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Why we are not fielding candidates in GE2017

Branch Chairman: Why we are not fielding candidates in the Cambridge and South East Cambs Parliamentary constituencies in this General Election

Martin Hale writes: We were obviously given short notice of this election, and consequently both our previous candidates were unable to stand. To be a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate you must be on the UKIP Westminster approved list, this requires that candidates have been through vigorous testing to ensure that they meet the high standards required by UKIP.

We reside in a very anti-Brexit region, and the main issue during this General Election campaign is Brexit. The LibDems have a major stronghold in Cambridge, and in South East Cambridgeshire they came second in the 2015 General Election.

Tim Farron boasts of giving the people 'second referendum' and Julian Huppert (LibDem Cambridge candidate) is on record as stating: "Brexit is an utterly absurd idea - the LibDems will do all we can!". This demonstrates their total disdain and disregard for the will of the people and makes a mockery of their supposed respect for democracy.

Noting their 'threat' against Brexit and by listening to remarks made by the local electorate, it was finally decided not to field candidates for either constituency to prevent dilution of the Tory vote which could potentially give the LibDems victory.

Our leader Paul Nuttall has made clear that UKIP believes that the Prime Minister must receive the mandate required to deal swiftly with Brexit and getting the best deal for Great Britain. We'd also like to put Huppert & Farron back in their box once and for all.

If they are successfully elected, we trust that the Conservative candidates Lucy Frazer QC and John Hayward will respect the will of the UK majority and campaign vigorously for a swift Brexit, including an absolute break from the single market*.

There will be a relaunch of UKIP in September, we will also field candidates in our two constituencies at the next general election. Leading up to this period we feel that UKIP will rise to greater prominence.

* Single market - Reminder, it's what the condescending LibDems tell us we didn't 'understand' when we voted Leave!
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