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Help us buy a UKIP-branded gazebo for our campaigning

UKIP gazebo
Recently our branch has been leafleting and having stalls in places like Ely and Newmarket. This has been quite successful in reminding people that UKIP has not gone away as well as reassuring our core voter base. However, we are in agreement with our County Chair, Mark Burke, that a branded gazebo would amplify our presence and provide a focus point, as well as protecting those at the stall from inclement weather.

Pictured above is the gazebo we would buy jointly with UKIP Hunts & South Cambs at a cost of c£500. This seems a lot however we have got a competitive quote and the price is the best we'll get. Our contribution would be £250 so we urgently need to raise this sum. So we would be grateful for our members to dip into their pockets. We've made it easy by adding an online payment function on our site. You can pay via PayPal or via credit/debit card. A contribution of £20 or more would be very much appreciated. Please donate to the branch via the button above.
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