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Wednesday 3rd of September 2014

By Patrick O'Flynn
UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for Cambridge

Douglas Carswell's decision to leave the Conservative Party and join UKIP has electrified British politics and particularly politics in the East of England.

If UKIP can help Douglas win his by-election in Clacton on October 9, then the ripples will spread very far indeed.

We may well need to up our assessment of the number of seats the party can win at the general election in the East.

So I hope all of you will get along to help the Clacton campaign at least once during the weeks ahead. I was there last Saturday and will be going on several further occasions.

These are exciting times to be in our party, but daunting ones as well. We simply mustn't blow the chance we have been given.

I hope to see many members from Cambridge & South East Cambs and indeed from other East of England branches at party conference in Doncaster later this month. Overall we are expecting 2,000 UKIP party members to be in attendance, including several hundred from Eastern region.

Do come and join us at our Eastern reception on the Saturday lunchtime. It has been an amazing political year and we must not forget to celebrate what has already been achieved. But the potential for further advance has never been greater.

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