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Saturday 16th of August 2014

Patrick O'FlynnAfter being adopted as UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for Cambridge on Friday night - a great honour for me - I now know where I will be on the night of May 7 next year.

I shall be at the count in Cambridge, nervously waiting with the other candidates to watch the piles of votes being added up before the result is announced in the early hours of Friday.

Few people will be expecting me and UKIP to win, thereby unseating Julian Huppert, Cambridge's incumbent Lib Dem MP. I was told on Friday that one bookmaker had me as a 33-1 outsider. The one compensation is that the Conservative candidate - a former Lib Dem environmental lawyer with few Cambridge connections - was rated at the same price.

The bookies think Labour will win Cambridge, in the form of their candidate Daniel Zeichner who came in a disappointing third for his party last time.

Personally, I think people are overlooking the potential for a surge in support for the Greens in Cambridge - given the unpopularity of the coalition parties and the fact that Labour is still held responsible for many failings from its own long spell in government.

Who wins is of course down to the people of Cambridge, just as it should be. But one thing I do know is that I will be doing my utmost to put UKIP on the map in the city. I will be aiming to help inspire more branch members to stand in the city council elections too, so that UKIP is a choice on the ballot paper there.

I have already had a fair bit of media exposure surrounding my candidacy, with some very restrained remarks I made about the excesses of some cyclists in Cambridge being a particular talking point. You can expect me to carry on raising controversial issues - both national and local ones - as one thing people do appreciate from UKIP is that we are not hidebound by political correctness or fashionable orthodoxies.

I hope it will be a clean campaign in Cambridge, focused on issues and arguments rather than personal attacks. But as a longtime observer and participant in politics I know that intensive personal abuse from opponents tends to indicate that one is doing rather well. So I won't be complaining too much if tin hat time arrives well before polling day!

Patrick O'Flynn to stand in Cambridge

UKIP big-hitter Patrick O'Flynn to stand as parliamentary candidate for Cambridge, claiming "working people have been taken for granted" in city.

"I know there's a big constituency for UKIP here. As a kid I cycled down streets like Perne Road and Newmarket Road to see Cambridge United and that whole side of the city is full of aspirational working people, who I think have been taken for granted."

The Cambridge Evening News has the full story.

On Friday evening the UKIP membership unanimously elected Patrick as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the Cambridge seat.

The Branch MembersClick to enlarge

With his high credentials and profile this will certainly put Cambridge and our branch well and truly on the general election map, expect plenty of media focus now Patrick running!

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