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The Who’s Roger Daltrey slams ‘The Woke Generation’: They’re creating a ‘miserable world for themselves’.

(7/5/21) “I mean, anyone who’s lived a life — and you see what they’re doing — you just know that it’s a route to nowhere, especially when you’ve lived through the periods of a life that we’ve had the privilege to”, said Daltrey. Read the full post on Breitbart.

Churchill College panel claims wartime PM was a white supremacist leading an empire 'worse than the Nazis'

(11/2/21) Winston Churchill was a white supremacist leading an empire “worse than the Nazis”, according to an academic panel at a Cambridge college named in his honour. The former Prime Minister was immersed in a “white supremacist philosophy” of which he was the “perfect embodiment”, according to panellists discussing his legacy at a Churchill College event. Read the full post in the Daily Telegraph.

If you’re an ethnic minority Conservative, you just can’t win

(10/2/21) For some time Huffington Post 'journalist' Nadine White has been targeting Kemi Badenoch MP, and her reporting has consistently distorted the facts. Read the full post on Cap X.

Illegal migrants unhappy with free accommodation in ‘racist’ UK want to return to EU

(7/2/21) A group of asylum seekers said that they will leave the United Kingdom to go back to the EU, complaining about the supposed racism of being provided with free taxpayer-funded accommodation at former British Army barracks. Read the full post in the Breitbart.

Local elections to go ahead in England in May, Government confirms

(5/2/21) Local elections will go ahead in England in May – but voters will have to bring their own pencil to mark their ballot paper under new coronavirus safety rules. The Cabinet Office confirmed that “Covid-secure” polls would be held as planned, despite fears that the pandemic would lead to them being postponed again. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Facebook shuts down major Socialist Worker Party account in Britain

(22/1/21) Facebook has shut down the accounts of one of the biggest left wing organisations in Britain, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) (1). The Socialist Workers Party Facebook page – as well as account of local pages – have been removed from Facebook with no explanation given. Those targeted say it amounts to a silencing of political activists. Read the full post on the SWP website.

We’re already losing Northern Ireland - are we about to lose Gibraltar too?

(12/1/21) On New Year’s Eve, a deal was done on Gibraltar, which is excluded from the new UK-EU ‘trade deal’ because of a veto granted to Spain. Gibraltar will become part of the EU’s Schengen zone: the supposedly-free travel area within all EU member states. Schengen controls will be applied at Gibraltar's airport and port "with the assistance" of the EU’s Frontex officers. These include Spanish officers. Read the full post on

Net migration from overseas to the UK in the year ending March 2020 totalled 313,000 - the highest in four years

According to the latest estimates by the ONS, net migration from overseas to the UK in the year ending March 2020 totalled 313,000 - the highest in four years and approaching the all-time record of 331,000 in the year to March 2015. Total long-term immigration by those of all citizenships (715,000), and total immigration by non-UK citizens (633,000) were both at the highest levels ever recorded. Net migration to the UK from outside the EU nearly tripled since the year to March 2013 (when it was 106,000) to its highest level ever - 316,000. Read the full post on the Migration Watch website.

Lowest number of births in the UK since records began predicted

(7/1/21) The coronavirus pandemic has plunged the UK’s economy into an unprecedented recession, which could negatively affect planning for a family, according to Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s (PwC) annual economic predictions report. As Britons worry about the future of their jobs and postpone plans to start a family as a result, the UK could see the annual birth rate dipping to its lowest level since records began. Read the full post in The Independent/a>.

Restoring free speech in the United Kingdom

Freedom of expression is fundamental to life in a free and democratic society.
This includes the freedom to express ideas that others find loathsome and hateful. There should be no right to not be offended, no right to prevent others from
expressing ideas that one finds uncomfortable or dislikes, in positive law. Read the full post in this briefing paper.

Farage: Joe Biden is no friend of Britain

(11/11/20) Obama’s vice president at the time was Biden, and his personal dislike of Brexit has not changed since then. Indeed, Biden is an avid supporter of the EU and his priority will be to improve relations between his country and the bloc. Obama used to fly to mainland Europe first rather than the United Kingdom. Biden will do the same. Read the full post on Daily Telegraph.

DOUGLAS MURRAY: A warning to all those cheering Joe Biden's win... he's no friend of Britain

(7/11/20) Although opinion polls suggest that the British public will feel more comfortable with the Democrat alternative (as they always do), they should know one thing above all: Joe Biden and his party are no friends of this country. We might yet rue the day that Donald Trump leaves the White House. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

National Trust chair praises Black Lives Matter as a 'human rights movement with no party-political affiliations'

(7/11/20) The National Trust chairman has controversially defended Black Lives Matter (BLM) despite its radically left-wing and anti-police agenda. Tim Parker described the campaign as a 'human rights movement with no party political affiliations' in a statement that risks alienating the Trust's 5.6 million members. Read the full post in the Daily Mail/a>.

Saudi Typhoon pilots trained in Britain leaves RAF behind in training its own pilots

Aside from the ethics of training pilots from a despotic regime to bomb innocent civilians in another country it seems there is another angle to this story… Last year it emerged that 350 British military officers were waiting for pilot training slots to become available, and training of fast jet pilots was taking an average of seven years. The delays in training British pilots were allegedly due to a shortage of RAF flying instructors, who were being tempted to take up “six-figure tax-free salaries with BAE Systems training the Saudi Air Force”. Read the full post on Daily Maverick.

HS2 project could cost the taxpayer £170 BILLION, claims deputy chairman of official review

(4/11/20) The cost of HS2 could hit £170billion, according to the deputy chairman of an official review into the project. The Oakervee Review warned in February that the final bill for the rail link could reach £106billion – against a budget of £62.4billion. But the report’s co-author, Labour peer Lord Berkeley, now believes overall costs could spiral even further. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

UK spy chief confirms ‘Tens of thousands’ of Islamists are biggest terror threat – but MSM hypes ‘Far Right’

(15/10/20) Despite McCallum clear admission that Islamist terrorism remains by far the number one threat to Britain, mainstream media outlets such as the BBC and CNN chose to emphasise and often lead on his comments about the “sadly rising” — but comparatively minor — threat of “right-wing extremism” instead. Read the full post on Breitbart.

A chilling new bill risks putting the British state above the law

(15/10/20) The Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill would authorise the state and huge numbers of bureaucrats to break the law – to engage in “criminal conduct”. It is an ancient principle in our country that the law applies to everyone equally: the right to due legal process is outlined in Clause 29 of Magna Carta, one of the clauses which remains in law today. This government seems ready to flout that principle. Read the full post on CapX.

If you thought offshore wind was expensive, wait for floating offshore wind power

(15/10/20) The political establishment has gone for offshore wind too. This is about 5-6 times the capital cost of gas turbines. But wind forms also necessitate expensive interventions to balance the grid, and they also mean that gas turbines can no longer run flat out, making them much less efficient. Read the full post on the Global Warming Policy Forum.

Lack of wind sparks National Grid energy alert

(14/10/20) The operator of Britain's electricity network warned late on Wednesday afternoon that low wind levels had forced it to search for emergency sources of power. Read the full post on Daily Telegraph.

Toby Young: I admit it - I was wrong to back Boris

(19/9/20) Unfortunately, Boris’s critics have been proved correct. Funnily enough, one of the most prominent, Michael Gove, is now de facto deputy prime minister. Four years ago, when justifying his decision to knife Boris in the Tory leadership contest, Gove said it was because, having seen him operate up close, he’d concluded he lacked the character for the top job. Read the full post on The Spectator.

The Conservatives should watch for a rival to their right

(29/9/20) The story of the last ten years suggests that the Tories are most vulnerable of the main parties to electoral newcomers. These have occupied ground, to use crude but effective labelling, to the right of the Party. As David Gauke pointed out in his ConservativeHome column on Saturday, there is now distance between Johnson and Tory backbench opinion on Coronavirus policy, and potentially on a Brexit trade deal, too. Read the full post on Conservative Home.

‘We wish we’d stayed in France’: Four Sudanese asylum seekers complain they are ‘being kept like animals in pens’ in converted Army barracks

(27/9/20) 'The food is no good. There is only one toilet. I should have made my application [for asylum] in France. We have more rights here [in the UK] than in France. I want to go to school in England and work. But this place [the barracks] is no good.' Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

UK schools to teach 4yr olds how to masturbate

(24/9/20) Four-year-olds in English schools are to have lessons in "how we touch our own and each other's bodies" under the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) program which will become compulsory in September 2020.... Six-year-olds (Year 2) are taught masturbation or "self-stimulation" and told it is "really very normal" and should be done "only do when we are alone, perhaps in the bath or shower or in bed, a bit like picking your nose, it is certainly not polite to do in class when everyone is watching." Read the full post on Church Militant.

Romanian serial sex attacker, 47, is jailed for nearly eight years after raping woman, 28, within a week of arriving in UK

(24/9/20) Mihai Roban, 47, attacked the 28-year-old behind a public toilet on Regents Park Road in north London at around 2.40am on January 20 this year. The terrified woman had been walking home from a bar in Finchley when she was accosted by the rapist and dragged behind the loos. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Now that BLM has gone mainstream our children are being brainwashed by a divisive new dogma that will stoke, not heal, racial tensions

(12/9/20) Children across the country have finally returned to school, but in their five months away there has been a cultural sea-change. With the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, headteachers have come under increasing pressure to signal that they are on the ‘right side of history’ on a wide range of issues. This has meant modifications to school curricula and pastoral policies that have been rushed through with little consultation with parents or staff. As a result, pupils are being subjected to an even more suffocating form of ‘woke’ education. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

To save the Union, negotiate Scotland’s independence

(5/9/20) The Cabinet on Tuesday discussed how to stop the Scottish National party turning the legislation that will underpin the UK’s post-Brexit internal market into their latest argument for independence. One cabinet minister with a particular interest in the Union argues that the best way to fight the SNP is to clarify what independence would really mean. This would change the debate from being about the lofty idea of sovereignty to the cold realities of the situation. Read the full post in The Spectator.

Didn’t we vote for a Conservative Government?

(21/08/20) Even on issues that should be a cinch for any natural conservative, this Government has been inert at best. You might have expected that a Conservative government would be able to stand up for British history? No such luck. When Left-wing anarchists began tearing down our statues, the Government remained largely silent, barricading itself inside as surely as it next had to barricade up the Cenotaph and the statue of Winston Churchill. Read the full post in the Daily Telegraph.

Murdoch teams up with Nigel Farage and Andrew Neil to ‘Launch British News Channel in 2021’

(21/8/20) Rupert Murdoch is reportedly launching a brand spanking new UK News Channel in the new year and is planning to take on the network he launched thirty one years ago. Since Sky’s takeover by NBC News parent group Comcast – the former news heavyweight Sky News has lost thousands of viewers and its reputation for unbiased news. Read the full post on Politicalite.

Don't Trust the Polls. Trump Will Prevail - Nigel Farage

(18/8/20) There has never been a president so assailed from all sides, even before he took the oath at his inauguration. From the Russia conspiracy to the impeachment process, every attempt has been made to delegitimize the 45th president of the United States. Yet through it all, despite his own huge personal frustration, the man has been as solid as a rock. I'm willing to stick my neck out again and predict that Trump will win on November 3, 2020. Read the full post in the Newsweek.

The Tories are protecting an alleged rapist – we mustn't let them

(14/08/20) It’s now been over a week since news broke of a Conservative MP accused of rape by a former parliamentary aide. In any other profession, anyone accused of serious sexual offences would face immediate suspension followed by an investigation, Aisha Ali-Khan writes. Read the full post in the Sunday Times.

UK must turn illegal migrants boats back or risk a major crisis, says former Australian PM Tony Abbott

(2/6/20) Unless the United Kingdom starts to detain migrant boats in the English Channel and turn them back to France, it will face a migrant crisis that only grows increasingly severe, Tony Abbott, former Australian prime minister, is now warning the British government. “As long as ‘to arrive is to remain’, people smugglers will have a business model, and those countries that lack the will to say ‘no’ are at risk of peaceful invasion". Read the full post on Remix News.

Tory civil war: Boris warned to make urgent change to Conservative Party

(3/8/20) A moderate group of Tory MPs called the One Nation caucus, aims to pull the Conservative party away from far-right policies and towards a moderate stance. It was originally created to fight against a no-deal Brexit under Theresa May’s government last year. Damian Green, leader of the caucus and Conservative MP for Asford, explained why now is the time for a resurgence of moderate conservatism. Already, 100 conservative MPs have joined the group’s ranks, representing roughly one third of the entire party. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

Russia threat: How report claimed British Army ‘could be wiped out in one afternoon’

(23/7/20) Russia could have wiped out the British Army's only fighting unit in one afternoon, a shock report revealed after experts found the UK could have only deployed 5,000 to 10,000 war-ready troops. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

Tory MPs, Downing Street and the Treasury are poised to clash over plans to cut the army to 60,000. Who will win out?

In Michael Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott’s White Flag, their books about Britain’s defence capability, there is a chapter on “Operation Tethered Goat”, which looks at the army’s presence in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States. Read the full post in the Conservative Woman.

Now civil servants claim they 'do not feel comfortable' with a Treasury room named after Winston Churchill

(18/7/20) Civil servants have complained to their superiors that they ‘do not feel comfortable’ with a room in the Treasury being named after Winston Churchill. Reigniting attacks by Black Lives Matter protesters and Left-wing critics on Britain’s wartime hero, some staff at the vast Whitehall department have demanded that its Churchill Room be confined to history. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Queen Victoria, Duke of Wellington, Robert Peel targeted in statues review by Leeds City Council

(19/7/20) Leeds City Council has launched an independent review of all historical monuments and statues on public land, suggesting that statues depicting colonial-era figures demonstrate how “racism continues to be prevalent in everyday life”. Read the full post in the Breitbart.

Ex-Post Office boss Paula Vennells sparks outrage by blaming everyone but herself - from tech workers to lawyers and even the postmasters who were wrongly prosecuted - for IT scandal

25/6/20) Mrs Vennells - a part-time priest - insisted she did not approve prosecutions of her staff and was misled by computer experts. But she blamed postmasters for collapsing a mediation scheme and taking the case to court. Hundreds of workers were sacked, made bankrupt or wrongly convicted after cash appeared to vanish from their tills between 1999 and 2015. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Population up by more than 25% in 23 areas of UK since 2001

(24/6/20) Some 23 areas of the UK have seen their population increase in size by more than a quarter since 2001, new estimates show. The biggest jumps have been in London, with the borough of Tower Hamlets seeing a rise of 61.5%, followed by Newham (41.6%) and Hackney (35.6%). Read the full post on Westmonster.

Boris Johnson to reveal £250billion ‘Project Speed’ in bid to rebuild Britain and turbocharge economy

(27/6/20) Boris Johnson is prepared to change planning regulations and stump up extra billions of pounds to get the work finished ahead of time. In a keynote speech, Mr Johnson will warn there is no longer any excuse for delays to trailblazer projects needed to revitalise the country. He will proclaim the former “Red Wall” of Labour seats the Tories won at the last General Election is now a “Blue Wall”. Read the full post in The Sun.

Farage set to launch Reform Party amid concern over Boris's leadership

(14/6/20) The budding party has apparently begun reaching out to disaffected Tory MPs for recruitment, begun talks with a public relations firm, and is preparing to stand at least one candidate in the next by-election. Read the full post on Breitbart.

Boris Johnson scraps foreign aid department – major revamp announced in Commons

(17/6/20) Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he is merging the Department for International Development (DfID) with the Foreign Office. The announcement was made during his Global Britain speech in the House of Commons this afternoon. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

Why I broke with Boris Johnson - a devastating indictment of the Prime Minister

(10/6/20) Tory MPs no longer believe in the Prime Minister in the way they did. They still want their faith to be restored, but does Johnson realise the scale of what will be required to ensure that? Read the full post in the New Statesman.

LBC star James O'Brien gloats 'we've got our station back' after Nigel Farage 'quits station in contract row

(11/6/20) Nigel Farage has quit his LBC show 'with immediate effect' following talks with station executives, the broadcaster announced this afternoon. The arch-Brexiteer is refusing to see out the remainder of his time with the station after being informed his popular evening show was to be wound down. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Number waiting over year for NHS treatment trebles

(11/6/20) The number of people waiting over a year for NHS treatment more than trebled in April, with new figures likely to fuel fears of an even greater hidden backlog because of the pandemic. Read the full post in the The Times.

The Guardian's slavery legacy

Guardian columnists are revelling in the destruction of imperfect historical figures, perhaps unaware their employer’s past is one rooted in being on the side of the US Confederacy and opposition to Abraham Lincoln. Read the full post on Guido Fawkes.

Pressure mounts on Boris Johnson to ditch the £100 billion HS2 rail project

(10/5/20) Pressure is mounting on the government to ditch the £100 billion HS2 project and invest the money in high speed broadband in the wake of social changes brought about by the coronavirus. Read the full post in the Daily Express.

Government shelves Priti Patel’s immigration bill

(21/4/20) The government has withdrawn its controversial immigration bill that seeks to introduce a points-based system after Brexit. The bill - which would have formally ceased freedom of movement with Europe after the Brexit transition period - was pulled from the Commons order paper by Jacob Rees-Mogg ahead of a second reading on Tuesday. Read the full post in The New European.

UK won’t change its mind on Huawei’s 5G involvement, says top civil servant

(22/4/20) A top civil servant at the Foreign Office has said that the British government has made a “firm decision” on allowing Chinese tech giant Huawei to help build the United Kingdom’s 5G network, and the arrangement will not be reconsidered. Read the full post in Breitbart London.

Peers demand their daily £323 'attendance' fee to log into virtual Lords claiming not paying would be age discrimination

(18/4/20) Insiders say that some peers are becoming irate about whether they will receive the fee as non-legislative debates are conducted remotely. Peers are not salaried, but they receive a tax-free income of £323 per day for attendance in the chamber - up from £313 at the start of April. Read the full post in the Daily Mail.

Japan to pump billions into its firms to shift production out of China

(9/4/20) Japan will be spending billions of dollars to shift its manufacturer's production facilities out of China, in wake of economic upheavals caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Read the full post on

RIP Paul Lambert: Tributes paid to ex-BBC producer and ex-UKIP Head of Communications known as 'Gobby'

(9/4/20) A former BBC journalist described as a central character at Westminster and master of interviewing politicians on the street has died aged 61. Paul Lambert, affectionately known as "Gobby", was often heard on TV shouting questions at ministers. He left the BBC in 2014 to become communications director of UKIP. Read the full post on BBC news online.

UK food company folds when £30m contract for Asda was lost to Poland

(9/4/20) UK food company folds when £30m contract for Asda was lost to Poland which represented 24% of its business. One hundred and sixty-four workers have lost their jobs at Huddersfield's Newsholme Food Group. Read the full post on Yorkshire Live.

Forced Islamisation at Swedish school as 9-year-olds confess to Allah in religious studies

(6/3/20) According to a disturbed parent, the teacher threatened her daughter with detention if she refused to participate in a lesson that included confessing to the Islamic faith in a letter and prayer. Söderfors School in Tierp has come under fire for its unorthodox methods of teaching religious studies. Read the full post on Sputnik News.

Netherlands: Muslim who opened fire on tram while screaming “Allahu akbar” gives finger to judge, spits at lawyer

(9/3/20) The man accused of carrying out a terrorist attack on a commuter tram in Utrecht was removed from the courtroom on the first day of his trial for spitting at a defence lawyer. Gökmen Tanis refused to answer questions and raised his middle finger to the judges several times as the hearing got under way at the district court in Utrecht. Read the full post on

Let’s scrap the Human Rights Act

John Gray is a political philosopher and author. His books include Seven Types of Atheism, False Dawn: the Delusions of Global Capitalism, and Black Mass: Apocalyptic Religion and The Death of Utopia. Here he argues that the response to the Conservative proposal to repealing the Human Rights Act and withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights combines high-minded hysteria with ignorance of history. Read the full post on

HS2 legal challenge launched by Chris Packham

(3/3/20) A fresh legal challenge to HS2 has been launched by the naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham, arguing that the UK government’s decision to approve the high-speed rail network failed to take account of its carbon emissions and climate impact. Read the full post on The Guardian.

Profile: Keir Starmer is not who you think he is

(22/2/20) The human rights activist who became a top prosecutor. Political to the core but not a natural politician. It's not clear what kind of Labour leader Keir Starmer would be. Read the full post on Buzzfeed.

Scottish courts urged not to jail 'immature' under-25s

(28/2/20) Fewer people under the age of 25 should be jailed because their brains are not fully mature, new draft guidelines say. Prison could still be used for young people but only when no other sentence is appropriate, they say. The guidelines from the Scottish Sentencing Council say a young person's maturity should be taken into account when assessing the extent to which they can be blamed. Read the full post on the BBC.

What the authorities won’t tell you about the flooding

(15/12/15) This article appeared in 2015 but is valid as much now as then.

Amid all the devastation and recriminations over the flooding, hardly anybody mentions one factor that may not be the sole cause but certainly hasn’t helped, and that is the almost complete cessation of dredging of our rivers since we were required to accept the European Water Framework Directive (EWF) into UK law in 2000. Read the full post on Independence Daily.

SNP and its sex education of children exposed

(30/1/20) This is what the SNP is doing to children in Scotland regarding 'sex education'. It's explicit so be warned. They are brainwashing our children with filth. Read the full post in the Highland Times.

Islamists in Nigeria are destroying Christian communities

(26/2/20) It was faith that compelled us to travel to Nigeria last week to see for ourselves the simmering crisis threatening parts of Africa’s wealthiest and most populous country. Blood is flowing like a river through this sprawling country, and it is being spilled at the hands of the Islamist terrorists of Boko Haram and lawless tribesmen. Read the full post on New York Daily Post.

Cover up: Govt refuses to release Rape Gang reports, ‘Not in public interest’

(23/2/20) The British government is once again being accused of covering up decades of rape and grooming gang activity after refusing to publish documents pertaining to the systematic abuse of “mostly white, working-class girls” by predominantly Muslim men. Read the full post on The National Pulse.

In Memoriam - John Howlett

We regret to inform our branch of the death of John Howlett, a loyal member of UKIP and this branch for many years. He passed away on Friday 10th January 2020 aged 72 years. John was a passionate Brexiteer and was dedicated to the cause of Britain becoming a free, independent, and sovereign state. A structural engineer who worked until his untimely death, he stood for office at various elections and was always helping leafleting and at stalls. We would like to extend our condolences to his wife, Diana. The funeral service was held at St Andrew's Church Isleham on Monday 17th February and was followed by burial at Isleham Cemetery. Our Branch Chair was pleased to attend and represent the branch.

SNP MP Mhairi Black defends drag queen's invite to school despite row over explicit social media posts

(24/2/20) SNP politician Mhairi Black has defended a decision to invite a drag queen into a primary school to read to pupils, despite an outcry from parents over sexually explicit social media posts. Drag queen FlowJob was invited into Glencoats Primary in Paisley, Renfrewshire, last week to speak to pupils about the notorious Section 28 Act, which was later repealed. Read the full post on the Daily Record.

Life expectancy report was written by far left activist

(25/2/20) The BBC is lathering coverage over a new report claiming that austerity caused a slowdown in the rate of increase of life expectancy. The problem is that whilst left wing academics try to link it to austerity, the same slowdown in life expectancy growth has been true in Portugal, Hungary, Spain, the Netherlands and France — not just the UK. Read the full post on Guido Fawkes. See here for when he was challenged about his figures on the Iain Dale show on LBC - he didn't like it Guido Fawkes

Refugees can now vote in Scotland

(21/2/20) Thousands of refugees living in Scotland have just won the right to vote in the country’s national and local elections. The Scottish Parliament has passed a bill extending the right to vote to all foreign nationals with permanent residency, including those granted refugee status. Read the full post on

Now we have left the EU, the time has come to back British farmers and stand up to misinformation

(2/20) In 2019 we witnessed numerous attacks on livestock farming. 2020 looks set to follow suit. The future of our beautiful countryside and the well-being of those that live & work in it depends on a fightback. Read the full post in the Conservative Progress.

Govt proposal to give the state quango Ofcom broad powers to censor the internet

(12/2/20) Today the Government is officially announcing its plans to censor companies that host “harmful content such as violence, terrorism, cyber-bullying and child abuse” on the internet. The proposals will give the state quango Ofcom broad powers to censor the internet. Read the full post in the Guido Fawkes.

The 50 transport infrastructure project ideas that offer better value for money than HS2

(5/2/20) Last year the Taxpayers’ Alliance announced the winners of the “Great British Transport Competition“ to find popular, better value for money alternatives to HS2. They found 50 transport infrastructure project ideas that were better value for money than HS2. Read the full post in the Guido Fawkes.

The cost of HS2 to nature is too high a price to pay, claims report by The Wildlife Trusts

(15/1/20) The financial cost of HS2 will be nothing compared to the price paid by nature if it goes ahead as planned, says a damning report from The Wildlife Trusts. Read the full post on iNews.

Theresa May’s Brexit negotiator Oliver Robbins handed a knighthood despite her Brexit deal being rejected three times

(14/1/20) Theresa May's Brexit negotiator Oliver Robbins has been handed a knighthood despite her deal being rejected three times. Her European adviser was knighted at the Palace today, 10 months on from the former Prime Minister’s Brexit deal being defeated yet again in the Commons. Read the full post on The Sun.

GERARD BATTEN: Why I have resigned from UKIP

(1/1/20) It is with great regret and sadness that I have resigned my membership of the UK Independence Party with effect from today. This was a very difficult decision for me, but one made inevitable by the clique now in control of the Party. Read the full post on Kipper Central.

Delingpole: Boris’s surrender to the Greenies is Fracking Stupid

(3/11/19) Boris Johnson has done his first really, really bad thing since becoming Prime Minister. I’m talking, of course, about the Conservatives’ announcement that they are going to ban fracking for shale gas. Read the full article on Breitbart London.

Prominent scientists warn UN Secretary-General to follow a climate policy based on sound science

(23/9/19) A group of 500 prominent scientists and professionals, led by the CLINTEL co-founder Guus Berkhout, has sent a registered letter to the Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres. They warn the Secretary-General that “[c]urrent climate policies pointlessly and grievously undermine the economic system, putting lives at risk in countries denied access to affordable, reliable electrical energy.” Read the full article on Clintel.

Remain-supporting former Conservative MP for South Cambs, Heidi Allen, joins the LibDems

The South Cambridgeshire MP, who has been sitting as an independent since quitting the Change UK group in June, takes the Lib Dem tally in the Commons to 19. Read the full post on the Daily Mail online.
Well it was only a matter of time. She never was a conservative!

Cameron's memoirs book reduced by 20% at Tory party conference

(30/9/19) The signs were never good for David Cameron’s autobiography, following reports of slow pre-orders and backlash over publishing the memoirs at such a fractious political moment... Read the full post on Guido Fawkes.

Is woke culture totalitarian?

A majority of people polled in the US, Canada and Britain say political correctness is a problem. And no wonder. Today mainstream politicians, parties, think tanks and bureaucrats tie themselves in knots to avoid soundbites that could be portrayed as racist, sexist or homophobic. Read the full post on UnHerd.

Revealed: the press regulator’s leaked guidelines on Islamophobia

(7/9/19) For months, Ipso has been working on a new project: an ‘informal working group’ to guide journalists on what should and shouldn’t be said about Islam and Muslims. The free press is facing a new threat from Ipso. Read the full post on The Spectator.

UKIP in turmoil as new leader boycotts his own party conference

(17/9/19) As Guido Fawkes reports, Richard Braine, our newly-elected leader, is not going to attend our national conference in Newport. It would be absurd for us not to recognise this as a crisis for our party. Our Branch Chair will be attending the conference and will provide a report on return. Read the full post on Guido Fawkes.

Immigration status: Ministers reverse May-era student visa rules

(11/9/19) International students will be allowed to stay in the UK for two years after graduation to find a job, under new proposals announced by the Home Office. The move reverses a decision made in 2012 by then-Home Secretary Theresa May that forced overseas students to leave four months after finishing a degree. Read the full post on BBC Online.

Revealed: the press regulator’s leaked guidelines on Islamophobia

(7/9/19) The free press is facing a new threat from Ipso. For months, Ipso has been working on a new project: an ‘informal working group’ to guide journalists on what should and shouldn’t be said about Islam and Muslims. Read the full post on The Spectator.

HS2 buys £1.25bn of property in London

(7/9/19) More than £1.25bn has been spent buying London properties to make way for High Speed Rail 2 (HS2), a freedom of information request has revealed. HS2 is negotiating to buy more buildings, despite a government review due in October into whether the project should continue. Read the full story on BBC online.

Emily Thornberry ridiculed for admitting Labour’s Brexit policy is to negotiate a new deal and then campaign to REJECT it in a second referendum

(7/9/19) LABOUR has admitted its Brexit policy is to negotiate a new deal and then campaign to REJECT it in a second referendum. Emily Thornberry was blasted by fellow panellists on Question Time as "ridiculous" when she revealed the party's plans last night. Read the full story in The Sun.

Left-wing bias? It's written through the BBC's very DNA, says Peter Sissons

(7/9/19) In my view, ‘bias’ is too blunt a word to describe the subtleties of the ­pervading culture. The better word is a ‘mindset’. At the core of the BBC, in its very DNA, is a way of thinking that is firmly of the Left. Read the full story in Daily Mail.

Government ‘knew for years’ that HS2 will blow its budget

(27/9/19) The government has known for years that HS2, Britain’s controversial new high speed railway, is running over budget and behind schedule, it is reported. The Department for Transport (DfT) and HS2’s managers knew at least as early as 2016 about the project’s troubled outlook, according to documents seen by the BBC. Read the full story in City A.M..

Police called in as protesting pupils and parents locked out of school over new ‘gender neutral’ uniforms

(6/9/19) A school in East Sussex has been forced to lock its gates to angry pupils and parents protesting new uniform rules in which pupils are sent home if they are wearing a skirt instead of “gender neutral” trousers.
Read the full story in The Independent.

UKIP has a new leader

Richard Braine and Piers Wauchope
(12/8/19) We would like to welcome Richard Braine as our new party leader. Richard was elected as leader with 53% of the vote of members and the result was announced on Saturday 10th August. Richard is pictured above making his acceptance speech at UKIP HQ in Devon, alongside the Returning Officer, Piers Wauchope.

Richard said in his speech: "Thank you to the UKIP members who voted in this Leadership election. I aim to unite the Party behind its great tradition of speaking the truth which others dare not speak.

Brexit must be delivered in full with no strings attached, and after Britain regains its rightful independence, UKIP will continue to oppose domestic and foreign efforts to take the UK back into the anti-democratic empire of the EU.

UKIP will also campaign against the record levels of immigration which deny British people access to jobs, wages, housing, schools, transport and healthcare.

I am determined to increase UKIP's share in local and parliamentary elections and once again to force the anti-British parties to listen to the British people whom they have ignored for so long.

Take courage, UKIP. Grow, prosper and fight for Britain".

Eastern Region Committee meets to elect new officers - 23rd July 2019

Eastern Region Committee
(30/07/19) The Eastern Region Committee met on Tuesday 23rd July to elect a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, the former two having been vacant for a while. Darren Hughes, Chairman of UKIP Welwyn Hatfield was elected as Chair, and sitting Treasurer Mark Anderson was re-confirmed. Norma Huxter, Secretary of UKIP Central Essex, was co-opted as Regional Secretary.

In addition, Richard Fullerton, Chair of UKIP Cambs & SE Cambs, was appointed to the unofficial position of Deputy Chair of Eastern Region.

Virtually all County reps and their alternates were present, it being immediately prior to the Eastern Region hustings for the UKIP leadership candidates.

Sadiq Khan’s environment Tsar racks up 54,000 air miles on long-haul junkets

(21/6/19) Since being appointed in 2016, Khan's eco-Tsar has racked up over 54,000 air miles on numerous long-haul trips to far-flung destinations including Mexico City, Bengaluru, San Francisco and three trips to New York, pumping out over 14 tonnes of CO2 in the process. Read the full story on Gaia Fawkes.

Delingpole on lessons from the Peterborough by-election: Vote Conservative, Get Labour

(7/6/19) Vote Conservative, get Labour. This was one of the salutary lessons of the Peterborough by-election in which Nigel Farage’s insurgent Brexit Party was narrowly beaten — by just under 700 votes — by Labour. Read the full story on Breitbart London.

Govt report: Muslim prison gangs forcing inmates to convert to Islam

(8/6/19) Muslim prison gangs are forcing inmates to convert to Islam and follow religious practices or face violent repercussions, according to a government report. Read the full story on Breitbart London.

UKIP Cambs & SE Cambs branch helps Stuart Agnew MEP in his re-election campaign

Ely stall Stuart Agnew
We were delighted to be asked by Stuart Agnew, MEP for the Eastern Region, for help in his re-election campaign. Stuart is an incredibly hard-working MEP and a real asset to the party and the region so we didn't need persuading.

Firstly we designed and printed a campaign leaflet for him and then met him on Sunday 12th May on the Waterside in Ely and manned a stall with him under our striking and brand new UKIP gazebo. Meanwhile other team members actively leafleted households in the Ely North ward.

We all met up on the riverside at the Maltings restaurant later where Stuart bought us all lunch as a 'Thank you'. It was a fine day and Stuart met many constituents who were happy to chat with their MEP and discuss Brexit.

Cambridge and East Cambridgeshire Local Elections results - May 2019

Cambridge City Council
We had the following candidates standing:

Peter Burkinshaw (East Chesterton ward)
David Corn (King's Hedges ward)
Bill Kaminski (Coleridge ward)

Cambridge is always a tough battleground for us and our candidates all came last in their wards. Full results for Cambridge City wards (turnout 36.6%) have not been published by the council yet but the report in the Cambridge News gives all the results.

Following the election, the composition of the 42 seats on the city council is now Labour 26, Liberal Democrat 15, and one Independent.

East Cambridgeshire District Council
We had the following candidates standing:

Richard Fullerton (Woodditton ward)
Martyn Cubitt (Burwell ward)

Sadly but not unexpectantly, neither of them won a seat and in line with the national performance of UKIP, underperformed. Full results for East Cambridgeshire can be found here on the Council website. You can also read a report by the Ely Standard. After a boundary review the number of councillors representing the district was reduced from 39 to 28. Previously, there were 39 local councillors in the district - 35 Conservative, one independent and three Liberal Democrats. After these elections there are 15 Conservative and 13 LibDem councillors.

UK has more inward investment than Germany, Poland and Spain combined

(29/4/19) The latest OECD figures show that the UK has held on to its top spot in Europe for Foreign Direct Investment yet again – only the US and China surpass the UK globally. The UK’s inward investment stock totalled $1.89 trillion by the end of 2018. More than double Germany’s $920 billion – in fact it’s more than Germany, Spain and Poland combined… Read the full post on Euro Guido

The Government should not ban people from watching child porn and Jihadi videos online, says new Brexit Party candidate

(25/4/19) Claire Fox, a longstanding advocate of free speech, was one of 13 Brexit Party candidates who have been unveiled by Mr Farage's party to fight the European Parliament elections on May 23. It has been revealed that she has previously said that the Government should not ban people from watching child porn and Jihadi videos online. Read the full post in the The Telegraph

Exit Sir Roger Scruton, pursued by Tory Lefties

Another squalid milestone in the Conservative Party’s journey Leftwards was reached on Wednesday when Sir Roger Scruton, the philosopher and conservative thinker, was sacked from his unpaid role advising the government on how to build better towns. Read the full post in the Conservative Woman

The Tory MP Who Doesn't Believe a Word Theresa May Says

(13/4/19) This is a text sent to Buzzfeed's Alex Wickham this week by someone who he describes as a "Veteran Tory MP"... Read the full post on Iain Dale's website

Tapas-style charm offensive hits the City as polls loom

(8/4/19) A charm offensive is going on right now in the City as political parties gear up for a general election, and possibly even European elections. At the latest count, there are four parties competing for funds in the Square Mile alongside the Tory, Labour and LibDem parties. And, surprise surprise, they are doing rather well. Donors are said to be flocking to Heidi Allen’s Change UK but also Nigel Farage’s Brexit party and the SDP. Read the full post in the Evening Standard

James Delingpole: Just because she’s going, let’s not pretend there was anything good about Theresa May

(29/3/19) Now that she has said she is going, people have started to say nice things about Theresa May. But really, the only debate about Theresa May’s premiership is not whether she was bad. But whether she was actually the worst Prime Minister ever. Or merely one of the worst. Theresa May has been an absolute disaster. And her failure has been a direct consequence of her character. She will go down in infamy for three main reasons. Read the full post on Breitbart London

One in 10 UK adults has never done paid work - official figures

(28/2/19) Official figures released for the first time show almost one in 10 adults has never had a paid job, despite record employment in the UK. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said students accounted for the bulk of the 3.6 million people. Read the full post on Sky News.

What will it take for a new political brand to succeed?

(26/2/19) If a new political party established by The Independent Group is to succeed, it will need to build a strong and consistent brand, which is focused on key policies rather than individual faces and speaks to voters beyond London. Read the full article in Marketing Week.

Nigel Farage forms new Brexit party

(8/1/19) A new Brexit Party with Nigel Farage’s backing has been officially recognised by the Electoral Commission. Nigel says “the engine is running” and he stands “ready for battle”. Friends of Farage tell Guido that he now reckons UKIP is “dead in the water”. (Ed: Oh yeah?) Read the full post on Guido Fawkes.

New Brexit party set up by Norfolk guesthouse owner and backed by Nigel Farage claims to have £1m and 200 candidates

(1/2/19) A new Brexit party set up by a Norfolk guesthouse owner and backed by Nigel Farage already has £1m and 200 candidates to stand for election. Catherine Blaiklock, a former city trader, has set up a new party, with the backing of former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who she said she had been asking for “weeks, months” to come on board. Read the full post in the Eastern Daily Press.

Ex-UKIP Catherine Blaiklock is making plans for Nigel

(25/1/19) Having quit UKIP in December in protest over leader Gerard Batten’s cosying-up to Tommy Robinson, Farage’s new vehicle looks likely to be the Brexit Party, launched by former ’Kipper Catherine Blaiklock. He told the Sun: “This was Catherine’s idea entirely – but she has done this with my full knowledge and my full support.” Read the full story in the New European.

UKIP stages street poll in Bury St Edmunds market to test public support for 'No Deal' Brexit

Mood box - No deal
(27/1/19) On Saturday 26th January, five local branches of UKIP came together to hold a street poll in the market in Bury St Edmunds to determine the public's mood over a 'No deal' Brexit.

Based on the success of our 'referendum' on Newmarket High Street in December, members from UKIP branches covering Cambs & SE Cambs, West Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds, Central Suffolk & North Ipswich, and Ipswich, converged at a stall in the marketplace in Bury St Edmunds. Using our borrowed 'mood box' we encouraged members of the public to 'vote' using a plastic ball with a choice of 'No deal' and 'Remain in EU'.

We allowed anyone to vote (but only once!) and in order to engage with everyone on this important issue, the chance was extended to teenagers including some under 16 years (although teenagers were a very small proportion of voters).

We did have to re-use plastic balls during the day but always ensured we removed equal amounts from each section of the box. At times there was a clear majority for 'No Deal' and at others 'No Deal' was only a nose ahead.

Speaking on the day, John Howlett, Treasurer of UKIP Bury St Edmunds, said, "It's not scientific but by the end we estimated that the public mood was about 60% for 'No Deal' and 40% for Remain. A majority for 'No Deal' was expected anyway but what was really heartening was the number of young people - from 'teens up to 30 years - who voted for 'No Deal'. The mainstream media would have you believe that we Brexiteers have 'robbed the young of their future' by taking the UK out of the EU. Well message to the MSM - alot of young people do not agree!"

It was a bracing eight hour day but a great success in terms of letting people know that UKIP is still active in Bury St Edmunds and of course testing the waters of public opinion. There was theatre too - for ten minutes we had a tall man with a booming voice argue for Brexit with a well-dressed pro-Remain man (who we secretly called 'the sneering Lefty'). The public and market traders in our section of the market were transfixed as both men eloquently and passionately argued their cases. Honours even, they eventually parted. Speaking with the tall man later, he said he'd lived in Portugal for 15 years before the introduction of the Euro. Since then, he says he's seen the country 'hollowed' out by its membership of the EU. "Drive anywhere in the interior and there are hardly any cars nowadays", he said. Near parity of the Pound with the euro has decimated tourism where once the cheaper currency of the Escudo attracted so many more people to the country. And so many Portuguese have travelled abroad to work.

Interestingly, we made friends with the council bin men on foot removing empty boxes as the traders got through their produce during the day. One was a Portuguese man who, as eloquently as possible in his English, said he understood why we wanted to leave the EU although he was glad he had work here.

We would like to thank all those who worked hard through the day to make the exercise a great success, and to West Suffolk council and the traders who welcomed us to their market.

Nigel Farage to lead new pro-Brexit party if EU departure delayed

(20/1/19) Nigel Farage is being lined up as leader of a new pro-Brexit party if Britain’s departure from the European Union is delayed beyond 29 March. The former Ukip leader said he had offered his enthusiastic support to the Brexit party after being sounded out as its potential leader. The founder is Catherine Blaiklock, Ukip’s former economics spokeswoman. Read the full story in The Guardian.

Labour expells convicted Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya from party

(4/1/19) Labour would actively seek to trigger a byelection in the Peterborough seat held by Fiona Onasanya if the party’s former MP received a sentence of less than 12 months having being found guilty of lying to police to avoid a speeding charge. The party’s chairman, Ian Lavery, said Onansanya had been expelled from the party and that officials were waiting on the outcome of her sentencing, due later this month, before taking the next steps. Read the full story in The Guardian.

The Corbyn exodus: How fears of a Labour government have ALREADY got investors pulling their money out of Britain

(26/12/18) That money is moving out of the UK is indisputable. A recent survey by data crunchers EPFR (part of the Informa media group) found that £800billion has left UK equity funds, money invested in UK shares, since the Brexit referendum in June 2016. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

Comment on the Government's Immigration White Paper, by Migration Watch

(20/12/18) This is a comment by the independent think-tank, Migration Watch, on the government's proposals for managing immigration post-Brexit. In it, the chairman Lord Green says: "These are shocking proposals which run completely against the current of public opinion and which are likely to result in even more massive levels of immigration. The chief winners from this White Paper will be business, as they exploit the bonanza of a huge new pool of labour from around the world while continuing to avoid their responsibility to the public to recruit and train up local talent." Read the full comment on the Migration Watch website.

Out of control! Latest net migration statistics show that net migration to the UK was 273,000 up to June 2018

The headline net migration figure for the UK is updated quarterly. The latest estimate released is that total net migration to the UK in the year ending June 2018 was 273,000. Read the full post on Migration Watch.

UKIP stages 'second referendum' on Newmarket High Street

Newmarket stall referendum
(16/12/18) On Saturday 15th December, two local branches of UKIP came together to engage with the public in Newmarket. The aim was to promote UKIP’s message of leaving the EU without a deal, as well as to determine how the public might vote in a second referendum were one to be held.

Branch members of UKIP West Suffolk and UKIP Cambs & SE Cambs came together in the bitter cold at the weekend and manned a stall on Newmarket High Street. Aside from handing out leaflets, they invited passers-by to express their preference for how they would vote if there was to be a second referendum.

The public were asked to place a plastic ball in one of two compartments of a ‘mood box’ which had clear Perspex front panels. The left compartment was the ‘Leave EU with no deal’ option. The right compartment was the ‘Remain in the EU’ choice.

For over 2½ hours people ‘voted’ and by the end it was clear there was a preference for ‘No deal’, although it must be said that this was not a scientific opinion poll and cannot necessarily be a true indicator of how the local population would vote.

Speaking of the event, former UKIP County councillor Julian Flood, said: “This is encouraging. A second referendum would be a total breach of trust, a betrayal of the British people, but even if it did happen this looks like we'd vote to leave again.

"The strategy of the Establishment and the EU is clear – delay Brexit and keep us voting until they get the answer they want. Of course it does depend on the questions on the ballot paper - our view is that if there is a second vote, it must be binary and ‘No deal’ must be the sole Leave option. Having May’s Withdrawal deal included is pointless given it won’t even get through the Commons – no one wants it”.

The acting Chairman of UKIP West Suffolk, added: "We voted to Leave – no ifs, no buts, no backstop. Let's have a clean break on WTO rules. Anything else means we'll be a vassal state of the EU, our industry hampered, our trade deals forbidden, our Armed Forces under the command of the French and Germans. As Maggie Thatcher said, ‘No, no, no’. What sort of people do they think we are?

“We really enjoyed ourselves, despite the freezing temperature, and I think so did the public. We had a much higher level of engagement than if we’d just been handing out leaflets. Asking people to give their opinion meant they opened up to us.”

UKIP NEC To discuss leadership election In January

(10/12/18) Marietta King, a member of UKIP’s National Executive Committee sent an email to all members of her branch, Grantham and Stamford. It seems that the NEC will meet on 20th January to discuss the leadership election for UKIP (Gerard Batten's 1yr terms ends in April). The poster of the article on UKIP Daily asks why this is happening so early when Brexit will be dominating the news. Read the full post in UKIP Daily.

MEP Jonathan Bullock quits UKIP over party leader's 'increasing support' for EDL founder Tommy Robinson

An East Midlands MEP has quit UKIP over party leader Gerard Batten’s ‘increasing support’ for Tommy Robinson. Jonathan Bullock, UKIP’s energy spokesman, says he is concerned about Mr Batten’s links with the founder of the English Defence League and his decision to appoint him as an advisor. Read the full post on Read the full post in Leicestershire Live.

David Kurten resigns as UKIP Education spokesman over Tommy Robinson

(6/12/18) David Kurten has resigned as UKIP Education spokesman but not as a member of UKIP. Here is his letter of resignation. Read the full post in UKIP Daily.

LONG READ: How UKIP became the party of Tommy Robinson by Politics Home

(6/12/18) This is a long read but every member of UKIP should read this in order to get a good picture of the recent history of the party, including the resignations of senior members over the Islam/Tommy Robinson issue. But above all it is a balanced article giving the views of all the protagonists. Read the full post on Politics Home.

Just some of the times Nigel Farage ‘obsessed’ over Islam

(5/12/18) From defending Trump's 'Muslim ban' to backing the hard-right group behind 'Londonistan' it time Farage resigned membership of the Farage Party? After over a decade in the party, Nigel Farage has ditched the UK Independence Party, apparently over its far-right shift under leader Gerrard Batten. Or at least, that’s the story most of the papers are lapping up. Read the full post in Read the full post in Left Foot Forward.

Nigel Farage quits UKIP: Former leader leaves party over Tommy Robinson links

(5/12/18) Nigel Farage has quit Ukip over its appointment of far right figurehead Tommy Robinson as an adviser. The former party leader announced the decision simultaneously on his LBC radio show and in a column for The Daily Telegraph. "With a heavy heart, and after all my years of devotion to the party, I am leaving Ukip today," he wrote in the newspaper. Read the full post in Read the full post in The Independent.

UKIP Cambs Branch member joins UK Unity in pro-Brexit demo in Norwich

(12/11/18) The UKIP Cambs & SE Cambs Branch Secretary travelled up to Norwich to join the mysterious UK Unity organisation in its pro-Brexit demo outside the City Hall on Saturday 10th November. The pro-Brexiteers numbered about 20-30 kippers, For Britain members and UK Unity people and we were completely outnumbered by 200+ counter-demonstrators who had had plenty of warning. The event was well-policed with no trouble occurring and after two hours the demo ended at 2pm. See the report in the Eastern Daily Press.

The number of EU migrants living in the UK has DOUBLED in a decade to almost four million as Britain's population surges toward 73 million

(01/11/18) The number of EU nationals living in Britain more than doubled from 1.6 million to 3.8 million between 2007 and 2017, a new population survey revealed today. The figures are part of a regular population survey forecasting there will be 72.9million people living in Britain by 2041. Read the full story on Mail Online.

EU citizens in Britain to be granted voting rights in UK elections

(26/10/18) Up to three million EU citizens who are expected to acquire settled status in the UK after Brexit will be allowed to vote in British elections, leaked government plans suggest. Though EU citizens currently in the UK received a guarantee that they would receive 'settled status' after Brexit, negotiations about some future rights are continuing, including their right to return to live in Britain even if they leave the country for some years.

The House of Commons’ Brexit select committee noted in July that voting rights were a sticking point in negotiations and that the EU had “declined to consider a reciprocal agreement for the continuation of voting rights as part of the withdrawal agreement negotiations”. Read the full post in The Times.

Tommy Robinson ‘stands to make £1m’ on US speaking tour

(28/10/18) Tommy Robinson could make more than £1m from a potential trip to the US next month, making him one of the best funded far-right figures since the second world war, an analysis by anti-fascist campaigners says. He has been invited to give an address in Washington by members of Congress and is waiting to see if US authorities will grant a visa for the event, scheduled for 14 November. Read the full story in The Observer.

Immigration - the REAL reason behind plans to build a million houses which will destroy 67,000 acres of countryside

(26/10/18) Britain’s National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) is proposing to build a million homes between Oxford and Cambridge as immigration drives demand — but campaigners claim the plan would lead to the destruction of 67,000 acres of countryside. Migration Watch UK research indicates that migrants head an astonishing 90 percent of new households formed over the last decade. Read the full story on Breitbart London.

UKIP news to members - Brexit summarised succinctly


Dear Member,

If there is a word which encapsulates the past week in British politics it's betrayal. This is the week that Theresa May's government announced that they are considering extending the so-called Brexit transition period into 2022 and without an end date in sight. For over two years Theresa May has used smoke and mirrors to hide her deceitful strategy from the public but this was the week that the mirror cracked.

If it wasn't clear already, it should be now - the small band of Tory Brexiteers will not bring about Brexit. Those who control the Conservative Party never had any intention of serving the will of the British people. It's pointless talking about what Theresa May should do because she never negotiated in good faith to begin with. We are on the road to a perpetual transition period without representation in a union which will continue to dictate to us our domestic and foreign policies - a situation worse than being a 'normal' EU member state.

17.4 million people voted to leave the European Union. Now those same people must be brought to support UKIP, to join UKIP and to vote UKIP - it's the only way we are going to achieve the full Brexit we all voted for on June 23rd, 2016. The current media narrative asks, "when will the Tory Brexiteers stand up to May and kick her out?" The real question is, "when will the 17.4 million Brexiteers take the decision to vote for UKIP?"

Tory discontent with Remain MP Heidi Allen (South Cambs) is reaching fever pitch

(12/10/18) Nick Clarke is a former Conservative Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, former Chairman of Cambridge Conservative Association and is a Conservative Party member (and ex-UKIP).

I was surprised to be receiving calls, this week, from senior Conservatives in South Cambridgeshire asking me to join a campaign to get Heidi Allen deselected. Discontent with Heidi Allen, over her pro-EU stance, amongst Conservative Party activists in South Cambs, is reaching fever pitch. Read the full story on Westmonster.

STOP PRESS Tory MP Heidi Allen is the ONLY Tory to sign pledge refusing to report illegal migrants.

Threat of UKIP victory in South Thanet ‘drove MP to break campaign rules’, court told

(16/10/18) A Tory MP and his two aides wrongly declared expenses and breached campaign spending limits during the 2015 general election because they were desperate to ensure Nigel Farage would not win the seat, a court was told today.

Craig Mackinlay, the South Thanet MP, is accused of hiding spending in his 2015 general election battle against Mr Farage, the former Ukip leader, by not properly reporting expenses in his local return. Read the full story in the The Times.

The Tory party is totally demoralised - it's time for UKIP to strike

The Tory party is totally demoralised. According to this article, only about a third of Conservative party members expect a Tory majority at the next election and constituency associations have received applications only numbering in the “single figures” where they would previously have expected scores. Read the full post on Conservative Home.

UKIP stalls - a warning from UKIP Bath following vandalism and harrassment

(29/9/18) Here is a report by UKIP Bath and NE Somerset branch on the attacks on their stall and poster truck in Bath on 29 Sept. All branches should take note and be ready for this. Read the full story on UKIP Daily.

UKIP appoints new Chair - Tony McIntyre resigns and is replaced by Kirsten Herriot

(10/10/18) Tony McIntyre has resigned as UKIP Party Chairman on medical advice. After helping to save the party in early 2018 he has presided over the party in a difficult and demanding time and overseen our most successful conference ever. This branch would like to thank Tony for his brief but decisive work as chair.

Kirsten Herriot has been appointed new chair and has issued a long statement to members. You can read this on UKIP Daily.

UKIP leader Gerard Batten has called for a referendum on whether the Welsh Assembly should be scrapped.

(9/10/18) Gerard Batten's remarks endorse the position of Gareth Bennett, UKP's assembly leader elected in the summer. Mr Bennett's vow to campaign for the assembly's closure is not shared by everyone in his group. Speaking in Cardiff after meeting UKIP's four remaining assembly members, Mr Batten denied he was taking the UK party in a more extreme direction. Read the full story on the BBC website.

UKIP launches Interim Manifesto at party's most successful conference yet

Gerard Batten delivers his speech
(30/9/18) The party conference held at the Birmingham NEC on 21-22 September proved to be a big success. Over 1,300 tickets were sold - a record - and there was a tremendous 'feel good' spirit in the crowd.

The party launched our new (interim) manifesto Policies for the People . Some of the key priorities in the interim manifesto include:

• Full Brexit
• Abolish the licence fee
• Slash immigration
• National Health Service, not an International Health Service
• Train our own doctors and nurses
• Tackle literalist Islam
• Housing for our people first
• Defend free speech
• Abolish ATOS
• End PC culture
• Waive university fees for STEMM subjects
• Abolish foreign aid
• House homeless veterans
• No more aimless wars
• Ban non-stun animal slaughter

The format of the conference was a series of speeches over 2 days, most restricted to around 15 minutes each, variously chaired by Tony McIntyre, Piers Warchope and others. Gerard Batten's entire keynote speech was broadcast live on the BBC News channel. You can watch Gerard's speech in full here. There's nothing quite like calling for the abolition of the BBC licence fee live on the BBC! The party conference was filled with two days of excellent speeches. We had a range of speakers on a wide topic of policy areas. speakers included: UKIP Policy Spokespersons, Members of the Welsh Assembly, Members of the London Assembly, Members of the European Parliament, Local Councillors, representatives from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as some independent experts in different fields. Every single speech was recorded and broadcast live through Facebook. You can view them here.

Social events were the Chairman’s Reception on the Thursday evening and the Gala Dinner on the Friday evening. These events had the highest attendance figures ever and a good time was had by all. Over 200 people were present at the dinner which had a great atmosphere and great food. Jill Seymour was very engaging, haranguing the assembled company into donating thousands, and Nigel Farage appeared and spoke as part of the 25th anniversary although his comments about Tommy Robinson didn’t receive universal acclaim.

According to Gerard, hundreds of new members rang UKIP HQ over the weekend to join.

You can read a write-up of the conference by Alan Piper on UKIP Daily. Read his reflections on Day 1 and Day 2

Ukip's new guard: web agitators threaten to swamp struggling party (The Guardian)

(29/6/18) To the significant alarm of some of its old guard, a new group of online political agitators, some connected to the hard right, has joined UKIP – and promised to swamp it with their online followers in what has been presented as a “soft coup”. The move has caused ructions within Ukip. While some are aghast at the idea, others hope it could revitalise the party, which is polling at around 3%. Read the full story in The Guardian.

UKIP Leader on UKIP Membership & Finances

Gerard Batten says in his Leader's update of 29th August: 'I am very pleased to tell you that membership has been steadily increasing. It is now edging towards 24,000, a line we expect to cross soon. We have been doing and saying the right things, and Mrs May’s betrayal of Brexit has helped too. The Party is now firmly in the black and our Treasurer Sebastian Fairweather has firm control of the finances. We are going from strength to strength.'

UKIP plans to SELL OFF Channel 4 - and scrap TV licence

(21/8/18) In an exclusive interview with UKIP party leader Gerard Batten, he said UKIP would turn the BBC into a subscription-only broadcaster and sell off C4.

He said: “Our policy will be to abolish the BBC and make it a subscription-fee service. Channel 4 is actually owned…by the government. Though it isn’t given any money, the taxpayer is liable if it runs into financial difficulty. Read the full story in the Daily Star.

Announcing UKIP's new newsletter - The Out Post

The Out Post front page

(18/8/18) We are delighted to say that we totally approve of the new newsletter, The Out Post, the first edition of which is downloadable as a PDF from this page. Originally conceived by the SE Region it has been so well-received by other regions that quantities are being printed for distribution by Kippers around the country.

Edited and published by Redvers Cunningham, Chairman of UKIP Spelthorne, this 8-page publication provides bite-sized articles by UKIP leaders, party news and comment. There is also a letters page which provides interesting reading. If you would like to have copies printed and delivered for distribution, such as at stalls that you set up, please let us know via Cost is £40 for 1,000 copies. Other branches are encouraged to upload to their own websites.

Nigel Farage, about to tour Australia & New Zealand, is interviewed on Sky Business Australia

(26/7/18) Nigel Farage is to undertake a speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand from Sunday 2nd to Friday 7th September. Speaking in advance of his tour he said: "I'm going to tell you about the global revolution that's happening in politics, and how I got the whole thing kicked off to begin with." Nigel was also recently interviewed by Sky News Business Australia in advance of his tour. During the interview with presenter Ticky Fullerton, Nigel talked about Brexit, Trump, Boris, UKIP, his future, and the state British politics.

You can view the interview on our branch YouTube channel. You can also find out more about Nigel's tour and book tickets for his dates 'Down Under' via this website.

It’s not too late to scrap HS2

(8/8/18) It’s no secret that ambitious public infrastructure projects often end up running monumentally over budget. Recent transport history is littered with such examples, like the Jubilee Line Extension in the late 90s, which exceeded initial forecasts by over £1 billion. Or the Channel Tunnel, which ended up costing more than twice as much as originally planned, with final costs in the region of £12 billion in today’s money. Yet these numbers are small change compared to the likely overspend of HS2... Read more on CapX.

UKIP Cambs branch seeks a candidate to stand in the Petersfield ward by-election

(2/8/18) You may be aware that following the resignation of Cllr. Ann Sinnott on 30 July, an election has been called in the Petersfield ward of Cambridge City Council. The by-election will be held on Thursday 13th September 2018.

We are seeking a candidate to stand - could this be you? If so please contact Peter Burkinshaw, Chairman of the Branch via

Nomination papers can be printed from the Electoral Commission website. Candidate and agent guidance is also available on the EC website as usual.

A detailed timetable for your information is attached to this news item and you will see some dates/times are still to be agreed, but you can get an update from, the Electoral Services Manager.

Relevant dates for this poll are:

- Notice of Election: 8 August
- 1st day for nominations: 9 August (between 10 am and 5 pm)
- Deadline for nominations: 16 August @ 4 pm
- Registration deadline: 28 August @ 11:59 pm
- Postal vote deadline: 29 August @ 5 pm
- Proxy vote deadline: 5 September @ 5 pm
- Polling day: 13 September (7 am to 10 pm)

NEC election results - July 2018

NEC results
The results of the NEC elections are as follows:

FORD Richard 2806 ELECTED
KING Marietta 2079 ELECTED
WARRENDER Ernie 1996
WATERS Ryan 1956
OAKLEY Paul 1661
KNIGHT Kim 1615
McWILLIAM Andrew 1471
BRYANT Patricia 1453
LE MAY Debbie 1450
WALTERS Paula 1174
NORLEY George 773
ARUNDEL Xandra 728

UKIP launches Local Election Manifesto 2018

UKIP Local Elections Manifesto 2018 banner
(23/4/18) UKIP's new leader, Gerard Batten MEP, has launched the party's local election manifesto based on three big issues:

1) Brexit – a complete exit from the European Union. Brexit Means Exit!
2) Immigration – And end to the age of mass uncontrolled immigration, and its replacement with a controlled and limited immigration system.
3) An economy that works for all – policies that produce jobs, homes and decent standard of living for all.

You can download the manifesto here. The elections are on Thursday 3rd May. Our Branch Chairman, Peter Burkinshaw, is standing for election in the East Chesterton Ward of Cambridge city. You can view all candidates from all parties on the Cambs City Council here. The Sun has published a guide to the elections, how to register, candidates etc here.

U.K. balances day-to-day budget for first time since 2001-02 #despiteBrexit

(24/4/18) Britain was in surplus on its day-to-day budget for the first full fiscal year since the early 2000s, a milestone that is almost certain to revive calls for an end to austerity.

Revenue exceeded spending by 112 million pounds ($156 million) in the 12 months through March, meaning Britain is now borrowing only to finance capital investment, figures from the Office for National Statistics showed Tuesday. Read the full post on Bloomberg.

New centrist party gets £50m backing to ‘break mould’ of UK politics

(8/4/18) A new political party with access to up to £50m in funding has been secretly under development for more than a year by a network of entrepreneurs, philanthropists and donors keen to “break the Westminster mould". It appears to have a centrist policy platform that borrows ideas from both left and right. Read the full story in the Read the full story in the Observer.

DEFENDING FREEDOM’S FRONTIER: David Kurten At Speakers Corner

(9/4/18) In a planned visit to Speakers Corner, David Kurten talked about the real threat to free speech that is prevalent in the UK at present and about the now infamous cases of Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner. He rightly pointed out that it is deemed beyond the pale to offend Allah but it is perfectly acceptable to offend Christ. Mr Kurten was the first in series of speeches planned by pro-free-speech patriots. Read the full story on Kipper Central.

MEP Tim Aker threatened with expulsion from UKIP

(04/04/18) UKIP MEP, Tim Aker, has been threatened with expulsion from the party following the formation of the Thurrock Independents. Aker, who is also a councillor in Aveley for Thurrock, represents the East of England in European Parliament under the banner of UKIP. The UKIP NEC will meet to decide his fate should he not return to the fold. Read the full story in the Thurrock Gazette.

UKIP's future is bright as Batten raises over £300,000 to prevent the party going into insolvency

(3/4/18) UKIP has shown the resilience and depth of character to regain its position as a vital part of British politics. On 17th February UKIP was on the edge of insolvency and in imminent danger of being forced out of business. As a result of an appeal by our leader, Gerard Batten MEP, almost £300K has been raised - 3x the planned amount. What is more, since he took over, there has been a surge in new memberships with nearly 900 new members since the 17th February. Read the full post on the the UKIP website.

Gerard Batten makes first appointments to his leadership team

(27/02/18) UKIP interim leader, Gerard Batten MEP, last night announced the first three members of his new leadership team. Former UKIP South-West Chairman, Mr Tony McIntyre, has been selected as UKIP's Interim Party Chairman. Margot Parker MEP will become UKIP's Deputy-Chairwoman. And Mike Hookem MEP has been appointed deputy leader. Read more on the UKIP website.

Who is Gerard Batten? MEP who called Islam a 'Death Cult' appointed as Ukip's Interim Leader - Huffington Post recruitment feature

(19/02/18) Ukip’s interim leader, who once called Islam a “death cult” and proposed that Muslims sign a special code of conduct rejecting violence, has been described as a “disaster” for the party’s political future.

Gerard Batten has taken over from ousted Henry Bolton, who lost his position after nearly two thirds of members backed his sacking at an Extraordinary General Meeting on Saturday. Batten will be interim leader while a new leadership election is organised in the next 90 days. Read the full article on the Huffington Post website.

We congratulate Gerard Batten MEP on assuming role as Interim Leader of UKIP

Gerard Batten MEP
(7/2/18)We congratulate Gerard on his appointment as the UKIP interim leader on 17th February 2018 by the NEC after the EGM vote to displace Henry Bolton as leader. We now look forward to stability under his leadership and to successful preparations for the local elections in May.

About Gerard
Gerard Batten was a member of the Anti-Federalist League 1992-1993 and a founder member of the UK Independence Party in 1993. Gerard was the Party’s European Election Organiser in 1994 and the first Party Secretary (1994-1997). He has served on the UKIP National Executive Committee at different times.

Elected as a Member of the European Parliament for London in 2004, he was re-elected in 2009 for another five year term. He has written extensively on such subjects as Immigration, the Cost of the European Union, and the European Arrest Warranty and the creation of a European system of criminal law.

In his first term he was a member of the European Parliament’s Security & Defence Committee, and since 2009 he has been a member of the Civil Liberties Justice & Home Affairs Committee.

From 2009 to 2014 he has served as the UKIP MEPs' Chief Whip.

Cambridge ‘has fastest growing economy in the UK’

(3/1/18) Cambridge had the fastest-growing city economy in the UK across the third quarter of 2017, according to a new report which also revealed that both of the country's most famous university cities are expected to thrive in the next 12 months. Read the full article on Cambridge Network.

Labour opened borders to Eastern Europe to 'lower wage growth'

(25/11/17) Labour opened the door to uncontrolled mass immigration from eastern Europe after then-Bank of England governor Mervyn King “pressed the case” that it would “lower wage growth”, a former senior diplomat has claimed. UKIP leader Henry Bolton said, “This revelation shows us that a Labour prime minister, in connivance with the Bank of England, deliberately used uncontrolled, low-skilled immigration to drive down the wages of British workers. Read the full article on Breitbart London.

Grooming Gangs – UKIP Needs To Stand-Up For Suffering Young Girls

(5/11/17) I was listening to the parents and sibling of an English girl who, aged 15, had been groomed by a gang of Pakistani men from nearby large towns. In the following years, they told me, she was abused, raped, gang-raped, beaten, forced into drug-taking, endlessly made drunk, made pregnant, had six abortions, was trafficked around as a sex-slave and had been continually violated by the men. Read the full article on Kipper Central.

Henry Bolton announces his new team

(18/10/17) Henry Bolton has announced his team to take UKIP forward. Included in his new leadership group is Margot Parker MEP, as Deputy leader and Jim Carver and Mike Hookem MEPs as assistant Deputies. He said "I am pleased to announce appointments to my Cabinet. UKIP has a moral obligation to hold the government to account for taking us out of the European Union. Clear and decisive leadership is crucial and we shall deliver it. Together, my team and I will now commence the urgent work of projecting our party firmly and decisively into British politics with the purpose of securing our nation's interests through Brexit and beyond." Read the full post on the UKIP website.

Conference aftermath: Where Do We Go From Here?

(01/10/17) So, the dust has settled (a little bit) on what has been probably one of the longest leadership campaigns in the history of politics. The big question now for UKIP is what does the future hold and that is true for the Party and obviously also those candidates who failed to win. Read the full post on Kipper Central.

Video report by the BBC of the UKIP Torquay conference (30mins)

(29/9/17) Recorded coverage of UKIP's conference in Torquay with the announcement of the results of the leadership election, followed by the first news conference with the newly-elected leader, Henry Bolton. Watch on BBC iPlayer.

We have a NEW leader and a NEW brand!

UKIP For the Nation logo
(1/10/17) Our new leader was announced in Torquay during the UKIP Party conference. He is Henry Bolton OBE. Bolton, whose only noted political experience in the UK was to once stand as Kent’s crime commissioner, won 3,874 votes, just under 30% of the total. Anne Marie Waters, finished second in the seven-candidate race with 2,755 votes. See 10 things to know about Henry Bolton by Guido.

Our new brand was also announced, after being chosen by the audience out of two options presented to them at the conference. The brand shows a lion with the wording 'UKIP: For the nation' alongside it. See our News page for more about the conference.

Former soldier Henry Bolton elected as new leader of UKIP (Guardian report)

(29/9/17) Ukip has narrowly avoided a shift towards the far right after its members elected the relatively unknown former soldier Henry Bolton as its new leader, just beating a populist anti-Islam candidate. In a result announced at the party’s annual conference in Torquay on Friday, Bolton, whose main political experience was to stand as Kent’s crime commissioner, won 3,874 votes, just under 30% of the relatively low total. Read the full article in The Guardian.

Nigel Farage 'to form new party' if anti-Islam campaigner Anne Marie Waters wins UKIP leadership contest

(25/9/17)> Nigel Farage is planning to launch a new, pro-Brexit party if the anti-Islam campaigner Anne-Marie Waters wins the Ukip leadership election next week, sources have claimed. Hehas told friends he will set up the breakaway party because he believes Ukip will be “finished” if Ms Waters takes charge. Read the full article in The Independent.

UKIP youth wing's Executive & National Councils dissolved amid leaks and Far Left threats

In the face of their conference cancellation due to Far Left threat and discovering a leak within their ranks, the Young Independence (YI) executive council voted to dissolve the YI Executive Council and the YI National Council. The report claims this is 'temporary' but the whole organisation sounds in chaos. Read the full post on Kipper Central.

UKIP questions lack of Humanitarian Aid for British Overseas Territories hit by Hurricane Irma when there is a £12.2bn foreign ad budget

(7/9/17) The UK continues to give £12.2 billion in foreign aid, supporting countries like the North Korean regime now threatening nuclear war and Argentina who still think they have a claim over the Falkland Islands. But the money should instead be going to the Caribbean Islands hit by the Hurricane Irma. Read the full post on the UKIP website.

Video of the London hustings for the UKIP leadership contest on 4th September

(4/9/17) This was billed as the official leadership hustings in Westminster and which was recorded by UKIP and broadcast live. You can watch it on Facebook here. When a write-up of the event becomes available, we will post it on this News page.

Report on the South East UKIP Leadership Hustings on 31st August

(3/9/17) This post is by Richard Palmer who attended the hustings event and this is his write-up of it. It complements the two reports (one by this branch) on the London Colney hustings event on 21st August (see below). Read the full post on Kipper Central

UKIP leadership contest - LATEST: 'UKIP United' team with Collins as candidate officially launched as Bolton gets another MEP endorsement

(1/9/17) Following on from the withdrawal of Ben Walker, David Coburn and Marion Mason yesterday to support Jane Collins MEP, more flesh has been added to the bones of what is now called ‘UKIP United’. Jane Collins has made a statement and a press conference will happen on Monday (4th Sept). Read the full post on Kipper Central

Outrage as UKIP’s Young Independence Conference is cancelled after violent Leftist threats

(2/8/17) UKIP’s Young Independence (YI) Conference in Sheffield, #Horizons, was yesterday cancelled after threats from a far left organisation to the venue that was hosting the event. The conference was due to be a big event, with 8 UKIP Leadership candidates, several MEPs and, of course, the YI Council in attendance. Read the full article on Kipper Central

Tony Blair ‘will offer surrender’ to EU today, as Labour’s feuding wings ally to undermine May, says UKIP

(31/8/17) Tony Blair will today privately inform EU President Juncker that Labour is ready to change sides and help the EU undermine Theresa May, in a bid to bring the government down, according to UKIP' interim leader Steve Crowther. In a deal between the warring Blairite and far-left wings of the party, facilitated by Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer, the two sides have agreed to sacrifice the party’s commitment to Brexit in a bid to damage the Conservative government. Read the post here

UKIP leadership election campaign hots up

(31/8/17) On this website we have already recounted our visit to a leadership hustings event which hopefully has informed our members and readers. The leadership campaign is not receiving any coverage in the national media, which is not surprising for more than one reason, so it is hard for members to get information on candidates and their views. On this page we will try and share some information in the next week as ballot papers arrive from 1st September.

To kick us off, here are two posts by Cllr John Whitby. One which asks What should UKIP look for in a new leader? whilst the other is his report on the London Colney hustings event (which you can compare with ours).

The Human Cost of the HS2 Disaster - UKIP still fighting HS2 whilst other parties support it

(9/8/17) West Midlands UKIP MEP Jill Seymour has launched a last-ditch bid to halt the HS2 ‘vanity project’ with a hard-hitting video and new petition. Mrs Seymour, who sits on the European Union’s transport committee, today unveiled a film which tells tearjerking stories of people’s lives being ruined by the line – alongside some shocking statistics. Read the full post on the UKIP website

5 facts about the Muslim population in Europe

(19/7/17) Recent killings in Paris as well as the arrival of hundreds of thousands of mostly Muslim refugees in Europe have drawn renewed attention to the continent’s Muslim population. In many European countries, including France, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, concerns about growing Muslim communities have led to calls for restrictions on immigration. But just how large is Europe’s Muslim population, and how fast is it growing? Read the article on FactTank

Conservatives begin the sell out of the British fishing industry

(2/8/17) Mike Hookem MEP, UKIP Fisheries spokesman, blasts Gove for claiming Danish fishermen will still be able to catch large amounts of fish in British waters, even if the British leave the EU. He accused Michael Gove of “beginning the sell out” of the British fishing industry and “showing his true colours". Read the full article on the UKIP website

UKIP leadership contest: 11 applicants announced

(4/8/17) The UKIP Returning Officer has today confirmed that there are eleven applicants for next month's leadership election. They are: David Allen, Henry Bolton, David Coburn, Jane Collins, David Kurten, Marion Mason, Aidan Powlesland, John Rees-Evans, Ben Walker, Anne Marie Waters, Peter Whittle. UKIP is in the process of verifying their information and completing vetting checks in preparation for the next NEC meeting on 11th August. Read the full article on the UKIP website

Anti-Islam UKIP leadership hopeful 'too extreme' says UKIP Welsh Assembly Member

A frontrunner in the race to be UKIP's next leader is probably "too extreme" to be allowed to stand, a party AM has said. Anne Marie Waters has described Islam as evil. She is one of several hopefuls who face vetting for UKIP's leadership election

David Rowlands, who will chair a leadership hustings in Newport on Wednesday where she will appear, said it is not the image he wants UKIP to have. As well as Ms Waters, other leadership hopefuls at the meeting include London assembly member David Kurten, David Allen and former UKIP councillor Ben Walker. Read the full article on the BBC website

UKIP’s Health Spokesman: With more 86,000 vacant NHS posts in the first quarter of this year, it’s about time we stopped taking our NHS staff for granted!

(27/7/17) According to figures released by NHS Digital, more than 86,000 NHS posts were vacant in the first quarter of this year, which is an increase of almost 8,000 when compared to the same period last year. UKIP’s Health Spokesman, Dr Julia Reid MEP, described the figures as “deeply concerning” but was quick to shut down those seeking to blame Brexit for the rise in vacant NHS posts... Read the full article on the UKIP website

David Kurten: May’s looming Brexit betrayal can spark a UKIP revival

(31/7/17) Not for the first time, the mainstream media has written off Ukip as irrelevant, taking turns to ignore the party or to sling mud at it. Although there is a very interesting leadership contest taking place, there is virtually no media interest in it. This is the party that won over 12 per cent of the vote in the 2015 General Election and won Brexit for Britain in 2016... Read the full post on Conservative Woman

'Roll out the red carpet’ Bill Etheridge quits Ukip leader race to back Farage's return

(27/7/17) BILL Etheridge wants Nigel Farage back leading Ukip, fearing it is on the brink of becoming “the zombie party”. The MEP for the West Midlands said he would roll out the red carpet for the return of the two-time leader, as he himself pulled out of the current leadership race. He told “I would lay down a red carpet and I would escort him along it and I would open the doors and say thank God you’re back.” Read the full article in the Daily Express

The Conservative Party has ceased to exist as a distinct political entity, says UKIP

(23/7/17) With imminent surrender to the EU on immigration, an epidemic of crime following police ‘reforms’ and now the proposal to cease recognising male and female genders, the Conservative Party has ceased to exist as a recognisable entity, says UKIP. Read the full story on the UKIP website

Boris Johnson is starting to whistle the UKIP tune on Brexit

(11/7/17) Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP Brexit spokesman responded to comments made in the Commons by the Foriegn Sectetary, Boris Johnson. "Boris's comments in the Commons regarding the EU's 'excessive' demands for a 'leaving bill', and his agreement that they could 'go whistle for it' show that reality is starting to sink in. Read the full news post on the UKIP website

UKIP leadership election news - latest

(3/7/17) This is the latest news on the contest according to Guido Fawkes, who says: 'With Farage not running, a battle for UKIP’s soul is underway between the more classical liberal / libertarian old guard and populist anti-Islam elements who are accused of trying to infiltrate the party.' See the list of candidates and Guido's comments on the Guido Fawkes website.

There should be no compromise over equality before the law as rights of EU citizens are discussed in Brexit negotiations

(28/6/17) Suggestions the the Government are willing to create an UK/EU body to oversee the rights of EU citizens in the UK post Brexit have been denounced by UKIP Peter Jewell, the UKIP Justice spokesman responded, "Has the Tory Government flipped their lid completely, what happened to “Brexit means Brexit” It seems that Michel Barnier the EU’s chief negotiator expects that EU citizens rights should be enforced by the ECJ. Read the full post on the UKIP website.

UK population growth out of control

(30/6/17) The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) reported that almost 1 in 10 of the UK population is born overseas. This is being driven by record levels of immigration, most of it from outside the EU, which government is supposed to have control of. Read the full statement including comment by John Bickley of UKIP on the UKIP website.

George Osborne's leading article in The Standard: The challenge facing a weak administration

(22/6/17) No carriage, no robes, no crown — the dressed-down ceremony for today’s Queen’s Speech seems wholly appropriate for a Government that has just received such a dressing down from the people. Gone are all the pretensions for a great programme of domestic reform or economic renewal. This is a Government that is just about managing. Read the full article in the Evening Standard.

A Tory-DUP Alliance will remind the Tories what Conservatism Is supposed to look like

(9/6/17) There may be a silver lining for small-c conservative voters following the shock results of the UK General Election. The Democrat Unionist Party (DUP) — who the Conservatives will seek a coalition government with — is far closer to conservative philosophy than Britain’s Tories have been for decades. Read the full article on Breitbart London.

Statement from Steve Crowther as he is appointed UKIP Interim Leader

(9/6/17) "UKIP will now rapidly regroup, choose a new Leader and get back on our horse. We will provide the backbone for the full, proper Brexit that the people voted for last year, and which is the only way to protect this country from the impending economic meltdown in Europe, and get back control of our borders – something which is clearly long overdue." Read the full statement on the UKIP website.

Statement from Paul Nuttall MEP

(9/6/17) Paul Nuttall MEP today issued the following statement: "This morning, I wrote to the Party Chairman to inform of him of my decision to resign as the Leader of UKIP, with immediate effect." Read his full statement on the UKIP website.

Why you, your family and your friends should vote UKIP today, by Party Leader Paul Nuttall

(8/6/17) For too long, our leaders of all stripes have hidden the truth from the people of this country about the source of this campaign against us and our values, and only now we are hearing a few words of admission. But they are still only words. And we need action to protect us, not more words. Read the full statement on the UKIP website.

UKIP’s Paul Nuttall: ‘Islamist Extremism Is a Cancer Within Our Society’

(6/6/17) UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has used a landmark speech to brand Islamist extremism a “cancer within our society”, proposing a range of robust actions to ensure it is “cut out”.

The Liverpudlian MEP described how, in the past, the police and MI5 had “foiled plot after plot in the nick of time”, but are now “being overwhelmed by the impossible scale” of the problem. Read the full and detailed article on Breitbart London.

DAILY MIRROR: Who will win the 2017 general election? It's time for a rude reality check

(2/6/17) Theresa May and the Conservatives will win the general election. There, I've said it. I hate to be a wet blanket on a sunny June day. I know Corbynmania is exciting a lot of decent people.

And I'm sorry to put a dampener on anyone who believes the most astonishing triumph in recent British political history is in reach and they need to plan victory parties. But it's time for a rude reality check. I just don't think Prime Minister Jeremy is going to happen. Read Kevin McGuire in full in the Daily Mirror.

THE SUN: Theresa May is on course to win over two million UKIP voters in major boost to election hopes

(5/6/17) In a redrawing of the political landscape, almost half – 48% – of all who backed the anti-EU party in 2015 now say they will vote for the PM on Thursday instead. In February, the same figure stood at just 20%.

The exclusive ComRes survey also reveals Mrs May has connected with UKIP voters far better than David Cameron did, leaving her SEVEN times more popular with them than her predecessor. Read the full article in The Sun.

Our Branch comment: Theresa May is a house built on sand

(02/06/17) The Prime Minister had all the advantage. She chose the timing of the election and ambushed us all. But the past weeks have seen her massive double-digit poll lead reduced to low single figures (according to more than one pollster). It seems that her many u-turns over issues like social care, NIC (in the budget), Brexit (she was a Remoaner before 23rd June last year), and indeed calling an early election - these have all demonstrated that she is not the 'strong and stable' person that her campaign team have sought to portray her as.

The latest car crash in her campaign was her no-show at the BBC Debate in Cambridge on Wednesday. Wrong-footed by Corbyn who decided to attend at the last minute, she sent Amber Rudd in to battle for her. One feels sorry for Rudd, whose father died only three days previously, and who performed well given the circumstances. But May's non-attendance provided ample ammunition for the other leaders to expose her as cowardly and unaccountable.

It seems to us that May has finally been exposed for what she is - a person of no substance, like Cameron (aka 'Cam the Sham'). But unlike Cameron, she does not relish a fight. Leaders should. She clearly fears uncontrolled situations and isn't one for rolling the sleeves up and taking on all-comers. The resulting image conveyed to the electorate is one of hollowness, blandness and lack of conviction. Meanwhile Corbyn, who's numerous shortcomings such as his past terrorist sympathies, patent inept leadership, and la-la land economic plans, presents an open goal to any competent Tory campaign.

Since her coronation as leader of the Tories last year and becoming Prime Minister, we have all tried to find out what she stands for, what her ideology is, what vision she has for our country. But despite numerous opportunities to enlighten us, we are none the wiser. All we have had are facile soundbites such as 'Brexit means Brexit'. Her image is one of a dull Rotarian.

The conclusion must be that May has no underlying vision or plan for the UK and that she is just another cunning, opportunist politician who waited for her moment and took the prize. Ambitious, yes. Visionary, no. Theresa May is standing for election. But she stands for nothing. She's akin to a house built on sand.

But we in UKIP say that we must go to the polls and vote, tactically where necessary, to ensure that the least-worst option - a larger Tory majority - becomes a reality so that Brexit can be delivered to the population that has demanded it and to prevent a 'coalition of chaos' that would result if a majority is not obtained.

DAILY MAIL: The Tories must shout it from the rooftops: Corbyn would destroy Brexit, increase mass migration and wreck the economy

(01/06/17) After the pollsters got it so wrong in 2015, and again in last year's EU referendum, we have learned by now to take their predictions with a gargantuan pinch of salt.

But no matter how dubious the figures, it is undeniable that the gap between the Tories and Labour has narrowed since the campaign began — with one rogue poll this week even suggesting the Government could lose its overall majority.

It sounds profoundly unlikely, but what can be said with certainty is that the Tories are suffering a wobble, for which they themselves must take much of the blame. Read the comment article in the Daily Mail.

Message from Put your country first, and party second (unfortunately)

(01/6/17) The latest YouGov poll suggested that the Conservative Party might fail to get a majority. That doesn't seem likely but they are in danger of seeing their majority slashed with the worst election campaign we can ever remember.

The public are beginning to see the limitations of Theresa May and how weak she really is. During the historic referendum, we faced the biggest question of the last 45 years: whether we should Remain or Leave. We didn't hear from her during the campaign – the consummate career politician.

The Conservative Party during its time in power has doubled the national debt and the country hasn't recorded a surplus in 16 years. It has pursued an economic policy of printing £350 billion of QE, inflating asset prices, and mass uncontrolled immigration to compress workers’ wages. It has slashed the Armed Forces to the bone while spending recklessly and without control on foreign aid. We continue to spend huge amounts on the EU budget, pointless quangos, interest on our huge debt, £12 billion on green subsidies – wasted money everywhere.

The Conservative government is conservative in name only. Leave.EU fought harder than anyone for Brexit and frankly the number one concern is delivering the will of the people.

Under first-past-the-post, at this election we are faced with Theresa May's Conservative Party or Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party. Faced with the prospect of a hung parliament or a catastrophic coalition of Trotskyites, Scottish Nationalists and EU fanatics, there is no choice but to vote Conservative in the election.

Given their track record, the Conservatives may well fail to achieve a clean "Brexit" or control immigration and the public will react with fury. Maybe UKIP or a new political force will hold them to account.

The decision is clear. Vote Conservative in any seat where they are best placed to win and in the tiny number of seats where UKIP could win, Tories should vote for them. With the Conservatives back in government we can start the process of electoral pressure all over again.

Patrick O'Flynn: Tories need to come clean on social care cap before election

(29/5/17) UKIP Economic Spokesman Patrick O’Flynn has demanded Theresa May and her ministers declare before polling day what cap they intend to impose on social care bills. He has also suggested voters use Twitter to contact their local Tory candidate using the hashtag #whatisthecap to increase pressure for a further climbdown. Read the full post on the UKIP website.

UKIP launches manifesto with pledge to act against Islamic terrorism - The Guardian

(25/5/17) Ukip has sought to position itself after the Manchester attack as the party taking strong action against Islamic terrorism, using its manifesto launch to outline a series of policies on security and immigration.

In the first national political campaigning since Monday night’s attack in which 22 people died – other parties are pausing until Friday – Ukip’s leader, Paul Nuttall, said the party would recruit thousands of extra police, troops, prison guards and border forces. He refused to rule out interning terrorism suspects without trial, an idea raised by one of his MEPs. See the full article in the Guardian.

Paul Nuttall: The democratic process must continue

(25/5/17) "The best response we can make is to ensure that the democratic process continues and therefore I have decided that we must to go ahead with the launch of the UKIP general election manifesto tomorrow." Read the full statement from Paul Nuttall on the UKIP website.

Lib Dem's Huppert branded the 'dullest MP' by a rival candidate as campaign for Cambridge seat hots up

(18/5/17) Feathers are flying in the race to represent Cambridge at parliament, with one candidate taking to Twitter to call former City MP Julian Huppert the "commons' dullest MP".

The remark was made after the News ran a story in which Lib Dem candidate Julian Huppert lamented apparent voter apathy on the campaign trail, with voters telling him they were considering not voting at all. Read the full article in the Cambridge News.

Theresa May marches into UKIP country

(17/5/17) UKIP may have won a pyrrhic victory in Britain’s Brexit heartland. Along England’s east coast, people who previously cast their ballots for the UK Independence Party, and who voted overwhelmingly for Britain to leave the European Union last year as UKIP vocally urged, look set to flock to the Tories come June’s election. Read the full article on Politico.

UKIP accuses Theresa May of stealing the party's policies

(15/5/17) At a policy launch, the party's economic spokesman, Patrick O'Flynn, said there was "still a stench in the political air" over favouring the rich and powerful despite the Prime Minister's recent attempts to woo Labour and UKIP voters.

Issuing a series of challenges to the Conservatives over their plans for the economy, Mr O'Flynn said more should be done to tackle big business rather than "dumping on the up-and-comers". Read the full article on Sky News.

Ukip’s hopes of holding their only Commons seat boosted after Tory candidate reveals he backed Remain

(16/5/17) TROUBLED Ukip’s hopes of holding their only Commons seat were boosted after the Tory candidate in Clacton admitted backing Remain. The knife-edge Essex constituency returned the struggling Brexit party’s only MP in 2015 and more than 70 per cent of local voters backed Leave at last year’s referendum. Read the full article in The Sun .

Mike Hookem MEP - 'Ted Heath betrayed the fishermen and Theresa May will do the same!'

(12/5/17) UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, yesterday accused the Tories of planning to “betray” the UK’s fishing industry, saying, "Ted Heath betrayed the fishermen... and Theresa May will do exactly the same!"

Mr Hookem's comments came as he launched UKIP's new "Future for Fishing" policy, which aims to return the UK's fishing industry to Westminster control; and find investment to rebuild our fishing fleet. Read the full post on the UKIP website .

Watch the latest UKIP General Election broadcast

UKIP Party Election Broadcast frame
See UKIP's latest Party Election broadcast on the BBC iPlayer .

Tory high command split over 'deteriorating' Theresa May-Hammond relationship

(11/5/17) Only days away from the release of the the Conservative Party manifesto, relations are reportedly souring between the prime minister and the chancellor and their teams over policy differences. Downing Street aides are said to be angered by Philip Hammond effectively committing Theresa May to ditch a promise not to raise income tax, VAT or national insurance. Read the full story in the International Business Times .

UKIP sets target of zero net migration

(8/5/17) Ukip wants to encourage more British students and others to pick fruit as part of moves to reduce net migration to zero. Reforms to the welfare and education system are needed to increase the number of home-grown workers available to the agriculture sector, Ukip immigration spokesman John Bickley said. Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

HS2 will be a disaster, but politicians lack the bottle to give it the boot

(3/5/17) Last week, when a group of Conservative backbenchers took a shopping list for their manifesto to the Number 10 policy unit, they were surprised to be told that changing the position on HS2 was already under consideration. But at the weekend Theresa May seemingly caved in to pressure from HS2 cheerleaders, telling the Yorkshire Post “We remain absolutely committed to HS2”. Read the full article in the Huffington Post.

We are victims of our own success but a bright future still lays ahead - Paul Nuttall MEP

(5/5/17) The UKIP Leader, Paul Nuttall has issued the following statement following the local election results:

It's been a difficult night. In the local elections yesterday many excellent UKIP representatives lost their seats on county councils despite campaigning hard for re-election.... Read the full statement on the UKIP website.

Campaign news from Patrick O'Flynn MEP

(3/5/17) The following text is taken from Patrick's missive in the UKIP Eastern Region weekly email to members and provides a useful insight into the GE17 campaign.

The week began with the launch of our integration agenda at a press event in London. I was very proud of the performances of Margot Parker, Peter Whittle and David Kurten. Our proposals for prompting integration were a huge hit with lots of UKIPPERs and voters alike. But there was also some push back from a minority in the party.

On Tuesday, I had campaign meetings in central London and then worked with Suzanne Evans and others on the beginnings of the project that will culminate in the launch of our manifesto later this month.

On Wednesday I went to Brussels for meetings with MEP colleagues about how they can assist the party in the forthcoming campaign.

I began Thursday with a speech in the European Parliament about the continued trapping of Greece in a deflationary spiral. I then took part in the plenary voting session before working on the Eurostar on the way home on arrangements for our campaign launch.

That took place on Friday in central London. The meeting was disrupted by left-wing demonstrators but they were swiftly ushered out and Paul Nuttall made a strong speech mainly about Brexit. The same day I also briefed some Sunday papers about a package of cost of living cuts, including scrapping the TV licence fee. I was delighted when all three papers carried the story and helped us set the agenda for the second Sunday in a row. Also on Friday I did an interview for BBC Look East on the election campaign.

On Saturday I went to the conference of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, at which I was one of the keynote speakers. I was glad to be able to thank CIB members for all they have done for the Brexit cause over several decades.

On Sunday I was up early to accompany Paul Nuttall to his interview with Sophy Ridge at Sky TV in West London. I then went to a family birthday event in the afternoon.

That's it really. At the moment there is only really time for a few hours sleep each night to break up the incessant pace of phone calls, speech-writing, event arranging, policy choices and all the other demands of an election campaign. With Theresa May still on a honeymoon with the electorate and being pledged to implement Brexit, the political context is very challenging for UKIP in this election.

The key to us confounding a media narrative that says we are bound to fade away to almost nothing is to come up with eye-catching policy ideas that cannot be ignored and that connect with significant sections of the electorate.

Another essential ingredient is for everyone in the party - particularly at a senior level - to get behind the leader during the campaign and set personal egos aside. This past week with our integration agenda and cost-of-living package we have certainly achieved the former factor.

UKIP pledge to put Foreign Aid at the heart of the election and slash Government spending

(2/5/17) UKIP will put Britain’s bloated Foreign Aid budget at the heart of the election today with a pledge to slash it to 0.2 per cent rather than the current 0.7 per cent of government spending.

In a blistering attack on the current International Development spending, the Brexit party will claim Britain “cannot afford to contract out our aid policy to the likes of Bono and Bob Geldof.” Read the full article in The Sun.

Brexit deal 'won't be worth paper it’s written on' if MPs lose sight of economy, BCC warns

(2/5/17) The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) warned politicians not to lose sight of the economy as the UK prepares to enter Brexit negotiations.

It urged parties across the political spectrum to focus on five key areas –Brexit, devolution, the business environment, infrastructure and trade – to support economic growth and boost living standards across the UK. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall to stand in Boston & Skegness

(29/4/17) UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall has announced that he will be standing in Boston and Skegness in the forthcoming General Election. See the full post on the UKIP website.

Here are the seats Liberal Democrats could seize, especially if Tim Farron bangs on about more than Brexit

(25/4/17) If the 2017 general election becomes a "realignment election" then there is potential for Tim Farron and his party to cause problems. Today, Liberal Democrats are the main opposition in 62 seats, in third place in a further 36 seats, and fourth place in 338. In 16 seats the traditional third party in British politics is within 10 points of the incumbent MP, ten of whom are Conservative and based in southern England. Read the full article by Matthew Goodwin, Professor of Political Science at the University of Kent in the Daily Telegraph.

Video: UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall launches 2017 General Election campaign

Paul Nuttall
(28/4/17) Paul Nuttall has said Brexit is a "job half done" and UKIP MPs are needed to "see this through to the end" as he launches his party's election campaign. Mr Nuttall accused the prime minister of "backsliding" on immigration and said a "whopping Conservative majority" would "put Brexit in peril". UKIP would fight seats across "the vast majority of the country" but would stand not against some pro-Brexit MPs. Watch the full 20min speech on UKIP's website and see the BBC report online.

UKIP chief Paul Nuttall finally reveals he WILL run for Parliament on 8th June

(27/4/17) Ukip leader Paul Nuttall today finally said he will run for a seat on June 8, ending speculation he could sit out the general election. Mr Nuttall refused to name the constituency he would target but said he would name the place he will make his stand within 48 hours. Read the full story in the Daily Mail.

Age not class is greatest indicator of voting intention

(26/4/17) Very interesting short post with graphics by Guido Fawkes. He asks, "What is it about leaving education, becoming a taxpayer, a homeowner and a parent that shifts voters to the right?" And he answers... "The reality of responsibilities…" See the full post at Guido Fawkes.

UKIP's new integration policy platform

(24/4/17) UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall, Deputy Leader Peter Whittle, Education Spokesman David Kurten and Women's and Equality Spokesman Margot Parker today launched the broad UKIP integration agenda. UKIP Deputy Leader and Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle has renewed calls for a total ban on face coverings in a public place. Read the full news item on the UKIP website and a summary of the policy here.

Patrick O'Flynn returns as economic spokesman

(22/4/17) UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall has appointed Patrick O'Flynn MEP as the party's economic spokesman. Mr O'Flynn, who served in the same role at the last general election said: "I am delighted and honoured to take charge of UKIP's economic portfolio again. Read the full post on the UKIP website.

This election is about putting our country first - Paul Nuttall MEP

(23/4/17) A news post by our leader stating that over the next week or so, many conversations will take place between UKIP HQ and our local branches over whether UKIP should stand aside and not field a candidate where the interest of the UK is paramount. Read the full post on the UKIP website.

We welcome the chance to put UKIP's positive message to the electorate on 8th June - Paul Nuttall MEP

Picture of Paul Nuttall
Following the Prime Minister's announcement of a General Election on June 8, UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said: "We welcome the opportunity to take UKIP's positive message to the country.

"However, we believe that the Prime Minister's decision to call this election is a cynical decision driven more by the weakness of Corbyn's Labour Party rather than the good of the country.

"There is also the prospect of a slew of Tory held by-elections caused by the seeming systematic breach of electoral law at the last election, predominantly in places where UKIP were pressing the Conservatives hard.

"We are in the midst of Brexit negotiations so this election will provide a perfect opportunity for the 52% to vote for UKIP the only party wholeheartedly committed to a clean quick and efficient Brexit."

Give Gibraltar its own representation in Westminster - Paul Nuttall MEP

(5/4/17) Gibraltar is not a pawn to be used in Brexit talks, and she is not for sale. Speaking in the European Parliament's Brexit debate today, UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall presented his solution to the Gibraltar issue - let them become part of the UK, and give them representation in Westminster if they wish. Read his full speech and watch his speech in the European Parliament on the UKIP website.

Ukip's yellow and purple colours and pound sign logo could be dropped as it reinvents itself in 'post-Brexit age'

(28/3/17) UKIP's famous purple and yellow colours and its pound sign could be ditched as part of a major rebrand as the party prepares for a post-Brexit future. Only the name – UKIP - is safe because it is worth "millions of pounds", Paul Nuttall said.

The party's leader said that he would unveil a new image of a “post-Brexit UKIP” at the party's annual conference in Torquay in September. Read the full article in the Telegraph.

Statement on the Douglas Carswell resignation from UKIP by Paul Nuttall MEP

(25/3/17)Paul Nuttall says: "This is not a surprise. I was elected on a pledge to forge unity in the party, and have had many discussions with key players to try and make that happen, but it had become increasingly clear to me that some things were simply beyond reach." Read his full statement on the UKIP main website.

'Ukip's biggest donor and David Cameron's former strategist in plot to oust 100 Remain MPs'

(24/3/17) A millionaire former donor to the UK Independence Party and David Cameron's ex-policy guru are joining forces to try to unseat 100 Remain-supporting MPs at the next general election, The Telegraph can disclose. Arron Banks, the insurance millionaire, will unveil plans in May to help fund independent candidates to stand against MPs who he feels have failed their local constituents. Read the full article and listen to the podcast in the Daily Telegraph.

Defence procurement like a “Whitehall Farce”

(21/3/17) UKIP Defence spokesman, Bill Etheridge, highlighted the glaring gaps in the capacity of the Royal Navy as the Royal Australian Navy completed exercises off the coast of Perth. Mr Etheridge, MEP for the West Midlands, said “Shocking gaps in the UK defence capacity are emerging as a result of continued cuts." Read the full statement on UKIP main website.

Watch Paul Nuttall MEP on Good Morning Britain after the attack

Paul Nuttall on Good Morning Britain

(24/3/17) This morning our leader appeared live on TV talking about the Westminster attack and the clear problem in certain communities. Watch on Facebook.

Statement from our leader, Paul Nuttall MEP, on the Westminster attack

Fine words are not enough, we must take action
Paul Nuttall, the UKIP leader has called for action following the Jihadist attack on Westminster. He pointed out that the BBC security editor Frank Gardner has revealed that the security services must now track more than 3,000 Islamic extremists and that there are simply too many to track all the time. This is up from 1,000 a few years ago. So this problem is getting worse and is now out of control. Read his full statement on the UKIP main website.

Statement from Party Leader Paul Nuttall regarding letter to Arron Banks

(14/3/17) Following a meeting of the Party's NEC on Friday, it was decided a response to a letter written to Paul Nuttall by Arron Banks in February was appropriate. See the letter on the UKIP website

The SNP do not want real independence, they want 'plastic indy' - UKIP's David Coburn MEP

(13/3/17) The prospect of a second independence referendum between the Autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019 is utterly preposterous. The UK will still be in negotiations with the EU at this time – the SNP seem to wish to cause maximum disruption, uncertainty and overall mayhem.

The EU has well over 700 MEPs at the moment, and Scotland gets only 6 – Scotland would have no huge influence what’s so ever. The SNP do not want real independence, they want 'plastic indy'. Read the full article on the UKIP website

Thanet election expenses claim: Secret emails show Tories cheated in fight against Farage for seat

(01/03/17) Channel 4 News has seen a cache of secret emails which suggest the prime minister’s chief of staff, Nick Timothy, may have helped the Conservative Party break electoral spending rules in South Thanet during the general election in 2015.

Tory candidate Craig Mackinlay saw off a strong challenge from former UKIP leader Nigel Farage in South Thanet. But the seat is now one of 29 where the Tories are under police investigation following allegations the party did not properly declare hundreds of thousands of pounds in campaign spending. Read the full article on Breitbart London

By UKIP's Defence spokesman: Whoever ordered these ships should walk the plank

(28/02/17)UKIP Defence Spokesman, Bill Etheridge writes:
The new Type 26 Frigates are to be fitted with launchers that will not fire a British made missile. It means US Tomahawk missiles will have to be bought a massive extra cost. However, the Ministry of Defence’s £178billion ten-year equipment plan does not currently include any money which is allocated for their purchase. Read his post on

Record numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians arrive in UK

(23/02/17) The number of people arriving in the UK from Bulgaria and Romania has risen significantly since the Brexit vote, new figures show. But figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also reveal a 'statistically significant' rise in citizens from so-called EU8 nations - Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia - leaving the UK. Read the full article in the Daily Mail

Tories in historic by-election Copeland win as Labour holds Stoke

(24/02/17) The Conservatives have won the Copeland by-election, beating Labour in an area it represented for more than 80 years. Trudy Harrison won with 13,748 votes to Labour's Gillian Troughton's 11,601. Mrs Harrison hailed the victory - the first by-election gain by a governing party since 1982 - as "a truly historic event". Labour's Gareth Snell held Stoke-on-Trent Central with 7,853 votes, seeing off a challenge from UKIP leader Paul Nuttall who got 5,233. Read the full post on the BBC website

UKIP says Government must get a grip as migration still spirals out of control

(23/02/17) Responding to today’s migration statistics UKIP Immigration Spokesman John Bickley said, “Almost 600 thousand migrants arrived in the UK last year according to figures released by the ONS this morning. After emigration is subtracted - including 228,000 UK citizens that is a city the size of Hull arriving to stay permanently. Read the full post on

We are now on Twitter!

(10/02/17) We are delighted to announce that we have today set up a Twitter feed for our branch. @UKIP_Cambs will be regularly monitored and will share content posted on this website, as well as re-tweeting of posts by organisations such as UKIP, and Change Britain. View the branch Twitter feed.

UKIP's Mayoral candidate for Cambridgeshire, Paul Bullen, impresses at our branch meeting

Paul Bullen
We were delighted to welcome the lead UKIP County Councillor for Cambridgeshire and also the party's Mayoral candidate, Paul Bullen to our branch meeting on Friday 3rd February in Willingham.

Paul spoke and answered questions for some 45 minutes about his campaign to become Mayor, as well as telling us a bit about his work and that of colleagues in the County Council. We were very impressed by him and are proud to support his campaign. We wished him every success and are making a donation to his campaign fund. Read Paul's Mayoral standpoint in The Hunts Post

UKIP underlines its support for the NHS

In a hard hitting speech attacking the many Labour failings over the NHS Suzanne Evans the UKIP spokeswoman on the NHS underlined UKIP's full support for a Health Service free at the point of delivery. Read the full article including comments by our leader, Paul Nuttall MEP. Read the full article on the main UKIP website.

St Ives councillor Paul Bullen ‘humbled and honoured’ to be UKIP’s mayoral candidate

(11/01/17) Cambridgeshire County Council member, Councillor Paul Bullen was voted into the position after a meeting of members from the county. “I am humbled and honoured that my party has picked me for this position. It was a unanimous vote as well and now I am looking forward to the election, Cllr Bullen, from St Ives, said.

Despite now being in the running to take up the newly-created post of mayor for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Cllr Bullen is opposed to the position, which has been created as part of the devolution deal. Read the full story in the Cambridge Independent.

Now let's lift our Leader into Parliament and change the face of British politics for good - by Chairman Paul Oakden

Paul Nuttall Stoke banner
(21/01/17) At 11.00 this morning, we announced that our Party Leader, Paul Nuttall, would be UKIP’s candidate for the forthcoming by-election in Stoke-on-Trent Central, on Thursday 23 February.

Thanks to the Stoke-on-Trent branch and the great Mick Harold, who came only 5000 votes behind Tristram Hunt in 2015 but has gallantly ceded the candidacy to Paul, we now have the chance to see our Leader elected to Westminster for the first time. It really can happen... Read the full article on the main UKIP website.

Lisa Duffy will be on the ground in Stoke from today so come and help play your part in sending Paul to Westminster. You can contact Lisa on 0333 800 6800.

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall to fight Stoke Central by-election

(21/01/17) UKIP leader Paul Nuttall will fight to win a seat in the House of Commons at the Stoke Central by-election, the party has confirmed. After much speculation, UKIP has confirmed Mr Nuttall was selected unopposed to run as the party candidate in the election next month.

Speaking in Stoke-on-Trent after his selection was announced, Mr Nuttall said if he was elected he would fight for people to be able to afford to have "a house, a car and a holiday". Read the full story on the Sky News website.

Local NHS worker selected as UKIP candidate for the Copeland By-Election

UKIP has selected Fiona Mills as their candidate in the forthcoming Copeland by-election. Fiona, who was recently elected to the UKIP NEC works in the local NHS and was the UKIP candidate in Carlisle in the General Election. Read the full story on the UKIP website.

Stuart Agnew MEP writes: Sad Loss of Steve Emmens, Eastern Region

(10/01/17) I have just received the sad news of the death of Steve Emmens from cancer at the age of 52. Steve joined UKIP at least ten years ago as a Norwich Branch member and became active immediately, throwing himself into a series of local election campaigns in the South of the City. That level of enthusiasm and very hard work would have probably earned him an elected position anywhere else in the County, but he was reluctant to stand beyond his own patch, which was unfortunately a particularly barren area for UKIP.

Steve was a 'commission only' door to door salesman, working in the electricity supply industry. No such thing as a 'quiet day at the office' for him. If he didn't get out there and sell successfully, he received nothing for his time. His occupation necessitated a great deal of walking, and I can honestly say that I regarded him as one of the fittest and healthiest of the UKIP members I was in regular contact with.

With his friend Eric Masters he canvassed a huge area of Norwich during the Referendum Campaign, truly humbling me in the process, and it was a real pleasure to take them and their wives out to dinner after the successful result, to reward them for their efforts. There was not a hint of any problems with Steve at the time, and I was therefore astonished to receive a text from him in the autumn advising me of a diagnosis of liver cancer. This progressed at a vicious speed into other organs and completely overwhelmed him in a few short weeks.

When he wasn't selling or campaigning, Steve was a committed Freemason and very active in the charitable aspect of that organisation. He achieved his ambition of becoming a "Master" in early December, but died before being able to attend a Lodge meeting in his new status.

Steve leaves his widow Tanya, always a great support to him, as he was to her when she suffered serious ill health the previous year. My thoughts are very much with her at the moment.

At the time of writing there are no confirmed funeral arrangements.

Goodbye Sir Ivan. Welcome Nigel Farage?

(03/01/17) Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP's Brexit spokesman has welcomed the resignation of the the UK's Ambassador to the EU, and has made a suggestion for his replacement.

“UKIP welcomes the resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers as the UK’s Ambassador to the EU. Sir Ivan had done the decent thing and stood down from an untenable position. If Mrs May were serious about leaving the EU she would have removed him long before.

“Sir Ivan is a Europhile who could not be expected to represent Britain’s national interest in the withdrawal process, which is long overdue in starting and which now needs to be pursued in earnest."

Read the full article on the UKIP website.

New Year message from UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP

Picture of Paul Nuttall from his New Year video
(01/01/17) UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall's New Year's message for 2017, including promises to campaign for a National Health Service and not an International Health Service, to be a party of law and order and 'zero tolerance', and of course to campaign for a 'clean' Brexit. View the video.

Nigel Farage's New Year message

Picture of Nigel Farage from his New Year video
(01/01/17) Three minute New Year video message from Nigel Farage. In it he suggests that 2017 could be just as tumultuous in terms of political events as 2016 and that the 'Europeans' will try to make life 'hard for us' over Brexit negotiations. He also lets on that he will be attending Donald Trump's inauguration as President, making it his 8th visit to the US in a year. Watch the video.

Paul Nuttal MEP elected new UKIP leader

(28/11/16) The Cambridge & South East Cambridgeshire branch of UKIP congratulate Paul Nuttall MEP on his election and appointment as leader of UKIP on 28th November. Watch Paul's acceptance speech here

To see the official UKIP statement and also see the list of appointed spokespersons for the various departments/issues, see here

Ukip can have a bright future, but only by uniting and turning its fire on the real enemy - Paul Nuttall

It is clear that if the infighting doesn’t stop immediately, then UKIP will slip onto a downward spiral which it will not be able to get out of. To prevent this, the party needs unity. It needs its leading lights to focus their guns on the enemy, not on each other. Read the article in the Daily Telegraph

Nominations open for Party Leader candidates

Our Party Chairman Paul Oakden writes: At a meeting of our National Executive Committee this afternoon, the process was agreed for selecting who will become the new Leader of UKIP. Read more

Watch Peter Whittle's excellent UKIP Annual Conference 2016 speech

Peter Whittle AM has been a member of the London Assembly since the London Assembly election, 2016. Here he talks to the conference about London, including the Brexit vote. Did we know that over 40% of Londoners voted for Brexit?

He also covers hate crime, freedom of speech, the overpopulation of the city, the need for UKIP to speak for working people, the cultural effects of mass migration, the threat of radical Islamism, the self-loathing, self-denigration and nihilism of those who set the nation's outlook and the impact on society.

This was a considered, quietly-delivered but very thought-provoking speech for those present at the conference.

Young Independence election results

Picture of Dan Morris
We have a new chairman of Young Independence (YI) Cambridgeshire in the form of Dan Morris. Dan is 22 years old and is currently a student in Huntingdon and has been a member of UKIP since 2012. He stood as a District Council candidate in Huntingdonshire in the last local election and is very involved with UKIP's LGBT group, being one of the only gay candidates in the region. Congratulations to Dan and we hope to see him at our branch in the near future.

UKIP says goodbye to Nigel Farage

Both UKIP and the nation have much to thank Nigel Farage for - without him, the EU Referendum would not have happened. But much of UKIP's incredible success in recent years, and its growth - over 4 million votes in the last election - are down to one man's indomitable spirit, determination, and hard work. We would like to thank Nigel for transforming British politics and for getting us our country back.

Watch Nigel's fairwell speech at the UKIP 2016 National Conference on Friday 15th September below.

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