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Friday 10th of April 2015

Patrick O'FlynnBy Patrick O'Flynn
UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for Cambridge

WELL nominations have now closed for both parliamentary and local government candidates and, as Bruce Forsyth might put it; didn't we do well!

For Cambridge City Council our party will be fielding eight candidates across 14 wards, compared to just one a year ago. Nearly all our target wards are covered and let's try to make sure that the one exception of Abbey has a candidate in 2016.

It is going to be an exciting week for us next week, with our public meeting with Douglas Carswell MP and yours truly taking top billing on Friday 17th and our King's Hedges action day in support of our council candidate Dave Corn the next day. Incidentally, there may well be another exciting and encouraging event next week for everyone connected with UKIP in Cambridgeshire but I can't divulge what that is yet!

I am truly delighted with the progress we have made in recent months. As we all know Cambridge city itself is a tough nut for UKIP to crack. But having such a good field of council candidates will allow us to assess where our most promising levels of support are and therefore to step up the focus for 2016 with the aim of seeing UKIP councillors elected onto Cambridge City Council.

Since taking on the role of national campaign director for the general election my own diary has obviously become very crowded but I think the extra media profile I have been able to gain will hopefully help us to a very encouraging result in the parliamentary contest.

Saturday April 18th in King's Hedges will be our last set piece action day and therefore our last post-leafleting drinks. Plans will definitely be put in place for what is known in showbiz as an "after party" to enable me to thank everyone who has helped in our very successful campaign to put UKIP on the map in Cambridge in recent months.

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