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UKIP's NHS policy

Louise Bours

Published Feb 23, 2015

by Louise Bours, UKIP's Health Spokesperson

UKIP believes in the NHS.

We and the British people are fully committed to looking after the NHS, and the vast majority of those working in the NHS are fully committed to looking after the British people.

The founding of the National Health Service in 1948 was a victory for the people of Britain. Quality healthcare, free at the point of delivery and funded entirely from taxation, meaning that people paid into it according to their means, for the benefit of everybody.

But sixty years on, it's the NHS itself that needs emergency care and nursing back to health. Mainly because it has become a political punch bag.

  • Keep the NHS free at the point of delivery

  • £3bn more invested in to NHS directed to frontline services

  • Dementia funding £130m per year - £650m over Parliament - double Tories pledge and in line with what Alzheimer's Research UK say they will need

  • License to manage, as doctors and nurses are licensed so should medical management.

  • Negate the drift of disgraced hospital managers being fired only to find another job elsewhere within the health service

  • Abolish the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Inspections would be taken up by local health board, who would also be encouraged to take evidence from whistleblowers and patients with grievances. The media have closed down more failing establishments than CQC.

  • Merging health and social care is a priority to enable more joined up integrated patients management

  • Elderly social care funded with £1bn per year

  • Hospital Parking charges scrapped £200m which we would find from tackling health tourism which costs up to £2bn per year

  • Scrap tuition fees for medical students (on a means tested basis). Train nurses on wards and reinstatement of SEN (State Enrolled Nurse) to encourage more home grown medical talent

  • Auxiliary staff should be able to work towards becoming a SEN

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