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Is there a climate emergency?
For an alternative perspective on the science of climate change, we highly recommend that you attend this event in St Ives on Saturday 8th June at 7pm. Two highly-respected scientists will attempt to present an alternative narrative on the state of the globe's climate and the causes of climate change. Attendance is free and there is no need to book.

Branch meetings - next one due in May

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We hold branch meetings in Cambridge and aim to have them every three months. Our most recent one was held on Tuesday 29th January. No one meeting is ever the same and all are welcome to attend - branch members, members from other branches, and non-UKIP people interested in meeting us or in joining UKIP and our branch. Visit this page regularly to check when our next branch meeting is occurring. This is likely to be in May immediately after the EU elections on 23rd May.

Brexit protests by College Green and in Parliament Square

I am not a European
Members from this branch have joined other branches' members in London regularly as we protest against the betrayal of Brexit by the Tory government and Parliament. Often outnumbered by Remainers, we still pack a punch and our presence is noted and reported by the media regularly. Aside from organised rallies like those held on 29th March by both Leave Means Leave and UKIP, most gatherings occur on days of important votes in the Commons. Currently things are relatively quiet in Westminster and the media village on College Green has been dismantled since the farcical extension of our membership of the EU until Halloween. When normal service resumes on the demonstration front, we'll let you know here when we're going up, or get in touch with us via

UKIP National Conference 2019

Batten on stage at UKIP Conference 2018
The likely dates for our two-day conference are 20-21st September 2019. The venue has not yet been announced but tickets will go on sale from 1st May. Visit this post for updated info from that date.
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8  Jun2019Saturday7:00am
Is there a Climate Emergency? (St Ives)
20  Sep2019Friday
UKIP National Conference 2019

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