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Migrants on Border Force boat
It has been over two years since the Conservatives won the general election in December 2019. They won a majority of 80 seats with the promise to 'Get Brexit Done', tearing down Labour's Red Wall in the north in the process. Almost immediately they were ambushed by the coronavirus pandemic which has inevitably delayed the implementation of their agenda for Britain. It seems that most people think that Boris Johnson has managed the pandemic well, a belief not shared by our branch chair whose blog you can read here.

However we believe that this government should be judged not only on its policies but also on the way it conducts itself. A fish rots from the head down and the same could be said about this Tory administration. There’s a pattern - the ‘chumocracy’ behind dodgy COVID contracts, donor cronyism, second-jobs sleaze, never-ending U-turns, climate change lunacy, the Brexit sell out of our fishermen and Northern Ireland, ‘wallpaper gate’, soaring inflation, and from April huge tax rises and steep rises in energy bills.

However our biggest concern is the Tory failure to stop the invasion of our country by bogus asylum seekers crossing the Channel illegally. In 2021, over 28,000 illegals made the trip, assisted by the Border Force and RNLI taxi service. The Tories' promise to take back control of our borders has been exposed as a lie, because patently they have not. Why should anyone trust them now?

Time is up for this Johnson Junta. His days are numbered and we believe it is a question of 'when' not 'if' that his colleagues realise that he is no longer the electoral asset he once was.

The Conservatives are no longer conservatives. They have morphed into 'big state', high tax, high-spending, loony green agenda, wokeist party. UKIP is the true conservative party now. Vote for us and better still, join us.

About our Branch

Welcome to our Branch website. We represent the four parliamentary constituencies of Cambridge, South East Cambridgeshire, South Cambridgeshire, and Huntingdon.

Brexit of a type has been delivered - but we are still fighting for a true Brexit that gives us full control of our laws, our borders and our finances. But UKIP is not just about Brexit - we campaign on a range of issues and there is still much to fight for. We oppose the loony green agenda of the LibLabCon, we seek reform of the bloated socialist organisations of the NHS and BBC, more spending on Defence, and see the wokeist movement as a huge threat to our society and culture. So why not become a member, stand as a candidate or attend a Branch meeting via Zoom? Get in touch!

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