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Standing as a Candidate

We are looking for candidates for local councillors across this region for the East Cambridgeshire District Council elections scheduled to be held on Thursday 2 May 2019.

How to become a UKIP candidate

We are always in need of people who are willing to bring UKIP values into local decision-making, cutting through the red tape and waste that is all too prevalent nowadays.

General information

If you would like to stand for UKIP in a local election at Cambridge City, District or County level, please call Peter Burkinshaw, Branch chair, on 01223 464680 who will be delighted to talk to you. Obviously, first of all you must become a member

  • To stand for a District/City seat you must be on the electoral register in that district and fulfill local residency qualifications.

  • To stand for a County seat you must be on the electoral register within the county and fulfill county residency qualifications.

All of this will be explained to you and we will help you to follow the correct procedures.

Cambridge City

Map of the 14 Cambridge City wards
There are 14 wards in Cambridge with 3 district council seats per ward, making 42 city Councillors in all.

A Councillor's term is for four years. One of the three seats in each ward on the City Council is elected each year, followed by one year without election when the County Council election takes place instead

The next city council elections are on 2 May 2019. See what it's like being a city councillor

East Cambs District Council

East Cambs District Council Map
The Council has 39 elected Members drawn from 19 wards.

East Cambridgeshire operates the 'alternative arrangements' form of political management, with cross-party representation in a series of Committees. Councillors are elected for four-year terms and are elected all together.

The next election will be on Thursday 2 May 2019. Visit the East Cambs web site for more information and how to become a District Councillor

South Cambs District Council Wards

South Cambs Map
The council consists of 57 councillors, representing 34 electoral wards.

One third of the District Council is elected each year (2018,2019), followed by one year without election when the County Council election takes place instead (2017).

Info: Do you want to be a District Councillor?
Info: Do you want to be a County Councillor?

Our 'branch' Divisional vacancies to represent UKIP in the 2017 County Elections: TBA
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