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Douglas Carswell Campaigns in Cambridge

Douglas Carswell

UKIP MP Douglas Carswell joins Patrick O’Flynn for party’s biggest-ever Cambridge meeting - April 17th

From the Cambridge News

A UKIP MP is coming to Cambridge as part of the party's biggest-ever meeting in the city - and rival politicians have been invited to come along.

Douglas Carswell will join Cambridge candidate Patrick O'Flynn for one of UKIP's famed public meetings on Friday, April 17.

Mr O'Flynn told the News that rival candidates would be invited with the promise of prime seats and the chance to ask questions of the party seen as a wildcard in the Cambridge election race.

"It is fantastic news that Douglas Carswell has agreed to come and speak in Cambridge," said Mr O'Flynn.

"This will be by far the biggest event UKIP has held in Cambridge and a real highlight of my campaign.

"We are going to invite each of the rival parties standing in Cambridge to send two people along - including the candidates themselves if they are free and wish to attend. We will reserve them seats and guarantee to take at least one question from each rival party during the Q&A session after the main speeches.

"Throughout last year's European election campaign UKIP candidates did public meetings up and down the country and many were attended by supporters and even members of other parties who just wanted the opportunity to participate in political debate and were grateful to us for being so open to discussion.

"As a party which prides itself on being close to the people we are aiming to continue in that spirit in this general election campaign too."

Mr Flynn said he expects around 200 people to attend the meeting as the party builds towards its most serious campaign ever in Cambridge.

The party's candidate for Cambridge has been appointed UKIP's national general election campaign director as well as serving as its economic spokesman.

"We are quite happy to take questions from people who are non-aligned or even active supporters of other parties so long as they are expressed in sensible terms and not abusive ones," said Mr O'Flynn.

"I think both Douglas and I have built reputations as UKIP spokespeople who express political ideas in moderate and engaging ways and are motivated by genuine intellectual curiosity. We will relish an evening of proper political debate."

MEP Mr O'Flynn was born in Cambridge and educated at Morley Primary School, Parkside secondary, Long Road Sixth Form College and King's College where he took a degree in economics. His East of England European constituency includes Cambridge.

Mr Carswell made political history last year by leaving the Conservatives for UKIP while standing down from Parliament to defend his Clacton seat in a by-election - a move that resulted in a landslide win.

He is favourite to retain the Clacton constituency for UKIP at the general election.

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