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Climate Change

This page is designed to be a voice of reason in the hysterical atmosphere regarding climate change.

There is no debate in the media concerning climate change and its causes. It has already been decided by an unaccountable, mysterious, unanimous voice that CO2 is the sole and malign cause of extreme weather and climate occurrences around the globe. Any attempt at challenging the mindset that believes that climate change is anthropogenic is either blocked or virulently criticised by the media and the intolerant bullies of the climate change 'movement'. This page serves as a response to the situation and will act as a depository of information which offers a sane view on the debate.

Fight fire with fire: controlled burning could have protected Australia

(11/1/20) A kind of ecological fundamentalism has taken the place of common sense. Landclearance used to be standard practice throughout rural Australia, where the pre-settlement indigenous population had long conducted controlled burns of overgrown flora — known as ‘fuel’ in current fire-management talk. Read the full post on The Spectator.

Meat Loaf says Greta Thunberg has been brainwashed into thinking climate change is real

(5/1/20) Rock musician Meat Loaf thinks Greta Thunberg has been brainwashed into thinking climate change is real. The singer, 72, said he “feels” for the 17-year-old, whom he thinks has “been forced” into her beliefs. Read the full post on The Independent.

An open letter to Sky Africa correspondent Alex Crawford from businesses at Victoria Falls affected by her 'climate change' reports from the falls

(1/1/20)Read this powerful open letter to Sky News ‘Special Correspondent’ Alex Crawford. Those who saw her reports on Sky from Victoria Falls wholly blaming the low water levels on climate change should read this. It’s by people who run tourism businesses right by the falls. Read the full post on Facebook.

The real reason Australia is burning

(31/12/19) Australian ‘Bushie’ Chris Dynon says that controlled burns are necessary for fire management. Watch the short video on The Quadrant.

Bushfire scientist David Packham warned of huge blaze threat, and urged an increase in fuel reduction burns in 2015!

(31/12/19) Forest fuel levels have worsened over the past 30 years because of "misguided green ideology", vested interests, political failure and mismanagement, creating a massive bushfire threat, a former CSIRO bushfire scientist has warned. Read the full post on The Age.

Hottest ever day in Australia — especially if you ignore history – e.g. 1896

(19/12/19) Joanne Nova is an Australian writer, blogger, and speaker. Born Joanne Codling, she adopted the stage name "Nova" in 1998 when she was preparing to host a children's television program. She is prominent for promoting pseudo-scientific views on climate change.

In this post, Jo puts a bit of perspective on the claims in Australia that mid-December saw the hottest day ever on the continent. Read the full post on JoNova.

Why climate change is an irrelevance, economic growth is a myth and sustainability is forty years too late

Climate change is not the biggest threat to the world’s environment – we are. The world’s rivers and seas aren’t choked with floating piles of rubbish, toxic chemicals and plastic waste because of climate change. They’re that way because we have 7.7 billion people crammed onto a planet that’s dying under the pressure of our greedy, selfish abuse. Read the full post on Global Comment.

Green Party candidate runs helicopter skiing courses for rich holiday-makers

The Green Party’s candidate for Camborne & Redruth, Karen La Borde, is a lifelong campaigner for climate action, and is desperate for humanity to cut down on carbon emissions – with one exception: she’s allowed to keep running her luxury posh skiing company, The Winter Sports Company, that offers ‘heli-skiing'. Read the full post on Guido Fawkes.

UN warns of 30ft sea surge unless emissions cut now

Massive and immediate cuts in carbon output are required if world temperature rises are to be limited to 2C, according to a “bleak” UN assessment of the so-called global emissions gap. Read the full article in The Times.

A message to our spoilt, self-centered, selfie-obsessed, whining, climate-alarmist brats

This short video from Australia features a cartoon version of a Sky News Australia TV presenter who has frequently dared question the great Climate Change religious cult. The video is only about two minutes long – two minutes of absolute delight. Watch the video on Snouts in the Trough.

Why apocalyptic claims about Climate Change are wrong

Environmental journalists and advocates have in recent weeks made a number of apocalyptic predictions about the impact of climate change. Bill McKibben suggested climate-driven fires in Australia had made koalas “functionally extinct.” Extinction Rebellion said “Billions will die” and “Life on Earth is dying.” Read the full article on Forbes.

Climate scientists reduced to hiding from climate thuggery in Germany

More than 200 people, including dozens of scientists, are in hiding right now in Germany. I am one of them. I can tell you that I am in Munich, but I can’t tell you my hotel. I can tell you that the scientists will meet on Friday and Saturday to share scientific knowledge, but I can’t tell you where. Read the full article on Townhall.

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