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The EU is Germany and Germany is the EU

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By our German branch member, Hans Uppe. Blogs are the views of the authors only and are not necessarily representative of the views of branch members.

It seems fitting that this post is written on Armistice Day, when in 1918 the Germans finally admitted defeat in the Great War. We had to fight them again and beat them in another costly war twenty years later. However, the creation of the EEC and then EU has seen the rise of the German threat for the third time. But on this occasion, they don't want to dominate us and Europe with their military might - we and the French have nuclear weapons now, after all - but via their economic might.

In this they have been successful to date. The Customs Union suits the Germans very well. Superior in manufacturing and industry - something that served them very well in the two world wars - their trade surplus with the other EU countries in 2017 was €159.3bn. Germany's enormous EU windfall consistently accounts for two-thirds of its net foreign trade income in a market structure where Berlin remains an undisputed leader and a principal regulator.

The point is that the EU is synonymous with Germany. Germany runs the EU. Germany IS the EU. Nothing happens without approval of Berlin. Germany has won in its third attempt to dominate Europe. The EU has morphed from a trade-only EEC to a political-economic giant now set on having superpower status in global geo-politics.

The British people decided for a number of reasons that they didn't want to be part of the EU anymore in 2016. You can bet that many voted as they did because they too saw through this charade of a group of friendly nations working together in a common cause. They realise that staying in the EU would have meant the UK handing ever more control to Berlin, until we eventually would have become equivalent to one of its states such as Saxony or Thuringia. The other EU countries are going that way. We have chosen not to.

Our soldiers, sailors and airmen didn't fight like lions and give their lives in two World Wars in the cause of our freedom for us to meekly hand our sovereignty over to Germany decades later. Those who seek to keep us in the EU are its 'useful idiots'.
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