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Paul Nuttal MEP elected new UKIP leader

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(28/11/16) Popular UKIP North West MEP Paul Nuttall has been appointed today as new leader of UKIP with the biggest mandate in the history of the Party on a pledge of unity as we head towards a Brexit Britain.

Winning a comprehensive victory, Paul announced: "The country needs a strong UKIP more than ever before. If UKIP is to be an electoral force, there will be an impetus on Theresa May and her government to give us a real Brexit.

"I want to replace the Labour Party and make UKIP the patriotic voice of working people." Paul becomes the ninth leader of the Party since its formation in 1993.

On accepting his new position, he confirmed the Party's chairman as Paul Oakden, who has been in the role since August and announced his Deputy Leader as Peter Whittle, the Party's leader in the London Assembly. Patrick O'Flynn MEP will act as Principal Political Advisor to the new leader.

The results of the three-way election were:

Paul Nuttall 9,622 (62.2%)
Suzanne Evans 2,973 votes (19.3%)
John Rees-Evans 2,775 votes (18.1%)

There were 32,757 ballot papers issued and 15,405 votes cast.
  • Paul Nuttal MEP elected new UKIP leader
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