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Nick Clarke's Police Commissioner Manifesto

It is time to take the fight to the criminals. The police have had their hands tied with politically correct string for too long.

If elected as PCC, I will provide the leadership and set the example to proactively go after those that make our lives a misery. I will seek to make Cambridgeshire the most criminal unfriendly county in this country.

Firstly and most importantly, I will ensure the interests of law abiding citizens and victims always take precedence over those of the criminals.

Nick Clarke

It is clear to me that for a confident and civilized society to function it must have an effective police force to provide the necessary stability. In this country we police with the consent of the people and that means involving them.

I will hold the Chief Constable to account. In particular I will press for:

Zero tolerance of criminal behaviour and in particular anti-social behavior.

Illegal drug supply will be tackled with the full force of the law. This blight ruins lives and is often associated with other crimes. It is time to get tough. For too long the police have not been given the direction to make this a top priority.

Rural crime – people must get a response or they wont report crime.

Highly visible police presence on our streets.

Make tackling of speeding through our villages and neighbourhoods a priority.

Keeping police stations open at times that the public want. If necessary, share facilities with the fire service and other public bodies to retain a police presence in our communities.

More discretion for police officers and less paperwork.

Warranted officers to be employed in operational roles not back office where ever possible.

I will champion more public engagement and transparency. I will seek to:

Set up Public consultations to help set priorities. I will also set up mechanisms to engage with Parish, District, City and County Councillors, who are working with the public on a daily basis, to help set policing priorities. This will be public meetings held in public.

Create a more flexible approach to questions from the public at meetings to ensure the best possible public engagement.

Welcome filming of public meetings and create the default position of holding meetings in public wherever possible.

Welcome challenge, from the public and elected members. I will expect to work more closely with the Police and Crime Panel to seek the very best outcomes for the people of Cambridgeshire.

Make papers public by default. I will make the default position that official papers are made public unless it is not appropriate to do so. These will be published on a website. I will seek to spread this beyond the police to include courts, probation, prisons and all community safety partnerships. To be clear these are papers that relate to the organisations policy and procedures not papers involving individuals. I will seek, where it is permissible, and in the public interest then documents that contain names will also be published, for example court lists.

Stop and search transparency. I will create public panels to scrutinise the stop and search paperwork and video footage from police officers. We must ensure the public have confidence in the step and search process.

I will review the activities of the Commissioners office with the aim of reducing the burden on the tax payer, to focus funds on frontline policing, not empire building by:

Not appointing a deputy.

Seeking to reduce commissioners staff costs (reduce scale, scope and number of the jobs, or job share with other authorities).

I will seek to keep the precept as low as possible.

I will seek to create a culture that ensures the police work for the people, not the Government or ACPO.

I will explore reestablishing the role of the PCSO as local police presence on the streets and not as substitute police officers.

I will press down on levels of management to preserve front line police officers.

There will be no further use of private security companies.

I will seek to improve the 101 phone answering service.

I will challenge political correctness. It is important to give the police confidence that if they act in the best interests of the public I will support them.

Officers who fail to meet the high standards of integrity required will have nowhere to hide.

I will engage at the national level to lobby for more prisons, more rehabilitation and meaningful penalties. I will seek realistic and fair funding for Cambridgeshire.

We will need to expand the number of Special Constables. We must remove the barriers to serving including allowing Specials to serve where they live.

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