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Threat of no-deal Brexit grows as France digs in over fishing rights

(12/10/20) France has threatened a no-deal Brexit unless Britain backs down on fishing rights for French boats, fuelling fears that President Macron will threaten to block negotiations at a European Union summit this week. Annick Girardin, the French fishing minister says “[French] fishermen would rather have no agreement than a bad agreement.” Ms Girardin described fish stocks that will belong to Britain under international law in 2021 as “European resources”. Read the full post on The Times.

The allure of a sellout Brexit risks turning Boris into the next Ted Heath

(8/10/20) In 1973, the price for joining the EEC was our sovereignty over our laws and our waters; in 2020 the price for leaving the EU is our sovereignty over our laws and our waters. While Britain claims it is poised to escape the legalistic clutches of the WA, the EU claims that its con trick to keep Britain in its orbit is so watertight that this doesn’t matter. Read the full post on Daily Telegraph.

Fishing: The Great Betrayal

(4/10/20) The Common Fisheries Policy began as a land (or rather, sea) grab, evolved into a stitch-up and grew into an environmentally devastating and commercially disastrous scandal. The EU, UK government and avaricious commercial interests are all to blame – and we’re far from being out of the woods yet. Read the full post on Briefings for Britain.

Britain offers EU fishing concession as part of Brexit sweetener

(30/9/20) Britain has offered a three-year transition period for European fishing fleets to allow them to prepare for the post-Brexit changes as part of an 11th-hour deal sweetener. The catches of EU fishermen would be “phased down” between 2021 and 2024 to offer time for European coastal communities to adapt to the changes. Read the full post on The Guardian.

Germany scraps plans for EU Brexit talks because 'there's been no progress' in discussions with Britain and Boris Johnson 'doesn't understand how negotiations work'

(27/8/20) The German government, which holds the rotating presidency of the EU council, had intended to discuss Brexit during the meeting next week. But they dropped it because there had still not been 'any tangible progress' in the talks. It had been hoped Chancellor Angela Merkel would emerge as a dealmaker during crunch talks this autumn. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Why can British politicians not see past the EU’s camouflage?

(18/8/20) It should be clear to anyone who takes the time to look beyond this language of UK officialdom that the EU’s proposals for ‘cooperation’ actually mean deep and binding structural attachment which would increasingly put the EU in the driving seat. Read the full post on Brexit Watch.

EU on brink: Ireland fears economic 'Armageddon' if Boris rejects Brussels' Brexit delay

(9/5/20) The EU is on edge as Boris Johnson's refusal to extend the Brexit transition period takes its toll of member-states. During a debate in the Irish Parliament, the Dáil Éireann, this week MPs warned of an economic collapse across the EU if Britain refused Brussels' demands for an extension in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

Scottish government urges Boris Johnson to seek maximum two year Brexit transition period extension so EU and UK can focus on coronavirus

(20/4/20) Holyrood's Constitution Secretary Mike Russell said pushing back the deadline for trade talks to conclude beyond the end of this year is necessary because of the global pandemic. He said delaying the end of the 'standstill' transition period would allow both Britain and the bloc to focus on fighting the deadly disease together. Read the full post in Daily Mail.

'We need Brexit done to help the UK recovery from coronavirus'. Downing Street rejects any delay to EU trade talks because of the pandemic.

(16/4/20) No 10 has flatly rejected a call from the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to delay the end of the transition period past its current December 31 deadline to focus on the pandemic. Read the full post in Daily Mail.

Government figures reveal far more EU migrants in UK than previously thought

(17/4/20) The number of EU citizens in the UK has been massively underestimated by the Home Office by up to 55 per cent, according to figures for applications to the EU settlement scheme. Read the full post in Daily Telegraph.

Shaping up the UK to win in the fourth industrial revolution

(5/2/20) Brexit is unfolding against the backdrop of an increasingly complex global environment. Geopolitical shifts to Asia, the climate crisis, ageing demographics and the accelerating technological revolution set the scene for the UK’s separation from the Continent. The UK is at a strategic inflection point, which can be the start of a sharp decline or the opportunity to rise to new heights. Read the full post in Daily Telegraph.

Coronavirus: Brexit will make it harder to fight future pandemics, Jeremy Hunt warns

Brexit will make it harder to fight future pandemics and reap the benefits of new clinical trials in the EU, Jeremy Hunt is warning. The current proposals for the UK’s full divorce will have “a significant impact on health and social care”, a letter sent by the head of the Commons health committee states. Read the full post in The Independent.

Revealed: Michel Barnier and France’s Brexit stitch-up

(14/3/20) The glaring difference between the EU and British negotiating goals has been brought into plain sight. It is clear that, were Britain to concede on even half of the recommendations regarding dynamic alignment, it would sabotage any parallel agreements with the US or Australia, as well as being Brexit in name only. Read the full post on The Spectator.

The real reason Germany got rich from the EU and the UK didn’t

(10/03/20) One EU country – Germany – now represents 25% of the total EU27 economy. In this simple but unusual Brexit Facts4EU.Org report, we look at the absolute basics of the UK and German economies. In particular we consider the question: Why has Germany got so rich from the EU, but the UK has not? Read the full post on

Tory government tells EU that royal navy will be sent in to protect UK waters from European fishing vessels

(4/3/20) The environment secretary has warned the EU that the UK has taken “sufficient” steps to protect its waters after Brexit, as fears grow of a French blockade. The royal navy boasts three extra vessels, the Home Office will provide a further four and the government can call in help from the private sector, George Eustice said. Read the full post in The Independent.

The UK’s threat to walk out of EU trade talks is real

(1/3/20) Here’s an astute observation from a former senior British official in the EU, which came during a conversation about political misjudgments: in the corridors of Brussels, one no longer bumps into Brits to talk about how the politics is shaping up back home. There is nobody around any more at the heart of the EU machine to tell you what the UK government is really thinking. Read the full post in the Financial Times.

The UK's Brexit negotiator David Frost's reflections on the Brexit revolution in Britain

(18/2/20) Wow. The speech delivered yesterday evening at Brussels university by David Frost, who is now leading the UK’s negotiations with the EU over the post-Brexit trade deal, was a belter. Moreover, Frost framed his remarks in the context of Edmund Burke’s “Reflections on the Revolution in France”. Read the full post on Melanie

Portugal airports to introduce separate passport lanes for Britons after Brexit

(18/1/19) Portugal has announced plans to open separate customs lanes for British tourists at its airports after the UK leaves the European Union, as it seeks to prevent a post-Brexit slump in its tourism industry. Read the full post on Euronews.

The EU is facing a serious crisis. It's funding the same people who wish to wreck it

(15/2/20) The EU establishment is about to embark on years of deciding how the bloc can reform, refresh and ultimately reunite. One small snag: since Brexit, some Euroskeptic populists within the union have shifted from trying to leave the bloc to wanting to take it over and wreck it from within. Read the full post on CNN.

‘Access to British waters is essential!’ EU takes aim at UK fishermen in Brexit battle

(13/2/20) EU member states are calling for post-Brexit access to UK waters amid fishing rights already becoming a key battleground in the post-Brexit trade talks with the EU. But Fishing for Leave said that “The Government must revise the Fisheries Bill to legislate that in future foreign-flagged boats should only be granted access post-Brexit on a strictly annual basis and only if the UK receives a reciprocal value of fishing opportunities for in EU waters." Read the full article including the full quote from Fishing for Leave in the Daily Express.

The Irish General Election result shows that Leo Varadkar has paid the price for banging on about Brexit

(12/2/20) The result of Saturday’s general election is a brilliant blow against the Irish establishment and its obsessively pro-EU, anti-Brexit leanings. People are talking up the election result as a humiliation for Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader, Leo Varadkar. Read the full post in the The Spectator.

Macron and Barnier's 'shameless plot to dethrone London' in Brexit talks exposed

(12/2/20) Emmanuel Macron and Michel Barnier will be actively working during UK-EU trade talks to dethrone London as the continent's banker - as Brexit is the best opportunity in a century for France to achieve its "age-old ambition", unearthed reports claim. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

French president Emmanuel Macron demands Britain obeys EU rules on employment, environment and competition FOREVER to get a post-Brexit trade deal as tensions rise ahead of talks

(7/2/20) Emmanuel Macron is leading demands for the UK to be forced to commit to mirroring EU rules on employment and the environment forever if it wants a post-Brexit free trade deal with the bloc. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Post-Brexit: who are the new thinkers that will reshape Britain?

Douglas Carswell recently pointed out that the British state is filled with Guardianista quangocrats, whose presence in our institutions means that we get a left-wing agenda in almost every sphere of public policymaking, irrespective of the vote to leave or the Tory majority in Parliament. In this article, those people who had a big influence on Brexit and who will influence Britain's new role in the world are revealed. Read the full post on 1828.

Enough bullying Barnier! EU can't boss Britain around any longer.

(3/2/20) Michel Barnier, the annoyingly self-righteous French Brexit negotiator, has launched an opening salvo in the crucial Anglo-EU trade talks, which start today, all but accusing Britain of being about to throw every commercial and workplace rule and regulation drawn up in the last 100 years out of the window. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

'Typical EU!' Fury as Brussels demands UK pays £1bn bill - 'Britain MUST stick to rules'

(6/2/20) The EU sparked fury today after refusing to back down in a row over fresh demands for a whopping £1 billion bill. The European Commission said Britain “must stick to the rules” despite having left the bloc last Friday at 11pm. On Brexit day, the EU executive sent the Government cash demands for an extra £1.09 billion towards its 2019-2020 budget. It means Britain could end up handing over £10 billion to the bloc this year while the country remains in the transition period. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

EU will fall apart the moment Britain emerges on the world stage as a thriving nation, by Trevor Kavanagh

(2/2/20) Without us, without our ­constant nagging and especially without our £10BILLION a year going into its busted kitty — the ratchet of ever-closer union is about to strip its cogs. Until January 31 it was hard to say when the Grand Projet and its misbegotten euro would finally disintegrate. Now we can. The European Union will fall apart the moment Great Britain emerges clearly and distinctly on the world stage. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

A thousand EU financial firms plan to open UK offices after Brexit

(20/1/20) More than a thousand banks, asset managers, payments companies and insurers in the European Union plan to open offices in post-Brexit Britain so they can continue serving UK clients, regulatory consultancy Bovill said on Monday. Read the full post in the Reuters.

British economy will grow faster than eurozone rivals, says IMF

(21/1/20) Britain’s economy will grow faster than those of other major European countries this year as chief executives regard it as an increasingly attractive place to invest, two studies have found. Amid growing optimism over Britain’s economic outlook, the International Monetary Fund said that it would outperform the eurozone this year and next. Read the full post in the The Times.

Lib Dem peer Lord Greaves faces anger for warning that post-Brexit Britain could be 'reminiscent' of Nazi Germany

(15/1/20) A Liberal Democrat peer faces a furious backlash for warning post-Brexit Britain could be 'reminiscent' of Nazi Germany. Lord Greaves also claimed people were crying themselves to sleep at night over the UK's withdrawal from the EU, as he warned against 'triumphalistic behaviour'.Read the full post in the Daily Mail.
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