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A Strong case for a form of Proportional Representation

This is the number of seats each party would win under a proportional voting system:
Case for PR

UKIP won the third largest number of votes

Third lLargest

UKIP's share of the votes rose more than any other

Third lLargest

Elections For Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) 2014

Top of the Polls in the Eastern Region and Nationally!

Many thanks to all who voted for us!

The results for the eastern region are

 PartySeats WonVotes%+/- since 2009

 UK Independence Party3542,81234.5%+14.90
 Liberal Democrat108,0106.9-6.9
 An Independence from Europe26,5641.7N/A
 English Democrats16,4971.1-1.0
 Christian Peoples11,6270.7N/A

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