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Tuesday 27th of January 2015

Patrick O'FlynnBy Patrick O'Flynn
UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for Cambridge

We have been pretty lucky with the weather for our action days so far and Saturday's very successful leafleting session in Cherry Hinton was no exception with winter sunshine lasting throughout.

Again, thank you to all those who came along and pounded the pavements for UKIP. I had a couple of very good conversations with people along the way who said how pleased they were to see a UKIP presence in the village.

The Robin Hood pub proved an excellent rendezvous point and a convivial location for a post-campaigning drink too. If we carry on at this rate we will earn our branch a "work hard, play hard" reputation and that can be no bad thing!

The day after our action day, Nigel Farage announced our new health policy on the Andrew Marr programme - an extra £3billion a year for the NHS, financed by some of the savings from no longer having to make EU contributions. Now that is a policy that I really know will sell well on the doorsteps.

So will a policy announced by our housing spokesman Andrew Charalambous on Monday - UKIP would ban non-British nationals from exercising the right-to-buy social housing. The only exceptions would be for foreign nationals who have served in HM Armed Services.

As someone who had a hand in devising both these policies, I intend to have both prominently displayed on the leaflet for our next action day, in Arbury next month on Saturday February 21. Please come along and also come to our meeting for members and friends in Arbury the night before.

If UKIP can really connect with people in Arbury then we are in business for the general election in Cambridge in a big way. I think we have the policies and the people to really appeal to working people in the north of the city.

I am delighted to say that our health policy and reference to our Cherry Hinton action day has already featured in the Cambridge News. We are making big advances and in February all roads lead to Arbury. I hope to see you there.

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