that elite opinion has still not woken up to the enormity of what all this means for our country as a whole. The well-off inhabitants of Islington, whose properties have shot up in value, who have easy access to cheap nannies and who can afford private health insurance, might well look on complacently. But those large numbers who voted for Brexit did so for good reasons." Read the full article on Conservative Home.

Remoaner Paddy Ashdown ludicrously claims Brexit is 'similar' to the rise of Hitler

(02/01/16) The peer and former Liberal Dem leader branded Brexiteers as “dispossessed and voiceless” as he compared the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany in the 1930s to the referendum result. He made the outrageous claims during an interview on the BBC’s Pienaar’s Politics show.

Speaking alongside Vote Leave and key Brexit campaigner Iain Duncan Smith, Lord Ashdown said: “I’m deep into the 1930s and boy does this age remind me of the 1930s. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

23rd June 2016 - our greatest triumph for Party and Nation

David Dimbleby announces Brexit result
Look back on 2016 and watch David Dimbleby announce to the nation on the morning of 24th June that we voted to leave the EU. He brings glad tidings and great joy! Watch the 1 min video.

Big business groups vow to make Brexit a success

(01/01/17) Britain's five biggest business groups have joined forces for the first time and promised to make a success of Brexit as the UK starts the process of leaving the European Union.

In a letter to The Sunday Telegraph, the five organisations, which speak for companies employing more than half of workers in the private sector, around 13 million people working in manufacturing, services, construction and agriculture, pledged to work with firms from “all corners of Britain”. Read the letter and article in the Telegraph.

Why Nigel Farage is the Daily Express 'Man of the Year'

(29/12/16) The scale of Nigel Farage’s achievement means that he is the only possible contender for the title of Daily Express “Man of the Year”, writes Leo McKinstry. He ends:

'The lurid propaganda about Farage could hardly be more wrong. He is a traditional patriot and democrat who believes in our self-governance. The real extremists are those who want to destroy our nationhood. But they lost in 2016, thanks to him. Our liberated country will be eternally in his debt.' Read the full article in the Daily Express.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox welcomes £16billion investment in Brexit Britain as sign businesses are confident about future

(30/12/16) Trade Secretary Liam Fox has hailed £16billion of foreign investment in British industry as a huge “vote of confidence” in Brexit Britain. The splurge by international firms comes a day after the value of Britain’s top companies hit a record level on the London stock market. Read the full story in the Sun.
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