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UK faces ‘toxic time bomb’ in shape of ‘outrageous’ £32billion payment

(28/10/19) A Brexit Party MEP has warned Boris Johnson’s deal with Brussels will leave the UK vulnerable to a “toxic time bomb” of £32 billion (€37billion) if the Eurozone hits the skids - equal to more than a quarter of the NHS’s annual budget. Read the full article on Daily Express.

Conservative leave voters in England prioritise Brexit over Scotland remaining part of the UK, finds Lord Ashcroft poll

(21/9/19) More than three quarters of Conservative leave voters in England would rather the UK exited the European Union than Scotland remained part of the UK, according to new polling from Lord Ashcroft. Read the full article on Hollyrood.

Farage’s only ambition is to get us out of this stinking deal by Melanie Philips

(22/10/19) Nigel Farage has denounced Boris Johnson’s EU deal as ‘95 per cent the same’ as Theresa May’s withdrawal deal, which was deemed so terrible by Remainers as well as Brexiteers that it was voted down three times by the House of Commons. Read the full article on Conservative Woman.

If you only read one thing about Boris Johnson’s deal, make it this (via the Brexit Party)

(22/10/19) A devastating betrayal of the 17.4m who voted to leave in 2016, according to Nigel Farage. This brief assessment of Boris' Withdrawal Deal is scathing and one wonders why any ERG Tory member could vote for it. Read the full article on The Brexit Party website.

Boris’s ‘deal’ won’t take back control

(21/10/19) Many Brexiteers, even the so-called Spartans of the European Research Group (ERG), have decided that Boris Johnson’s ‘deal’ must be supported because the choice is between no Brexit or Brexit with his ‘deal’. But this framing of the debate means that the choice is between rule by Brussels (with EU membership) or rule by Brussels (with an EU treaty). Read the full article on Spiked Online.

Remoaner ex-Supreme Court judge Jonathan Sumption says: Forget emotion, look at the facts. The price of Brexit is too high

(11/10/19) Personally, I have no illusions about the EU. I think that it is a seriously defective top-down organisation which works as an economic project but not as a political one. I find the notion of national autonomy attractive, and I can understand why other people do. Nonetheless, I voted to remain and would do so again. I did so because I considered that the price of leaving after 45 years would be too high, the alleged benefits largely illusory, and the promised autonomy unattainable in an interdependent world. Read the full article in Evening Standard.

The unconstitutionality of the Supreme Court’s prorogation judgment -

(7/10/19) Policy Exchange has published an excellent report by Professor John Finnis FBA QC (Hon) on the unconstitutionality of the Supreme Court judgement, which cuts through these linguistic abuses and lays bare the innovations and questionable reasoning underpinning the Court’s judgement:
“Our constitutional law has always (partly under the influence of [the 1689 Bill of Rights,] art. 9) distinguished firmly between legal rules (justiciable) and conventions (non-justiciable). The Judgment offers no plausible reason for transferring the conventions about prorogation into the domain of justiciable law.” Read the full document on the Policy Exchange website.

Tonnes of British-grown fruit wasted over shortages of EU workers amid no deal Brexit fears (says ITV news)

(5/10/19) ITV News claims tonnes of food is being wasted, as a shortage of farm workers means some UK crops are not being harvested. Seasonal migrants from the EU are apparently, staying away, fearing a no deal Brexit. The industry blames the government’s failure to allow more agricultural workers from outside the EU. Read the full post on ITV.

However, maybe if they paid decent wages they'd get Brits doing this work instead of foreigners on slave labour wages?

Baroness Hale: The four times the judge has been overtly political

(7/10/19) Following Baroness Hale and the Supreme Court's judgement on the prorogation of Parliament, people should note this wasn’t Hale’s first Brexit intervention. She caused outrage in 2016 after a speech in which she addressed whether the Government had the executive power to trigger Article 50. Read the full post on Guido Fawkes.

Why this Supreme Court was never going to find Bojo’s proroguation legal

(25/9/19) There is something about the term ‘Supreme Court’ that affords it an image of absolutely scrupulous objectivity in all things. Like most British Justice these days, it is nothing of the kind. As this Slog investigation strongly suggests, the “Highest” Court in the Land is massively biased against Brexit. Read the full post on The Slog.

Brussels will put up hard border in Northern Ireland if there’s a No Deal Brexit, Juncker admits

(22/9/19) In a move that will cause fury, the EU boss said "yes" there would have to be border checks if Britain quit the bloc without an agreement in place at the end of October. It totally contradicts what other EU figures have said in the past, insisting there won't be such a border. Read the full post on The Sun.
(23/9/19) Theresa May’s former Chief of Staff, Gavin Barwell, has finally admitted the UK was “obviously” wrong to agree to the EU’s demand that the divorce negotiations take place before the future relationship negotiations! Read the full post on Guido Fawkes.

Sky Special report: How Brexit changed Britain

(24/9/19) With the UK set to leave the EU next month, Sky News asks the public what they think of their MPs and the Brexit process. A 15minute film with interviews of street protesters from both sides and also a longer one with Jeff Wyatt of UKIP, well-known for his strong attendance outside the Commons in support of Leave. Read the full post on Sky News.

Video: David Cameron in 2009 calling for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty because it hands huge swathes of power from the nation states to the EU

David Cameron in 2009 making it clear that the Lisbon Treaty (the EU Constitution) ended our ability to veto proposals in over 60 areas. It was a massive transfer of power from nation states to the EU. And he wonders why he lost the #euref. Watch the video on Twitter.

UK to become ‘economic competitor’ after Brexit, Merkel warns

(11/9/19) The U.K. will become "an economic competitor on our own doorstep" after Brexit, Angela Merkel said Wednesday, while stressing that she believes a no-deal exit could still be avoided. Read the full post on Politico.

Economist Liam Halligan: No Deal Brexit will cause minimal damage — recovering from a Jeremy Corbyn Labour government will take 25 years or more

(12/9/19) Since we voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, the UK economy has shown serious resilience against a constant drumbeat of media negativity. The Treasury’s pre-Referendum scaremongering — a Brexit vote would spark “an immediate and profound ­economic shock” — was proved laughably wrong. Read the full post on The Sun.

Delingpole: ‘What Will We Do Without Amber Rudd?’ Said No One, Ever…

(8/9/19) If you believe the usual parti-pris suspects — the BBC, Sky News, The Guardian, The Times, etc — then last night’s ‘stunning’ announcement by Rudd that she is quitting her Cabinet job represents a major blow to Boris Johnson. No it doesn’t. Boris Johnson only appointed Rudd as Pensions Minister as an act of magnanimity. Read the full post on Breitbart Europe.

Emily Thornberry ridiculed for admitting Labour’s Brexit policy is to negotiate a new deal and then campaign to REJECT it in a second referendum

(7/9/19) LABOUR has admitted its Brexit policy is to negotiate a new deal and then campaign to REJECT it in a second referendum. Emily Thornberry was blasted by fellow panellists on Question Time as "ridiculous" when she revealed the party's plans last night. Read the full story in The Sun.

Brexit-backing Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin vows to slash beer prices to an 'unbelievable low' if Britain leaves the EU by the end of October

(25/8/19) The boss of Wetherspoons has promised to slash beer prices to an 'unbelievable low' should Britain leave the EU by October 31. Tim Martin, 64, founder of the low-cost pub chain, has said he can 'guarantee' a drop in prices following Brexit as he will be able to get 'supplies cheaper' after the country is released from EU tariffs. Read the full story in Daily Mail.

Farage in charge! 'At least 10 MPs' plead for Brexit Party to show mercy - shock claim

(4/8/19) Leave.EU founder Arron Banks claims “at least 10” Conservative MPs have asked him to persuade Mr Farage not to stand candidates in their constituencies. There is fear in Tory ranks that a split Brexit vote will lead to a Jeremy Corbyn-led Government and the country staying in the EU. Read the full story in The Sunday Express.

Why a US-UK trade deal ought to mean us finally getting some sense from Brussels - by Prof Patrick Minford

(28/7/19) If we sign a US trade deal, the EU will lose £20 billion at once, and a further £18 billion if there is no UK-EU trade deal so that mutual tariffs are levied – a total of £38 billion a year, nearly 8% of EU corporate dividends. This implies that the EU will be anxious to dissuade us from making a US trade deal by being more obliging in its negotiating approach over Brexit. Read the full story in Brexit Central.

Farage says Brexit is more important than keeping the UK from splitting apart

(5/7/19) The break-up of the United Kingdom would be "deeply regrettable" but a price worth paying to deliver Brexit, Nigel Farage has said. The Brexit Party leader said he did not believe claims that Scotland could leave the union and said his priority was the UK becoming an "independent self-governing nation" outside the EU. Read the full story in The Independent.

Brexit: UK government in "pretty good shape" for no deal says top civil servant

(14/6/19) The government is in "pretty good shape" to cope with a no-deal Brexit, the head of civil service has said. Speaking at an event organised by the Institute for Government, Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill said there had been "a lot of preparation". Read the full story on BBC news.

George Osborne backs the LibDems

(22/5/19) George Osborne’s Evening Standard has endorsed the Liberal Democrats in the European Elections in his leader. Read the full story on Media Guido.
(22/5/19) If Brexiteers needed any more proof that the senior echelons of the civil service are fanatically pro-Remain, former Cabinet Secretary Gus O’Donnell was on hand to provide it this morning in The Times with a gushing endorsement of the Lib Dems. Read the full story on Guido Fawkes.

Brexit Party 18 points ahead in final YouGov poll

(22/5/19) The final YouGov/Times poll before the EU elections has the Brexit Party miles out ahead on 37%, almost double the closest challengers in the form of the Lib Dems. On current polling this would make them the largest single party in the entire European Parliament. Read the full story on Guido Fawkes.

These are the 59 Tory MPs who say they'll vote against Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement bill

(21/5/19) Theresa May is expected to hold a vote on her Withdrawal Agreement Bill in the first week of June. Following her new "bold" offer to MPs on Tuesday, the number of rebels are — unfortunately for Downing Street — going up rather than down. Read the full story on Buzzfeed.

May humiliation: PM’s ‘bold’ new Brexit deal SAVAGED in leaked document - ‘Nothing new’

(20/5/19) Theresa May's effort to push her final Brexit deal through Parliament appears doomed after a leaked document suggested it was nothing more than a “retread” of old ideas. The Prime Minister champions this new pitch as a “bold offer” as she gears up for one last bid to win over MPs and salvage something concrete from her troubled premiership. But, according the Daily Telegraph, the new offering contains nothing new on customs arrangements and retains the controversial Northern Irish backstop. Read the full story in the Daily Express.

The ‘deep state’ was never going to allow a no-deal Brexit to happen

The letter below was published in response to the above article in the Telegraph. We publish this in full because there has been much debate about our constitution, how it has been undermined by our EU membership, and whether the UK has legally left the EU already.

Queen’s role and the ‘deep state’

SIR – Philip Johnston’s comment (April 10) on the ‘deep state’ being the same as it was 500 years ago is undoubtedly the political reality. There was, however, a more serious constitutional aspect missing from his evaluation.

The view expressed recently by a legal fraternity that it would be unconstitutional for the government to advise the Queen to refuse royal assent to legislation on Brexit has appeared blinkered to the wider historical context. This being that not since Reformation times has the Crown been in submission to superior politico-legal authority coming from Europe under the supranational Treaty of Rome 1957. This gradual (and concealed) process over the past 47 years has undermined the constitution, which is spiritual as well as temporal of which Parliament in general appears unaware and unconcerned.

The vote that was lost on December 4, 2018, by the government on the “contempt of Parliament” and the whole debate regarding the sovereignty of Parliament over Brexit did not and has not taken cognizance of the original contempt by Parliament itself of the constitution; this through the woefully defective and unconstitutional ratification of the European Communities Act 1972 (ECA) and particularly in the political Treaty of Maastricht 1992, both being in contention with the constitution, i.e., “The Queen-in-Parliament under God” and the Coronation Oath 1953 (Act) and seven or eight great statutes of the Realm. The Queen has thus been ‘deceived in her grant’ being made ‘a citizen of Europe’ – triumphantly announced by the Major Administration in the House of Commons on February 11, 1993.

The repeal of the ECA has restored the sovereignty of the Crown and the constitutional status quo, nullifying the original acts of contempt that led to the People’s Vote to Leave the EU of June 23, 2016. If now the Remain camp in Parliament were to engineer the repeal of the repeal itself of the ECA, or through a new Bill, this would truly undermine the sovereignty of the Crown and the constitution, which according to R v Thistlewood 1820 would be an act of treason.

The contempt of the constitution by Parliament itself over the past half century has now been enforced by the unconstitutional Bill, rushed through both Houses of Parliament in one day to Royal Assent, then paraded on Twitter by Yvette Cooper MP, claiming it as an act of upholding democracy. This deception brings the ‘deep state’ fully into the open in which the Queen has been reduced to a mere royal cipher. What an abomination.

Michael Clark

The Consequences of a Permanent Customs Union

(25/4/19) This IEA briefing paper argues that remaining in a customs union with the EU would make it impossible for the UK to establish an independent trade policy, and render reclaiming policy areas such as agriculture and state aid an impossibility. This paper outlines how any short-term benefits of customs union membership – such as securing supply chains – would be significantly outweighed in the long-run by the loss of trade opportunities and higher prices for UK consumers. Read the full post by the IEA
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