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Brexit: Project Fear’s Best ‘No Deal’ Scare Stories of 2018

(26/12/18) The failure of Project Fear to persuade voters in 2016 has not dissuaded EU loyalists from adopting similar tactics to try and persuade the public to either change their minds or accept a kind of “Brexit In Name Only”, or BRINO — anything but a clean “No Deal” exit on World Trade Organization terms. Here are some of Project Fear 2.0’s Greatest Hits from 2018.

Millions of Europeans will be allowed to work in Britain for SIX YEARS after Brexit, Sajid Javid confirms

(20/12/18) UNLIMITED numbers of foreign workers will be able to come to the UK until at least 2025 under post-Brexit immigration plans. In a huge sop to big business, migrants from the EU and other countries deemed as ‘low risk’ will be free to live in the UK for periods of 12 months at a time. Read the full post in The Sun.

Brexit-supporting Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin blasts MPs for having 'no knowledge' of customs union cost to consumers

(19/12/18) Tim Martin, the chairman of pub group JD Wetherspoon, has written a letter to every single MP in the country explaining his dismay that many politicians do not seem to know how the customs union works. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Six reasons why revoking Article 50 would kill Brexit, not pause it

(17/12/18) Revocation of Article 50 is for life, not just Christmas. Rulings of the EU’s court are not intended to be understood; the ECJ exercises power through deliberate ambiguity. Read the full post on The Spectator.

NO DEAL? NO WORRIES The European Union has more to lose from a No Deal Brexit than a well-prepared UK,

While negotiating a deal with the EU is preferable, the No Deal scenarios of food shortages and lack of medicines, put forward by Project Fear doom-mongers, are preposterous says the 'Brexiteer’s Brain' aka Shanker Singham. Read the full post on The Sun.

No Deal Brexit is our best chance of leaving the EU and delivering what voters actually want — as British jobs miracle is the envy of Europe, by Trevor Kavanagh

The éminence grise of Fleet Street Trevor Kavanagh speaks authoritatively on Brexit. Thanks to Theresa May’s feeble negotiations, EU leaders have never seriously believed Britain would end up “crashing out”. It was bottom of their list of likely Brexit outcomes. Now it is back in play — and they are paying attention. Read the full post on The Sun.

Brexiteers and DUP publish alternative Backstop proposal

(12/12/18) Brexiteers have launched a new 59-page report complete with 6 annexes including a fully-drafted alternative Irish backstop protocol, by “Brexiteers’ Brain” Shanker Singham, lawyer Robert MacLean and Dutch customs expert Hans Maessen. If the Government are going to get their deal through they need to start listening to alternative proposals. Read the full post on Euro Guido.

Gerard Batten discussing Brexit Deal Vote on Sky News

(6/12/18) Our leader Gerard Batten being interviewed by Adam Boulton of Sky News outside Parliament. Read the full post on the UKIP national website.

Norway option is worst of all Brexit outcomes for UK, say EU sources

(4/12/18) The UK would have to follow European Union rules more strictly than Norway, if MPs choose the Nordic model as a route out of Brexit deadlock, sources have said. “Norway is the worst of all outcomes for the UK because that is Brexit in name only,” said the senior EU source. Read the full post in Read the full post in The Guardian.

Brexit deal explained: backstops, trade and citizens' rights - The Guardian

(25/11/18) A useful guide from The Guardian on the issues in the Withdrawal Deal and Political Declaration. Read the full post in The Guardian.

Theresa May’s Brexit deal hasn’t got a cat in hell’s chance of getting through Parliament, it’s time for the well-meaning bungler to go

(26/11/18) Thanks to Mrs May, the world’s fifth-largest economy, one of the strongest military powers and a bastion of international diplomacy is the object of global pity and scorn. Read the full post in The Sun.

May’s Brexit deal: the legal verdict

This short article by Martin Howe QC reveals why this isn't just a bad deal but an atrocious one. ‘Why is the Prime Minister so desperate for a deal that she is willing to humiliate her country in this way?’ Read the full article in The Spectator.

Brexit: Theresa May's 'letter to the nation' in full

(25/11/18) Prime Minister Theresa May has written a letter to the nation setting out why she thinks the public should back her Brexit deal. Here is the full letter.

Juncker's attack on BREXITEERS: 'Feel sad imagining the lives of your GRANDCHILDREN'

(25/11/18) Jean-Claude Juncker announced he would be “deeply sad” imagining his grandchildren’s lives if he were British, while also saying Brexit is a “wrong decision” made by British people. Mr Juncker said: “I am very sad because seeing UK which is not something less than important is a moment of sadness. We have reached the best possible deal for the UK and UE but I’m deeply sad. It’s the wrong decision taken by the British people." Read the full article in the Sunday Express.

Gibraltar is ours as long as citizens vote to be British and the Spanish ‘have no greater claim than they do on Portugal’ after Brexit, says Rod Liddle

(22/11/18) WITH a Brexit deal close to being agreed, what has happened? Someone has shoved a Spaniard in the works, that’s what. That Third World basket case Spain is threatening to veto any deal we strike with the European Union. Read the full article in The Sun.

Brexiters accuse May of Gibraltar betrayal ‘under cover of darkness’

(24/11/18) Stewart Jackson, former chief of staff to ex-Brexit secretary David Davis, said: “The Gibraltar surrender may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It betrays a fundamental unwillingness to listen or even understand [May’s] own party, for whom the Rock is totemic, and is a very foolish thing to have done." Read the full article in The Guardian.

Theresa May’s Brexit blueprint is not passing the House of Commons as there’s no sign of weakening the Tory rebellion

(24/11/18) RIGHT now, Theresa May’s Brexit deal is not passing the House of Commons. Even if No10 halved the Tory rebellion at a stroke, it still would not have the votes. Downing Street’s hope had been that the political declaration on the future relationship between the UK and the EU would have won critics round. But there has been no sign of any weakening of the rebellion. Read the full article in The Sun.

Brexit deal sell-out protects barbaric trade of sending live animals abroad for slaughter - Boris Johnson

(24/11/18) The prospect of a ban on live animal transport is even mentioned in the so-called Chequers white paper. Indeed, the ban has been promised over and over again. And now what? I am afraid to say that our hopes will almost certainly be dashed by the appalling sell-out that we are about to sign. Read the full article in The Sun.

May’s Brexit Deal Has a Fatal Defect

(20/11/18) If Britain’s parliament rejects the deal, as seems likely and as it certainly should, the EU will suffer serious collateral damage from the pain inflicted on Britain. If, on the other hand, Europe wins and the deal goes through, its victory will turn to ashes in short order. The EU will have converted a potential friend and partner (the world’s fifth biggest economy and a valuable military and intelligence-gathering ally) into a humiliated subordinate, primed for vengeance. That situation is certain to end badly — for both sides. Read the full article on Bloomberg.

Tory Remainers prep No Confidence letters in the PM as Britain edges towards a No Deal Brexit

(11/11/18) Tory ‘Remainers’ are preparing No Confidence letters in Theresa May as the UK edges towards a No Deal, the Sun can reveal. A furious senior Tory last night stormed “it’s now clear the Prime Minister is the problem” and it was time for a change in No?10. Read the full article in the Sun on Sunday.

'Let's leave the EU as friends…by giving them £20BILLION': JACOB REES-MOGG offers Brussels a 'Brexiteer compromise' to achieve a quick and clean break

(11/11/18) A worrying article by Jacob Rees-Mogg offering compromise on Brexit in which he suggests that the UK offers Brussels £20 billion to make our departure from the EU as amicable as possible. Read the full article in the Mail on Sunday.

Niall Ferguson’s Brexit conversion

(25/6/18) Niall Ferguson is a well-known historian very broadly ‘on the Right’ and his discussion on how the Left now dominates the history departments of almost all universities is both illuminating and deeply depressing. The discussion on Brexit starts about one hour in. Ferguson was a Remainer but has since turned to Brexit. His explanation for this change of heart is convincing. He maintains that Brexit will probably have a damaging impact on the economy, but the vote to leave the EU was more than economics. It was about sovereignty and in particular controlling immigration. He takes the Leave campaign to task for essentially ignoring the immigration point. Watch the full video on Conservative Woman.

Anatomy of a sellout – how May manipulated us all

(5/111/18) The May/Robbins axis has almost reached victory, and is putting finishing touches to its astonishing plan for the UK to remain under EU control for trade and a wide penumbra of associated dimensions of our national life. The longer the European Research Group (ERG) spoke of nearly 48 letters going in to the 1922 Committee, the more credibility they lost, and now look a sorry band of ineffectual moaners. Read the full article on Conservative Woman.

International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, clarifies misconceptions on WTO negotiations and goods schedules

(2/11/18) Dr Fox writes: 'Before we leave the EU, the UK needs to separate its schedules from the EU’s. As part of this process, WTO members have a chance to respond. A small number expressed reservations and would like to discuss further. Last week, I announced that the UK intends to open negotiations at the WTO to address these concerns. This has been purposefully misunderstood by those wishing to stop Brexit as evidence that our WTO strategy isn’t working. In the unlikely event of a “no deal” between the UK and EU, we will be able to take full control of our trade policy in March 2019 based on the schedule we have set out. Read the full article on

Boris slams May's 'Brussels fudge' and urges ministers to REJECT her 'absolute stinker' of a Brexit deal

Theresa May is scrambling to quell a Brexiteer mutiny today as Boris Johnson urged MPs to oppose her ‘appalling’ blueprint for future relations with the EU. Mr Johnson said the plan was an 'absolute stinker' and a ‘Christmas present of the finest old Brussels fudge’ which meant ‘we are proposing to hand over an amazing £40billion for absolutely nothing in return’. ‘We have agreed to remain in vassalage forever,' he said. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

France signs Ireland deal to leave UK lorries in Calais queue for HOURS

(3/11/18)France has agreed to fast-track Irish lorries through Calais in a deal that could force British truckers to face gruelling queues lasting for hours. But the deal has angered haulage firms in the UK, who have blasted the EU for an apparent attempt to punish and humiliate Britain over Brexit. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

EU owes UK 10.3 billion euros – its time to leave and May must go - by Rodney Atkinson, author of 'Europe's Full Circle'

(24/10/18) The UK must demand from the European Union the share of the EU’s capital assets to which we have contributed over 46 years. Commitments on current and capital accounts should be treated the same. In other words if the UK has to pay for the “benefits” of the EU even after we have left, the EU must pay for the benefits the UK paid for and which they will continue to benefit from in the future – in other words our capital contribution. Read the full post on UKIP Daily.

Gerard Batten MEP and Mike Hookem MEP on the streets of London during the so-called People's March

(21/10/18) Short video of Gerard Batten MEP and Mike Hooken MEP (Leader and Deputy Leader) as they discuss the anti-democratic so-called People's March walking past them in London on Saturday 20th March. Watch the video on YouTube.

This is your Brexit Boudicca moment, Theresa… it’s time to say: ‘On Your Way, Barnier’ like ‘Up Yours, Delors’ by Nick Timothy

(15/10/18) The longer we pretend Chequers can survive, the worse the outcome will be. As we negotiate the Withdrawal Agreement, Britain should be seeking watertight assurances about our future relationship. Without them, we will sign away a £40billion divorce payment without any confidence we will get a fair deal for the future. Theresa May must call on her deepest reserves of defiance and stand up to the European Union like our ancient queen rose up against the Roman Empire. Read the full article in The Sun.

Trevor Kavanagh: Theresa May is leading Britain to our worst defeat since 1066 with Brexit

Betrayeux Tapestry
(15/10/18) Excellent article by The Sun's former political editor. He says that the 'British Lion is a toothless kitten and we are the laughing stock of Europe unless the PM is stopped by her Cabinet, MPs or Parliament'. Also, 'Barring a last-minute revolt by Tory Brexiteers, Brussels has won and we have lost. The world’s sixth-largest economy will not just be worse off outside the EU, but reduced to a powerless political pawn on its margins — and paying for it'. In this he is totally right. Read the full post in The Sun.
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