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Freedom under real threat

Trafalgar Square protest 26th September
On 30th September 2020, the Coronavirus Act was renewed by Parliament with a majority of 84 MPs. But that was not before over 40 Tory MPs tabled an amendment - which was denied a vote - to demand the right to debate and vote on future COVID-19 measures that the government to date has introduced with no consultation via the diktat of Statutory Instruments. If they are concerned then it's time for all of us to be concerned.

That the Speaker publicly admonished the PM at Question Time over the government's behaviour in this regard is little comfort. The powers that it has used have curbed our freedoms and destroyed our economy. The hospitality and High Street sectors have been devastated and will not recover fully. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have gone with more to follow. National debt is at wartime levels - £2.2 trillion! And all for a virus which kills less than 1% of the population and the vast majority of the victims average 80yrs or older.

That is not to diminish the tragedy of those who have died before their time but it is right that we demand a sense of proportion in government actions. It's about how much self-inflicted damage we should do to ourselves in terms of loss of freedoms, choice, jobs, education, health, and lifestyle in the fight against the virus.

At the core is not about objections to wearing masks, an annoying but temporary inconvenience at worst. No, this is about how we are governed. How government is held to account. How when we disagree with the government's decisions we are allowed to object.

As a libertarian party, UKIP must be at the forefront of the resistance to loss of our freedoms. Join us and help us win our fight to persuade others of what is at stake.

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