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Patrick O'Flynn sets out economic plan

Patrick O'Flynn
At our Spring Conference in Margate Patrick O'Flynn has today laid out some of the key areas where we will be making savings and other areas we will increase spending.

With national debt now standing at £1.4 trillion pounds and around one trillion of that having been added since 2002 we are in need of change. Of course, Brown and his key advisers, a certain Mr Balls and Mr Miliband, said they had abolished boom and bust.

Patrick O'Flynn said, "We have already identified huge savings for the public purse; reducing the foreign aid budget by £9bn, getting out of the EU to rid ourselves of those enormous net contributions, scrapping the HS2 vanity project and moving to equalise per capita public spending in Scotland with that in England. And we will identify further savings in our manifesto too.

"Our willingness to take the axe to these politically correct spending programmes means we are the one party that can stick to the Treasury deficit elimination plan while also delivering for taxpayers and users of public services too. So we will pump £3bn a year more into the NHS and increase defence spending as well.

"The Lib Dems and Tories say they will raise the personal tax allowance to £12,500, but they need to get to at least £13,000 to be able to claim they are taking minimum wage workers out of income tax — something that we are determined to do."

Published 27th Feb 2015

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