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THE BREXIT PARTY: Formed To Protect The Tory Establishment - by Kris Hicks, Director Of Communications for UKIP

(10/2/19) The Brexit Party is an electoral vehicle for Nigel Farage and friends. With bridges burned with UKIP, Mr Farage had nowhere to go in the event of a delayed Brexit, and another European Parliament election. Et voilà, the Brexit Party. Read the full post in Politicalite

Why I think a no-deal Brexit is now the most likely outcome - Robert Peston

(11/2/19) Most MPs tell me they believe a no-deal Brexit is a remote prospect. They are wrong. I would argue it is the most likely outcome – unless evasive action is taken much sooner than anyone expects. Here is why. Read the full post in The Spectator.

Martin Selmayr is taking over the Brexit negotiations – and that’s bad news for Britain

(30/1/19) A lot of media attention in the UK is often spent on whatever the EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and his team are saying, but I am hearing in Brussels that when Theresa May’s top Brexit advisor Olly Robbins visits EU institutions, he now meets Martin Selmayr, the controversial Secretary-General of the European Commission. Read the full post in The Spectator.

Farage: My new Brexit party stands ready to defend democracy

(8/2/19) The Brexit party was founded with my full support and with the intention of fighting the European elections on May 23 if Brexit has not been delivered by then. I have made it clear many times that I will not stand by and do nothing if the referendum result is betrayed, so should this election need to be contested, I will stand as a candidate for the Brexit Party and I will give it my all. Read the full post in The Telegraph (behind paywall).

Media ignore new production of world's best-selling car in UK in favour of disseminating anti-Brexit news on Nissan

Nissan’s decision not to begin production of a new model of car in Sunderland dominated the media at the start of the week, despite no jobs actually being lost. Funny how quiet the media was when another Japanese car giant did start a major new production line – just last month Toyota commenced production of the new 2019 Corolla at its Burnaston plant in Derbyshire where over 3000 people are employed. Read the full post on Media Guido.

The Netherlands scramble for UK's 'critical medicines' at risk from no-deal

(7/2/19) The Netherlands is scrambling to secure a stockpile of 50 “critical” medicines that are currently supplied by Britain amid growing fears of a no-deal Brexit, the Dutch health minister announced on Wednesday. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

Mike Hookem MEP says Irish border solutions exist, so get on with it

(30/1/19) UKIP Deputy Leader Mike Hookem MEP has issued a statement giving reasons why it is entirely possible to have a technological solution to the Irish border issue that has consumed Brexit. Read the full post UKIP's website.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten petitions Her Majesty to prorogue Parliament

(31/1/19) UKIP Leader Gerard Batten MEP has petitioned Queen Elizabeth II to prorogue Parliament until after the United Kingdom has left the European Union on 29 March 2019. Concerned that Members of Parliament are using the current session to attempt to delay or stop Brexit entirely, the UKIP Leader has petitioned Her Majesty to discontinue the current session of Parliament without dissolving it (proroguing). Read the full post on UKIP's website.

Theresa May digs in heels for long fight with EU chiefs over new Brexit deal demands

(30/1/19) Theresa May is digging in for a long-haul fight with the EU over her new demands for a Brexit deal, sparking a fresh Mexican stand-off. The PM’s allies revealed she won’t even present details of how she wants the unpopular Irish backstop changed until next week. Read the full post in The Sun.

Swedish foreign minister: I ‘cannot forgive’ UK for Brexit

(29/1/19) Margot Wallström, Sweden's foreign minister and a former European Commission vice president, lashed out today at Britain's political class over its handling of the country's EU exit. “I cannot forgive them for this," Wallström said of Brexit. Read the full post on Politico.

Juncker warns May: permanent customs union is price for revisiting backstop

(26/1/19) Jean-Claude Juncker has told Theresa May in a private phone call that shifting her red lines in favour of a permanent customs union is the price she will need to pay for the EU revising the Irish backstop. Read the full post in The Guardian.

Next German leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer could help salvage Therea May’s battered Brexit - by Trevor Kavanagh

(21/1/19) It is possible,though unlikely, that a new alliance could salvage Theresa May’s battered Brexit, win a majority in Parliament and heal the wounds between Leavers and Remainers. Meanwhile, Germany is under siege from its political and industrial leaders, who are finally speaking out against a breach in trade and security ties with a vital European ally. Together this makes it ­possible to navigate a way through the thicket of bitterness and rancour which has soured ­politics, divided families and split the British nation. Read the full post in The Sun.

Theresa May refuses to rule out keeping UK tied to EU customs union

(23/1/19) Theresa May today refused to rule out keeping Britain tied to the European customs union after Brexit. The PM was asked to say for sure that the UK will be free to strike new trade deals once we quit the EU. But she failed to reply - potentially keeping the door open for a much softer Brexit. Read the full story in The Sun.

What’s the Brexit backstop and what does it mean for the Irish border?

(23/1/19) The backstop plan is essentially a safety net if there is no Brexit trade deal. It would avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.The backstop will see Britain remain in the customs union for as long as necessary until an alternative way of keeping the border open is found. It would ensure that no "tariffs, quotas, rules of origin or customs processes" would be applied to UK-EU trade. It is unclear if the UK would be able to strike free trade agreements with other countries while the backstop endured. Read the full post in The Sun.

The campaign for a People's Vote on Brexit has descended into infighting and splits

(22/1/19) With just over two months to go until the UK is due to leave the European Union, the campaign for a second Brexit referendum is deeply divided over how to achieve its goal. Pro-Remain MPs and officials on the People’s Vote campaign are split on the overarching strategy of how to secure a public vote, on campaign events and tactics, whether People’s Vote should run the Remain campaign if a second referendum is called, and over the actions and motivations of its leading politicians. Read the full article on Buzzfeed.

The 'absolute disaster' of the People's Vote campaign

(23/1/19) The People’s Vote campaign have been getting an absolute kicking on the back of Alex Wickham’s big expose for Buzzfeed (see article above), following Guido Fawkes' report on the campaign infighting last month. Surprisingly, much of it is coming from the Left. Read the full post on Media Guido.

UKIP Cambs member demonstrates in London and features in The Guardian after May's Withdrawal Deal bill is defeated

(15/1/19) Thousands of people’s vote supporters let out a roar in Parliament Square as big screens broadcast the thumping defeat of Theresa May’s deal to leave the European Union. At points during the rally, leave supporters had tried to heckle the protest. Some were moved away by police. One man had a number of “cancel Brexit” stickers applied to his back while he waved a Vote Leave placard. Outside the gates of the palace, Philip Hodson, 60, from Newmarket in Suffolk, stood holding a placard reading: “Uphold our English constitution.” Read the full article in The Guardian.

The cheer on Question Time that will terrify Corbyn’s Labour

(18/1/19) How brilliant was that cheer on Question Time last night? Isabel Oakeshott said Theresa May should just walk away from the EU. Fiona Bruce asked her if she meant we should pursue ‘No Deal’. ‘Yes’, said Oakeshott and there it was, instantly, contagiously, the loudest cheer I can remember hearing from a Question Time audience. Read the full post in The Spectator.

Forget the Remainers’ forecasts of economic disaster – we don’t need a trade deal to trade, says top economist Roger Bootle

(16/1/19) Mrs May’s deal is dead but the pro-Remain establishment is still trying to stitch us up by concocting some way of staying close to the EU or stopping Brexit altogether. Their tactic is to try to frighten the British people into believing that if we leave the EU without a deal then we will face economic disaster. Read the full post in The Sun.

Eurosceptic Tories react to May's Withdrawal Deal bill defeat with proposal: A Better Deal and A Better Future

(15/1/19) In the wake of the Government’s draft Withdrawal Agreement being overwhelmingly defeated in the House of Commons, more than twenty senior Eurosceptic Conservatives have given their support to a document seeking to set out what the Government needs to do now. Read the full post on Brexit Central.

John Bercow named ‘European of the Week’ as EU media outlets brand him hero after he ‘thwarted’ UK Government

(17/1/2019) Speaker John Bercow has been branded “European of the Week” by the continental media — underlining his anti-Brexit credentials. Dutch, German and French media outlets have portrayed him as a hero with videos going viral on social media. Read the full post in The Sun.

There's a secret plan by rebel MPs to stop a No Deal Brexit

(19/1/19) Details of a plan to prevent a no-deal Brexit by tearing up the parliamentary rulebook and allowing a minority of MPs to seize control of House of Commons business have been uncovered. The former Conservative attorney general Dominic Grieve is working with a cross-party group of MPs, including leading Remain-supporting Labour rebels, to draw up a new amendment that would have parliament take control of the Brexit process and let backbenchers introduce legislation to extend or revoke Article 50. Read the scoop story on BuzzFeed.

Voters are just as split on Brexit as the MPs! Polls find nearly as many people want no-deal as a referendum

(13/1/19) Voters appear to be just as split on Brexit as MPs - with nearly as many people wanting no deal as a second referendum. With just two days to go until a crunch Commons showdown on Theresa May's plan, polls have underlined the depth of divisions in the country. Read the full story in the Read the full story in the Mail on Sunday.

The three scenes from Ch4’s Brexit: The Uncivil War drama that show why Remain lost - by Fraser Nelson of The Spectator

(7/1/19) The story the Brexit film tells is perhaps the most important story of our times: how politicians had become stuck in a late-90s time warp using a Clinton-era playbook, and thought Remain would easily win the referendum. But they lost because politics changes and the new energy was coming from forgotten voters who saw a chance to be counted. And Dominic Cummings, an outsider with contempt for the establishment, spotted this. Read the full story in the The Spectator.

A review of the political drama 'Brexit: The Uncivil War' by the Vote Leave Research Director

(8/1/19) Brexit: The Uncivil War didn’t reveal the truth about Vote Leave. It makes the big claim right at the start: to show us what really happened in the EU referendum two years ago, and to give us insight into the inner workings of the Vote Leave campaign. It’s an enticing offer but (ironically for a film about allegedly dodgy campaign pledges) I’m not really sure it ever really delivers on this promise. Read the full article in The Spectator.

Most Tory party members BACK 'no deal': 57% of Conservative activists prefer crashing out of the EU over her Brexit plan

Theresa May faced fresh woe today as a poll found 57 per cent of Tory members want a no-deal Brexit. A major survey found the Conservative rank-and-file take a far harder line than the wider public - where only a quarter favour leaving the bloc with no agreement. A majority of voters across all parties - 53 per cent - said the PM had failed to get a good deal. Read the full story in the Daily Mail.

UK 'needs leadership' and 'massive' trade deal not possible under Theresa May's Brexit agreement, claims US ambassador

(31/12/18) Britain is “in need of leadership”, Donald Trump’s ambassador to the UK has said, as he warned a “quick, very massive” trade deal with the US would not be possible under Theresa May’s Brexit plan. Read the full post in the Telegraph (behind paywall).

Germans sound the alarm at cost to EU of No Deal Brexit if we don’t give £39bn

(27/12/18) Europeans will have to shell out billions more to fund Brussels' budget if we quit the EU with No Deal, a top Eurocrat warned today. The EU's German budget chief said Europe would suffer without the £39billion Britain has previously promised to pay after Brexit. Gunther Oettinger's warning come as a boost to Brexiteers who insist we can get a better deal from Brussels because they're terrified of No Deal. Read the full post in The Sun.

French economy will overtake UK’s as Brexit bites – but Britain will leapfrog them again within years even if Scotland and Northern Ireland quit the union

(26/12/18) France is set to replace the UK as the sixth richest country in the world, the Centre for Economics and Business Research said. But Britain’s fundamental strengths mean this country will quickly overcome the setback of being pushed into seventh place and will overtake France again to reclaim the sixth spot a year later. Read the full story in the Daily Mail.
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