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Galloway: Lords push to undo Brexit as voted for by the British people is an act of high treason

(22/4/18) We are a Constitutional Monarchy without a constitution, a Parliamentary Democracy with a rigged electoral system in which Parliament can be bypassed on the issue of a war on the whim of a here today gone tomorrow Prime Minister (without even a parliamentary majority to her name).

And now we have an entirely unelected chamber – with Liberal Democrat peers stuffed to the rafters – deciding to railroad us out of a real Brexit and into the Brino siding. Read the full post on Westmonster.

HSBC survey says UK business will 'OUTPACE EU' for fastest growth in years

(10/4/18) Brexit Britain can “expect” a UK growth of “10 per cent” which would be the fastest since 2011 as UK businesses explore exciting new markets. Brexit's possible impact on businesses was reported by Amanda Murphy, head of commercial banking for HSBC UK, while she claimed her bank predicts “a really strong near-term outlook for UK exporters and importers”. Read the full story in the Daily Express.

Fishing for Leave announce mass protests over Brexit transition deal

(4/4/18) Fishing for Leave are staging protests across the country to hit back against the government’s apparent sell-out of fishing communities in the Brexit transition deal. The group says the terms of the deal would mean that the EU could essentially eradicate the UK fishing fleet and plunder British waters. It represents a total betrayal of the fishing communities who have already been badly hit by EU membership in the past.

On Sunday, around 200 vessels will form flotillas in places such as Whitstable, Hastings, Portsmouth, Milford Haven, Newcastle and Plymouth. Read the full story on Westmonster.

GALLOWAY: Blair’s still calling the shots, we’re heading towards Brexit in name only

(02/04/18) Excellent post by George Galloway on how Blair has deftly manipulated and galvanised the Remoaner movement across political parties, Whitehall and Westminster, finance capital, what remains of industrial capital, the deep state, the Captains of Fleet St and Broadcasting House. Read the full post on Westmonster.

Gerard Batten says the UK will not surrender to the European Union

(14/3/18) Gerard Batten MEP said in a speech in the European Parliament that the UK will not surrender to the European Union despite the Prime Minister’s position in the Brexit negotiations suggesting she will settle for a “conditional surrender”. Ending his short speech he said, “We will not accept subservience to the EU, we want full independence and the return to our former status as an independent democratic nation-state.” Watch the short speech on his YouTube channel.

Tusk visits Dublin to reject British calls for Brexit trade talks before an 'explicit' deal on the Irish border question

8/3/18) Excellent post explaining the situation over the Irish border and Brexit. Donald Tusk today warned Britain all 27 EU nations are united in their determination to secure a deal for Ireland before trade talks. The EU's fall back position is keeping Northern Ireland inside EU rules - something considered impossible by London and Belfast despite a political agreement in December with Theresa May. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Who do you trust on the Irish border? The UK’s top customs official, or the unapologetically pro-EU Hilary Benn?

(6/3/18) Via BrexitCentral on Twitter, a very revealing exchange on 29th November 2017 in a Parliamentary committee between Hilary Benn and Jon Thompson, Chief Executive and Permanent Secretary of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Watch the short video.

The EU Withdrawal Agreement - an attempt to annex Northern Ireland? By Briefings for Brexit

(4/3/18) The EU Withdrawal Agreement hardens the EU’s line on using the Irish land border as a battering ram to elicit further concessions from the UK. This tactic is unlikely to work. The border is a manageable issue, and the sensible UK proposals have been validated by a detailed EU report on the use of technology to solve the problem. This article is from a new organisation set up academia to champion Brexit and offset the inherent ideological bias in academia against leaving the EU. Read the full article on Briefings for Brexit.

Labour ‘weaponises’ Brexit to win votes from EU migrants for local elections

(27/02/18) Labour is planning to “weaponise” its new softer Brexit stance to woo three million citizens from other EU nations who are eligible to vote in the forthcoming local elections. MPs have been writing to Europeans living in Britain appealing for their support at the ballot box in London and elsewhere in May. Read the full article in The Times.

It’s time to stop doom-mongering over the Irish border – the solutions are already out there

(07/02/18) An excellent and long article by Hugh Bennett, Deputy Editor at BrexitCentral, as to how the Irish border could work whatever Brexit deal is eventually reached. Read the full article on Brexit Central.

UK manufacturing output at its highest for 10 years #despiteBrexit

(10/1/18) UK manufacturing output is expanding at its fastest rate since early 2008 after recording a seventh consecutive month of growth in November. Renewable energy projects, boats, aeroplanes and cars for export helped make output 3.9% higher in the three months to November than in 2016. Official figures also show industrial output rose by 0.4% in November. Read the full article on the BBC website.

Hammond and Davis warn excluding City from Brexit deal could cause a GLOBAL CRASH on visit to Germany - but Merkel threatens to BLOCK UK plan for aligning regulation

10/1/18) Failing to include the City of London in a Brexit trade deal could raise the risk of a global financial crash, Philip Hammond and David Davis warned today. The two ministers delivered the stark message as they launched a charm offensive in Germany with negotiations at a critical stage. They said the 2008 credit crunch had demonstrated how easily 'contagion' could spread between economies if financial regulation was not coordinated between major nations. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

EU President Juncker: Brexit will happen, no second Referendum

(9/1/18) The president of the European Commission has said he thinks Brexit will go ahead and there will not be a second referendum, whilst warning remaining member states they will have to pay more into the bloc’s budget. Read the full article on Breitbart London.

Brussels admits bad Brexit deal would hurt: Leaked EU report lays bare fears over economic damage from attempt to punish Britain

(9/1/18) Brussels has admitted that a bad Brexit deal will cost jobs and harm trade in Europe, a leaked document has revealed. The EU report lays bare the many towns and cities across the bloc which rely on Britain for its trade and manufacturing. Daily Mail.

Priti Patel calls for investigation that the Remain campaign overspent funds during Brexit campaign

(1/1/18) FORMER Cabinet Minister Priti Patel has demanded Britain's election watchdog open a probe into overspending by Remain in 2016’s bitter Brexit referendum. The devout Brexiteer said it could not be right that Britain Stronger in Europe were able to “blatantly flout the rules to feed the British people their propaganda” in a hard-hitting letter to the Electoral Commission. Read the full article in The Sun.

Trade deal by March or WALK AWAY: Owen Paterson warns May to ignore 'Remoaner double talk'

(31/12/17) Senior Brexiteer Owen Paterson has warned Theresa May that heads of terms for a new free trade deal with the EU need to be agreed by March or Britain should quit talks and prepare for no deal. The former cabinet minister has told the Prime Minister that enough concessions have been made to the EU and the Prime Minister must not be taken in by “Remoaner double talk.” Read the full article in the Daily Express.

Business chiefs warn Theresa May their patience over Brexit is 'wearing thin' amid dismay at 'division and disorganisation' across Westminster

(31/12/17) Theresa May has been warned that business chiefs' patience over Brexit is 'wearing thin' and Westminster must get to grips with the challenge. British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) director general Adam Marshall said firms want clarity and results from the Government and suggested industry was dismayed by 'division and disorganisation' across Westminster. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

UK to TURBOCHARGE global trade links as HUNDREDS of key negotiators are hired

(30/12/17) Britain's drive to turbocharge its global trade links after Brexit has passed a crucial milestone with more than 100 experienced trade negotiators hired at a key ministry to strike new deals around the world. International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said the recruitment meant the UK was ready to take full advantage of the opportunities of breaking free from the European Union. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

We got it wrong on Brexit gloom, economists admit: Buoyant British economy is set to power past France by 2020

(26/12/17) Britain's economy is now predicted to overtake France's in 2020 as experts admitted they had been too gloomy over Brexit. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) had claimed the economy would slow down because of a drop in consumer spending and investment. But last night the think-tank admitted it had got this wrong, saying: 'In practice this has not happened.' Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

New poll shows 9 point lead for those in favour of Brexit

(27/12/17) YouGov’s Eurotrack results for December shows that whilst 48% of Brits asked prefer that the UK leaves the EU, only 39% now say they would prefer for the UK to remain, a 9 point lead for those now full square behind Brexit. An additional 13% of those asked are undecided. That is a big swing since the same firm asked the same question in October. Back then support for leaving had just a 2 point lead. Read the full article on Westmonster.

The UK remains top for tech startups after Brexit, whether it's talent, capital or "deep tech" expertise

(30/11/17) The UK remains the top country in Europe for innovative technology startups, attracting more talent and investment than any other country and claiming the crown as the region's capital for "deep tech". The findings come in a major new report from venture capital firm Atomico which signals a feared Brexit effect on the industry has not materialised. Read the full article in City a.m..

Eire - freed from Britain, trapped in the EU

(24/11/17) Excellent short article on Eire’s current obstruction of Brexit talks. The author asks, 'What was the point of fighting to extricate the country from London rule, only to hand it over to Brussels in a matter of decades? Remind me: what was that expression? ‘Ourselves Alone’.' Read the full article on Spiked Online.

We cannot incorporate the EU Charter into UK law or else it will be chaos says Suella Fernandes MP

(21/11/17 This week Parliament will be asked to vote on whether to incorporate the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights into UK law. If Labour, acting with others, manage to force this through there will be legal chaos. Not only will it hand new and long lasting powers to UK courts to strike down UK laws over the head of Parliament on woolly interpretations of EU ‘rights’, but it will oblige them to continue to follow the EU’s Court. Read the full article in The Sun.

'If you walk away they’ll come to us!' James Dyson's brilliant argument FOR no deal Brexit

(12/11/17) Sir James Dyson has said that “the time has come” for the United Kingdom to walk away from the European Union without a Brexit deal. The sixth round of Brexit talks concluded on Friday with David Davis and Michel Barnier announcing that negotiations were still in the first phase of talks. Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show, the founder of the Dyson company, claimed the EU was asking for too much in negotiations. Read the full story in the Daily Express.

REVEALED: The 10 regions to hit fishing jackpot as Brexit to see industry boom 50 per cent

(12/11/17) Brexit will revive the UK fishing industry, creating 30,000 extra jobs and regenerating seaside towns in a boost to the nation’s economy worth almost £3 billion, according to fishermen’s leaders. Long-neglected ports such as Lowestoft, Grimsby and Whitby could be given a new lease of life, along with Cornish coastal towns and seaside resorts such as Scarborough. At the moment 60 per cent of Britain’s fishing stock, worth £650million a year, is caught by foreign vessels from the EU. Read the full story in the Daily Express.

New York Times: No One Knows What Britain Is Anymore

(4/11/17) 'I’ve lived and worked for nine years in Britain, first during the Thatcher years and then again for the last four politically chaotic ones. While much poorer in the 1980s, Britain mattered internationally. Now, with Brexit, it seems to be embracing an introverted irrelevance.' Read the full article in the pro-Democrat, liberal New York Times.

Christopher Chope MP: After meeting Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt, I’ve concluded that no deal will be better than their deal

(10/11/17) 'Having heard what they had to say, I’m afraid I’ve come to the conclusion that the only Brexit deal being offered to us from Brussels would be far worse for the UK than leaving without a deal in March 2019'. Read the full article in Brexit Central.

'GET US OUT!' Anger as its revealed EU is costing Britain £267million A WEEK

(01/11/17) Britain handed a colossal £13.9 billion to the EU last year, official figures revealed today. Data from the Office for National Statistics showed that the eye-watering sum, equivalent to £267 million a week, was paid to Brussels by UK taxpayers to cover the country's membership of the bloc. Read the full article in the Daily Express.

We don't want YOU back! Eurocrats crush Remainer's faint hopes of keeping Britain in bloc

(26/10/17) Brussels officials today delivered a big blow to Remainer hopes of overturning Brexit by insisting they will not play along with any attempts to keep Britain in the EU by the backdoor. Eurocrats said they are fed up of “dancing around” the UK and have no interest in working with europhile MPs on a never-ending transition that would maintain the status quo. Read the full article in the Daily Express.
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