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Tuesday 14th of October 2014

By Patrick O'Flynn
UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for Cambridge

With our landslide victory in Clacton and magnificent result in Heywood & Middleton, last week was probably the most exciting week in UKIP's history. Suddenly we are dominating the political news agenda and are even in danger of becoming fashionable - which is always a worry!

I was privileged to be an observer at the count in Clacton and to witness Douglas Carswell's magnificent and hugely dignified acceptance speech. Douglas will be a fantastic asset to UKIP nationally and particularly in the Eastern Counties. He has already promised to come and campaign for me in Cambridge.

What Douglas has achieved will already have done my parliamentary candidacy huge favours. He has further raised the profile of our party post the European elections and has shown that we can win under First Past The Post.

So now it is down to us to put in the ground work to make sure we get our message across to those people in Cambridge who are receptive to our message. We are planning a series of action days to deliver leaflets in wards where we believe there is large untapped support for UKIP, starting in Coleridge.

I am hoping that before the general election campaign begins in earnest we will have also staged such events and distributed leaflets in Arbury, Abbey, East Chesterton, King's Hedges and Cherry Hinton and the order in which we stage these will be informed by when we secure a candidate to stand for the city council in each ward. I also aim for an action day in Trumpington ward, with the emphasis here squarely around our policy of scrapping inheritance tax.

A key objective of my campaign is not just to win the parliamentary seat - but also to create a greatly enhanced UKIP presence in Cambridge that is capable of mounting a concerted challenge to win seats on the city council over the next few years.

I note so far that the Green candidate Rupert Read appears to be picking up some support at the expense of the Lib Dem incumbent MP and from the more middle class elements within Labour's support. This can only be good for our chances in the seat as it brings the overall winning post closer. I have also been on Radio Cambridgeshire twice in recent weeks to bang the drum for UKIP.

But nothing will be achieved without pounding some pavements and that process will begin very soon. Your branch chairman and regional organiser will be in touch with details imminently.

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