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Brexit betrayed

The Great Betrayal of Brexit is happening

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Our greatest fears are being realised. Brexit is being betrayed, as our leader Gerard Batten predicted. We didn’t want to believe him but he has been proven 100% right.

Theresa May stated publicly over 100 times that the UK would leave the EU on 29th March. She then got an extension until 12th April. She has now begged the EU for a further extension until 30th June. She seems oblivious to the humiliation she has heaped on herself and our country. A nation that once ruled over a quarter of the land mass of the world has been humbled by a group of bandits in Brussels, aided and abetted by a Quisling PM and Parliament.

A ‘No deal’ Brexit has been ruled out by these traitors, and it now seems that May is prepared to ignore the opposition in her own party and do a deal with the Opposition to lock the UK into a permanent Customs Union as the price for getting her sordid Withdrawal Deal through Parliament.

There are many, including UKIP, who say that her deal will mean that the UK won't really leave the EU anyway. A Customs Union certainly isn’t leaving the EU properly. We can only continue to fight for what we believe and watch as events play out. Let us hope that some unforeseen luck will see us get a WTO-style Brexit that will enable us to break free from the shackles of the EU and become a free and independent state once again.

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