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UKIP gazebo
Whilst we all frequently get asked by UKIP nationally to donate to the party, it is easy to forget that the branch also needs some funds with which to function. This can include booking a room for a meeting or responding to calls from our leader for donations for elections. Pictured above is the gazebo that we bought jointly with UKIP Hunts & South Cambs and UKIP West Suffolk at a cost of £600. It's a good sign that any donation you make will not be wasted.

A contribution of any sum would be very much appreciated. You can donate to the branch via bank transfer. Our bank details are Barclays, Sort code 20-17-20, Account number 93096769. If you would prefer to pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to: 'UKIP Cambridge & SE Cambs' and post to: Peter Burkinshaw, 10 Alder Court, Union Lane, Cambridge, CB4 1GX.
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