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Monday 4th of May 2015

Patrick O'FlynnBy Patrick O'Flynn
UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for Cambridge

Well, here we go - just a couple of days until polling day and then we find out how much good all our hard work of recent months has done us.

Looking back on the action days in Coleridge, Trumpington, Cherry Hinton, Arbury, Abbey, East Chesterton and Kings Hedges I think I am right in saying that we didn't get rained on once - at least not for any length of time. So let us hope the electoral gods are as benevolent towards us as the weather gods have been.

My aim at the start of this campaign was to put UKIP fully on the map in Cambridge and we have certainly done that. I will be looking out for our council results every bit as closely as for my own parliamentary result early on Friday. I have an inkling that we are going to get a couple of spectacular advances that will tell us where to concentrate resources for next year.

For me the action days and the convivial drinks we have had afterwards have helped build a tremendous sense of teamwork among the Cambridge & SE Cambs branch.

Obviously my national campaign roles as campaign director and economic spokesman have kept me very busy, but I think my media profile has helped secure us plenty of coverage in the Cambridge News and on Radio Cambridgeshire and that we have been able to get our key messages across.

Being Cambridge born and bred myself, I wanted to give longstanding Cambridge residents who feel overlooked by the dominant Liberal-Left agenda a real and long overdue political choice.

Throughout the county I think we have fought a great campaign and I will be looking out for the results of Deborah Rennie, Peter Reeve, Mary Herdman, Paul Bullen, Andrew Charalambous and Marion Mason.

To be honest, many well-connected people in the party queried me putting my name forward for Cambridge back in August, but I do not regret doing so for a single moment. Martin Hale has provided great leadership for the branch and I think we have all pulled together. We know that Cambridge is a demographic challenge for UKIP, but we have certainly given it our best shot and have found a lot of support for our common sense messages. And now I feel like a student awaiting for exam results.

Any shortfall in our result will be down to me and any overshooting undoubtedly due to everyone who has helped me deliver leaflets and supported public meetings along the way.

And do not fear - whatever the result I shall be holding a drinks do to say thank all and campaigners.

Have a great final 48 hours of campaigning - and see you the other side.


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